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Zip Dobyns

Readers who were with us last year will remember that I kept writing about Halley’s Comet and Reagan’s chart. Every time the comet was in an astronomically meaningful position (such as closest to earth coming and going, closest to the Sun, conjunct and opposite the Sun, crossing the earth’s path, making a station, etc.,) it was aspecting Reagan’s horoscope. I kept expecting something major which would lead to Reagan’s departure from office. On February 7, 1986 (one day after Reagan’s birthday) when Halley reached its perihelion, its closest approach to the Sun, Baby Doc left Haiti and Marcos had his election which led to his loss of power. I was especially watching for something important for Reagan and the country when Halley made a station for a month in late May and most of June 1986 while it was at 10 Virgo, conjunct the Constitution MC in Washington; my version of the Declaration of Independence Ascendant; and the MC of my version of Reagan’s chart. Mars also made a station on Reagan’s Atlantis (at the midpoint of his Mercury-Uranus) during most of June. But I watched the papers in vain, looking for something really important which might bring him down.

We know now that the Iran-Contra affair was being conducted behind the scenes, including McFarlane’s first visit to Teheran, Iran. But I have just learned about what may be the most significant event that occurred during the Halley station. On May 29, 1986, the Christic Institute filed a civil suit for racketeering against about 19 men, a network or “secret team” including members of the U.S. military, our CIA, the Mafia, anti-Castro Cubans, and the executive branch of the U.S. government. According to the Christic documented information, the team came into existence under Vice President Nixon in 1960 and it has operated ever since in an ongoing war on Communism, sometimes (mostly under Republican administrations) sponsored officially by the U.S. government, sometimes (mostly under the Democrats) being carried on without full knowledge of the top officials or even (as under Carter) completely outside official sanctions.

The Christic Institute was founded about 1980 as a public interest law firm, handling legal cases where powerful businesses or the government put themselves above the law and cannot be touched by ordinary citizens. The members of the Institute are mostly from small towns and from religious backgrounds (Jesuit to Jewish). They believe in our democratic system and are giving their lives to keeping it working. They started their investigation of the Contra affair in May 1984, after the Eden Pastora news conference was bombed in Costa Rica, killing and severely injuring many people. They had enough evidence to file the suit by May 29, 1986; between 9 and 10 A.M., in Miami, Florida. In January 1987, a judge in Miami rejected an attempt by the defendants to have the suit thrown out of court, and gave the Christic Institute power to subpoena bank and telephone records to continue their investigation.

If their information is accurate, the “secret team” includes all the names which started coming out after a Contra supply plane (with Eugene Hasenfus as sole survivor) was shot down on October 5, 1986, just a month before the whole Iran-Contra scandal broke in a Lebanese newspaper. The team was originally assembled to kill or overthrow Castro after he came to power and threw out the Resorts International Syndicate which had been running the gambling parlors in Havana. According to the Christics, the team has operated partly from Miami and partly from Washington, DC during this 27 year period, carrying out assassinations of presumed Communist sympathizers in Chile (helping overthrow Allende), in Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam, in Iran under the Shah, and more recently in Central America. The efforts have frequently been financially supported by selling arms to other countries (or to terrorists) and by bringing drugs into the U.S. Mostly opium and heroin were said to be brought in from Asia during the Vietnam period. Cocaine became the principle import when the action shifted to Central America, as the Contras worked with the Medellin, Columbia group, said to be the largest provider of Cocaine in the world. The planes which brought the arms to the Contras in Honduras are said to have brought back cocaine to the U.S. under the protection of the U.S. government.

You can see why the mainline newspapers have hesitated to discuss such incredible claims. Mostly, it has only been the small listener sponsored organizations such as public radio in Los Angeles and the L.A. Weekly which relies on entertainment ads, which have ventured to present such shocking material. If any readers would like more details, I have an audio tape of an interview in Los Angeles which was broadcast on public radio in February 1987. The station is currently under siege by the government, ostensibly because of profanity when someone quoted material in a review of a play. It is risky to challenge the government. I am willing to send a copy of the tape to anyone who wants it.

I first heard that a tape of the radio interview was available just before I left for a conference in Kansas. At the conference, I was able to buy a copy of the audio tape and to see a video tape of another interview with the same man, Dan Sheean, one of the principle investigating lawyers for the Christic group. After my return to L.A., I was able to attend a lecture by Sheean. The information on the date and approximate time of the suit came from Sheean, along with his own birth data, but I hesitate to publish the latter until I ask his permission. Needless to say, his chart has plenty of conflict aspects, lots of fire and water, and it is highly idealistic.

The group hopes to finish gathering data by the end of this year, and to bring the case to trial in 1988. Their time table fits my previous estimation that Reagan might leave office in the spring or early summer of 1988, but based on the Christic information, I now think that Bush will also leave office in the same general time frame but even earlier than Reagan. Bush has his P Moon crossing his seventh house cusp along with natal Vesta and P Mars at that time. I had assumed (up to the breaking of the Iran-Contra affair) that the aspects might mean that Bush was coming into the Presidency as Reagan left it. But according to the Christics, Bush is totally involved and has been involved since he was head of the CIA back in the 1970s. The story does make sense of his lifetime seventh house P Uranus in Pisces square to Bush’s natal tenth house Sun in Gemini, with his long P Mars slowly retrograding over his Descendant and current twelfth house P Sun quincunx Uranus. The scuttlebutt in Washington, DC (heard from Sheean and from a friend who writes speeches for politicians) is that Bush will resign; Reagan will appoint Howard Baker to be Vice President; then Reagan will resign for health reasons and Baker will become President. According to the Christic information, meetings were held in the White House at the beginning of Reagan’s term, chaired by Ed Meese (who says he knows nothing) and attended by Reagan, Bush, and Casey (recently deceased from a brain tumor). At these meetings, the secret team which had left the government and gone underground during Carter’s term, was called back to official government service though still remaining hidden from Congress and the public. Their assignment remained the same; to fight communism everywhere by any means necessary.

I am including a speculative chart for Richard Secord, an important member of the secret team and the first to testify at the public joint hearings which started on May 5, 1987 in Washington. The Los Angeles Times published the birth date and place for Secord in a lengthy article on March 29, 1987; July 6, 1932 in La Rue, Ohio. The Times article is one of the few that I have seen in the major press with a reference to the Christic suit. The article also provided enough events (including the month and year of occurrence for many) to make a stab at rectification, but the chart must still be considered speculative!

Secord is short (under 5 feet 8 inches) and round faced (nicknamed “the fat man”). His father was a truck driver and he has two siblings. His mother defends him, asserting that he never did anything wrong. He is described as personally prim, private, self-controlled, with cold, calculating eyes, but also as a dare-devil who was very loyal to friends. His record in Vietnam is similar to North’s; defying death and earning medals. If other readers want to try their hands at rectifying his birth time, I can send a list of additional events. I have listed some here, including all for which I have a month as well as a year. Secord went to West Point in 1951 where Alexander Haig (a current Presidential aspirant) was his tactical officer. His first year was tough with P Sun opposite Saturn (and P MC square both if my chosen time is right). After graduation and 3 years teaching flying for the military, he volunteered for Vietnam in August 1961. He earned 4 medals in 1962. In November 1964 he was sent to Africa, then back to teach in the U.S. in 1965. In August 1966 he went to Vietnam again, and then to Thailand for the CIA. Then back to the states where he had a daughter and twin children, one boy and one girl. He got an M.A. and became a Colonel in 1972 and was involved in military sales for the U.S. In September 1975 he went to Iran, still involved in arms sales, and left the country in July 1978 to continue military sales in the U.S. In August 1981 he had a big promotion, but some of his associates from the “secret team” were in trouble and he was implicated. He was suspended for three months in early 1982 and allowed to retire in May 1983. Edmund Wilson, one of the team who had been caught selling advanced explosives to Kadafi, was sent to jail, but Frank Carlucci (in a senior post in the CIA at the time) called off the investigation which was leading to Secord and others. Secord went back to selling arms with Hakim until Hasenfus was shot down and the past began leaking out. When asked by one of the Joint Committee about the Christic suit, Secord brushed it off as a “fairytale” which would be thrown out by the courts. We will see.

A major feature of Secord’s chart, regardless of birth time, is his long-term progressed square between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Cancer with P Neptune octile-trioctile Uranus and Pluto. The combination points to an issue involving personal will (Aries), the rights of others (Pluto), and faith and ethics (Neptune). Neptune is more widely square natal Mars, again personal will (Mars) and empathy and ethics (Neptune). P Sun has been going over natal Neptune and has just reached P Neptune so it shares the octile to Pluto and the trioctile to Uranus. If my speculative time is right, P Saturn has opposed Secord’s Ascendant for years while his Washington Ascendant is closely opposite natal Saturn, Pluto is closely square the Washington MC, and Uranus is just two degrees from it. Secord will have a progressed New Moon sometime in the next couple of years; around late 1988 if my time for him is correct, so he is headed for a new chapter in his life. If the Christic evidence is borne out, some of the new cycle may be spent in jail.

I don’t need to point out all of Secord’s contacts with the U.S. chart for the Declaration of Independence since I’m sure all of you are very familiar with the chart. Some obvious aspects include Secord’s Sun on the Dec. Sun and square its Saturn; Secord’s Venus on the Dec. Venus; Secord’s Mars on the Dec. Uranus-MC; Secord’s Neptune on the Dec. East Point; Secord’s P Saturn on the Dec. Pluto; Secord’s Mercury on the Dec. north node of the Moon; Secord’s P Pluto close to the Dec. Mercury; Secord’s south node close to the Dec. Neptune.

There are many interesting asteroid contacts including Atlantis at the midpoint of Sun/Pluto, sextile Vesta, quincunx Pallas, and currently with the P nodes of the Moon holding a sextile-trine to it. P Atlantis has been sextile natal Mars in the last couple of years, and conjunct P Antivertex for my spec time. P Moon for my spec time was going over P Atlantis during October-November 1986 when Hasenfus was shot down, the Lebanese story appeared, and Secord’s name hit the newspapers. The P Moon was on the P Antivertex for his first court appearance in December when he took the Fifth Amendment.

Sheean of the Christic Institute says that Secord, North, and some others of the secret team are really driven by ideology, not money, so I expected Fanatica to be aspected. It is in 11 degrees of Gemini, in an overlapping cluster which includes Mars, Rumpelstilz and Hispania. P Fanatica just started an octile to natal Jupiter which was on Parsifal and Arabia. P Mars is conjunct natal Attila (the Hun) and will reach natal Atlantis this summer. P Nemesis is on my spec Ascendant and opposite P Saturn. Natal Hidalgo (the revolutionary Priest of Mexico) is on natal Saturn and my spec local Descendant. P America is square Pluto, P Helio, and P Venus and opposite the spec local MC, while P Washingtonia is square Saturn and the spec local Ascendant. Many more asteroids might be mentioned, including several from the Arthurian legends which fit the descriptions of Secord as a kind of soldier of fortune.

Even though he is no longer a Presidential candidate, the chart of Gary Hart is useful as an object lesson in the value of secondary progressions and the incredible specificity of the new asteroids. After having the wrong date and time of his birth when he ran for President in 1984, it does look as if the data which eventually was released is accurate. When the Donna Rice affair hit the press, followed by stories of several other paramours, and Hart retired from the race, his P Moon was forming a grand cardinal cross to natal MC, natal Mars, and P local Ascendant which was on the IC. He also had P Moon on P Circe (the siren who lured Greek sailors to their deaths) and opposite P Asmodeus (the Babylonian God of lust). !!! After that, anything else is anticlimactic, but we can add that P Prudentia (prudence or the lack of it) was on his MC while P Sophia (wisdom or the lack of it) was on his Descendant. !!! His natal Washingtonia was on his West Point (similar to another Descendant) and P Washingtonia was quincunx his local Ascendant (in Washington, DC). He also had P Sun in Capricorn in the tenth house opposite Pluto in Cancer in the fourth house, square his local East Point in Aries in the first house, and completing another cardinal cross by squaring five natal asteroids in Libra in the seventh house: Utopia, Dudu, Pittsburghia, Bacchus, and Urania. P America squared natal Ascendant and P Sophia and was just coming to natal Venus which squares the Ascendant. P MC is octile Venus and opposes natal Lucifer. P Nemesis is on P local East Point and P Chiron, all of them opposite natal America. Of course, there were ordinary patterns too. Moon-MC and Sun-Pluto have been mentioned. P Venus was on natal Saturn; P Mars opposed Uranus and P Uranus had remained quincunx natal Sun all of Hart’s life, while P Ascendant had reached the P south node of the Moon. P Vesta had been holding a square to natal East Point and Washingtonia for some years. Character is destiny, and the chart says it in a lot of ways.

Since the last article on candidates, I have received the birth time of Joe Biden, one of the Democratic contenders. According to an article in Mark Lerner’s magazine, he was born at 8:30 A.M. EWT in Scranton, PA, on November 20, 1942. His chart has very mixed patterns when progressed to November 1988. P East Point is on P Mercury in a grand air trine to Uranus and P Neptune; all in earth houses which is good for success in the world. P MC is quincunx P Saturn, suggesting a change in career, and square Pluto for the power struggle of politics. P Sun is octile-trioctile the nodes of the Moon and Chiron. P Venus has just ended an opposition to Jupiter but remains quincunx P north node and semisextile P south node of the Moon. P Moon is in the last degree of Sagittarius, sextile-trine the nodes and Chiron, but not quite in the trine to natal Moon. P Mars is semisextile P Sun and sextile Vesta. P Ceres is trine natal Sun-Venus. P Vesta squares the Ascendant and Uranus, is quincunx P Neptune, and semisextile P Mercury, East Point. The aspects just don’t seem impressive enough to mark a winner of a job which is really impossible and a killer. Maybe he will come in as a candidate for Vice President? Or maybe he will try again in 1992. He is young enough. Whoever gets the job this time is likely to wonder why he wanted it before it is finished.

Another just acquired chart comes originally from Marion March who got the data from the candidate. Bruce Babbitt was born on June 27, 1938 at 10:16 P.M. PST in Los Angeles, CA. Jupiter in Pisces is exactly on the natal Ascendant, fitting the Gauquelin research which found the rising Jupiter in politicians. Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, and Pluto are all in Cancer in the Leo house suggesting much emotional warmth. There are some interesting asteroids, but the progressed aspects do not look strong enough for him to make it to the Presidency. He does have P Mars trine Saturn, but natally they are square and P Mars is also square Uranus. Babbitt’s P Ascendant is conjunct Uranus and opposite P Washingtonia.

I am hoping to get more birth data on candidates from a new contact whose husband is involved in Republican politics. In the meantime, in addition to Bush and Dole (chart for Bush given in the Sagittarius 1986 The Mutable Dilemma and for Dole in the last Asteroid-World), Republican candidates include Pierre Du Pont: birth date January 22, 1935 in Wilmington, Delaware; Paul Laxalt: birth date August 2, 1922 in Reno, Nevada; Pat Robertson: birth date March 22, 1930 in Lexington, Virginia; Alexander Haig: birth date December 2, 1924 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and Jack Kemp: birth date July 13, 1935 in Los Angeles, California at 3:15 A.M. PST. Among the Democrats, in addition to Biden and Dukakis (data for the latter in Asteroid-World winter 1986-7), we have Albert Gore: birth date March 31, 1948; Richard Gephardt: birth date January 31, 1941 in St. Louis, Missouri; Paul Simon: birth date November 29, 1928 in Eugene, Oregon; and Jesse Jackson: birth date October 8, 1941 in Greenville, South Carolina at 3:30 P.M. EST. If any readers get additional data, please send it to me. Sam Nunn (Georgia) and Bill Bradley (New Jersey) have said they will not run, but they are still being mentioned as possible candidates.

For the balance of this issue, we have a contribution by Seraphita Sebastian which she has called From the Asteroid’s Hall of Fame, and which she promises to provide as a series for Asteroid-World. [Archive note: we are not including Seraphita’s Hall of Fame segments in these web archives.]

“When the first asteroids were discovered, it was no other than Sir John Herschel who pointed out that these newly discovered objects of the solar system distinguished themselves from planets by their smaller size, their greater eccentricity and the higher inclination of their orbits. He named them asteroids. Today, the preferred reference is “Minor Planets” hence Minor Planet Center and Minor Planet Circulars etc. as sources of information about them. As of today (Spring 1987), over 3500 minor planets have been numbered. A characteristic of them is the formation of groups formed by association of the names given to them. To discover, to name and to be named for a minor planet is an honor. And as a rule, one honors what one respects.

On November 16, 1917, the American astronomer G.H. Peters discovered an asteroid at Washington, DC which was named 886 Washingtonia for George Washington (1732-1799) who was the first President of the United States (1789-1797). At New York, overlooking Wall Street, he took the oath of office on April 30, 1789. He has been called the Father of His Country. He was a surveyor, a farmer, Commander of Chief of the Continental Army in the American Revolution. He presided over the last Federal Constitutional Congress in 1787 in Philadelphia, and it was his influence that secured the adoption of the Constitution of the United States, which was sent to the states on September 1 7, 1787 for them to vote on ratification. Many trees which he planted are now 200 years old, firmly rooted in the American soil, quite symbolic for the strong footing which his effort brought about for His Country, a new nation. The Constitution of the United States is celebrating its 200th birthday in 1987.

On February 9, 1912, S. Beljawsky, a Russian astronomer, discovered an asteroid at Simeis Observatory which was numbered and later named 849 ARA for the American Relief Administration that under Herbert Hoover assisted during the 1922-23 famine in Russia.

On August 7, 1915, the Russian astronomer G. Neujmin discovered an asteroid at the Simeis Observatory which was numbered and named 916 America. It is believed that it too was named (some years after its discovery) in appreciation for the help received from the American Relief Administration under Herbert Hoover during the devastating Russian famine of 1922-23.

On March 23, 1920, the Austrian astronomer Johann Palisa discovered an asteroid at the Vienna Observatory which was numbered and named 932 Hooveria in honor of the current Secretary of State, Herbert Hoover of the U.S.A., in recognition of his help and assistance given to Austria after World War I.

On August 30, 1935, the Belgian astronomer E. Delporte discovered an asteroid at Uccle which was named (after 1938) 1363 Herberta to honor the former President of the U.S.A. Herbert Hoover. Hoover had been President of the Commission for Relief in Belgium and had visited Belgium in 1938. Though he had retired from public office after the 1938 trip to Europe, he emerged again after World War II to organize and coordinate the food supplies for 38 countries badly affected by the war. Herbert Clark Hoover (1874-1964) was a mining engineer, geologist, economist, writer and politician. As the 31st President of the U.S.A. from 1929 to 1933, he was faced with the stock market crash, America’s greatest crisis next to the American Civil War. Despite his reputation in the U.S.A., he did much for the prestige of the U.S. overseas, especially in Europe.”

After receiving the preceding contribution from Seraphita, we promptly added ARA and Herberta to our list of calculated asteroids. We already had Hooveria and America. I wonder if anyone else has ever had the honor of having four asteroids named for his assistance to the world? Since Hoover is so associated with the world-wide depression but also with major efforts to counter human suffering, his asteroids may prove very useful as we try to decipher our current and future economic prospects.

An exciting P.S. is being added as this newsletter was about to go to the printer! Carolyn Dodson just sent me Howard Baker’s birth time: 3 P.M. CST on November 15, 1925 in Huntsville, Tennessee, 36 N 25, 84 W 29. Would you believe a double P MC trine Saturn at the time already selected for his possible replacement of Bush and Reagan? His birthplace P MC is trine his exact natal Moon-Saturn conjunction while his local (Washington, DC) P MC is trine P Saturn as well as quincunx Neptune and P Ceres. He also has P Pluto exactly on the U.S. Declaration Sun at 13 Cancer and his own natal IC, so it holds a lifetime opposition to the MC and quincunx to natal Mercury. Chiron holds a long-term conjunction to the natal Ascendant with a trine to Neptune and a quincunx to natal Sun. There are many more aspects which could be mentioned, but at least I can add that Baker’s P Moon is sextile natal Venus during April and May 1988; then sextile MC, trine Pluto, square Mercury and P Mars, and octile-trioctile the nodes of the Moon during the Republican convention in the summer of 1988 when the candidate is selected for the fall election; then conjunct P MC and trine natal Moon-Saturn for the election. By the January 1989 inauguration, P Moon will sextile natal Jupiter and local MC in Capricorn in the tenth house, be quincunx natal Ceres, square P Vesta (both the last are “Virgo” asteroids so work related) and trine the midpoint of Sun-Saturn. His P local Ascendant is crossing Pluto and his IC from mid 1986 into 1990. P birthplace Ascendant is holding a sextile to natal local Ascendant. Angle aspects, including those for current residence, are necessary for the occurrence of major events. I would not want to predict his winning in 1988, but it is certainly possible. He is likely to be a strong contender for the Republican nomination, but we will have to wait for the nominations by both Parties before trying to pick the winner for November. Guessing details is always risky, but Howard Baker could certainly play a central role in the months ahead.

Since Halley’s station in May-June 1986 turned out to be an accurate marker of important developments, it might be worth while to keep in mind some other past and future stations. From mid-October 1986 into January 1987, Halley stationed at 0 to 2 Libra in a trioctile to Reagan’s natal Sun. It is currently (spring 1987) making a station in 0 Virgo, opposite Reagan’s Chiron and trine his Saturn. In the latter part of 1987, Halley stations in 14 Virgo, square Reagan’s natal East Point in my version of his chart. Bush has natal Jupiter in the same degree, 14 Sagittarius. Howard Baker has Mercury just under 14 Sagittarius. In the spring of 1988, Halley’s station is in 26 Leo, square Reagan’s natal Ascendant and quincunx his Uranus. It will be conjunct Bush’s local (Washington, DC) Ascendant and Moon’s north node, octile his Pluto, and square his natal MC. An ephemeris is available from Astro Computing in San Diego for only $2 plus postage which covers more than one complete orbit of Halley, from 1901 to 1996. It offers astrologers a fascinating tool which was never available before the days of computers. For most of its 75 year orbit, Halley stays in Leo with some extra Cancer and Virgo, but during the brief passage when it approaches the Sun, it goes quickly through the rest of the zodiac. The actual days of its coming stations are in late May and late November, gradually occurring earlier in those months. By 1996, it is swinging between 15 and 20 Leo, still going direct in May and retrograde in November. Howard Baker has his natal Halley at 16 Leo, opposite Reagan’s natal Sun at 16 Aquarius. Baker’s P Atlantis is also at 16 Leo.

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