The 45 Degree Graphic Ephemeris

Zip Dobyns

A new and valuable tool has been presented to the astrological community by Roxana Muise. Astrologers with a strong visual sense will find her graphic ephemeris especially helpful, offering a way to see all of the so-called “hard” aspects for a year on a single sheet. The book covers the whole 20th century with each page presenting lines for the Sun, planets, true north node of the Moon, and Chiron. Eclipses are also marked. Lines slanting down show planets that are direct in motion while an upward slope indicates a retrograde period. The sharpness of the slope shows the speed of the planet. The months are listed across the top of the page from left to right. Where lines cross, the relevant planets are in aspect with a conjunction, square, opposition, octile (semisquare) or trioctile (sesquisquare). All planetary positions are calculated for GMT.

With the book, Roxana includes red and green markers, a transparent ruler, a sample worksheet on which to enter personal charts, and a transparent plastic cover to place over the pages of the book as you work with them, on which you can draw lines for your own chart or those of family or clients. By drawing the lines of personal charts on the transparent plastic, you can see all the “hard” aspects of the transiting planets for any year where your personal lines cross those of the graph. You can purchase additional plastic sheets so that you have one for each chart you work with, including natal, progressed, returns, etc. To avoid too much clutter, you can do separate sheets if you want to include extra asteroids or other factors that you would like to watch.

The yearly graphs were drawn by Astro Computing of San Diego and they are clear and legible. Roxana has written an introduction explaining how to use the book, including a discussion of the importance of the zodiacal interval between the degree on which a planet turns retrograde and its return to that degree. An earlier issue of The Mutable Dilemma described the book by Elly Bach which gives these planet stations. In many ways, the two books are complementary, to be used as companion volumes for each other and with your normal ephemeris. Jeff Green has written a forward for the book. For any serious astrologer who watches transits and wants to save time, the graphic ephemeris will be a real boon.

The full title is A-YEAR-AT-A-GLANCE: THE 45 DEGREE GRAPHIC EPHEMERIS FOR 101 YEARS: 1900-2001 by Roxana Muise, published by South Western Astrology Conference, P.O. Box 1175, Torrance, CA 90505

Copyright © 1987 Los Angeles Community Church of Religious Science, Inc.

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