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Zip Dobyns

As I mentioned near the end of the fall 1989 Asteroid-World, one of the most interesting talks which I heard at the November 1989 Whole Life Expo was given by Debra Lynch. She offered a number of predictions covering the next 20 years, many of them relatively optimistic! I was favorably impressed by her knowledge of current events and her practicality. It is not easy to stay open to the subjective world of the unconscious through which we are connected to non-material reality while also staying fully in touch with the material world. I had a chance to become better acquainted by taking Debra and her sister, Robberta, on a sightseeing tour of Hollywood and the Farmer’s Market and eventually to the airport on the afternoon after the Expo ended. Robberta told me that Debra kept CNN turned on whenever she was home and not seeing clients, so she stays in touch with what is happening in the world. Debra also has an M.A. degree in Social Work though she is earning her living as a psychic consultant.

It is easy to see the psychic potential in Debra’s horoscope. Three of the four planets associated with psi are close to the major angles of the chart and they are all aspecting each other as well as Uranus which indicates potential interest in non-conventional areas and talent in those who add effort to their interest. The three water planets, Moon, Pluto and Neptune, symbolize different facets of the unconscious side of the mind, our gateway to the collective unconscious where we are all connected. Uranus is not psychic in the same way as the water planets, but it suggests the capacity to grasp concepts and situations quickly, without needing the step by step analysis associated with Mercury, especially in its Virgo mode. Debra has her Moon within two degrees of her Descendant, Uranus within five degrees of her Ascendant, and Neptune within ten degrees of her IC, forming a close cardinal T-square. Pluto is semisextile Uranus, sextile Neptune, and quincunx the Moon. In a preliminary study of several dozen individuals who had “out of body” experiences, a large number had one or more of these four planets close to the chart angles. The Cancer Ascendant and stellium in the Pisces house provide additional water emphasis.

Adding to the mental emphasis in the chart, Jupiter and Vesta form a grand trine in air signs with all except Jupiter in water houses. The air-water combinations show the potential to become conscious of the unconscious and to communicate the insights. Saturn on Neptune is part of the grand trine, showing the potential of making a career of the talent and (in the fourth house) of working out of her own home. Mercury conjunct Mars shows an identification with the mind which is usually quick and sharp, and this is also supported by a close quincunx to Chiron, another Jupiter in the chart. The conjunction of Mercury to Ceres offers further support for mental work and the trines to the MC point to success in the work.

Debra’s relationship with her mother was clearly important in her early life. The rising Cancer, node of the Moon, and Ceres all point to a mother figure as a personal role model, whether positive or negative. The Capricorn Moon in the Virgo house opposite the Ascendant suggests a mother whose work might have separated her from Debra or who might have been critical. In Debra’s case, the first house may represent an important grandmother. The emphasis on Cancer and Leo can also indicate an identification with the mother role, but the house placements emphasize personal and transpersonal interests. Debra is single but has a son who is very central in her life. Her sister lives with her, helping with the son and making appointments with clients. We can see the potential of a partnership with a sibling with Libra (partnership) in the third house (siblings) and Venus (ruler of Libra) conjunct both Pallas and Juno, the partnership asteroids.

Venus is also conjunct Uranus and in the T-square to Neptune-Saturn and Moon, pointing to lessons in relationships. In addition to the freedom-closeness issue which is additionally shown by the oppositions between Leo and Aquarius, the cardinal T suggests the tension between ideals (Neptune and the twelfth house) versus what is possible (Saturn, Capricorn and the sixth house). An additional facet of the “freedom-closeness” tension can be described as independence versus dependence. The strong Leo in the first and second houses added to the Capricorn in the sixth house can mark a steam roller, yet the water is also strong through the Cancer and all the water houses. Debra is very emotionally invested in earning a good living and being generous with it but she is also able to accept help from others.

Debra is currently working on a book about her psychic techniques, and her progressed chart looks very favorable for writing success. P Mercury (the conscious side of the mind) is moving to conjunct Neptune, ruler of Pisces on her ninth house cusp, and it will also trine Jupiter (co-ruler of Pisces and natural ruler of the ninth house of publishing) and Vesta (key to work with its Virgo meaning). P Mercury will also move into the conjunction with Saturn which represents career in the larger sense of our role in society in contrast to Vesta for the details of the job. Vesta’s position in the eighth house is also good for royalties or any other return on past efforts. At about the same time that Mercury is coming into the grand trine, P Ascendant will be trining P Jupiter while P local Ascendant will conjunct the natal Sun in Leo in the second house, showing the potential for fame and money. The local angles are calculated for New York where Debra has an office.

Turning to Debra’s predictions, her overall impression is that the forecasters of doom and gloom (polar flips, Armageddon, nuclear holocaust, etc.) are mistaken. Debra says that we will all be here in 2010 unless we have personal health problems which take us away. She does think it will take at least 30 years to reverse some of the problems such as pollution. She says that Europe 1992 will be successful but England may pull out of it before the final day, partly to avoid the taxes. (This article was written in December, but is being edited in early March. After waiting for three months for a promised “reasonable” offer of a new machine to replace our problem Minolta photo copier, we were finally informed that a replacement would cost $8,000. That was not my idea of “reasonable” or “fair,” so we are struggling on with the old machine.) It is interesting to note that England is currently having riots over their new poll taxes which are supposed to replace some of the property taxes and which sometimes end up with a butler paying more than his wealthy boss. My impression is that England wants an economic union but not a political one, and the continent is moving toward a closer political structure which would limit the freedom of the governments of members.

Although she formerly feared the possibility of a third and nuclear world war, Debra is now confident that Russia is too preoccupied with its own internal struggles to be capable of mounting a major war against the world. She also mentioned a quatrain from Nostradamus which said that the bear (U.S.S.R.) and the eagle (U.S.A.) would be friends from 1989 to 1993. The dates are Debra’s addition, using planetary positions in the quatrains to determine the relevant years for the Nostradamus prophesy. Unfortunately, Debra was not able to remember the numbers of the quatrains and I have not heard from her since her return to the east coast. Debra thinks that both Russia (U.S.S.R.) and the U.S.A. are reluctant to disarm but that they are being driven toward it by economic pressures. She says that people in Russia were already starving three years ago and that conditions continue to deteriorate. The diet in Russia today is worse than it was during its revolution. According to Debra, the U.S.S.R. has taken over about 100 small countries over the years, and many of them may break free in the future. (In early March, 1990, Lithuania looks to be the first of these.)

Debra sees the Near East as still holding a threat of expanding war. She feels that these countries are incapable of solving their mutual problems and that the rest of the world will have to help to resolve the issues. She sees terrorism as the main source of violence in the future. (A large or strong country has the power to use force openly as Israel does in raiding into Lebanon, so this is defined as war or restoring order. When a small or weak country or an ethnic or political group within a country uses force, it is defined as terrorism. So if we manage to avoid wars between powerful countries in the future, which seems very possible now, then by definition, the continuing struggles of people for power or for survival will be terrorism.) Debra comments that the people in power in the world do not want to destroy the world and we should pray that they don’t make serious mistakes.

In the realm of natural catastrophes which have been predicted by both fundamentalist Christians and by “new age channelers,” Debra does not see the total destruction which is often prophesied. She does see the danger of the “coldest weather in 100 years” and consequent famine and she suggests that New Zealand may prove to be a bread basket for both Russia and the U.S.A. We get lamb, fish and vegetables from New Zealand. She joins the crowd in predicting earthquakes for California, specifying 1993 as the possible year for Los Angeles to get a 9.2 magnitude quake. But she says by that time we will have a warning and will evacuate so though it will be a financial disaster, there will be little loss of life.

On the broader economic front, Debra was mostly encouraging. She thinks that real estate values in general will not drop more than about 5 % during the next year, that they will then be fairly flat for about two years and start to rise again. To a personal question from the audience, she suggested waiting six months to buy a house. She also said that gold was not likely to make a major move, though it would go up a little, and that silver would drop in price, partly due to China’s supply. She suggests holding gold if people already have it but not buying more. (So far, she is right on the money on this prediction, which was made in early November 1989.) Debra believes that both the metals markets and the stock markets are highly manipulated. She does not think that Hong Kong is in as much danger from its takeover by China as many people fear. She says that China lacks the power and money to control Hong Kong and that there will be another revolution for democracy in China within ten years and this one will succeed. (Her timetable may be shortened. She predicted that Poland would be free and Germany would be reunified within 3 years, and both seem to be jumping the gun. But it is notoriously difficult for psychics to gauge time.) Debra thinks that our new U.S. currency is coming within four years, and the government “will know every penny.” (I don’t know about pennies, but the new paper money will have identification marks so bills can be traced by authorities—FBI, IRS etc.) Despite her statement that global money people manipulate everything, Debra thinks that there will be a better mix of capitalism and socialism by 2010, including a common language and currency. She also predicts the reelection of Bush in 1992 and the election of Quayle as President after him!

On the health front, Debra encourages people to build up their immune systems. She sees an increasing use of homeopathy, chiropractors accepted and working in hospitals, and a move toward socialized medicine similar to the system in Denmark. I hope that her healthier and more equitable world is really on the way but we are not likely to get it from Bush or Quayle.

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