Research Week: 1987

Zip Dobyns

The United Astrological Congress (UAC) in San Diego, California in June 1986 was great fun for most of the participants, but the people who did the work are tired. Most of the volunteers from all three sponsoring organizations who did the actual organizing of the conference have voted to wait at least two years before planning another such effort. Board members of ISAR (including me) have agreed to bypass even the usual small conference which we have sponsored annually up to 1986. Present plans are to have a one or two week research period similar to the one we held before the June 1985 ISAR conference. Like that one, it will be held at our house in Los Angeles and will involve actual work on research projects rather than lectures. We have five computers in our living room, space to accommodate seven or eight guests, and additional participants could probably be hosted by other L.A. members of ISAR.

Astrology students or professionals who are interested in joining the effort can write or phone us at 838 5th. Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90005; (213) 487-1000. We would like to hear from people who have a theory they want to test, who may need advice on whether a test can be facilitated by computers and by programs already in existence or whether new programs would be needed. Please try to be precise in formulating a theory, on the types of data needed to test it, on possible ways to carry out a test. Many very sincere astrologers have had insufficient education in research principles or insufficient experience in astrology to formulate testable hypotheses. Theories tend to be too detailed, asking more of astrology than it can provide, or too vague and subjective to permit a real test.

Current tentative plans are to hold the research week(s) in the latter part of March 1987. That should be a nice time for a California vacation with some friendly associates. Our spring starts in February. But we want people who are serious about their work, willing to spend time entering data into computers and discussing technical issues. Local residents will be welcome if they want to come for the day to help. ISAR will pay for the food, and CCRS will provide the housing, but donations will be welcome from those who can afford them. If any of our readers have a clearly formulated theory they want tested, and/or data, but cannot come in person, contact us anyway and one of the participants might be able to take on your project. We had a lot of fun in 1985, but some serious work was also carried out. By 1987, we hope to have more computer programs functioning to facilitate the efforts, and more data already in the computers ready to be analyzed. I have two more writing projects to complete, hopefully by next March, and then I plan to put much more energy into research.

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