The First Four Asteroids (Part 2)

Maritha Pottenger

We continue our “cookbook” delineations of the “big four” asteroids this issue. Please remember that the possibilities provided here are only that—potentials which MAY manifest—and many other options exist. We hope that readers will use their own inventiveness and creativity to come up with additional alternatives. I must put a plug in for Lynne Burmyn’s absolutely fantastic new book—Planets in Combination—which helped inspire some of these delineations. She gives extensive lists of keywords for the 12-letter alphabet, in terms of verbs, nouns and adverbs—on flip cards which literally allow you to mix and match numerous possibilities. She also provides written delineations for every combination of two and each combination of three planets. I recommend Planets in Combination highly to spark ideas and more creativity!

One of the principles of the 12-letter alphabet is that houses outweigh signs. Houses, being based on time of birth, are more personally relevant, than are signs (especially when we get to the outer planets). So, even though these interpretations are written in terms of a house OR a sign position, we would generally expect the house position to be of more personal significance (always depending upon the rest of the chart).

PALLAS in the 1st House or in Aries

You affiliate/align with freedom, integrity, force of will.

You compete ardently, courageously, forcefully.

You negotiate directly, decisively, quickly.

You decorate/beautify yourself.

You balance spontaneously, energetically, impetuously.

You seek equality in your capacity to act.

Justice is instinctive to your self-expression.

You react naturally, agilely, rapidly.

You contract with yourself, making promises to be met.

You justify competition, conflict, challenges.

PALLAS in the 2nd House or in Taurus

You affiliate/align with comfort, pleasure, the senses.

You compete lackadaisically, comfortably, passively.

You negotiate peacefully, patiently, literally.

You decorate/beautify possessions.

You balance slowly, steadfastly, sensually.

You seek equality in your capacity for pleasure.

Justice is measured in material terms by you.

You react placidly, sensibly, stubbornly.

You make contracts regarding finances and possessions.

You justify/fight for affection, satisfaction, security.

PALLAS in the 3rd House or in Gemini

You affiliate/align with logic, curiosity, mental agility.

You compete cleverly, fluently, intermittently.

You negotiate intelligently, objectively, adroitly.

You decorate/beautify language and ideas.

You balance data, comparisons, choices.

You seek equality in your communications.

Justice, to you, should be objective and widely disseminated.

You react in spurts, impishly, verbally.

You make contracts regarding ideas, information and knowledge.

You justify/fight for learning, teaching, communicating.

PALLAS in the 4th House or in Cancer

You affiliate/align with compassion, habits, safety.

You compete cautiously, maternally, subtly.

You negotiate defensively, protectively, privately.

You decorate/beautify your home.

You balance dependency, nurturance, family ties.

You seek equality in responsiveness, emotional support, caring.

Justice, to you, should be compassionate, protective and sympathetic.

You react habitually, protectively, sensitively.

You make contracts regarding feelings, domestic issues, habit patterns.

You justify/fight for emotional needs, safety, the past.

PALLAS in the 5th House or in Leo

You affiliate/align with excitement, vitality, romance.

You compete enthusiastically, magnanimously, for recognition.

You negotiate generously, loyally, egotistically.

You decorate/beautify your creations.

You balance love given and love received.

You seek equality in approval, creativity, leadership.

Justice, to you, should be dignified, dramatic and influential.

You react proudly, magnetically, dynamically.

You make contracts regarding love.

You justify/fight for attention, admiration, recreation.

PALLAS in the 6th House or in Virgo

You affiliate/align with organization, cleansing, efficiency.

You compete methodically, effectively, discreetly.

You negotiate modestly, pragmatically, dependably.

You decorate/beautify handicrafts or in your job.

You balance work, health, and service.

You seek equality on the job.

Justice, to you, should be quiet, deliberate and without waste.

You react quietly, critically, efficiently.

You make contracts regarding getting the job done well.

You justify/fight for health, productivity, growing things.

PALLAS in the 7th House or in Libra

You affiliate/align with beauty, harmony, ease.

You compete gracefully, diplomatically, coolly.

You negotiate fairly, legally, socially.

You decorate/beautify with grace, form and a feeling for space.

You balance relationships and seek a give-and-take.

You seek equality in associations with others.

Justice, to you, should be balanced, harmonious and even-handed.

You react cooperatively, competitively, cordially.

You make contracts with other people.

You justify/fight for equality, justice and fair play.

PALLAS in the 8th House or in Scorpio

You affiliate/align with depth understanding, transformation, self-control.

You compete compulsively, secretly, intensely.

You negotiate persistently, powerfully, confidentially.

You decorate/beautify the inner psyche.

You balance giving, receiving and sharing in the material/sensual realm.

You seek equality in sexual and financial matters.

Justice, to you, should be unrelenting, resourceful and complex.

You react mysteriously, seductively, on many levels.

You make contracts regarding intimacy, sexuality, shared resources.

You justify/fight for resources, complexities, intimacy.

PALLAS in the 9th House or in Sagittarius

You affiliate/align with perfection, positiveness, prosperity.

You compete flamboyantly, energetically, confidently.

You negotiate extravagantly, benevolently, successfully.

You decorate/beautify ideas, concepts and philosophies.

You balance freedom, truth, expectations.

You seek equality in principle.

Justice, to you, should be utterly fair, perfect and ideal.

You react generously, idealistically, morally.

You make contracts regarding beliefs, goals and values.

You justify/fight for independence, abundance, understanding.

PALLAS in the 10th House or in Capricorn

You affiliate/align with achievement, tradition, conscience.

You compete conservatively, responsibly, carefully.

You negotiate formally, consistently, seriously.

You decorate/beautify through your career or accomplishments.

You balance limits, lessons, duties.

You seek equality in attainments, status, work.

Justice, to you, should be predictable, exact, proper.

You react pragmatically, solemnly, defensively.

You make contracts regarding your professional ambitions.

You justify/fight for authority, power, control.

PALLAS in the 11th House or in Aquarius

You affiliate/align with stimulation, change, progress.

You compete experimentally, individually, erratically.

You negotiate independently, irreverently, uniquely.

You decorate/beautify in associations, with tolerance, through innovation.

You balance individuality, insight, instability.

You seek equality in ideas, causes, organizations.

Justice, to you, should be for anyone and everyone.

You react disruptively, futuristically, defiantly.

You make contracts regarding politics, changes, people.

You justify/fight for freedom, the future, friends.

PALLAS in the 12th House or in Pisces

You affiliate/align with mysticism, miracles, transcendence.

You compete dreamily, deceptively, invisibly.

You negotiate compassionately, elusively, sensitively.

You decorate/beautify with inspiration, intuition and insight.

You balance artistic, healing and escapist urges.

You seek equality in union, merging, cosmic consciousness.

Justice, for you, should be absolute—infinitely compassionate and loving.

You react serenely, universally, spiritually.

You make contracts regarding dreams, unity, healing.

You justify/fight for infinite love and beauty.

JUNO in the 1st House or in Aries

Your partner/spouse/mate could be self-centered, brash, aggressive or pioneering, adventurous and free-spirited.

You agree with directness, courage, integrity.

Symmetry, for you, is natural and instinctive.

You compare and contrast in life.

You may feel possessive at times.

You may placate people.

You are attracted to bravery, initiative, and enterprise.

You relate to/empathize with experience, drive, independence.

Passions and pleasures are an important part of your experience.

You see alternatives/choices/dualities in life.

JUNO in the 2nd House or in Taurus

Your partner/spouse/mate could be self-indulgent, complacent, lazy or agreeable, easygoing, pleasant.

You agree with stability, comfort, affection.

Symmetry, for you, is expressed through the senses.

You compare and contrast in the area of finances and personal pleasures.

You may feel possessive of your possessions and pocketbook.

You may placate in the areas of money, sensuality or ownership.

You are attracted to talents, peace, security.

You relate to/empathize with indulgence, inertia, satisfaction.

Your passions and pleasures are physically gratifying.

You see alternatives/choices/dualities in your earning capacity.

JUNO in the 3rd House or in Gemini

Your partner/spouse/mate could be restless, nervous, tricky, or clever, expressive and observant.

You agree with versatility, logic and communication.

Symmetry, for you, is mentally-based and requires an open mind.

You compare and contrast ideas, concepts and words.

You may feel possessive of your mind, language and thoughts.

You may placate with relatives or in your expression of ideas.

You are attracted to intelligence, adaptability and motion.

You relate to/empathize with dexterity, curiosity, wit.

Passions and pleasures begin in the mind for you.

You see alternatives/choices/dualities in your thinking and speaking style.

JUNO in the 4th House or in Cancer

Your partner/spouse/mate could be clinging, needy, smothering or emotionally supportive while able to accept help too.

You agree with safety, protection, support.

Symmetry, for you, means mutual caretaking and nurturance.

You compare and contrast emotional needs.

You may feel possessive of your home and family.

You may placate in the domestic arena.

You are attracted to warmth, caring, sensitivity.

You relate to/empathize with responsiveness, vulnerability, intuition.

Passions and pleasures, for you, require kindness, privacy and commitment.

You see alternatives/choices/dualities in dealing with feelings.

JUNO in the 5th House or in Leo

Your partner/spouse/mate could be pompous, paternalistic, egotistical or exciting, magnetic and sexy.

You agree with creativity, loyalty, self-confidence.

Symmetry, for you, is essential in terms of loving and being loved.

You compare and contrast your interactions with lovers, children and those closest to you.

You may feel possessive of your loved ones or of your creative efforts.

You may placate your children or romantic partners.

You are attracted to leadership, enthusiasm, vitality.

You relate to/empathize with a desire for importance, risk-taking, will power.

Passions and pleasures, for you, flow naturally out of loving someone.

You see alternatives/choices/dualities in your expression of creative impulses.

JUNO in the 6th House or in Virgo

Your partner/spouse/mate could be nitpicky, compulsive, ill or hardworking, practical and dependable.

You agree with the work ethic, skepticism, analysis.

Symmetry, for you, is related to shared efforts.

You compare and contrast on the job.

You may feel possessive of your job or health habits.

You may placate co-workers.

You are attracted to competence, efficiency, practicality.

You relate to/empathize with growing things, productivity, service.

Passions and pleasures can come through a job well done.

You see alternatives/choices/dualities in the way you handle your tasks.

JUNO in the 7th House or in Libra

Your partner/spouse/mate could be indecisive, competitive, hypocritical or attractive, courteous and pleasing.

You agree with harmony, equality and cooperation.

Symmetry, for you, means an equal sharing with others.

You compare and contrast in your one-to-one interactions with people.

You may feel possessive of your partner.

You may placate associates.

You are attracted to beauty, charm, balance.

You relate to/empathize with legal niceties, aesthetics, compromises.

Passions and pleasures come primarily through your one-to-one relationships.

You see alternatives/choices/dualities in your dealings with other people.

JUNO in the 8th House or in Scorpio

Your partner/spouse/mate could be explosive, contemptuous, manipulative or powerful, loyal and disciplined.

You agree with passion, complexity and strength.

Symmetry, for you, is attained in the realm of shared finances and pleasures.

You compare and contrast in psyche-probing and a quest for self-mastery.

You may feel possessive of your intimate associates.

You may placate your mate.

You are attracted to challenges, mysteries, complications.

You relate to/empathize with rebirth, transformations, resistance.

Passions and pleasures rouse your deepest emotions.

You see alternatives/choices/dualities in sexuality, intimacy and depth understanding of yourself.

JUNO in the 9th House or in Sagittarius

Your partner/spouse/mate could be grandiose, extravagant, perfectionistic or generous, good-humored and intelligent.

You agree with optimism, the Golden Rule, overviews.

Symmetry, for you, rests in the realm of ideas, concepts and beliefs.

You may compare and contrast religions, philosophies, spiritual ideas.

You may feel possessive of your metaphysics, goals or view of the truth.

You may placate teachers, gurus, philosophers.

You are attracted to justice, laughter and freedom.

You relate to/empathize with broad horizons, big ideas, high standards.

Passions and pleasures are associated with your dreams, values and expectations of life.

You see alternatives/choices/dualities in your quest for the truth.

JUNO in the 10th House or in Capricorn

Your partner/spouse/mate could be depressive, guilt-ridden, inhibited or industrious, responsible and faithful.

You agree with conscience, protocol, rules.

Symmetry, for you, is sensible, proper and effective.

You compare and contrast in your handling of power, authority and responsibility.

You may feel possessive of your career, success, achievements.

You may placate authority figures.

You are attracted to excellence, structure, the past.

You relate to/empathize with control, experience, obligations.

Passions and pleasures, for you, follow hard work, effort and accomplishments.

You see alternatives/choices/dualities in how you face reality and deal with the necessities of life.

JUNO in the 11th House or in Aquarius

Your partner/spouse/mate could be rebellious, eccentric, abrupt or unusual, original and tolerant.

You agree with equal opportunity, independence and progress.

Symmetry, for you, is rooted in humanitarianism.

You compare and contrast in order to innovate, revolutionize and alter.

You may feel possessive of friends, political movements or organizations.

You may placate in social causes, groups or with friends.

You are attracted to freedom, openness, the new and different.

You relate to/empathize with surprises, changes, experiments.

Passions and pleasures arise from mental stimulation and excitement.

You see alternatives/choices/dualities in your methods of breaking loose, breaking free and breaking away from old structures.

JUNO in the 12th House or in Pisces

Your partner/spouse/mate could be a victim, dishonest, compliant or inspiring, beautiful and psychic.

You agree with compassion, empathy and transcendence.

Symmetry, for you, means union, merging and Oneness.

You compare and contrast in seeking more inclusive faith, healing, union with the Whole.

You may feel possessive of your dreams, visions and inspirations.

You may placate by playing a passive, submissive or romantic role.

You are attracted to fantasies, miracles and magic.

You relate to/empathize with pilgrimages, sacrifices, spirituality.

Passions and pleasures rise from contact with your Higher Self.

You see alternatives/choices/dualities in your quest for cosmic consciousness.

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