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Zip Dobyns

Unfortunately, our two long articles in this issue have crowded out the Challenge Corner, so we’ll try to have two sets in the next issue. But we can at least give you the answer to the challenge in the Sagittarius issue, so you won’t have to wait another three months. We had at least two readers who sent in a guess, but one has been lost in the chaos in my study, and the one I still have guessed wrong, though her reason (Scorpio dwads on the angles for the explosive, destructive twin) was quite reasonable. As is always the case in astrology, we can justify anything because there are always many possibilities for details stemming from a given principle. We see “what” people do in life and astrology tells us “why” they did it. When we know the principle behind the detail, we can change the manifesting details. The Sagittarius dwad can indicate a feeling that we should have what we want immediately; a general fire inclination. It can also indicate a lesson in faith and morality when on the MC and a potential for the “my will is God” attitude on the Ascendant.

As is often the case, the best clues were in the progressed angles, or progressions to natal angles. The twin who shot her husband had progressed Mars square her Ascendant, progressed Ascendant semisquare natal Sun-Ceres, progressed MC quincunx progressed Venus and heliocentric Mars at the time of the shooting. The first twin has had or will have all of these aspects, but not in the one degree orb at the same time as is the case with twin two, the unstable one. More next issue.

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