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Zip Dobyns

Conferences are coming, and Maritha and Zip will be teaching their annual seminar in Montana in late June. By the time The Mutable Dilemma reaches you, it will probably be too late to make the conference in Guadalajara, Mexico which is meeting on Easter weekend. It is being sponsored by a Mexican group which studies a variety of occult traditions. The local, Guadalajara director is Dr. Emilio Limon. For additional information, write him at P.O. Box 2-1011, Guadalajara, 44280, Mexico. Foreign speakers include Zip Dobyns, Lois Rodden, and Francoise Gauquelin.

ISAR's annual conference is being held at Cal State Dominguez Hills College in Carson, just south of Los Angeles, on June 7 to 9, 1990. Write to CCRS or to ISAR for a program and registration form. Prices go up after May 1, so advance registration is worth while. Lots of well-known astrologers will be speaking, and a full seminar on medical astrology will be conducted simultaneously by Ingrid Naiman. You get both the ISAR and Naiman programs for the same price. Also, ISAR conferences are friendly and fun.

Zip and Maritha's Intensive at the Feathered Pipe Ranch just west of Helena, Montana will run from June 20 to 30, 1990. Brochures are available if you didn't already get one in the mail. The first day is a new venture; an optional one-day seminar on using a computer in astrology. We will have the CCRS program there with at least three computers so people can have hands-on practice. We cover the waterfront in astrology (the sessions are accurately named "intensives.") We also present a variety of modern approaches to psychotherapy in the experiential evening sessions.

The AFA conference follows immediately in Orlando, Florida, from July 2 through 6, 1990. Maritha and Zip will both be speaking for it.

The first international Cycles and Symbols conference will be offered in San Francisco, CA on July 26 to 29, 1990. It is sponsored by ISIS, the Institute for Stellar Influence Studies, at 1564-A Fitzgerald Drive, Suite 143, Pinole, CA 94564. It is especially focused on the interface of astrology and psychology, with a number of well-known psychotherapists speaking in addition to famous astrologers. Stanislav Grof is quoted as saying "Astrology is in my opinion the only system that can successfully predict both the content and the timing of experiences encountered in non-ordinary states of consciousness in experiential psychotherapy." Astrologers on the program include Charles Harvey and Dennis Elwell from England, Rob Hand, Zip Dobyns, Maritha Pottenger, Donna Cunningham, Tracy Marks, Marcia Starck, and many more.

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