A New Look at Nancy Reagan

Zip Dobyns

References to Nancy Reagan in the Virgo issue of The Mutable Dilemma were based on a birth time of 1:18 A.M. Shortly after that issue of The Mutable Dilemma went to the printer, I received some material on Ronald Reagan’s life sent out by a Texas astrologer to facilitate the attempts to rectify his chart. According to Raul Davila, 22 different times have been suggested for Ronald in the Mercury Hour and the AFA Bulletin. If anyone still thinks astrology is a science, present them with this information.

Among other items from Ronald’s life, the birth data for Nancy was included, giving the same hour and minute but P.M. rather than A.M.! I set the P.M. chart up, and feel it is more plausible than the A.M. time, though we have no reassurance that it is any more dependable than Ronald’s time. But in spite of the uncertainty, I decided to include the chart for readers to study and draw their own conclusions.

The P.M. birth time moves Nancy’s Cancer stellium from the third house to the ninth, fitting the description of her volatile emotions since the combination produces a fire-water mixture. She is also said (by Hollywood acquaintances) to be extremely superstitious and to become hysterical when her superstitions are threatened. The Leo Moon and tenth house planets fit her lifetime involvement with the worlds of entertainment and power, though her personal action has always centered on her marriage and family with Libra rising and money and work connected to mate (Juno in Capricorn, Vesta in Taurus in the seventh house, Venus in Taurus in the eighth house, Mars and Mercury ruling the marriage houses moving into the tenth house by progression).

In spite of all the Cancer in the chart, Uranus in the fifth house is often an indication of two children since it is associated with freedom and reluctance to be tied down forever with childcare. It is also frequently found with children who are non-conventional, while Pisces can indicate artistic talent. The ballet-dancer son would fit that symbolism. Neptune, ruling the fifth house, and Ceres as a possible key to mothering people, being placed in the tenth house along with the Cancer MC and the sign of Leo can all point to making motherhood the major career, or alternately, they may show conflict between career aspirations, wanting to do something bigger, and being a mother.

Behind the emotional sensitivity and vulnerability there is actually a lot of strength with Pluto-Mars-Sun conjunct in a midpoint combination which is similar to an exact conjunction between the three of them. But projection of her power is a lesson area with south node of the Moon in Aries in the seventh house. Saturn’s placement in Virgo in the eleventh house and widely conjunct Jupiter may indicate a lesson in handling a job; in detachment, objectivity or taking things lightly; and/or in faith. The anxiety about people doing things which trigger her superstitions suggests that faith is definitely an issue in her life, whether faith in herself or real trust in a higher power. In general, individuals with Virgo, Capricorn, sixth or tenth house emphasis need to accomplish something more in the world than home-making in order to develop faith in themselves.

If this birth time is accurate, Nancy’s progressed chart has a variety of challenging aspects. The progressed Moon is involved in stress patterns in the spring of 1985 which could indicate health concerns though they might also relate to the tension involving Ronald and his adopted son. The Moon at that time will be square Uranus and progressed Ceres, quincunx Vesta and Pluto (a yod), trine progressed Venus (which, however squares Vesta and is quincunx Uranus), and octile-trioctile the nodes of the Moon. Ronald’s Moon during the spring will go over natal and progressed Uranus.

When a couple are deeply involved with each other, a problem for one will show in both charts, and it may be impossible to say whether both have problems or whether one is upset because of the trouble facing the other. Since Nancy’s emotional state and physical health are more vulnerable than Ronald’s, I made an educated guess last summer that Nancy’s health might be threatened. But it is equally reasonable to guess that problems in the world, especially involving our sliding economy, and/or personal problems with children, might be part of the stress. Or there might be other challenges for the U.S. such as an earthquake. My impression from many mundane charts is that the spring will be challenging. As readers have already been informed, the progressed Moon in the Declaration of Independence chart forms a square to the natal Sun followed by conjunctions with natal Saturn and Mars in the second house in the spring of 1985 while the November 1984 and May 1985 eclipses and the March 1985 Saturn station all hit the charts of our leaders and our institutions. It is time to get our houses in order.

As our readers know by now, my primary focus during the last 3 years has been on the world scene as seen through mundane astrology. I have also spent whatever time I could manage on the new asteroids. Our quantum leap this fall when Mark got a program running on our biggest computer has taken us up to over 200; far more than I have even begun to assimilate. Among the new crop are 12 with various names symbolizing “fate.” My belief is that character produces consequences or fate, so when we change our character, we change our fate. But, of course, there will be times when it is too late to change the coming events. I was amazed to note how many of these “fate” asteroids had progressed aspects in Nancy’s chart for 1985-6.

Natally, Nancy has Nemesis just over a degree from her Juno. Progressed Nemesis is just minutes from her progressed Juno in 29 Sagittarius in the third house. Progressed Dike is on her progressed Uranus. Progressed Fortuna (in Latin, it did mean “fate,” not “fortune”) is conjunct natal Vesta. Progressed Mars is on her natal Atropos while progressed Atropos is on her progressed Washington MC. Progressed Eurydike is on her progressed Sun and the progressed MC from her N.Y. birthplace. Progressed Lachesis is on her progressed Jupiter and Saturn. Progressed Skuld is on her natal America.

In addition to the conjunctions, progressed Agathe squares progressed Jupiter-Saturn. Progressed Fortuna opposes her first house Antivertex in Scorpio (conjunct the Vertex), squares her progressed Venus and natal Ceres, and is octile her natal Pluto. By early 1986, progressed Klotho will trine natal Mercury while it is octile progressed Mercury. Progressed Moira is square natal East Point and octile progressed Uranus. Progressed Skuld is square progressed Juno. Progressed Themis opposes Pluto. Progressed Tyche is octile Uranus. I have not seen any other charts as yet where all 12 of these asteroids were in stress aspect to traditional planets and angles, so long as we include Juno with the planets.

Needless to say, there are many other aspects. What is impressive here is the consistency of the suggestion that 1985-6 are destiny years, when Nancy will reap the consequences of what has gone before. Other interesting asteroid aspects include progressed Gilgamesh and progressed Siva on her natal Ascendant if this P.M. time is accurate. I think the next two years are a watershed for both the Reagans, and suspect one or both will be retired by the middle of 1986.

Among the angle aspects which further confirm this judgment are progressed Antivertex and local Antivertex on the IC, opposite the MC, and octile the progressed natal and local Ascendant. Progressed MC is on her natal Saturn and quincunx her natal Dembowska which is like another Saturn. In early 1986, progressed Moon joins the progressed Washington East Point to oppose her Washington progressed Part of Death as it moves out of the square to progressed Sun and into the square to natal Saturn. At the same time, her natal progressed East Point will be opposite her natal (NY) Part of Death. Her progressed Washington eighth house cusp opposes natal Juno.

As our tools expand exponentially, we will need computers to process the complexity. Will it help us to pinpoint the details of the life? Or will the new asteroids and techniques simply say the same message over and over again? Only time and much work will answer that question. In the meantime, I am like a kid in a candy store trying to sample everything at once, resisting the mail and the telephone which nag at me, torn between exploring new countries and staying absorbed in this whole new world of astrology. Wish me bon voyage. Does anyone out there have time to join the adventure?

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