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Since quizzes appear to be popular with our readers, we bring you another set this issue. Please recall that many things in life have more than one “right” answer. Use your inventiveness and flexibility to come up with possibilities; don’t be limited by the listed answers. As before, the “answers” appear in this same issue (page 49).

1. What is declination? What is latitude? Why do most astrologers use one but not the other?

2. Which of the following does NOT belong?

a. Venus in Capricorn

b. Saturn in the 2nd house

c. Moon, ruling the 2nd, conjunct Mercury, ruling the 10th.

d. Saturn in Libra

e. Taurus on the MC and Libra on the 2nd cusp.

3. When considering a 2-10 combination in a horoscope, which of the following keyword descriptions is NOT likely?

a. professional artist

b. structured beauty

c. careful with money

d. work may block relaxation

e. extravagance

f. pleasure from working/pleasure from job

g. poverty consciousness

h. limited indulgence

i. banker

4. In rectifying a horoscope, one of the events supplied was the divorce of your client’s parents when the client was only 3 years old. The father left the picture and she was then raised by her mother. What patterns would you expect to reflect this event?

5. What themes are shared by Sun, Moon, Venus and Pluto?

6. An old flame just married a woman from a well-to-do family. He confides to you that she has had extensive sexual experience. You know that she has worked as a social worker (with abused children) and in politics. She has recently completed a paper on the topic of comparable worth (equal pay for jobs requiring comparable levels of training and expertise). What might you expect to be accentuated in her chart and why?

7. What is the IC and what is the Nadir in the horoscope?

8. A client is beginning another business (he is the quintessential entrepreneur). This one will require a lot of data entry at computer terminals. He is collecting the birth data of all his potential employees and asks you to look over the horoscopes of the prospects and eliminate those who look totally unsuitable. What would be pluses in your analysis and what would be minuses in these charts?

9. What is your ethical stance on performing the above service for a businessperson?

10. Following is the horoscope of a well-known individual. Examine it for themes which you feel are significantly emphasized in the chart as a whole. (Remember that weighting is a relative matter and my judgment of “significance” is not necessarily the same as yours.)

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