CCRS Horoscope Program 1990

Mark Pottenger

The master disks and camera-ready manual for the 1990 version of the CCRS Horoscope Program should go to Astrolabe between the time this is written and the time you read it. Readers who already have the program from Astrolabe or directly from me can contact them or me about updates. Readers who don't have the program but are interested, please write or call.

As always, there are many changes and additions. Some imaginary planets (Transpluto and the Transneptunians) are now available for those who use them. A page of horary information has been added, as has a page giving a sorted list of natal, progressed, transiting and recent station positions. There are even more options in the query section. Several ways to try to get control information for research have been added. The most changes from last year's version are in the timed progression and transit hit lists: timed arcs are now supported, and many more aspects and points can be used.

Copyright © 1990 Los Angeles Community Church of Religious Science, Inc.

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