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Zip Dobyns

Well, hooray! We only had two brave souls who responded to the Gemini challenge, but they were both right. Twin one was the serious, responsible one; twin two the one who had five marriages and problems in handling money and alcohol. A variety of good reasons were given, including especially the Saturn and Pluto on angles for the persisting twin who maintained control in his life. Mars in the 10th house also was mentioned as a key to control, while these same features showed the potential for back problems—trying to carry the world.

Twin two had Mars in the 9th house square the East Point, a more restless, extravagant or impulsive as well as self-defeating combination. The Moon quincunx to Mercury-Venus (keys to partnership as actual or natural rulers of the 7th house) was from the fifth house for twin two, further emphasizing tensions in romance or the gambling potential. Also the Moon oppositions to Vesta and Sun became fifth house to eleventh house, emphasizing the freedom-closeness issue, or alternately, the restless nature. The shift of the nodes from the fixed houses to the cardinal first and seventh houses also indicated less stability in relationships. Oppositions across 2-8 still mean something to learn in handling relationships or appetites, but the fixed houses (or planets or signs) tend to persist while the cardinal often break and change. The close Venus aspect to the Ascendant also emphasizes the area of relationships and appetites for twin two, with the danger of kidney troubles if the relationships are not handled well. The MC of twin two is square the Ceres-Neptune opposition while twin one has his MC sextile his Sun and Mars sextile his Ascendant.

Many more details might be noted, but the planetary aspects to the angles seem to be the major key. Dwads were less helpful in this case. Twin one had the Scorpio dwad on the MC, repeating the Scorpio-Capricorn blend, but this can mean ability to control or a lesson in the area. He had the Taurus dwad rising, which also could mean money, pleasure, appetites, etc. The aspects provide a better clue to actual integration in the character. Twin two had the Taurus dwad on the MC and the Scorpio dwad rising; an interesting reversal but inconclusive in interpretation.

Congratulations to Nancy and Dorothy for their successful judgment. Part of the purpose of this exercise is to find out how far we can go in judging details in astrology. I am sure there is infinitely more to learn; that we are just catching a glimpse of the cosmic order.

We are going to give you two sets of twins this issue with the same situation; one lived and one died. The first pair were born on Dec. 18, 1937 in Seattle, WA; one at 7:05 A.M. PST; the other at 7:25 A.M. PST. The death of one occurred about two weeks after birth. The other twin is a consulting analyst for a western state on solar energy. Both were female.

The other twins were males, born Feb. 27, 1981 in Poughkeepsie, NY. Their births occurred at 1:13 and 1:26 P.M. EST. One twin was born dead, and may have died as much as two days before the actual birth. The other twin is fine; seems to be healthy and normal. If readers do not want to try both sets, it is OK to send in a guess on just one pair. Good luck.

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