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Four readers tried their hands at this one, and it proved a tough one, as I suspected. I’m not at all sure I would have gotten it right, but two of our four respondents guessed correctly that it was the later twin with 10 Libra rising who died. Charlalee Sedgwick’s reasons for this guess included some complicated midpoint combinations such as using the midpoint of Neptune/Mars as one factor to get a secondary midpoint to Uranus; Ascendant/Uranus with Mars; Uranus/Pluto with Saturn. Solar arc directed angles formed conflict aspects to these second-order midpoints. I always wonder about the psychic potential when it comes to choice of factors. Why these instead of Mars/Uranus with Neptune; Mars/Ascendant with Uranus; Pluto/Saturn with Uranus or Uranus/Saturn with Pluto, etc? I’m convinced that midpoints are highly important, but midpoints with midpoints leave me uneasy, though I’m not sure my clues are any better.

Charlalee also mentioned the closer quincunx of East Point to Ceres in the Sixth House in the natal chart and solar arc directed Vertex quincunx natal Neptune for the later twin. As she pointed out, there were other aspects which could make a case for the earlier twin. It was not an obvious or easy decision!

By a fascinating “coincidence” the other correct guess came from the same eastern city but the guess was based on different factors. Bil Tierney writes:

For TWIN #1, 9 Libra 26 ASC falls in the Capricorn dwad (emphasizing caution, restraint, self-control, self-preservation) of the Libra decanate (balance, coordination, poise). Venus, as ruler of the ASC and its decanate, is posited in careful, organized, detail-conscious Virgo. Saturn, ruling planet of the Capricorn dwad, also falls in dexterous Virgo. Already, we see a subtle earth influence, which is less prone to act impulsively and take unnecessary risks. Saturn sextiles a 10th house Sun, representing a positive concern for safety and security, reinforced by the will. Venus sextiles the potentially disruptive Uranus-Mars conjunction, operating from the adventurous 9th house. The 9th house is important here since both twins seemed to have been in areas somewhat foreign to their home base, according to the latitude-longitude coordinates given. The accident-proneness of the Mars-Uranus conjunction is further brought out by its waning or lower (Virgo-6th house) quincunx to the restless and often careless Moon in Sagittarius in the 3rd (which to me means impulsive body movement of an uncoordinated, clumsy nature).

For Twin #2, 10 Libra 00 ASC falls in the Aquarius dwad (emphasizing the sudden, the unexpected, the rebellious, the impractical) of the Aquarius decanate (daring, free-form, impetuous), putting the focus upon high-strung Uranus. Uranus is posited in less stable, more emotionally reactive Cancer (again, conjuncting fearless Mars in the 9th quincunx the 3rd house Moon in Sagittarius). The 9th, being the 7th house from the 3rd, could represent the step-sisters (or sisters by legal definition rather than common origin). It would make sense that the friction generated with these step-sisters created a disturbing magnetic field inducing the mishap. With Uranus as the key, its conjunction to Mars could refer to sudden head injuries. Plus the quincunx to the Sagittarian Moon could indicate injury to the thigh. In addition, the Moon is technically closer to the 3rd cusp (perhaps intensifying the restless, wandering, easily distracted nature), Jupiter is closer to the 7th cusp and thus is in closer opposition to the ASC (intensifying a tendency to lack restraint and prudence in physical activities), and Pluto is closer to the cusp of the Uranus-associated 11th house (perhaps emphasizing drastic matters beyond one’s personal control—in this case, an unexpected and mysterious death in a remote area). With all this, my guess is that Twin #2 died, and of accidental causes (maybe due to the malfunctioning of mountain-climbing gear or thru poor coordination or upset in natural equilibrium).

My main reaction to the challenge was to note that the really heavy conflict aspects showed in the local cusps, and to wonder whether his inner readiness for giving up on Earth led that twin to that place while the other twin went to Hawaii for a harmless vacation. The local progressed MC was within minutes of progressed Mars at the time of the accident, but both twins would have had the aspect; the earlier one just barely within orb of the one degree usual in progressions. However, if the death actually occurred somewhat to the west of Denver, the aspect would have been out of orb. I do not have the exact coordinates for the death. Using Denver coordinates, the local progressed Eighth cusp was quincunx Neptune and tri-octile (sesqui-square) to local Ascendant, using Placidus cusps. The progressed Eighth cusp from the birthplace was quincunx natal Antivertex and trioctile natal Ascendant. But, again, the aspects were apparently there for both twins though the aspect to Neptune was much closer for the second twin. Of course, the natal Uranus was in a closer square to the Ascendant for the later twin, and the East Point was in a closer square to Vesta. But the Sun was in a closer square to the Antivertex for the earlier twin, and the South Node of Mars was more closely conjunct the Ascendant, so there were many counts on both sides. One other aspect which did differentiate in the right direction was the progressed local Antivertex square Pluto for the later twin and not quite in orb for the earlier twin. To return to my earlier suggestion, the local cusps showed the picture more clearly. Who knows whether the other twin might have also been in danger had he been there in the emotional conflict with step-siblings and rivalry over the father’s affection? I wonder about the price of expectations and unconscious urges to run away when let down. The North Node of Jupiter was more closely conjunct the MC in the later twin; Jupiter/Mars was more closely tri-octile the Ascendant (out of the one degree orb for the earlier one); the part of Jupiter (Ascendant plus Jupiter minus Sun) was conjunct the local MC exactly, assuming accurate coordinates. Then there were some additional midpoint aspects: Sun/Mars square East Point and Mercury/Mars square Antivertex (both out of orb for the earlier twin). Hopes and action — Jupiter, Mars, Sun, those fire drives. I want what I want —now!! Maybe the Aquarius dwad rising contributed to that impatience with frustrations. The earlier twin had the Capricorn dwad. He might have been depressive with that, or more cautious and practical. The imponderables of character and destiny. As is often the case in astrology, we can see the potential talents and weaknesses, but we do not know precisely how the person will manifest those potentials.

New Challenge

Female Twins: August 30, 1921, 7:48 and 8:03 A.M. E.D.T. 40 N 38 73 W 56

Both in Los Angeles area now.

One twin is a worrier, feels things will go wrong, has stayed with her traditional church, has self-doubt and poor self-esteem, but accepts the authority of others and is loyal; does not question doctors, etc. She has two girls and one boy, an invalid husband (ten years ago) and continues to work at a job she hates because of security. She is shorter and tends to be overweight.

The other twin accepted the power of mind years ago and feels she has no real problems. She is a near-vegetarian, has two boys, a Taurus husband who retired in 1974, but they are financially secure. A picture taken of the twins at the age of eight months shows the basic character difference already. The twin described here as having more faith in herself and in life is holding her arms up and out to the world in the picture. The other twin is looking very serious.

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