Maritha on Counseling

Maritha Pottenger

This quarter’s column is being pre-empted by my article on “Women, Men and Astrology” which includes much information on counseling issues and principles.

Beginning with the Pisces issue, this column will take on another expression. Several people have asked me to “keep on with the theory.” They are eager to hear traditional psychology’s explanations for human functioning. Therefore, an indefinite number of future columns will be devoted to various psychotherapeutic modalities.

My column will present the basic theory of each modality and its applicability to astrology (as I see it). Elsewhere in each issue we will include a delineation of the chart (when available) of the major proponent/originator of whichever modality is being discussed. The horoscope of such persons often indicates strong astrological cues for their pursuit of their particular thrust of thought. The Pisces issue will begin the series with a discussion of those aspects of Freudian theory useful to astrologers.

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