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Answers to Pisces Challenge

Three readers sent in guesses before we went to press, but unfortunately two were wrong and the other based the answer mainly on a hypothetical planet, Poseidon, for the right guess. He did also note that the later twin had several of Nelson’s aspects (the multiples of 7 1/2°, 11 1/4°, and 18°) to the angles, adding emphasis. The Sun and Uranus form multiples of 18° to the East Point and Ascendant respectively; Uranus is 11 1/4° from the Vertex; Mercury and Venus are 11 1/4° or a multiple of it to the East Point. The 3 big aspects, conjunction, square, and opposition, fall in all three of Nelson’s series so this reader listed Jupiter-East Point and Saturn-Midheaven for all 3 harmonics without apparently noting that they were simply Jupiter conjunct East Point and Saturn square Midheaven. One of the wrong guesses actually listed some of the right reasons, especially the 1st house Jupiter saying “I must be God.” It is this twin, with the 1st house Jupiter and Saturn, who is doing an Atlas number, feeling that she must carry the world in the form of an invalid husband at the same time that she doubts her own ability and trusts authority figures and is afraid to challenge traditional religion or ideas.

Remember that an emphasis on Neptune, Pisces, or the twelfth house can be either great or terrible, depending on the individual’s faith. We can play artist, savior or victim with letter twelve. When a deep faith is present, letter twelve shows the person who can do his or her share and then turn the rest over to God. In this case, as indicated by the pictures taken of these twins when they were still babies in high chairs, one came in with that faith and one lacked it and is still struggling to find it. I have seen numerous cases of individuals with loaded 12th houses who had a secure faith in God and who were totally sheltered by life.

This is the type of challenge where astrology alone cannot really determine the outcome. We can only say that if the person with the 12th house emphasis has developed faith, she is fine. If not, she is in trouble! The different dwads of the angles are also somewhat ambiguous, though if we connect the rulers of the dwads, they might point in the right direction. I am not even sure this is not pushing the dwad concept too far, but the earlier twin with the Aquarius dwad on the MC takes us to Uranus in the work house, for humble service while the later twin with the Aries dwad on the MC takes us to Mars conjunct Neptune in Leo in the Aquarius house, suggesting fun with friends, freedom, faith, self-confidence, etc. The earlier twin has the Gemini dwad rising but Mercury is in Virgo and Vesta’s close trine may mean personal work, while the later twin’s Cancer dwad rising points to Moon conjunct Venus in Cancer on the 11th cusp, again a relatively easy life enjoying friends and new ideas. The early twin also has the East Point and Antivertex in earth dwads for the need to work and cope with the material world while the later twin with Aries and Gemini dwads is free to watch the world and do what she pleases with confidence in herself and life.

One reader also noted the house changes of the nodes but, again, I would interpret them in the opposite way. Both the 7th and 8th houses are part of the partnership, but the 7th is air, an open confrontation of wills, more able to discuss differences and reach a compromise. The 8th or Scorpio house is partly unconscious, like all water factors in a chart, so more of a challenge for the south node, especially putting a fire sign in a water house. Ancient tradition has always said that the North Node is like Jupiter, the things we already know and that come easily to us. The South Node is like Saturn, a lesson area where we must learn first and then give. Some recent books have suggested ignoring the South node and I can hardly imagine worse advice. The earlier twin was able to earn a living but had to learn to trust others and accept help from others, not try to carry everything. The later twin also had a lesson in partnership but since she came in with strong faith and was more aware (South node in an air house), she apparently worked it out easily.

Readers pointed out that the earlier twin had the Antivertex more closely sextile Pluto and conjunct the Sun, but the added emphasis could simply point to her unconscious need to work to feel proud of herself or a sense of her power. She also had the 6th house Uranus opposite Ceres/Antivertex within minutes for more work emphasis but possible ambivalence and frustration over it. The later twin’s Antivertex semi-sextile Pallas and Mars permitted the partner to do some of the work. In the end, the earlier may win a sense of more faith in her own ability to cope while the later one keeps her faith in God and her husband’s ability to handle things. It’s all part of the game, and growth is the name of the game.

New Challenge

We have another pair of female twins for you in this issue; January 4, 1943, Dallas, Texas (32 N 47, 96 W 49), one born at 10:45 A.M., the other at 10:50 A.M. Central War Time. One is more passive-dependent and has bad headaches; her husband is an executive and she does not work; she was unable to have children and adopted two. The other twin is more aggressive, works part time, has a husband who is a technician but in the skilled labor class, and she has two children of her own. Send your guesses in. This is an easy one. Remember, if you don’t want to wait 3 months for the answer, you can send in a self-addressed, stamped envelope and Mark will send you the answer.

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