List of romances with humor read by Mark Pottenger

List last updated April 29, 2024.

A few explanatory notes are here.

5 stars:

alexander, victoria: the marriage lesson*****

alexander, victoria: the pursuit of marriage*****

barnett, jill: (fall from grace***** see a season in the highlands anth.)

barnett, jill: (saving grace***** see highland fling anth.)

craig, emma: rosamunda's revenge*****

crusie, jennifer: bet me*****

davidson, maryjanice: undead and unwed*****

davis, maggie: hustle, sweet love*****

evanovich, janet: back to the bedroom*****

evanovich, janet: smitten*****

evanovich, janet: the rocky road to romance*****

evanovich, janet: the grand finale*****

evanovich, janet: love overboard[ivan takes a wife]*****

garwood, julie: the lion's lady*****

holbrook, cindy: the missing brides*****

holbrook, cindy: the missing matchmaker*****

holbrook, cindy: the actress & the marquis*****

holbrook, cindy: lord sayer's ghost*****

holbrook, cindy: a rake's reform*****

holbrook, cindy: the reluctant bride*****

jensen, emma: what chloe wants*****

jensen, trish: without a clue*****

joy, dara: high energy*****

joy, dara: (santa reads romance***** see the night before christmas anth.)

klune, t. j.: the lightning-struck heart*****

krentz, jayne ann: summer in eclipse bay*****

lansdowne, judith a.: lord nightingale's triumph*****

lansdowne, judith a.: mutiny at almack's*****

laurenston, shelly: the mane event*****

leclaire, day: the nine-dollar daddy*****

lee, jade: (kung fu shoes!***** see these boots were made for stomping anth.)

lynson, jane: the duke's downfall*****

macalister, katie: (unleashed***** see cupid cats anth.)

macalister, katie: noble intentions*****

martin, michelle: the mad miss mathley*****

michaels, kasey: the tenacious miss tamerlane*****

nelson, judith: the merry chase*****

nelson, judith: patience is a virtue*****

phillips, susan elizabeth: nobody's baby but mine*****

quick, amanda: ravished*****

quinn, julia: brighter than the sun*****

quinn, julia: to catch an heiress*****

quinn, julia: how to marry a marquis*****

reece, jean: the primrose path*****

sands, lynsay: single white vampire*****

sands, lynsay: (all i want***** see wish list anth.)

smythe, sheridon: completely yours*****

thompson, vicki lewis: operation gigolo*****

tucker, bonnie: hannah's hunks*****

anthologies: cupid cats (km*****, cb***, vlt**.5)

anthologies: highland fling (as, cm, jb*****, ls)

anthologies: the night before christmas (va’’’, sh***, dj*****, nm*)

anthologies: a season in the highlands (jd***, jb*****, gd**.5, pb*, pc**.5)

anthologies: these boots were made for stomping (jk**, jl*****, mm**)

anthologies: wish list (lk**.5, lc***, cd**, ls*****)

4 or 4.5 stars:

aiken, g. a. (see laurenston): the blacksmith queen****.5

aiken, g. a. (see laurenston): the princess knight****

aiken, g. a. (see laurenston): the heretic royal****.5

aiken, g. a. (see laurenston): last dragon standing****.5

aiken, g. a. (see laurenston): the dragon who loved me****.5

aiken, g. a. (see laurenston): how to drive a dragon crazy****

aiken, g. a. (see laurenston): a tale of two dragons****.5

alder, alanea: my commander****

alder, alanea: my protector****

alder, alanea: my healer****

alder, alanea: my champion****

alder, alanea: my one and only****

alexander, victoria: the perfect mistress****

alexander, victoria: his mistress by christmas****

alexander, victoria: the wedding bargain****

alexander, victoria: the prince's bride****

alexander, victoria: when we meet again****.5

alexander, victoria: what a lady wants****

alexander, victoria: believe****

alexander, victoria: the emperor's new clothes****

alexander, victoria: the perfect wife****.5

allen, louise: the notorious mr. hurst****

andersen, susan: baby, i'm yours****

anston, linell: lady elizabeth****

avery, anne: the bride's revenge****

bangs, nina: (hot summer bites**** see surf's up anth.)

barnett, jill: dreaming****

barnett, jill: daniel and the angel****

barnett, jill: wonderful****

barnett, jill: just a kiss away****

beck, kathleen: virtue's prize****

bell, dana marie: very much alive****

bell, dana marie: little red****

bell, dana marie: shadow of the wolf****

bevarly, elizabeth: the virgin and the vagabond****

blair, annette: the kitchen witch****

blair, annette: sex and the psychic witch****

blayne, sara: theodora****

block, nancy: once upon a pirate****

bond, stephanie: irresistible?****

bond, stephanie: wife is a 4-letter word****

bond, stephanie: too hot to sleep****

boswell, barbara: rule breaker****

bradley, celeste: the pretender****

bradley, celeste: the impostor****

brockway, connie: the bridal season****.5

brockway, connie: my dearest enemy ****.5

brockway, connie: the songbird's seduction****

brockway, connie and james, eloisa and quinn, julia: the lady most likely. . .****

bryan, beth: a managing female****

buck, gayle: a chance encounter****

cabot, meg: the boy next door****.5

cabot, meg: the boy is back****

cach, lisa: george & the virgin****

cajio, linda: all is fair…****

carlisle, sarah: daphne****

carmichael, jeanne: a moment of madness****

carpenter, s. l.: betty and the beast****

carroll, susan: brighton road****

castle, jayne: orchid****

chase, loretta: lord of scoundrels****

chater, elizabeth: a season for the heart****

chenier, blanche: the wayward heiress****

christenberry, judith/judy: a cowboy at heart****

christenberry, judith/judy: my daddy the duke****

christenberry, judith/judy: never let you go****

christenberry, judith/judy: wanted: christmas mommy****

clare, cathleen: lord montjoy's country inn****

clark, gail (mackeever): bachelor's fare****

clark, gail (mackeever): the right honourable viscount****

claybourne, casey: a thing of beauty****

clayton, alice: nuts****

collier, leona: change of heart****

coughlin, patricia: the cupcake queen****.5

coughlin, patricia: merely married****

criswell, millie: the trouble with mary****

crusie, jennifer: strange bedpersons****

crusie, jennifer: what the lady wants****

crusie, jennifer: welcome to temptation****.5

crusie, jennifer: anyone but you****

crusie, jennifer: charlie all night****

crusie, jennifer: getting rid of bradley****

crusie, jennifer: manhunting****.5

crusie, jennifer: trust me on this****

dade, olivia: ready to fall****

dahl, victoria: talk me down****

d'alessandro, jacquie: whirlwind wedding****

d'alessandro, jacquie: kiss the cook****.5

dalton, emily: beauty and the beastie****

dalton, emily: a heavenly houseguest****

damon, lee (jane h. look): again the magic****

damon, lee (jane h. look): laugh with me, love with me****

darcy, clare: elyza****

darcy, clare: eugenia****

darcy, clare: lady pamela****

darcy, clare: regina****

darcy, clare: victoire****

davidson, maryjanice: (dead girls don't dance**** see cravings anth.)

davidson, maryjanice: undead and unemployed****.5

davidson, maryjanice: undead and unreturnable****

davidson, maryjanice: undead and underwater (****,****,***)

davidson, maryjanice: derik's bane****.5

davidson, maryjanice: dead and loving it (****, ***, ***, ***)

davidson, maryjanice: santa claws****

davidson, maryjanice: the royal treatment****.5

davidson, maryjanice: sleeping with the fishes****.5

davidson, maryjanice: by any other name****

davis, suzannah: heatcrazed!****

deleon, jana: unlucky****

desjardien, teresa: borrowed kisses****

deveraux, jude: change of heart****

devon, marian: escapade****

devon, marian: miss kendal sets her cap****

dodd, christina: lady in black****

dolan, charlotte louise: three lords for lady anne****

donovan, susan: he loves lucy****

donovan, susan: the kept woman****

donovan, susan: public displays of affection****

doyle, stephanie: who wants to marry a heartthrob?****

dubbin, shirin: chaos tryst****

dunn, carola: a lord for miss larkin****

edghill, rosemary: two of a kind****

enoch, suzanne: reforming a rake****

enoch, suzanne: meet me at midnight****

enoch, suzanne: a beginner's guide to rakes****

enoch, suzanne: the black duke's prize****

evanick, marcia: guardian spirit****

evanovich, janet: wife for hire****

evanovich, janet: naughty neighbor****

evanovich, janet: thanksgiving****

farr, diane: duel of hearts****.5

farr, diane: the fortune hunter****

fenske, tawna: the fix up****.5

fenske, tawna: the list****

fenske, tawna: marine for hire****

fenske, tawna: fiancee for hire****

fenske, tawna: making waves****

fox, roz denny: anything you can do . . .****

frost, jeaniene: halfway to the grave****

frost, jeaniene: (happily never after****see weddings from hell)

gabriel, kristin: monday man****

gabriel, kristin: send me no flowers****

gannon, cassandra: the kingpin of camelot****

garwood, julie: the bride****

garwood, julie: the secret****

garwood, julie: mercy****

gilmore, lucy: puppy christmas****

gladstone, maggie: the love duel****

gladstone, maggie: the reluctant debutante****

gracie, anne: the perfect rake****.5

gracie, anne: gallant waif****

gracie, anne: an honorable thief****

grant, pippa: mister mchottie****

grant, pippa: stud in the stacks****

grant, pippa: the pilot and the puck-up****

grant, pippa: rockaway bride****

grant, pippa: hot heir****

grant, pippa: flirting with the frenemy****

grant, pippa: america's geekheart****

grant, pippa: the hot mess and the heartthrob****

grant, pippa: real fake love****

grant, pippa: the bride's runaway billionaire****

grant, pippa: crazy for loving you****

grant, pippa: the last eligible billionaire****.5

graves, trish (jensen): for a good time call...****

graves, trish (jensen): on the house****

green, billie: a tryst with mr. lincoln?****

harper, molly: driving mr. dead****

harrison, thea: kinked****

hawkins, karen: to catch a highlander****

hendrickson, emily: the rake and the redhead****

hern, candice: the best intentions****

hern, candice: miss lacey's last fling****

heyer, georgette: these old shades****

heyer, georgette: devil's cub****

heyer, georgette: arabella****

heyer, georgette: black sheep****

heyer, georgette: the convenient marriage****

heyer, georgette: the corinthian****

heyer, georgette: cotillion****

heyer, georgette: frederica****

heyer, georgette: friday's child****

heyer, georgette: the grand sophy****

heyer, georgette: the masqueraders****

heyer, georgette: the reluctant widow****

heyer, georgette: sprig muslin****

heyer, georgette: sylvester (or, the wicked uncle)****

heyer, georgette: the toll-gate****

heyer, georgette: the unknown ajax****

hill, sandra: the last viking****

hill, sandra: truly, madly viking****

hill, sandra: the very virile viking****

hill, sandra: wet & wild****

hill, sandra: hot & heavy****

hill, sandra: viking heat****

hines, charlotte: the earl's fancy****

holbrook, cindy: the country gentleman****

holbrook, cindy: lady megan's masquerade****

holbrook, cindy: my lady's servant****

holbrook, cindy: on the first day of christmas****

holder, samantha: miss rowland's resolve****

holm, stef ann: hooked****

holton, india: the league of gentlewomen witches****

holton, india: the secret service of tea and treason****

hooper, kay: pepper's way****

hooper, kay: aces high****

hooper, kay: rebel waltz****

howard, linda: to die for****

howard, linda: drop dead gorgeous****

howard, linda: mr. perfect****

hudson, anna: a whole lot of woman****

hunter, kelly: wife for a week****

ibbotson, eva: magic flutes****

ihle, sharon: dear penelope****.5

jacobs, holly: once upon a valentine's****

james, julie: something about you****

james, julie: a lot like love****

james, julie: it happened one wedding****

james, julie: just the sexiest man alive****.5

jeffries, sabrina: a dangerous love****.5

jeffries, sabrina: after the abduction****

jeffries, sabrina: the forbidden lord****.5

jeffries, sabrina: the dangerous lord****

jensen, emma: coup de grace****

jensen, emma: best laid schemes****

jensen, trish: against his will****

jensen, trish: phi beta bimbo****.5

jensen, trish: nothing but trouble (was o.t.h.**** as graves)

jensen, trish: stuck with you****.5

jones, kathy: wild western desire****

jones, melissa lynn: out of the common way****

joy, dara: high intensity****

joy, dara: rejar****

kane, kathleen: just west of heaven****

kane, kathleen: wishes****.5

keith, vivian: wayward angel****

kelly, leslie: heated rush****

kendall, karen: midnight madness****

kendall, karen: midnight touch****

kendall, karen: who's on top?****

kendall, karen: unzipped?****

kendall, karen: i've got you, babe****.5

kendall, karen: someone like him****

kendall, karen: something about cecily****

kennedy, elle: the mistake****.5

kennedy, elle: the score****

kenner, julie: the cat's fancy****.5

kenner, julie: aphrodite's kiss****.5

kenyon, sherrilyn: night play****.5

kerstan, lynn: a spirited affair****

kihlstrom, april: the reckless barrister****

king, claire: knight in a white stetson****

king, claire: renegade with a badge****

kirkland, martha: the marrying season****

kirkwood, valerie: rent-a-friend****

kistler, julie: packing heat****

kistler, julie: paris when it sizzles****

klassel, jennie: she who laughs last****.5

klassel, jennie: girl on the run****

klassel, jennie: it happened in south beach****.5

koger, gail: stilettoes and sniper rifles****.5

koger, gail: swat for dummies****

koger, gail: reality bites****

krahn, betina: the wife test****

krentz, jayne ann: the pirate****

krentz, jayne ann: eclipse bay****

krentz, jayne ann: light in shadow ****

krentz, jayne ann: falling awake ****

krentz, jayne ann: perfect partners****

krentz, jayne ann: a woman's touch****

kurland, lynn: stardust of yesterday****

ladd, ashley: purrfect justice****

lansdowne, judith a.: just impossible****

lansdowne, judith a.: my fair quiggley****

lansdowne, judith a.: shall we dance?****

lansdowne, judith a.: annabella's diamond****

lansdowne, judith a.: the mystery kiss****

lansdowne, judith a.: a season of virtues****

laurens, stephanie: where the heart leads****

laurenston, shelly: pack challenge****

laurenston, shelly: here kitty, kitty****.5

laurenston, shelly: (miss congeniality****see when he was bad)

laurenston, shelly: (the wolf, the witch, and her lack of wardrobe****see belong to the night)

laurenston, shelly: the mane attraction****

laurenston, shelly: the mane squeeze****

laurenston, shelly: beast behaving badly****.5

laurenston, shelly: big bad beast****.5

laurenston, shelly: bear meets girl****.5

laurenston, shelly: hot and badgered****.5

laurenston, shelly: in a badger way****.5

laurenston, shelly: badger to the bone****

laurenston, shelly: the undoing****

leclaire, day: her secret santa****

leclaire, day: temporary husband****

leclaire, day: bridegroom on approval****

leclaire, day: who's holding the baby?****

leclaire, day: bridegroom on approval****

leclaire, day: the bride's proposition****

leclaire, day: jinxed****

leclaire, day: once a cowboy****.5

leigh, jo: ms. taken****

lindsey, johanna: defy not the heart****

lindsey, johanna: gentle rogue****

lindsey, johanna: man of my dreams****

lindsey, johanna: you belong to me****

linz, cathie: good girls do****.5

linz, cathie: bad girls don't****.5

linz, cathie: too sexy for marriage****

logan, leandra: santa and son****

long, julie anne: hot in hellcat canyon****

long, julie anne: dirty dancing at devil's leap****

long, julie anne: what i did for a duke****

long, julie anne: it happened one midnight****

long, julie anne: to love a thief****

lovelace, jane: eccentric lady****

macalister, katie: sex and the single vampire****

macalister, katie: sex, lies and vampires****

macalister, katie: (****.5 circus of the darned by maxwell)

macalister, katie: even vampires get the blues****

macalister, katie: it's all greek to me****

macalister, katie: noble destiny****

macalister, katie: you slay me****

macalister, katie: love in the time of dragons****

macalister, katie: the corset diaries****

macalister, katie: hard day's knight****

macalister, katie: improper english****

macalister, katie: steamed: a steampunk romance****

mackeever, maggie: strange bedfellows****

maclay, charlotte: accidental roommates****

martin, annika: the billionaire's wake-up-call girl****

martin, michelle: pembroke park****

maxwell, emily: an easter disguise****

maxwell, katie: circus of the darned****.5

maxwell, katie: they wear what under their kilts?****

mccarthy, erin: bit the jackpot****

mccarthy, erin: houston, we have a problem****

mccarthy, erin: smart mouth****

mccutcheon, pam: my favorite husband ****

mckeone, dixie: daughters four****

mckeone, dixie: the winter picnic****

mcwilliams, judith: in good faith****

mcwilliams, judith: not my baby!****

mcwilliams, judith: polished with love****

mcwilliams, judith: the summer proposal****

metzger, barbara: an affair of interest****

metzger, barbara: an angel for the earl****

metzger, barbara: christmas wishes ****

metzger, barbara: cupboard kisses****

metzger, barbara: a debt to delia****

metzger, barbara: the diamond key****

metzger, barbara: the earl and the heiress****

metzger, barbara: an early engagement****

metzger, barbara: lady in green****

metzger, barbara: lady whilton's wedding****

metzger, barbara: a loyal companion****

metzger, barbara: minor indiscretions****

metzger, barbara: miss treadwell's talent****

metzger, barbara: the painted lady****

metzger, barbara: the primrose path****

metzger, barbara: rake's ransom****

metzger, barbara: snowdrops and scandalbroth****

metzger, barbara: a suspicious affair****

metzger, barbara: a worthy wife****

michaels, kasey: can't take my eyes off of you****

michaels, kasey: love to love you baby****

michaels, kasey: the kissing game****.5

michaels, kasey: sydney's folly****

michaels, kasey: bachelor on the prowl****

michaels, kasey: marrying maddy****

michaels, kasey: raffling ryan****

michaels, kasey: indiscreet****

michaels, kasey: someone to love****

michaels, kasey: this must be love****

michaels, kasey: this can't be love****

michaels, kasey: the dangerous debutante****

michaels, kasey: the raven's assignment****

michaels, kasey: compliments of the groom****

michaels, kasey: to marry at christmas****

michaels, lynn (jane lynson): mother of the bride****

miller, nadine: kissing cousins****

minger, elda: the dare****

monroe, max: tapping the billionaire****.5

monroe, max: the billionaire book club****.5

morgan, sarah: playing by the greek's rules****

morgan, sarah: an invitation to sin****

nelson, judith: beau guest****

nelson, judith: julianna****

nelson, judith: kidnap confusion****

nelson, judith: two hearts trump****

nicholas, erin: sugarcoated****

nicholas, erin: say it like you mane it****

north, hailey: love: undercover****

northan, irene: the marriage brokers****

osborne, maggie: i do, i do, i do****

paisley, rebecca: a basket of wishes****

paisley, rebecca: heartstrings****.5

paisley, rebecca: midnight and magnolias****

paisley, rebecca: moonlight and magic****.5

parker, lucy: headliners****

peters, clarice: samantha****

phillips, susan elizabeth: it had to be you****

phillips, susan elizabeth: this heart of mine****

phillips, susan elizabeth: lady be good****

porter, cheryl anne: the great escape****

porter, cheryl anne: a man in demand****

quick, amanda: with this ring****.5

quick, amanda: slightly shady ****

quick, amanda: don't look back ****

quick, amanda: deception ****

quick, amanda: the paid companion ****

quinn, julia: splendid****.5

quinn, julia: dancing at midnight****

quinn, julia: minx****

quinn, julia: the duke and i****

quinn, julia: the viscount who loved me****

quinn, julia: romancing mister bridgerton****

quinn, julia: an offer from a gentleman: the 2nd epilogue****

quinn, julia: it's in his kiss****.5

quinn, julia: the viscount who loved me: the 2nd epilogue****

quinn, julia: just like heaven****

quinn, julia: because of miss bridgerton****

quinn, julia: first comes scandal****

quinn, julia: what happens in london****

quinn, julia: ten things i love about you****

raye, kimberly: gettin' lucky****

raye, kimberly: midnight kisses****

reid, penny: neanderthal marries human****

reid, penny and cosway, l. h.: the hooker and the hermit****

reisz, tiffany: her naughty holiday****

ridgway, christie: this perfect kiss****

roberts, meg-lynn: love's gambit****

ross, joann: i do, i do...for now****

sands, lynsay: the chase****.5

schulze, dallas: a very convenient marriage****

schulze, dallas: lovers and other strangers****

score, lucy: not part of the plan****

scott, alicia: brandon's bride****

sebastian, margaret: the young lady from alton-st. pancras****

simmons, deborah: the vicar's daughter****.5

skinner, melynda beth: the blue devil****

smith, joan: an infamous proposal****

smith, joan: kissing cousins****

smythe, sheridon: mr. complete****

smythe, sheridon: completely irresistible****

smythe, sheridon: a perfect fit****

smythe, sheridon: those baby blues****

solomon, hayley ann: my lady luck****

south, sheri cobb: the weaver takes a wife+e)****

sparks, kerrelyn: secret life of a vampire****

sparks, kerrelyn: vampire mine****

sparks, kerrelyn: sexiest vampire alive****

st. george, margaret: a wish . . . and a kiss****

st. george, nonnie: the ideal bride****.5

stacey, shannon: twice upon a road trip****

stafford, judith: sarah's angel****

stillings, marianne: midnight in the garden of good and evie****

stuart, anne: the houseparty****

stuart, anne: the spinster and the rake****

sullivan, jane: risky business****

teglia, charlene: love and rockets****

tenorio, dee: betting hearts****

tetel, julie: the temporary bride****

thompson, vicki lewis: going overboard****

thompson, vicki lewis: the nerd who loved me****

thompson, vicki lewis: one mom too many****

title, elise: too many husbands****

tucker, bonnie: the great bridal escape****

tucker, helen: the double dealers****

valentine, blair: cinderella's rebellion****.5

vincy, mia: a beastly kind of earl****

warren, christine: the demon you know****

winston, samantha: darla's valentine****

woodbury, leonora: game of hearts****

woodbury, leonora: the runaway countess****

anthologies: autumn loves** (bm****, pv, ll, js)

anthologies: belong to the night (sl****, ce**, sq[0)

anthologies: cravings (lkh**, mjd****, ew**, ry*)

anthologies: dates from hell (kh*, ls****, ka**.5, lh*)

anthologies: demon's delight (mjd****, cs***, eh**.5, vt***)

anthologies: fantasy (sj**.5, eh**.5, em****, cf**)

anthologies: flowers for mama (mg**, ch****, mk**.5)

anthologies: the grand hotel (ck***, ef[0, ab[0, bm****, al**)

anthologies: harvest moon (ml****.5, ms***, ch**)

anthologies: hexed (ia****, yg**, aj**.5, js**)

anthologies: a holiday of love (jm**, jd****, al**, jb****)

anthologies: inked (kc****, mml**, yg**, ew**.5)

anthologies: irresistible forces (lmb****, mjp**, ca**, ds**, jb[0, jr[0)

anthologies: it happened one season (sl****, mb**.5, jd'a**.5, ch***)

anthologies: kick ass (ms**, mjd****, ak*, jf**.5)

anthologies: ladies prefer rogues (jc****, sh***, vw*, tj**.5)

anthologies: lady whistledown strikes back (jq****, mr***, se***, kh***)

anthologies: love so tender (sb****, jl***, jr*)

anthologies: nicely naughty (th**, la**.5, mjd****)

anthologies: a regency christmas feast (el*, sh[0, pr*, bm****, mb*)

anthologies: surf's up (jd**, mjd***, nb****)

anthologies: valentine rogues (ch****, dr**, ds[0)

anthologies: weddings from hell (ms[0, jf****, tg**.5, ks**.5)

anthologies: when he was bad (sl****, ce**)

anthologies: when you wish... (jf**.5, pc**.5, s&tc****, ee**.5, pp**.5, sr***)

anthologies: wolfsbane and mistletoe (ch**.5, da***, sg[0, dc**, kr*, ag**, cv***, ds[0, ka**, jk****, pb**.5, np**, kc**.5, rt[0, tk**)

3 or 3.5 stars:

adams, kylie: baby, baby***

adams, kylie: fly me to the moon***

adams, lyssa kay: the bromance book club***

aguirre, ann: strange love***

aiken, g. a. (see laurenston): (can't get enough***see everlasting bad boys)

aiken, g. a. (see laurenston): (dragon on top***.5 see supernatural)

aiken, g. a. (see laurenston): dragon actually***.5

aiken, g. a. (see laurenston): about a dragon***

aiken, g. a. (see laurenston): what a dragon should know***.5

aiken, g. a. (see laurenston): light my fire***.5

aiken, g. a. (see laurenston): feel the burn***

aiken, g. a. (see laurenston): bring the heat***

alder, alanea: my savior***

alder, alanea: my guardian***

alder, alanea: my solace***.5

alder, alanea: my gifts at christmas***

alder, alanea: my salvation***.5

alexander, carrie: the madcap heiress***

alexander, victoria: same time, next christmas***

alexander, victoria: the dance before christmas***

alexander, victoria: the lady travelers guide to deception with an unlikely earl***

alexander, victoria: the husband list***

alexander, victoria: her highness, my wife***

alexander, victoria: love with the proper husband***

alexander, victoria: a visit from sir nicholas***

alexander, victoria: let it be love***

alexander, victoria: the importance of being wicked***

alexander, victoria: the scandalous adventures of the sister of the bride***

alexander, victoria: the shocking secret of a guest at the wedding***

alexander, victoria: the daring exploits of a runaway heiress***.5

allain, suzanne: incognito***

allen, louise: the outrageous lady felsham***

allen, louise: the piratical miss ravenhurst***

allen, louise: tarnished amongst the ton***

allen, louise: surrender to the marquess***

allen, louise: a scandalous lady***

allen, sheila rosalynd: the passionate ghost***

andersen, susan: getting lucky***

anderson, garthia: spellbound in seattle***

andrew, g. g.: jaded, bearded, wolfish***

andrews, carolyn: c. j.'s defense***

andrews, ilona: on the edge***

angell, kate: squeeze play***

arend, vivian: black gold***

arend, vivian: silver mine***

arend, vivian: diamond dust***

arend, vivian: wild prince***

arend, vivian: rocky mountain heat***

arend, vivian: wolf signs***

arend, vivian: wolf tracks***.5

arend, vivian: wolf nip***

arend, vivian and kennedy, elle: all fired up***

arend, vivian and kennedy, elle: love is a battlefield***

argers, helen: a captain's lady***

argers, helen: a lady of independence***

argers, helen: a scandalous lady***

ashenden, jackie: king's ransom***

bailey, tessa: protecting what's his***.5

bailey, tessa: officer off limits***

bailey, tessa: asking for trouble***

bailey, tessa: baiting the maid of honor***

bailey, tessa: fix her up***

bailey, tessa: it happened one summer***

bailey, tessa: hook, line, and sinker***.5

bailey, tessa: window shopping***

bailey-pratt, cynthia: a lady in disguise***

baldwin, kathleen: mistaken kiss***

baldwin, kathleen: cut from the same cloth***.5

baldwin, rebecca: a lady of fashion***

baldwin, rebecca: a royal visit***

baldwin, rebecca: a sanditon quadrille***

bancroft, blair: the indifferent earl***

bancroft, blair: lady silence***

bancroft, blair: the major meets his match***

bancroft, blair: a season for love***

bangs, nina: eternal pleasure***

bangs, nina: wicked nights***

bangs, nina: wicked pleasures***

bangs, nina: wicked edge***

bangs, nina: wicked whispers***

bangs, nina: night games***

banks, leanne: some girls do***

banks, leanne: between duty and desire***

barbour, anne: buried secrets***

barbour, anne: lady hilary's halloween***

barbour, anne: a rake's reform***

barnett, jill: bewitching***

barnett, jill: wild***

barnett, jill: wicked***

barnett, jill: carried away***

barnett, jill: imagine***

barth, christi: bad for her***

barth, christi: got it bad***

baumbach, laura: details of the hunt***

baxter, alissa: lord fenmore's wager***

baxter, alissa: the dashing debutante***

bell, dana marie: dare to believe***

bell, dana marie: the hob***

bell, dana marie: never more***

bell, dana marie: howl for me***

bell, dana marie: the wallflower***

bell, dana marie: sweet dreams***

bell, dana marie: the ornament***

bell, dana marie: steel beauty***

bell, dana marie: bear necessities***

bell, dana marie: cynful***

bell, dana marie: bear with me***

bell, dana marie: bear naked***.5

bell, dana marie: figure of speech***

bell, dana marie: indirect lines***

bell, dana marie: 'twas a coyote christmas***

bell, dana marie: mr. red riding hoode***

bell, dana marie: the fire within***

bell, serena: wilder with you***

bellefleur, alexandria: count your lucky stars***

benedict, barbara: catch of the season***

bennett, connie: fifty ways to be your lover***.5

benson, jessica: the accidental duchess***

benson, jessica: lord stanhope's proposal***

benson, jessica: much obliged***

berg, patti: wife for a day***

bevarly, elizabeth: married to his business***

bevarly, elizabeth: her man friday***

bevarly, elizabeth: my man pendleton***

beverley, jo: emily and the dark angel***

beverley, jo: deirdre and don juan***

beverley, jo: my lady notorious***

beverley, jo: devilish***

beverley, jo: an unwilling bride***

beverley, jo: hazard***

beverley, jo: st. raven***

biller, diana: the widow of rose house***

biller, diana: a christmas spark***

biller, diana: hotel of secrets***

black, jaid: the empress' new clothes***

black, jaid: (devilish dot*** see manaconda anth.)

blair, annette: my favorite witch***

blair, annette: the scot, the witch, and the wardrobe***

blair, annette: never been witched***

blair, annette: naked dragon***

blair, annette: bedeviled angel***

blakely, lauren: big rock***

blakely, lauren: mister o***

blakely, lauren: the hot one***

blayne, sara: a noble deception***

blayne, sara: an elusive guardian***

blayne, sara: his scandalous duchess***

blayne, sara: an improper bride***

blayney, mary: the captain's mermaid***

bliss, karina: what the librarian did***

bliss, karina: fall***

blyth, juliet: the parfit knight***

bond, stephanie: cover me***

bond, stephanie: naughty or nice?***

boswell, barbara: that marriageable man!***

bowen, kelly: i've got my duke to keep me warm***

bowen, sarina and eby, tanya: man hands***

bowen, sarina and eby, tanya: man card***

boyle, elizabeth: something about emmaline***

bradley, celeste: the spy***

bradley, celeste: the charmer***

brant, kylie: alias smith and jones***

bretton, barbara: casting spells***

britton, pamela: tempted***.5

britton, pamela: scandal***

britton, pamela: seduced***

brockway, connie: bridal favors***

brockway, connie: skinny dipping***

brockway, connie and james, eloisa and quinn, julia: the lady most willing. . .***

brook, meljean: demon night***

brook, meljean: guardian demon***

buck, gayle: cupid's choice***

buck, gayle: a magnificent match***

burnham, nicole: going to the castle***

burnham, nicole: the prince's tutor***

burnham, niki: royally jacked***

butler, mary: deception so agreeable***

butler, nancy: reclaiming lord rockleigh***

byrd, nicole: dear imposter***

byrd, nicole: lady in waiting***

byrne, julia: scandal and miss smith***

cabot, meg: boy meets girl***

cabot, meg: shadowland***

cabot, meg: the ninth key***

cabot, meg: the reunion***

cabot, meggin: she went all the way***

cabot, patricia: portrait of my heart***.5

cabot, patricia: lady of skye***

cabot, patricia: a little scandal***

cach, lisa: come to me***

cach, lisa: dr. yes***

cach, lisa: bewitching the baron***

cach, lisa: the changeling bride***

cach, lisa: the erotic secrets of a french maid***

cach, lisa: have glass slippers, will travel***

cach, lisa: the mermaid of penperro***

cach, lisa: of midnight born***

callihan, kristen: the friend zone***

callihan, kristen: the hot shot***

callihan, kristen: fall***

callihan, kristen: make it sweet***

calvin, june: isabella's rake***

calvin, june: a lord for olivia***

camp, candace: suddenly***.5

campbell, anna: her christmas earl***

campbell, diana: the counterfeit countess***

campbell, marilyn: out of time***

canham, marsha: dark and dangerous***

carlyle, liz: a woman of virtue***

carmack, cora: losing it***

carmack, cora: faking it***

carmack, cora: keeping her***

carmack, cora: all broke down***

carmichael, emily: finding mr. right***

carmichael, emily: diamond in the ruff***

carmichael, emily: gone to the dogs***

carmichael, emily: a new leash on life***

carmichael, emily: becoming georgia***

carmichael, emily: a ghost for maggie***

carmichael, emily: jezebel's sister***

carmichael, jeanne: lord of the manor***

carmichael, jeanne: a touch of blackmail***

carmichael, kathy: chasing charlie***

carmichael, kathy: chasing charlie***

carmichael, kathy: hot flash***

carroll, leslie: miss match***

carroll, susan: black lace and linen***

carroll, susan: christmas belles***

carroll, susan: the lady who hated shakespeare***

carroll, susan: love power***

carroll, susan: mistress mischief***

carroll, susan: the wooing of miss masters***

caskie, kathryn: rules of engagement***

cassels, j. c. editor: tales from the sfr brigade (pj**.5, al[0, mb***, kh[0, ls**.5, lb*, br[0, eh[0)

castle, jayne: amaryllis***

castle, jayne: zinnia***

castle, jayne: after dark***

castle, jayne: after glow***

castle, jayne: ghost hunter***.5

castle, jayne: silver master***

castle, jayne: dark light***

castle, jayne: midnight crystal***

castle, jayne: deception cove***

castle, jayne: guild boss***

castle, jayne: sweetwater & the witch***

castle, philippa: the reluctant duke***

chase, ashlyn: the werewolf upstairs***

chase, loretta: the lion's daughter***

chase, loretta: the last hellion***

chase, loretta: the english witch***

chase, loretta: miss wonderful***

chase, loretta: lord perfect***.5

chase, loretta: not quite a lady***

chase, loretta: last night's scandal***.5

chase, loretta: silk is for seduction***

chase, loretta: vixen in velvet***

chase, loretta: dukes prefer blondes***.5

chase, loretta: ten things i hate about the duke***

chase, loretta: don't tempt me***

chase, loretta: the sandalwood princess***

chase, loretta: your scandalous ways***

chater, elizabeth: a delicate situation***-

chater, elizabeth: the reformed rake***-

chater, elizabeth: the duke's dilemma***

chater, elizabeth: the earl and the emigree***

chater, elizabeth: gallant lady***

chater, elizabeth: miss cayley's unicorn***-

chater, elizabeth: the runaway debutante***

chenier, blanche: the defiant heart***

cheshire, chloe: a gypsy at almack's***

chesney, marion: #6 frederica in fashion***

chesney, marion: the ghost and lady alice***

child, maureen: thirty day affair***

christenberry, judith/judy: the borrowed groom***

christenberry, judith/judy: cherish the boss***

christenberry, judith/judy: snowbound sweetheart***

christenberry, judith/judy: least likely to wed***

christenberry, judith/judy: cinderella and the cowboy***.5

christenberry, judith/judy: a little inconvenience***

christenberry, judith/judy: sweet remembrance***

christenberry, judith/judy: touch of texas***

ciotta, beth: jinxed***

clare, cathleen: letitia***

clare, cathleen: midwinter's bliss***

clare, jessica: stranded with a billionaire***

clare, jessica: the wrong billionaire's bed***

clark, emmy: knocked up by the cursed prince***

clark, norma lee: megan***

clark, norma lee: the perfect match***

clark, sabina: an artful lady***

claybourne, casey: tiger by the tail***

clayton, alice: wallbanger***.5

clayton, alice: mai tai'd up***

cole, alyssa: can't escape love***

cole, kresley: a hunger like no other***

cole, kresley: dark desires after dusk***.5

cole, kresley: kiss of a demon king***

cole, kresley: sweet ruin***

collins, colleen: right chest, wrong name***

collins, colleen: right chapel, wrong couple***

collins, colleen: sweet talkin' guy***

comstock, mary chase: an impetuous miss***

comstock, mary chase: a midsummer's magic***

connolly, samantha: i will survive***

constant, jan: the beringer heiress***

cooper, isabel: no proper lady***

cooper, isabel: the highland dragon's lady***

corbett, paula: maid in boston***

cornick, nicola: the virtuous cyprian***

coulter, catherine: afterglow***

coulter, catherine: the sherbrooke bride***

coulter, catherine: the heiress bride***

coulter, catherine: mad jack***

coulter, catherine: the wild baron***

coulter, catherine: the wyndham legacy***

coulter, catherine: the nightingale legacy***

coulter, catherine: the valentine legacy***

counts, wilma: miss richardson comes of age***

cox, eleanor anne: pegasus***(rape)--

cox, patricia: daye and knight***

craft, melanie: man trouble***

craig, christie: divorced, desperate and delicious***.5

cresswell, jasmine: lord carrisford's mistress***

cresswell, jasmine: the reluctant viscountess***

criswell, millie: what to do about annie?***

criswell, millie: mad about mia***

cross, claire: third time lucky***

crush, dylann: cowboy charming***

crusie, jennifer: the cinderella deal***

crusie, jennifer: crazy for you***

crusie, jennifer: fast women***

crusie, jennifer: sizzle***

crusie, jennifer: tell me lies***

crusie, jennifer and mayer, bob: agnes and the hitman***

cullman, heather: stronger than magic***

cummings, monette: lady sheila's groom***

dade, olivia: broken resolutions***.5

dade, olivia: my reckless valentine***

dade, olivia: mayday***

dade, olivia: all the feels***.5

dade, olivia: ship wrecked***.5

dade, olivia: 40-love***

dade, olivia: unraveled***

dale, ruth jean: a royal pain***

d'alessandro, jacquie: sleepless at midnight***

d'alessandro, jacquie: tempted at midnight***

d'alessandro, jacquie: whirlwind affair***

d'alessandro, jacquie: who will take this man?***

d'alessandro, jacquie: love and the single heiress***

d'alessandro, jacquie: blame it on karma*** (see jinxed! anth.)

d'alessandro, jacquie: the bride thief***

d'alessandro, jacquie: in over his head***

dalton, emily: a country chit***

dalton, emily: heaven can wait***

dalton, emily: an infamous sea bath***

dalton, emily: lily and the lion***

damon, lee: lady laughing eyes***

damon, lee: summer sunrise***

danan, rosie: the roommate***

dancer, lacey: baby makes five***

daniel, megan: the reluctant suitor***

darcy, clare: caroline and julia***

darcy, clare: cecily***

darcy, clare: cressida***

darcy, clare: georgina***

darcy, clare: gwendolen***

darcy, clare: letty***

darcy, clare: lydia***

darcy, clare: rolande***

dare, tessa: the duchess deal***.5

dare, tessa: the governess game***.5

dare, tessa: the wallflower wager***

dare, tessa: goddess of the hunt***

dare, tessa: a lady of persuasion***

dare, tessa: lord dashwood missed out***

dare, tessa: when a scot ties the knot***

dare, tessa: the scandalous, dissolute, no-good mr. wright***

davidson, maryjanice: a wolf after my own heart***

davidson, maryjanice: mad for a mate***

davidson, maryjanice: (paradise bossed*** see surf's up anth.)

davidson, maryjanice: (biting in plain sight***.5 see bite anth.)

davidson, maryjanice: undead and unappreciated***

davidson, maryjanice: (***see dead and loving it)

davidson, maryjanice: undead and unpopular***

davidson, maryjanice: undead and uneasy***

davidson, maryjanice: dead over heels (***, **, **.5)

davidson, maryjanice: undead and unworthy***

davidson, maryjanice: undead and unstable***

davidson, maryjanice: undead and unforgiven***

davidson, maryjanice: (jared's wolf*** see secrets 8 anth.)

davidson, maryjanice: monster love***

davidson, maryjanice: there's no such thing as a werewolf***

davidson, maryjanice: a fiend in need***

davidson, maryjanice: hello, gorgeous!***

davidson, maryjanice: the royal pain***

davidson, maryjanice: the royal mess***

davidson, maryjanice: fish out of water***

davidson, maryjanice: under cover***.5

davis, justine: errant angel***

davis, maggie: dreamboat***

dawson, geralyn: the bad luck wedding cake***

day, h. l.: the wandering prince***

day, h. l.: not so silent night***

dean, dinah: the cockermouth mail***

deauxville, katherine: the last male virgin***

deauxville, katherine: out of the blue***

desjardien, teresa: the marriage mart***

deveraux, jude: twin of fire***

deveraux, jude: twin of ice***

devon, anne (see devon, marian): the rogue's lady***

devon, cat (c. linz): sleeping with the entity***

devon, marian: lord harlequin***

devon, marian: deck the halls***

devon, marian: miss armstead wears black gloves***

devon, marian: miss osborne misbehaves***

devon, marian: mistletoe and folly***

devon, marian: m'lady rides for a fall***

devon, marian: scandal broth***

devon, marian: a season for scandal***

diamond, jacqueline: kidnapped?***

diener, michelle: dark deeds***

diener, michelle: trailblazer***

dier, debra: dangerous***

dipasqua, lila: the duke's match girl***

dodd, christina: a knight to remember***

donley, dorothea: a single season***

donnelly, shannon: a compromising situation***

donnelly, shannon: a much compromised lady***

doyle, stephanie: one true love?***

drake, dianne: lilly's law***

draven, grace: radiance***

draven, grace: master of crows***

dryden, delphine: the seduction hypothesis***

dryden, delphine: the principle of desire***.5

duncan, alice: texas lonesome***

dunn, carola: the road to gretna***

dunn, carola: the babe & the baron***

dunn, carola: the fortune-hunters***

dunn, carola: ginnie come lately***

dunn, carola: the lady and the rake***

dunn, carola: my lord winter***

dunn, carola: a poor relation***

dunn, carola: a susceptible gentleman***

duran, meredith: your wicked heart***

duvall, dianne: darkness dawns***

duvall, dianne: night reigns***

duvall, dianne: phantom shadows***

duvall, dianne: (in still darkness*** see predatory anth.)

duvall, dianne: darkness rises***

duvall, dianne: shadows strike***

duvall, dianne: an immortal guardians companion***

duvall, dianne: the segonian***

duvall, dianne: the akseli***

eagle, kathleen: (the twelfth moon*** see silhouette christmas stories 1988 anth.)

eagle, sarah: the bedeviled baron***

easton, eli: how to howl at the moon***

edghill, rosemary: turkish delight***

ellingson, marnie: unwilling bride***

elliott, elizabeth: the warlord***

elliott, kathleen: the marriage scheme***

elliott, kathleen: a special license***

ellis, delia: painted lady***

enoch, suzanne: a matter of scandal***

enoch, suzanne: the rake***

enoch, suzanne: angel's devil***

evanovich, janet: foul play***

evanovich, janet: manhunt***

fairchild, elisabeth: the holly & the ivy***

fairchild, elisabeth: sugarplum surprises***.5

fallon, linda: shades of midnight***

farr, diane: falling for chloe***

farr, diane: the nobody***.5

farr, diane: once upon a christmas***

farr, diane: under the wishing star***

farr, diane: dashing through the snow (=trmr***)

farraday, alicia: the suitable suitor***

farrell, jamie (grant, pippa): blissed***

farrell, jamie (grant, pippa): smittened***

farrell, jamie (grant, pippa): sugared***.5

fellows, catherine: leonora***

fenske, tawna: the hang up***

fenske, tawna: the hook up***

fenske, tawna: the test***

fenske, tawna: the last***

fenske, tawna: protector for hire***

fenske, tawna: chef sugarlips***.5

fenske, tawna: sergeant sexypants***

fenske, tawna: mancandy crush***

fenske, tawna: captain dreamboat***

fenske, tawna: show of honor***

fenske, tawna: just for show***

fenske, tawna: charm me***.5

fenske, tawna: hold me***

fenske, tawna: the best kept secret***.5

fenske, tawna: about that fling***

fenske, tawna: believe it or not***

fenske, tawna: let it breathe***

fenske, tawna: now that it's you***

fenske, tawna: this time around***

fetzer, amy j.: the unlikely bodyguard***

finn, lucy: best wishes always***

fitzpatrick, flo: ghost of a chance***

fox, karen: a touch of charm***

frame, mary: imperfect chemistry***.5

frame, mary: imperfect series bundle***.5

frame, mary: imperfect chemistry***.5

frame, mary: imperfectly criminal***

frame, mary: practically imperfect***

frame, mary: picture imperfect***

frampton, megan: when good earls go bad***.5

frampton, megan: put up your duke***

frampton, megan: (no accounting for love*** see dressed to kiss anth.)

freed, jan: the wallflower***

frost, jeaniene: one foot in the grave***

frost, jeaniene: first drop of crimson***

frost, jeaniene: (one for the money***see death's excellent vacation)

frost, jeaniene: eternal kiss of darkness***

frost, jeaniene: this side of the grave***

frost, jeaniene: one grave at a time***

fuhrmann, holly: this old heart***

fuhrmann, holly: side by side***

gabaldon, diana: outlander***

gabriel, kristin: annie, get your groom***

gabriel, kristin: bullets over boise***

gaffney, patricia: crooked hearts***

gaines, alice: miss foster's folly***

gaines, alice: victorian delight***

gannon, cassandra: wicked ugly bad***

garland, glenda: a delightful folly***

garwood, julie: ransom***

garwood, julie: guardian angel***

garwood, julie: the gift***

garwood, julie: for the roses***

garwood, julie: one pink rose***

garwood, julie: the claybourne brides***

garwood, julie: killjoy***

garwood, julie: slow burn***

garwood, julie: the ideal man***

garwood, julie: sweet talk***

garwood, julie: grace under fire***

garwood, julie: honor's splendour***

garwood, julie: prince charming***

garwood, julie: the prize***

garwood, julie: saving grace***

gedney, mona: lady diana's daring deed***

gedney, mona: merry's christmas***

geissinger, j. t.: melt for you***

gibson, rachel: true confessions***

gibson, rachel: the trouble with valentine's day***

gibson, rachel: true love & other disasters***

gibson, rachel: run to you***

gibson, rachel: it must be love***

gill, judy griffith: the cinderella search***

gill, judy griffith: lady on top***

gill, judy griffith: there's something about the nanny***

gillis, jacquelyn: otherwise engaged***

gillis, jacquelyn: a perfect mismatch***

gilmore, lucy: puppy love***

gilmore, lucy: ruff and tumble***

girard, paula tanner: charade of hearts***

girard, paula tanner: a father for christmas***

girard, paula tanner: the sister season***

gladstone, maggie: the scandalous lady***

gladstone, maggie: the lady's masquerade***

gladstone, maggie: the love tangle***

goldrick, emma: summer storms***

goodman, jo: the last renegade***

goodman, jo: never love a lawman***

goodman, jo: if his kiss is wicked***

goodman, jo: this gun for hire***

goodman, jo: a touch of frost***

goodman, jo: a touch of flame***

goodman, jo: a touch of forever***

goodman, jo: kissing comfort***

goodman, jo: ramsey rules***

gorri, c. d.: mouse and the ball***

grace, janet: a most unusual lady***

gracie, anne: the autumn bride***

gracie, anne: the spring bride***

gracie, anne: the summer bride***

gracie, anne: marry in secret***

gracie, anne: marry in scarlet***.5

gracie, anne: the perfect stranger***.5

gracie, anne: the perfect kiss***

gracie, anne: the scoundrel's daughter***

gracie, anne: the rake's daughter***

gracie, anne: the stolen princess***

gracie, anne: tallie's knight***

grant, jeanne: no more mr. nice guy***

grant, pippa: royally pucked***

grant, pippa: master baker***

grant, pippa: beauty and the beefcake***

grant, pippa: the hero and the hacktivist***.5

grant, pippa: charming as puck***

grant, pippa: i pucking love you***.5

grant, pippa: liar, liar, hearts on fire***

grant, pippa: jock blocked***.5

grant, pippa: irresistible trouble***.5

grant, pippa: the worst wedding date***

grant, pippa: the gossip and the grump***

grant, pippa: the one who loves you***

grant, pippa: not my kind of hero***

grant, pippa: until it was love***.5

grant, pippa & valente, lili: hosed***

grant, pippa & valente, lili: hitched***.5

grant, pippa & valente, lili: humbugged***

grant, susan: the star prince***

grant, susan: the star princess [reissued as star rogue]***

grayson, kristine: totally spellbound***

greene, jennifer: wild in the field***

greene, jennifer: her holiday secret***

greenlea, denice: distant relations***

greenlea, denice: the masquer***

guhrke, laura lee: breathless***

guillory, jasmine: while we were dating***

halliday, candy: your bed or mine?***

hamilton, violet: traitorous heart***

harbaugh, karen: cupid's darts***

harmon, danelle: the defiant one***

harper, julia (e. hoyt): hot***

harper, julia (e. hoyt): for the love of pete***

harper, molly: the art of seducing a naked werewolf***.5

harper, molly: how to run with a naked werewolf***

harper, molly: better homes and hauntings***

harrison, thea: dragon bound***.5

harrison, thea: storm's heart***.5

harrison, thea: serpent's kiss***.5

harrison, thea: oracle's moon***.5

harrison, thea: night's honor***

harrison, thea: moonshadow***

harrison, thea: lionheart***

hart, emma: catching carly***

hart, emma: miss mechanic***

hart, emma: miss fix-it***

hasley, karen j.: claire, after all***

hasley, karen j.: jubilee rose***

hausen, mary: even sex faeries get the blues***

hawkins, karen: a belated bride***

hawkins, karen: to scotland, with love ***

hawkins, karen: the laird who loved me***

hayes, sally tyler: her secret guardian***

hayes, susan: tiger and the unicorn***

hazard, barbara: beth***

heath, sandra: counterfeit kisses***

heath, sandra: lucy's christmas angel***

heath, sandra: second thoughts***

heino, susan gee: mistress by mistake***

heino, susan gee: damsel in disguise***.5

heino, susan gee: passion and pretense***.5

heller, j. b.: pink bits***.5

heller, j. b.: nerdy***

heller, jane: infernal affairs***

hendrickson, emily: hidden inheritance***

hendrix, lisa: razzle dazzle***

hendrix, lisa: runaway bay***

hern, candice: once a dreamer***

hern, candice: in the thrill of the night***

hern, candice: her scandalous affair***.5

heyer, georgette: the black moth***

heyer, georgette: false colours***

heyer, georgette: faro's daughter***

heyer, georgette: the foundling***

heyer, georgette: lady of quality***

heyer, georgette: the nonesuch***

heyer, georgette: powder and patch***

heyer, georgette: the quiet gentleman***

heyer, georgette: the talisman ring***

heyer, georgette: venetia***

hibbert, talia: mating the huntress***

hibbert, talia: take a hint, dani brown***

hibbert, talia: act your age, eve brown***.5

higgins, kristan: waiting on you***

hill, fiona: the stanbroke girls***

hill, sandra: rough and ready***

hill, sandra: viking unchained***

hill, sandra: dark viking***

hill, sandra: (***see ladies prefer rogues)

hill, sandra: santa viking**.5,***

hinchman, jane: rendezvous with love***

hines, charlotte: tender trap***

hingston, sandy: how to kiss a hero***

hingston, sandy: the suitor***

hoag, tami: the trouble with j.j.***

hocker, karla: a christmas charade***

hocker, karla: the devilish marquis***

hocker, karla: an honorable affair***

hocker, karla: an improper companion***

hocker, karla: a madcap scheme***

hoffmann, kate: not in my bed!***

holbrook, cindy: the missing grooms***

holbrook, cindy: covington's folly***

holbrook, cindy: the wedding ghost***

holly, emma: star crossed***

holly, emma: beyond innocence***

holm, stef ann: harmony***

holm, stef ann: girls night***

holton, india: the wisteria society of lady scoundrels***.5

hooper, kay: raven on the wing***

hooper, kay: unmasking kelsey***

hooper, kay: c.j.'s fate***

hooper, kay: illegal possession***

hooper, kay: on wings of magic***

hooper, kay: something different***

howard, linda: all the queen's men***

howard, linda: mackenzie's mountain***

howard, linda: mackenzie's mission***

howard, linda: killing time***

howard, linda: now you see her***

howard, linda: open season***

howard, linda: raintree: inferno***

hoyle, coral: the art of the hunt***

hoyle, coral: a merry go-around***

hoyle, coral: midsummer masque***

hoyt, elizabeth: the raven prince***

hoyt, elizabeth: the leopard prince***

hunter, jillian: fairy tale***

hunter, jillian: indiscretion***

hunter, kelly: must love christmas***

hunter, kelly: bedded for diamonds***

hunter, kelly: cracking the dating code***

hunting, helena: pucked***.5

hunting, helena: pucked up***

hunting, helena: pucked over***

hunting, helena: pucked under***

hunting, helena: area 51: pucked series deleted scenes & outtakes***

huntington, kate: the captain's courship***

huntington, kate: lady diana's darlings***

huntington, kate: a rogue for christmas***

huntington, kate: the merchant prince***

huntington, kate: town bronze***.5

huntington, kate: the general's daughter***

huntington, kate: a hero's homecoming***

huntington, kate: to tempt a gentleman***

ihle, sharon: the bride wore spurs***

ivory, judith: the proposition***

jackson, monica: the look of love***

jacobs, delle: the mudlark***

jacobs, holly: how to hunt a husband***

jacobs, holly: once upon a thanksgiving***

jacobs, holly: found and lost***

jacobs, holly: hung up on you***

jacobs, holly: not precisely pregnant***

jacobs, holly: not precicely pregnant***

james, eloisa: fool for love***

james, eloisa: a wild pursuit***

james, eloisa: your wicked ways***.5

james, eloisa: kiss me, annabel***

james, eloisa: the taming of the duke***

james, eloisa: three weeks with lady x***

james, julie: love irresistibly***

james, julie: suddenly one summer***

james, julie: the thing about love***

james, julie: practice makes perfect***.5

james, stephanie: the challoner bride***

james, stephanie: fabulous beast***

james, stephanie: nightwalker***

james, stephanie: saxon's lady***

james, stephanie: serpent in paradise***

jeffries, sabrina: a notorious love***

jeffries, sabrina: dance of seduction***

jeffries, sabrina: the pirate lord***

jeffries, sabrina: in the prince's bed***

jeffries, sabrina: to pleasure a prince***

jeffries, sabrina: one night with a prince***.5

jeffries, sabrina: never seduce a scoundrel***

jeffries, sabrina: (ten reasons to stay*** in the school for heiresses anth.)

jeffries, sabrina: (when sparks fly*** in snowy night with a stranger)

jeffries, sabrina: don't bargain with the devil***

jeffries, sabrina: the truth about lord stoneville***

jeffries, sabrina: project duchess***

jeffries, sabrina: the study of seduction***

jeffries, sabrina: a talent for temptation***

jensen, emma: vivid notions***

jensen, emma: his grace endures***

jensen, muriel: the miracle***

jensen, trish: behind the scenes***.5

jensen, trish: the harder they fall***

jensen, trish: just this once***

jerina, carol: the tall dark alibi***

jocks, yvonne: say goodnight, gracie***.5

johnson, alissa: an unexpected gentleman***

johnston, joan: after the kiss***

jones, darynda: first grave on the right***

jones, darynda: second grave on the left***.5

jones, jenna: a delicate deception***

jones, jenna: saving serenity***

jones, jenna: tia's valentine***

joy, dara: knight of a trillion stars***

joy, dara: mine to take***

joy, dara: tonight or never***

karr, phyllis ann: the elopement***

kasey, michelle: the toplofty lord thorpe***

kasey, michelle: the somerville farce***

kelley, karen: close encounters of the sexy kind***

kelly, carla: borrowed light***

kelly, carla: libby's london merchant***

kelly, carla: one good turn***

kelly, carla: the admiral's penniless bride***

kelly, carla: beau crusoe***

kelly, carla: libby's london merchant***

kelly, carla: marian's christmas wish***

kelly, carla: miss chartley's guided tour***

kelly, carla: miss grimsley's oxford career***

kelly, carla: mrs. mcvinnie's london season***

kelly, carla: the wedding journey***

kelly, carla: the wedding ring quest***

kelly, dorien: do-over***

kelly, leslie: (there goes the groom***see that's amore! anth.)

kelly, leslie: don't open till christmas***

kelly, leslie: (getting into trouble***see heat wave anth.)

kelly, leslie: she's no angel***

kelly, leslie: slow hands***

kelly, sahara: inside lady miranda***

kelly, sandra: the big scoop***

kendall, karen: borrowing a bachelor***.5

kendall, karen: blame it on the bachelor***

kendall, karen: midnight oil***

kendall, karen: open invitation?***

kendall, karen: to catch a kiss***

kennedy, elle: the deal***.5

kennedy, elle: the goal***

kennedy, elle: the play***

kennedy, elle: the dare***

kenner, julie: (see: a mother's way***)

kenner, julie: aphrodite's passion***

kenner, julie: nobody but you***.5

kenner, julie: the perfect score***

kent, alison: all tied up***

kenyon, sherrilyn: fantasy lover***

kenyon, sherrilyn: (dragonswan*** see tapestry anth.)

kenyon, sherrilyn: night pleasures***

kenyon, sherrilyn: night embrace***

kenyon, sherrilyn: dance with the devil***

kenyon, sherrilyn: kiss of the night***

kenyon, sherrilyn: (*** see stroke of midnight anth.)

kenyon, sherrilyn: seize the night***

kenyon, sherrilyn: sins of the night***

kenyon, sherrilyn: unleash the night***

kenyon, sherrilyn: devil may cry***

kenyon, sherrilyn: dream hunter***

kenyon, sherrilyn: dream warrior***

kenyon, sherrilyn: (turn up the heat***see playing easy to get anth.)

keyes, julianna: team player***

kihlstrom, april: the wily wastrel***

kihlstrom, april: the wary spinster***

king, claire: the virgin beauty***

king, lucy: taming the beast***

king, valerie: captivated hearts***

kingsley, claire: everly dalton's dating disasters***

kingsley, claire: love according to science***.5

kingsley, claire: marrying mr. wrong***.5

kingsley, claire: the mogul and the muscle***.5

kingsley, claire and score, lucy: whiskey chaser***

kingsley, katherine: in the presence of angels***

kingsley, mary: marrying miss bumblebroth***

kirkland, martha: the artful heir***

kirkland, martha: the gallant gambler***

kirkland, martha: miss wilson's reputation***

kirkland, martha: the seductive spy***

kirkland, martha: three for brighton***

kirkland, martha: to catch a scoundrel***

kistler, julie: hot prospect***

kistler, julie: 50 ways to lure your lover***

kistler, julie: it's in his kiss***

kistler, julie: touch me not***

kleypas, lisa: christmas eve at friday harbor***

kleypas, lisa: then came you***

kleypas, lisa: dreaming of you***

kleypas, lisa: again the magic***

kleypas, lisa: secrets of a summer night***.5

kleypas, lisa: scandal in spring***

knight, angela: (galahad*** see bite anth.)

knight, angela: master of the moon***.5

knight, angela: master of magic***

knight, angela: jane's warlord***.5

knight, angela: (enforcer*** see unbound anth.)

knight, angela: (dragon dance*** see beyond the dark anth.)

knight, j. j.: hot pickle***

knight, j. j.: spicy pickle***

knight, j. j.: royal rebel***

knoll, patricia: delightful jones***

koger, gail: vexing voss***.5

koger, gail: just desserts***

koger, gail: wulf and the bounty hunter***

koger, gail: game on askole***

koger, gail: hothar's folly***

koger, gail: stealing jia***

koger, gail: catching dragos***

korbel, kathleen: a fine madness***

krahn, betina: caught in the act***

krahn, betina: the marriage test***

krahn, betina: the perfect mistress***

krahn, betina: make me yours***

krahn, betina: the mermaid***

krentz, jayne ann: the adventurer***

krentz, jayne ann: dawn in eclipse bay***

krentz, jayne ann: truth or dare ***

krentz, jayne ann: white lies***

krentz, jayne ann: running hot***

krentz, jayne ann: copper beach***

krentz, jayne ann: when all the girls have gone***

krentz, jayne ann: promise not to tell***

krentz, jayne ann: the vanishing***

krentz, jayne ann: absolutely, positively***

krentz, jayne ann: all night long ***.5

krentz, jayne ann: between the lines***

krentz, jayne ann: deep waters***

krentz, jayne ann: eye of the beholder ***

krentz, jayne ann: family man***

krentz, jayne ann: the family way***

krentz, jayne ann: flash***

krentz, jayne ann: full bloom***

krentz, jayne ann: ghost of a chance***

krentz, jayne ann: the golden chance***

krentz, jayne ann: grand passion***

krentz, jayne ann: hidden talents***

krentz, jayne ann: joy***

krentz, jayne ann: lady's choice***

krentz, jayne ann: lost and found ***

krentz, jayne ann: the main attraction***

krentz, jayne ann: midnight jewels***

krentz, jayne ann: the private eye***

krentz, jayne ann: secret sisters***

krentz, jayne ann: smoke in mirrors ***

krentz, jayne ann: soft focus ***

krentz, jayne ann: sharp edges***

krentz, jayne ann: sweet fortune***

krentz, jayne ann: too wild to wed?***

krentz, jayne ann: trust me***

krentz, jayne ann: trust no one***

krentz, jayne ann: uneasy alliance***

krentz, jayne ann: wildest hearts***

kurland, lynn: this is all i ask***

kwock, laureen (peters, c): miss claringdon's condition***

kyle, marlaine: a suitable marriage***

lafoy, leslie: the money man's seduction***

lafoy, leslie: blindsided***

lafoy, leslie: grin and bear it***.5

lane, katie: going cowboy crazy***

langlais, eve: accidental abduction***.5

langlais, eve: mercenary abduction***.5

langlais, eve: heroic abduction***.5

langlais, eve: holiday abduction***

langlais, eve: becoming dragon***

langlais, eve: dragon squeeze***

langlais, eve: dragon unleashed***

langlais, eve: dragon reborn***

langlais, eve: demon walking***-

langlais, eve: dragon mage***

langlais, eve: bunny and the bear***

langlais, eve: swan and the bear***.5

langlais, eve: croc and the fox***.5

langlais, eve: lion and the falcon***

langlais, eve: doe and the wolf***

langlais, eve: ostrich and the 'roo***

langlais, eve: delicate freakn' flower***.5

langlais, eve: jealous and freakn'***.5

langlais, eve: already freakn' mated***

langlais, eve: human and freakn'***

langlais, eve: freakn' cougar ***

langlais, eve: alpha's mate***.5

lansdowne, judith a.: just in time***

lansdowne, judith a.: legion's ladies***-

lansdowne, judith a.: camilla's fate***

lansdowne, judith a.: lord nightingale's debut***

lansdowne, judith a.: lord nightingale's love song***

lansdowne, judith a.: balmorrow's bride***

lansdowne, judith a.: the bedeviled duke***

lansdowne, judith a.: a devilish dilemma***

lau, jackie: grumpy fake boyfriend***

lau, jackie: mr. hotshot ceo***

lau, jackie: a match made for thanksgiving***

lau, jackie: a big surprise for valentine's day***

lau, jackie: not another family wedding***

lau, jackie: he's not my boyfriend***

lau, jackie: man vs. durian***

lauren, christina: the true love experiment***

lauren, christina: the unhoneymooners***

laurens, stephanie: devil's bride***

laurens, stephanie: a rake's vow***

laurens, stephanie: all about love***

laurens, stephanie: on a wild night***

laurens, stephanie: on a wicked dawn***

laurens, stephanie: what price love?***

laurens, stephanie: temptation and surrender***

laurens, stephanie: the capture of the earl of glencrae***

laurens, stephanie: the taming of ryder cavanaugh***

laurens, stephanie: captain jack's woman***.5

laurens, stephanie: the lady chosen***

laurens, stephanie: beyond seduction***

laurens, stephanie: the untamed bride***

laurens, stephanie: an unwilling conquest***

laurens, stephanie: a comfortable wife***

laurenston, shelly: go fetch!***

laurenston, shelly: (my kind of town***see sun, sand, sex)

laurenston, shelly: the beast in him***

laurenston, shelly: (like a wolf with a bone*** see howl for it)

laurenston, shelly: wolf with benefits***.5

laurenston, shelly: bite me***.5

laurenston, shelly: breaking badger***.5

laurenston, shelly: born to be badger***.5

laurenston, shelly: hunting season***

laurenston, shelly: the unleashing***.5

laurenston, shelly: the unyielding***.5

lavey, inara: ripping the bodice***

lawrence, nancy: once upon a christmas***

lawrence, nancy: a scandalous season***

layne, lauren: just one night***.5

layne, lauren: the trouble with love***.5

leclaire, day: dante's honor-bound husband***

leclaire, day: the twenty-four hour bride***

leclaire, day: in the market***

leclaire, day: where there's a will***

leclaire, day: the provocative proposal***

leclaire, day: the whirlwind wedding***

leclaire, day: the baby bombshell***

leclaire, day: the baby gift***

leclaire, day: the perfect solution***

leclaire, day: the boss, the baby and the bride***.5

leclaire, day: her secret bodyguard***

leclaire, day: to marry a sheikh***

lee, elsie: second season***

lee, geneva: two week turnaround***

lee, joyce: the best laid schemes***

leigh, eva: forever your earl***.5

leigh, jillian: the rules of engagement***

leigh, jo: ms. match***

lejeune, tamara: simply scandalous***

lejeune, tamara: surrender to sin***

lejeune, tamara: the heiress in his bed***.5

leo, mary: for better or cursed***

leone, laura: celestial bodies***

lesue, tess: bound for eden***

lesue, tess: bound for temptation***

lesue, tess: bound for glory***.5

levy, marc: if only it were true***

linden, caroline: love and other scandals***

lindsey, dawn: daughter of fortune***

lindsey, dawn: foolish fancy***

lindsey, johanna: the magic of you***

lindsey, johanna: love me forever***

lindsey, johanna: heart of a warrior***

linz, cathie: too stubborn to marry***

linz, cathie: too smart for marriage***

linz, cathie: tender guardian***

logan, leandra: her favorite husband***

london, laura: the gypsy heiress***

london, laura: moonlight mist***

long, julie anne: ways to be wicked***

long, julie anne: wild at whiskey creek***

long, julie anne: lady derring takes a lover***.5

long, julie anne: angel in a devil's arms***.5

long, julie anne: i'm only wicked with you***

long, julie anne: after dark with the duke***.5

long, julie anne: my season of scandal***.5

long, julie anne: the perils of pleasure***.5

long, julie anne: like no other lover***.5

long, julie anne: how the marquess was won***.5

long, julie anne: a notorious countess confesses***.5

long, julie anne: between the devil and ian eversea***

long, julie anne: it started with a scandal***

long, julie anne: malcolm & isabel***

long, julie anne: the runaway duke***

long, kathleen: cherry on top***

lorraine, marian: the ardent suitor***

lynson, jane: captain rakehell***

macalister, katie: a girl's guide to vampires***

macalister, katie: (***got fangs? by maxwell)

macalister, katie: zen and the art of vampires***

macalister, katie: crouching vampire, hidden fang***

macalister, katie: a tale of two vampires***

macalister, katie: lifestyles of the rich and undead***

macalister, katie: the vampire always rises***.5

macalister, katie: ever fallen in love***

macalister, katie: a tale of two cousins***

macalister, katie: the trouble with harry***

macalister, katie: fire me up***.5

macalister, katie: holy smokes***

macalister, katie: the unbearable lightness of dragons***

macalister, katie: (the perils of effrijim*** see death's excellent vacation anth.)

macalister, katie: dragon storm***

macalister, katie: memoirs of a dragon hunter***

macalister, katie: ain't myth-behaving***

macalister, katie: blow me down***

macgregor, kinley: taming the scotsman***

mack, dorothy: the mock marriage***

mackeever, maggie: waltz with a vampire***

mackeever, maggie: a banbury tale***

mackeever, maggie: cupid's dart***

mackeever, maggie: french leave***

mackeever, maggie: lady bliss***

mackeever, maggie: lady in the straw***

mackeever, maggie: lady sweetbriar***

mackeever, maggie: lover's knot***

mackeever, maggie: the misses millikin***

mackeever, maggie: our tabby***

mackeever, maggie: point non plus***

macpherson, suzanne: in the mood***

macpherson, suzanne: switched, bothered and bewildered***

macpherson, suzanne: talk of the town***

madison, carolyn (overfield): the scotsman and the spinster***

maitland, joanna: a poor relation***

malcolm, anthea: the widow's gambit***

malcolm, anthea: the courting of philippa***

mallery, susan: sweet success***

mallory, anne: masquerading the marquess***

manning, jo: seducing mr. heywood***

mansell, jill: take a chance on me***

mansfield, libby: unexpected holiday***

marlowe, mia: the curse of lord stanstead***

marlowe, mia: plaid tidings***

mars, diana: peril in paradise***

mars, diana: sweet splendor***

marshall, darlene: castaway dreams***

marshall, darlene: the pirate's secret baby***

marshall, paula: the cyprian's sister***

martin, alexa: intercepted***

martin, annika: most eligible bastard***

martin, annika: the billionaire's fake fiancee***.5

martin, michelle: the butler who laughed***

martin, michelle: long shot***

martin, michelle: the queen of hearts***

martin, michelle: stolen hearts***

martin, michelle: stolen moments***

matthews, deborah: the duchess and the devil***

matthews, laura: a rival heir***

maxwell, cathy: a seduction at christmas***

maxwell, katie: got fangs?***

maxwell, katie: the year my life went down the loo***.5

mayberry, sarah: must love coffee***

mayberry, sarah: suddenly you***

mayhew, margaret: regency charade***

mcallister, anne: the great montana cowboy auction***

mcallister, anne: imagine***

mcbride, jule: how the west was wed***

mccabe, amanda: the errant earl***

mccarthy, erin: (charlotte's web*** see an enchanted season)

mccarthy, erin: a date with the other side***

mccarthy, erin: heiress for hire***

mccarthy, erin: flat-out sexy***

mccarthy, erin: hard and fast***

mccarthy, erin: high stakes***

mccarthy, erin: (blue crush***see perfect for the beach anth.)

mccarthy, erin: the pregnancy test***

mccarthy, erin: you don't know jack***

mccarthy, erin: weekend wife***

mcculloch, sara: not quite a lady***

mccutcheon, pam: belle of the ball ***.5

mcknight, jenna: the wedding knight***

mclane, luann: dark roots and cowboy boots***.5

mclean, michelle: hitched to the gunslinger***

mcmaster, bec: my lady quicksilver***

mcnaught, judith: whitney, my love***

mcwilliams, judith: anything's possible!***

mcwilliams, judith: gift of the gods***

mcwilliams, judith: looking good***

mcwilliams, judith: reluctant partners***

mcwilliams, judith: serendipity***

meader, kate: in skates trouble***

medeiros, teresa: breath of magic***

medeiros, teresa: after midnight***

meltzer, jean: mr. perfect on paper***

merrill, jean: seraphina***

mesler-evans, susan: most ardently***.5

metzger, barbara: the wicked ways of a true hero***

metzger, barbara: bething's folly***

metzger, barbara: the christmas carrolls***

metzger, barbara: the duel***

metzger, barbara: father christmas***

metzger, barbara: lady sparrow***

metzger, barbara: lord heartless***

metzger, barbara: the luck of the devil***

metzger, barbara: miss lockharte's letters***

metzger, barbara: miss westlake's windfall***

metzger, barbara: my lady innkeeper***

metzger, barbara: saved by scandal***

metzger, barbara: valentines***

metzger, barbara: wedded bliss***

michaels, kasey: the mischevous miss murphy***

michaels, kasey: the chaotic miss crispino***

michaels, kasey: the playful lady penelope***

michaels, kasey: the haunted miss hampshire***

michaels, kasey: the wagered miss winslow***

michaels, kasey: the questioning miss quinton***

michaels, kasey: the anonymous miss addams***

michaels, kasey: too good to be true***

michaels, kasey: be my baby tonight***

michaels, kasey: escapade*** [aka the bedeviled viscount brockton]

michaels, kasey: romeo in the rain***

michaels, kasey: jessie's expecting***

michaels, kasey: then comes marriage***

michaels, kasey: the butler did it***

michaels, kasey: stuck in shangri-la***

michaels, kasey: everything's coming up rosie***

michaels, kasey: the tychoon's secret***

michaels, kasey: husbands don't grow on trees***

michaels, kasey: popcorn and kisses***

michaels, lynn (jane lynson): return engagement***

milan, courtney: the duke who didn't***.5

miller, nadine: a touch of magic***

miller, nadine: the madcap masquerade***

miller, nadine: the misguided matchmaker***

milne, roseleen: borrowed plumes***

minger, elda: the kiss***

moning, karen marie: beyond the highland mist***

monroe, lucy: the real deal***

monroe, max: tapping her***.5

monroe, max: banking the billionaire***.5

monroe, max: scoring the billionaire***

monroe, max: dr. obscene***

monroe, max: dr. erotic***

monroe, max: wildcat***

monroe, max: pick six***

monroe, max: the bet***.5

monroe, max: the pact***

monroe, max: best frenemies***

monroe, max: single dad seeks juliet***

monroe, max: hot stuff***

monroe, max: hate the player***

monroe, max: the billionaire boss next door***

monroe, max: oops, i've fallen***

moore, gwyneth: love's lady lost***

moore, kate: sexy lexy***

morgan, jane: caroline***

morgan, sarah: ripped***

morgan, sarah: sleigh bells in the snow***

morland, iris: petal plucker***

morland, iris: he loves me, he loves me not***

morland, iris: oopsie daisy***

morton, lily: deal maker***

muir, lucy: highland rivalry***

mullany, janet: improper relations***.5

mullany, janet: the rules of gentility***

nash, sophia: (***see four dukes and a devil)

neil, barbara (sherrod): lucy's scoundrel***

neil, barbara (sherrod): gentleman rogue***

nelson, judith: instructing arabella***

nelson, judith: the accidental match***

nicholas, erin: my best friend's mardi gras wedding***

nicholas, erin: crazy rich cajuns***

nicholas, erin: must love alligators***.5

nicholas, erin: sealed with a kiss***

nicholas, erin: sugar rush***

nicholas, erin: semi-sweet on you***

nicholas, erin: oh, fudge***

nicholas, erin: gimme s'more***

noeli, lisa: the beautiful miss mousey***

norcross, lisabet: masquerade of love***

north, hailey: perfect match***

north, hailey: dear love doctor***

north, hailey: opposites attract***

o'leary, beth: the flatshare***

oliver, patricia: roses for harriet***

ortolon, julie: don't tempt me***

orwig, sara: the fairfax brew***

osborne, maggie: lady reluctant***

osborne, maggie: the promise of jenny jones***

overfield, joan: a matchmaking miss***

overfield, joan: the prodigal spinster***

owens, robin d.: heartmate***

painter, lynn: the love wager***

paisley, rebecca: the barefoot bride***

pape, cindy spencer: dragons & dirigibles***

parker, lucy: act like it***

parker, lucy: pretty face***.5

parker, lucy: making up***

parker, lucy: the austen playbook***

parker, lucy: codename charming***

parks, julia: his saving grace***

paton, ainslie: the love experiment***

peters, clarice: belle of portman square***

peters, clarice: contrary lovers***

peters, clarice: the heart's wager***

peters, clarice: london tangle***

phillips, susan elizabeth: heaven, texas***

phillips, susan elizabeth: ain't she sweet***

phillips, susan elizabeth: match me if you can***

phillips, susan elizabeth: first lady***

phillips, susan elizabeth: call me irresistible***

phillips, susan elizabeth: kiss an angel***

pianka, phyllis taylor: the calico countess***

pianka, phyllis taylor: the lark's nest***

pianka, phyllis taylor: the thackery jewels***

pianka, phyllis taylor: the tart shoppe***

pickens, andrea: the storybook hero***

pierson, elle: artistic license***

powers, martha jean: the perfect fiancee***

prevel, mona: a kiss for lucy***

proctor, carol: the dangerous dandy***

proctor, carol: the drawing master's dilemma***

pryce, melinda: a love to treasure***

pryce, melinda: a rose for lady edwina***

putman, eileen: never kiss a duke***

quick, amanda: the girl who knew too much***

quick, amanda: close up***

quick, amanda: the lady has a past***

quick, amanda: when she dreams***

quick, amanda: mistress***

quick, amanda: mischief***

quick, amanda: affair***

quick, amanda: i thee wed***

quick, amanda: wicked widow ***

quick, amanda: lie by moonlight ***.5

quick, amanda: second sight ***

quick, amanda: the perfect poison***

quick, amanda: burning lamp***

quick, amanda: quicksilver***

quick, amanda: dangerous***

quick, amanda: desire***

quick, amanda: mystique***

quick, amanda: otherwise engaged ***

quick, amanda: reckless***

quick, amanda: rendezvous***

quick, amanda: the river knows ***

quick, amanda: scandal***

quick, amanda: surrender***

quick, amanda: wait until midnight***.5

quinn, julia: (a tale of two sisters*** see where's my hero? anth.)

quinn, julia: everything and the moon***

quinn, julia: an offer from a gentleman***

quinn, julia: to sir phillip, with love***

quinn, julia: romancing mister bridgerton: the second epilogue***

quinn, julia: when he was wicked***

quinn, julia: on the way to the wedding***

quinn, julia: to sir phillip, with love: the 2nd epilogue***

quinn, julia: a night like this***

quinn, julia: the sum of all kisses***.5

quinn, julia: the secrets of sir richard kenworthy***

quinn, julia: the other miss bridgerton***

quinn, julia: the secret diaries of miss miranda cheever***

rabe, sheila: bringing out betsy***

rabe, sheila: an innocent imposter***

rainville, rita: bedazzled***

rainville, rita: high spirits***

raleigh, debbie/deborah: some like it sinful***

raleigh, debbie/deborah: some like it brazen***

randolph, ellen: the rushden legacy***

rasley, alicia: reluctant lady***

raye, kimberly: your coffin or mine?***

raye, kimberly: kiss me once, kiss me twice***

reavis, cheryl: little darlin'***.5

reavis, cheryl: the older woman***

recknor, ellen: prophet annie***

reed, joy: the duke and miss denny***

reed, joy: lord caldwell and the cat***

reed, joy: miss chambers takes charge***

reed, joy: mr. jeffries and the jilt***

reid, penny: kissing tolstoy***

reid, penny: neanderthal seeks human***

reid, penny: friends without benefits***.5

reid, penny: ninja at first sight***

reid, penny: elements of chemistry parts 1-3 ***.5

reid, penny: truth or beard***

reid, penny: grin and beard it***.5

reid, penny: beard science***

reid, penny: dr. strange beard***

reid, penny and cosway, l. h.: the varlet and the voyeur***

reisz, tiffany: her halloween treat***

reisz, tiffany: the rose***

reynolds, jane: a ruined woman***

rhee, dena: an immodest proposal***

rice, lisa marie: midnight man***

rice, patricia: almost perfect [aka imperfect rebel]***.5

richardson, evelyn: the nabob's ward***

ridgway, christie: not another new year's***

ridgway, christie: do not disturb***

ridley, erica: love, lust, & pixie dust***

robens, myretta: (the colors of love*** see dressed to kiss anth.)

roberts, meg-lynn: a perfect match***

roberts, val: the valmont contingency***

roberts, val: the nobinata gambit***.5

roberts, val: the ocasek opportunity***

roberts, val: open mike at club bebop***

roberts, val: kindness of strangers***.5

roberts, val: blade's edge***

robins, madeleine: althea***

robinson, suzanne: heart of the falcon***

rochon, farrah: the boyfriend project***

rochon, farrah: the dating playbook***

rodale, maya: duchess by design***

rodale, maya: the wicked wallflower***

rodale, maya: wallflower gone wild***

roland, lee: viper moon***

roland, paula: the rogue's bride***

rolofson, kristine: pillow talk***

rowe, stephanie: date me, baby, one more time***

ruggle, katie: rocky mountain cowboy christmas***

rutland, eva: the willful lady***

sands, lynsay: the deed***

sands, lynsay: love bites***

sands, lynsay: tall, dark and hungry***

sands, lynsay: a quick bite***

sands, lynsay: a bite to remember***

sands, lynsay: bite me if you can***

sands, lynsay: the accidental vampire***

sands, lynsay: (***see bitten by cupid)

sands, lynsay: under a vampire moon***

sands, lynsay: the immortal who loved me***

sands, lynsay: about a vampire***

sands, lynsay: runaway vampire***

sands, lynsay: immortal born***

sands, lynsay: immortal angel***

sands, lynsay: meant to be immortal***

sands, lynsay: lady pirate***

sands, lynsay: love is blind***.5

saunders, irene: lady lucinde's locket***

saunders, irene: a lucky lady***

schnyder, p. j.: hunting kat***

schnyder, p. j.: fighting kat***

schulze, dallas: addie and the renegade***

schulze, dallas: tessa's child***

schulze, dallas: the substitute wife***

score, lucy: mr. fixer upper***

score, lucy: the christmas fix***.5

score, lucy: fall into temptation***

score, lucy: the last second chance***.5

score, lucy: holding on to chaos***

score, lucy: where it all began***

score, lucy: the mistletoe kisser***

score, lucy: pretend you're mine***

score, lucy: the price of scandal***

score, lucy: by a thread***.5

score, lucy: rock bottom girl***

score, lucy: the worst best man***

scott, alicia: maggie's man***

scott, alicia: macnamara's woman***

scott, amanda: lord greyfalcon's reward***

sebastian, margaret: bow street gentleman***

sebastian, margaret: her knight on a barge***

sebastian, margaret: meg miller***

sebastian, margaret: the poor relation***

sey, susan: money shot***

sey, susan: picture me and you***

sey, susan: discover me and you***

sey, susan: remember me and you***

sey, susan: taste for trouble***

sey, susan: talent for trouble***

sey, susan: touch of trouble***.5

sey, susan: kiss the girl***.5

shalvis, jill: animal magnetism***

shalvis, jill: rumor has it***

shalvis, jill: then came you***

shalvis, jill: still the one***

shalvis, jill: all i want***

shalvis, jill: double play***.5

shalvis, jill: the family you make***

shalvis, jill: the backup plan***

shalvis, jill: second chance summer***

shalvis, jill: my kind of wonderful***

shalvis, jill: nobody but you***

shalvis, jill: simply irresistible***

shalvis, jill: the sweetest thing***

shalvis, jill: lucky in love***.5

shalvis, jill: forever and a day***

shalvis, jill: always on my mind***.5

shalvis, jill: it's in his kiss***

shalvis, jill: he's so fine***.5

shalvis, jill: one in a million***

shalvis, jill: sweet little lies***.5

shalvis, jill: the trouble with mistletoe***

shalvis, jill: accidentally on purpose***

shalvis, jill: chasing christmas eve***

shalvis, jill: out of this world***

shalvis, jill: together again (***see jinxed! anth.)

sharpe, bettie: cat's tale: a fairy tale retold***

sharpe, bettie: like a thief in the night***

sherrod, barbara: gamester's lady***

showalter, gena: the stone prince***

simmons, deborah: my lady de burgh***

simmons, suzanne: sweetheart, indiana***

simmons, suzanne: bed of roses***

simpson, donna (lea): a country courtship***

sinclair, linnea: finders keepers***

singh, nalini: (whisper of sin*** see burning up)

singh, nalini: (stroke of enticement*** see the magical christmas cat)

singh, nalini: wild invitation (*,***,**,[0)

singh, nalini: (secrets at midnight*** see night shift)

singh, nalini: silver silence***

sizemore, susan: one of these nights***

skinner, melynda beth: lord logic and the wedding wish***

skinner, melynda beth: a perfect gem***

smith, deborah: the crossroads cafe***.5

smith, deborah: the biscuit witch***

smith, deborah: the pickle queen***

smith, deborah: hold on tight***

smith, joan: reprise***

smith, joan: a christmas gambol***

smith, joan: escapade***

smith, joan: old lover's ghost***

smith, joan: reluctant bride***

smith, joan: talk of the town***

smith, joan: the waltzing widow***

smythe, sheridon: hero for hire***

smythe, sheridon: hot number***

smythe, sheridon: where the heart is***

solomon, hayley ann: lady caraway's cloak***

sosa, mia: acting on impulse***

sosa, mia: the worst best man***.5

sosa, mia: the wedding crasher***

south, sheri cobb: brighton honeymoon***

south, sheri cobb: french leave***

south, sheri cobb: the desperate duke***

south, sheri cobb: miss darby's duenna***

sparks, kerrelyn: how to marry a millionaire vampire***.5

sparks, kerrelyn: (a very vampy christmas***see sugarplums and scandal anth.)

sparks, kerrelyn: be still my vampire heart***

sparks, kerrelyn: the undead next door***

sparks, kerrelyn: forbidden nights with a vampire***

sparks, kerrelyn: eat prey love***.5

sparks, kerrelyn: how to seduce a vampire (without really trying)***

spencer, minerva: barbarous***

st. george, nonnie: courting trouble***.5

st. john, kelley: to catch a cheat***.5

stables, mira: the byram succession***

stables, mira: the swynden necklace***

stacey, shannon: yours to keep***

stenzel, natalie: forget prince charming***

stenzel, natalie: pop-up dating***

sterling, erin: the ex hex***

stevenson, jennifer: the brass bed***.5

stewart, lois: the duke's mistress***

stewart, lois: an independent lady***

stillings, marianne: the damsel in this dress***

stillings, marianne: sighs matter***

stuart, anne: catspaw ii***

stuart, anne: chasing trouble***

stuart, anne: cinderman***

stuart, anne: lady fortune***

stuart, anne: wild thing***

sullivan, jane: when he was bad . . .***

summerville, margaret: the duke's disappearance***

summerville, margaret: sensible cecily***

summerville, margaret: a wife for warminster***

sumner, tracy: tides of love***

tanglen, chris: mistress charlotte***

taylor, mackenzie: my one and only***

taylor, mackenzie: the way you look tonight***

telep, tricia editor: the mammoth book of futuristic romance (jh*, cc**.5, jlh**, ls**, ps*, ml[0, mmr*, dd*, kf[0, rb*, bd'a*, dk***, ls**, jg*, ct**.5, lrh*, clw*, ss*, mb**.5)

temple, lara: a match for the rebellious earl***

templeton, karen: marriage, interrupted***

tenorio, dee: the virgin's revenge***

tenorio, dee: 10 ways to steal your lover***

thompson, vicki lewis: wild & hexy***

thompson, vicki lewis: a werewolf in manhattan***

thompson, vicki lewis: a werewolf in the north woods***.5

thompson, vicki lewis: a werewolf in seattle***

thompson, vicki lewis: werewolf in alaska***

thompson, vicki lewis: acting on impulse***

thompson, vicki lewis: gone with the nerd***

thompson, vicki lewis: my nerdy valentine***

thompson, vicki lewis: nerd gone wild***

thompson, vicki lewis: nerds are from mars***

thompson, vicki lewis: nerds like it hot***

thompson, vicki lewis: stuck /on/ with you***

thompson, vicki lewis: talk nerdy to me***

thompson, vicki lewis: talking about sex...***

thornton, elizabeth: strangers at dawn***

thornton, elizabeth: a virtuous lady***

thorpe, sylvia: the scapegrace***

title, sarah: the undateable***.5

title, sarah: falling for trouble***

title, sarah: laws of attraction***

title, sarah: kentucky christmas***

title, sarah: snowed in***

valente, lili: spectacular rascal***

valente, lili: incredible you***

van der zee, karen: something in return***

veryan, patricia: some brief folly***

vincy, mia: a wicked kind of husband***

vincy, mia: a dangerous kind of lady***.5

wainscott, tina: a trick of the light***

walsh, sheila: a highly respectable marriage***

walters, n. j.: salvaging abby***

walters, n. j.: flynn's assassin***

walters, n. j.: spear's search***

walters, n. j.: zaxe's rule***

ward, rebecca: enchanted rendezvous***

wardell, jenniffer: how to win over your arch-nemesis (in three easy steps)***

warren, christine: fantasy fix***

warren, christine: fur factor***.5

warren, christine: big bad wolf*** (=fur factor)

warren, christine: prince charming doesn't live here*** (=faer fetched)

warren, christine: not your ordinary faerie tale*** (=fighting faer)

warren, christine: fur for all***.5

warren, christine: wolf at the door***

warren, christine: she's no faerie princess***

warren, christine: (***see no rest for the witches)

warren, christine: on the prowl***

warren, christine: stone cold lover***

warren, christine: rocked by love***

warren, christine: hard breaker***

warren, nancy: blueprint for a kiss***

warren, nancy: the sheriff's sweet surrender***

warren, nancy: the daisy game***

warren, nancy: game on***.5

warren, nancy: final score***

warren, nancy: under the influence***

warren, nancy: best man ... with benefits***

warren, nancy: by the book***

warren, nancy: fringe benefits***.5

watson, penny: apples should be red***

watson, penny: lumberjack in love***.5

watson, penny: a taste of heaven***

wax, wendy: leave it to cleavage***

wax, wendy: single in suburbia***

waxman, abbi: the bookish life of nina hill***.5

weaver, amanda: the one i love to hate***

webb, peggy: angels on zerbra***.5

wells, robin: how to score***

wells, robin: ooh, la la!***

westhaven, margaret: a cheltenham comedy***

westhaven, margaret: the duke's design***

westhaven, margaret: four in hand***

westhaven, margaret: miss dalrymple's virtue***

white, pat: got a hold on you***

whitiker, gail: the blade and the bath miss***

whitmore, cilla: his lordship's landlady***

whitmore, cilla: manner of a lady***

whittenburg, karen toller: day dreamer***

wiggs, susan: halfway to heaven***

wilks, eileen: night season***

wilks, eileen: cyncerely yours***

williams, claudette: cherry ripe***

williams, claudette: a daring deceit***

williams, claudette: lacey***-

williams, roseanne: under the covers***

winston, lois: talk gertie to me***

winston, samantha: my fair pixie***

witemeyer, karen: more than meets the eye***

witton, winifred: the denville diamond***

witton, winifred: the masked marquis***

wolf, joan: fool's masquerade***

wolf, joan: the rebellious ward***

woodward, rhonda: a spinster's luck***

wynn, patricia: the bumblebroth***

wynn, patricia: capturing annie***

wynn, patricia: a country affair***

wynn, patricia: jack on the box***

wynn, patricia: lord tom***

wynn, patricia: a pair of rogues***

wynn, patricia: the parson's pleasure***

wynn, patricia: sophie's halloo***

yates, maisey: untouched***

young, elizabeth: asking for trouble***

zane, carolyn: how to hook a husband (and a baby)***

anthologies: bad boys in black tie (lf***, em**.5, lm**)

anthologies: the beast within (em**, bd'a*, jl***)

anthologies: bewitched by love (td*, ch***, vk[0)

anthologies: beyond the dark (ak***, dw*, eh[0, ll**.5)

anthologies: bite (lkh*, ch**, mjd***.5, ak***, vt*)

anthologies: bitten by cupid (ls***, pp*, jr**)

anthologies: burning up (ns***, ak*, vk*, mb**.5)

anthologies: charming the snake (mjd***, ms**, ca**)

anthologies: cocktales (da*, ja*, wb[0, sb[0, kfb*, rc*, lhc[0, ad**, md[0, bbe*, je[0, eh[0, sh**, jh[0, jj[0, kk*, al[0, lm**, am[0, km**.5, cm***, lm*, rp[0, dp[0, jp**, mq[0, pr**.5, cdr*, jar[0, ar[0, kr**, ks**.5, ss*, ts**.5, ks**, ls**.5, ks*, rvd*, aw**)

anthologies: death's excellent vacation (ch**.5, ss[0, jf***, ds**, alm**.5, ja**, lab**, km***, cg[0, ls**.5, cg**, sn[-, tk**.5)

anthologies: dragon lovers (jb**.5, mjp**.5, kh***, bs*)

anthologies: dressed to kiss (mh**.5, mr***, mf***, cl**.5)

anthologies: an enchanted season (ms**.5, em***, ns**, jj**.5)

anthologies: enchanting kittens (ch***, nl**.5, has**[a mess])

anthologies: the eternal highlander (hh***, ls**.5)

anthologies: everlasting bad boys (sl***, ce**.5, nm***)

anthologies: faeries gone wild (mjd***, lg**, mh**.5, ll**.5)

anthologies: fire & frost (js***, cc**, mb**.5)

anthologies: first blood (ss***, em**.5, cmg[0, mb**)

anthologies: four dukes and a devil (cm***, ef**.5, jf**.5, sn***, taw***)

anthologies: four weddings and a sixpence (ss**.5, eb***, llg**, jq***)

anthologies: gifts of the season (mj**, ls***, ag**)

anthologies: heat wave (km***, ja**.5, ss**)

anthologies: heat wave (sb**, lk***, hb**)

anthologies: his immortal embrace (hh***, ls**, sb*, kh**)

anthologies: howl for it (sl***, ce**.5)

anthologies: jinxed! (jd'a***, js***, cg*)

anthologies: a kiss for christmas (ah[0, ln***, mbs***)

anthologies: the magical christmas cat (ns***, em**.5, lwj**.5, ll**.5)

anthologies: manaconda (slk*, ll*, jb***)

anthologies: a mother's joy*** (cd, me, jaf, ch, lk, jr)

anthologies: a mother's way (ls***, lc**, jk***, sg***)

anthologies: must love hellhounds (ch**.5, ns**.5, ia***, mb**.5)

anthologies: mysteria (sg***, mjd**, gs*, pcc[0)

anthologies: mysteria lane (mjd***, sg**.5, gs**.5, pcc***)

anthologies: never after (lkh***, yg*, ml***, ss**.5)

anthologies: night shift (ns***, ia***, ls**, mv**)

anthologies: no rest for the witches (mjd***, lh**, cm*, cw***)

anthologies: on the prowl (pb, ew*, kc***, s*)

anthologies: the only thing better than chocolate (jd, ss, ka***)

anthologies: perfect for the beach (lf**, jd*, em***, mjd**.5, kp[0, ml**)

anthologies: playing easy to get (sk***, jb[0, kc**)

anthologies: predatory (ai**, nb**.5, dd***, hj**.5)

anthologies: prom nights from hell (mc***, lm*, kh**, mj***, sm**)

anthologies: a regency christmas viii (ef*, ck**, al[0, el**, bm***)

anthologies: a regency christmas ix (sh**, ck**, el***, am**, bm**)

anthologies: a regency christmas courtship (bm***, el**, ap**, nb***, gb[0)

anthologies: a regency christmas eve (nb**.5, df***, al**, el*, bm***)

anthologies: regency christmas magic (am[0, al[0, el[0, bm***, sh**)

anthologies: regency christmas spirits (nb**, ej***, el*, bm***, ap**)

anthologies: regency quartet (jg*, el***, gm***.5, gm*)

anthologies: the school for heiresses (sj***, lc***, jl**, rb**.5)

anthologies: secrets volume 8 (jc*, mjd***, ag**, lm[0)

anthologies: seductive and scandalous (ac***, ch***, mk**, ms**)

anthologies: silhouette christmas stories 1988 (ke***, bh**, ab[0, cam*)

anthologies: snowy night with a stranger (jf**, sj***, jl**)

anthologies: stroke of midnight (sk***, aa[0, lab*, lh**)

anthologies: sugarplums and scandal (la*, dc**.5, md**.5, cl***, sm***, ks***)

anthologies: sun, sand, sex (llm**.5, ja**.5, sl***)

anthologies: supernatural (li**.5, ai***, jf**, gaa***.5)

anthologies: tapestry (lk***, mh*, sk***, kmm**)

anthologies: that's amore! (jd**, tc[0, lk***)

anthologies: these boots were made for strutting (lc***, gh**, mj**)

anthologies: unbound (ak***, ja**.5, jj**.5, hm*)

anthologies: the undead in my bed (km***, mh***, js**.5)

anthologies: valentine wishes (mg**, ch***, js***)

anthologies: valentine's day is killing me (mjd**.5, le***, sc**.5)

anthologies: a valentine's day tangle (ch***, em, dap, np, ar, cr)

anthologies: wedding belles (al**, el**, lk[0, bm***, ck**.5)

anthologies: what happens under the mistletoe (sj**.5, kh**.5, cc***, md**)

anthologies: when good things happen to bad boys (lf***, em***, hd**)

anthologies: where's my hero? (lk**.5, km**.5, jq***)

anthologies: winter wishes (va***, va***, mr*)

cash, dixie: since you're leaving anyway, take out the trash***

evanovich, janet: one for the money***

evanovich, janet: two for the dough***

evanovich, janet: four to score***

fenske, tawna: getting dumped***

harris, charlaine: dead until dark***

harris, charlaine: living dead in dallas***.5

harris, charlaine: dead to the world***

macalister, katie: ghost of a chance***

marsh, kate (macalister): ghost of a chance***

peters, elizabeth: die for love***

peters, elizabeth: legend in green velvet***

strohmeyer, sarah: bubbles unbound***

ibbotson, eva and robinson, fiona: the abominables***

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