A.C.T. 1982

Mark Pottenger

ACT is setting new standards.

ACT is the Astrological Conference on Techniques. The second ACT was held this year under the wings of the AFA convention in Chicago. It was a very productive conference.

All the ACT sessions except the last morning were panel discussions. In many cases the people on the panels were the majority of people doing work in the area being discussed. The panels and the focus of all ACT sessions being in one meeting room allowed much more opportunity for people to get together and actually work things out than I have seen at any other conference.

Many subjects were discussed, including stock market research, data base standards, fields of interest, computer interpretation, statistics, etc. During many of the sessions we started discussions of what standards to establish to allow better communication. Several people made the commitment to follow up on the development of these standards, so I hope we will actually be hearing about results at the next ACT two years from now.

Possibly the most important agreement reached was the agreement by the software companies to develop and support a system to allow communication between the users of different programs. I very much want to see that happen.

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