Maritha Pottenger

We offer another quiz (a short one this time) for you to try.

1. What is the calculated date? How is it used in astrology? How is it calculated?

2. A dear friend who is a budding astrologer asks you to help pick a chart for her wedding. What is the FIRST thing you do? What is the second?

3. A couple comes to you perturbed because they often fall into criticizing one other “and not for particularly good reasons.” They are concerned about the effect of this on their relationship. What do you suspect might show up in their charts?

4. You discover that the male of this couple has Saturn in the 7th, in Virgo, conjunct Mars, trine Venus, opposite the Moon. He also has Venus in Capricorn, conjunct Vesta and Jupiter. The Sun rules his 7th house while Mercury rules his 8th and they are conjunct one another, on each side of the MC in his chart. The woman has Capricorn on the cusp of the 7th and on the cusp of the 8th. She also has Saturn in Libra. Her Venus completes a grand trine with his Venus/Vesta and Mars/Saturn. What options can you offer this couple?

5. Your about-to-be-married friend (from question #2) discusses priorities with you. What sort of wedding chart would you try for if she emphasized:

a) sexual compatibility.

b) monetary comfort.

c) longevity, endurance and fidelity.

d) family and children.

e) love, equality and sharing.

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