Challenge Corner

Zip Dobyns

I suspect that this set of twins is an impossible challenge. They were born by caesarean section just one minute apart; one male and one female. The female is a librarian, married but childless. She began the study of a yoga discipline in 1971. The male was an athletic star and cheer leader in school, went through naval academy and joined the service. He married in 1977, and had children April 23, 1979 and Oct. 26, 1981. He was lost at sea and presumed dead in an air crash on Aug. 5, 1982.

The birth data is July 28, 1954 at St. Joseph Mo. One was born at 18:38 and one at 18:39 CST. I suspect that the only answer we can expect to find in such a tight chart would be in the local house angles. Unfortunately, we do not have the exact location for the death of the male twin. The female twin lives in St. Charles La. We’ll pick an easier case next time, but those who like a real challenge can try their skill at this one.

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