Asteroid-World Spring 1991

Zip Dobyns

The Information Age is here. I look at the incredible contrasts between batches of incoming information, including personal experience which is still our primary source of input, and wonder how humans manage it.

My cruise to Australia and New Zealand on the Pacific Princess involved two weeks of living “like the elite,” with lavish excesses of service and food. (I came home wearing 10 additional pounds.) I gave six lectures on astrology on the cruise, and went ashore in several cities that were visited on the route. Then we (my son, Bill was along) spent nine more days in Auckland, four of them on a sailing ship visiting islands in the enormous bays around Auckland. There were bunks in the hold but I chose to sleep on a pad on deck, in the open air, a far cry from the pampered luxury of the cruise ship. Everything we saw, everywhere we went, confirmed my conviction that New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. We saw almost the whole country, from Dunedin near the bottom of South Island to the Bay of Islands near the top of North Island, including Medford and other sounds (which are like the fjords of Norway), the unique glow worm cave, Roto-Rua, a mini-Yellowstone with geysers and boiling mud pots, Maori centers including a war canoe that could hold 150 men, performing sheep dogs at the Agradome, flightless birds (kiwi and wega), etc. Bill took my picture with the wizard of Christ Church, a former professor of English literature who disapproves of the way the world is being run and has invented his own cosmology. I’m glad he isn’t running the world, since he also disapproves of women and all religions except the Church of England. But, even New Zealand with its reputation for caring for their poorer citizens is cutting back. A Minister’s sermon which I heard in Dunedin was mostly devoted to urging listeners to check to see if neighbors were running out of money for food before the end of the month. New Zealand never came out of the 1982 depression, and they are struggling with low world prices for wool, one of their major exports.

Meanwhile, U.S. citizens were cheering (or the media polls claimed they were) while our military heroes were killing over 100,000 Iraqis. Though much of our destruction was carried out by pilots, ground and sea forces also were sending in artillery and missile shells. I arrived home on February 25 to witness the 100 hour ground war and its aftermath. Our cease-fire theoretically ended our war but left our military forced to stand and watch as thousands more Iraqi civilians died from not-yet-exploded bombs which we had dropped, from hunger, thirst, and illness (such as from drinking polluted water), and as the Iraqi soldiers killed more thousands of their own men, women and children. Have you been anticipating the great Aquarian Age, folks? Well, part of its potential is “smart” bombs and missiles and tanks and planes. If we don’t develop some Pisces compassion before we get to the “real” Aquarian Age in a few hundred years, the planet is going to be in “real” trouble. Saturn just entered Aquarius and two more major planets are headed for the sign.

To further complicate my personal input mixture, I arrived home yesterday from an exhilarating week at the annual Council Grove Conference in Kansas. The theme of this year’s conference was “humor,” and there was a lot of laughter along with a temporary blackout of news—no TV, radio, newspapers, and only one pay phone on the premises which I have only used once in the 20 years I have been attending the conference. One of the stars of the conference was a 6’6” M.D. named Patch Adams who trains clowns and takes a group of them to Russia every year to perform in hospitals, children’s homes, etc. If you have ever wanted to learn to be a clown, Patch takes “amateurs” and brings them home in a few weeks competent to help the world recover their sense of humor. You do have to pay your own way, but that and the desire to do it is all you need. Patch is also raising money to build a fully equipped hospital in West Virginia which will never charge money for any treatment and will offer every kind of alternative therapy in addition to standard allopathy. If anyone wants to help their fund raising or to spend some time working on the building projects on the land in WV, write me for the address. Work volunteers are given food and housing.

Meanwhile, the world kept on doing its things, producing lots of interesting (often tragic) charts. On April 4 and 5, plane crashes took the lives of some prominent government figures. I have not been able to get the time of the small plane crash in Merion, PA, in the Philadelphia area. Senator John Heinz III was killed along with his two pilots, the two pilots of the helicopter which collided with the Heinz plane, and two six year old children who were hit by falling debris in a schoolyard. Several other children were injured. The next day, April 5, former Senator John Tower, his daughter, and 21 others including a NASA astronaut were killed in a plane crash just before 3 P.M. in Brunswick, GA. At the time of the Tower crash, Icarus was square Venus and just over one degree from the Sun/Moon midpoint. Depending on the exact minute of the event, the MC was square the Sun/Moon and just past a conjunction with Venus and an opposition to Pluto. Setting the chart for 2:55 P.M. puts the Part of Death just over a degree from Pluto and exactly square the East Point. The Sun/Mars midpoint was on the tentative MC and square the Sun/Moon midpoint. The combination produces a loose (wide orb) grand cross in fixed signs ranging from 18 to 23 degrees.

One of the most intriguing combinations which was present for both crashes involved one of our newly calculated asteroids: Swissair. I think it is the first asteroid to be named for an airline company. The company was not involved in either crash, but it might be a generic representation for air lines. For several days, including April 4-5, there was a close conjunction of Swissair with Saturn (key to government and other power figures as well as to falls when we overreach) and with Gaea, the earth. Planes with government people fell to earth. Phaethon, another mythical figure who crashed, was opposite George. Georgia, the state where the Tower crash occurred, was quincunx the north lunar node. Atlantis (often associated with problems with power), was octile the Ascendant from about 2:50 P.M. to 3 P.M.

Moving from the east coast to the west, April 4 was a violent day in Sacramento, CA. About 1:30 P.M., four Vietnamese-Chinese young men, members of the “Oriental Boys” gang, walked into a store and took about 20 customers and clerks as hostages. It was not a robbery. The gang apparently wanted attention and to vent their frustration over their lives in the U.S. The local sheriff’s SWAT team spent about 8 hours negotiating with the gang members who kept varying what they asked for. Some deputies managed to get into a back room of the store but had no opportunity to catch the gunmen off guard. Finally, the gang members tied up the hostages and started flipping coins to see who would be shot first. At 9:55 P.M., one of the deputies shot at one of the gunmen but the bullet was deflected by a glass door. The gang members started shooting the hostages, and the deputies rushed in, killing three of the gunmen and seriously wounding the fourth. Three hostages were killed and at least two others (one account said as many as 13) were wounded.

Though the 1:30 P.M. time was given as approximate, it is probably very close to accurate. The MC at that time was exactly square Saturn, conjunct the north node of Mars, and trioctile Winchester, our asteroid for guns. We don’t have an asteroid for Vietnam but Juewa, meaning the “star of China’s fortune,” was also on the MC within one degree. Mercury was opposite Ceres, the asteroid which shows the ability to nurture or be nurtured and thus is a key to the frustration of the young gang members with their adopted homeland. Mercury, in Aries in the ninth house, was also conjunct Siva. Asia was conjunct Vesta. The prominence of both Ceres and Vesta can also suggest frustrations around work, and Vesta can be ruthless. California was a degree and a half from Asia and within a one-degree orb quincunx to the IC. Of course, the traditional planets were there too. Venus was opposite Pluto within one degree, fitting power struggles over possessions and/or pleasures. Mars was exactly on the Antivertex for the potential of violent action. (Bush was inaugurated with that aspect). Jupiter was square the Part of Death and trioctile the Moon in Jupiter’s sign, pointing to conflicts involving ethics and judgment. Helio Jupiter was on the Ascendant within one degree and octile helio Winchester. A Jupiter-Ascendant conjunction can show the desire to be perfect or the feeling that we “are God and have the right to do whatever we want.” The Barycenter (center of mass in the solar system) was on the IC within one degree. Helio Saturn was quincunx the Antivertex.

On a more cheerful note, the shuttle Atlantis went up successfully and deployed its scientific cargo which will snare elusive gamma rays from the universe. The shuttle took off at 9:23 A.M. EST after a five minute delay due to weather. At the scheduled lift-off time the asteroid Atlantis was exactly trine the Ascendant. At the actual lift-off time heliocentric Atlantis was exactly trine the Ascendant. Asteroid positions are always geocentric (as seen from earth) unless I specify that they are heliocentric (as seen from the Sun). The asteroid Interkosmos, named for an organization which promotes space activity, was on the scheduled lift-off MC. The asteroid Gilgamesh, a famous mythical wanderer, was on the actual lift-off MC. Helio Gilgamesh formed a grand trine to both positions of Atlantis and to the actual Ascendant. Vibilia means “journeys.” Both the geo and helio positions were opposite within one degree to the midpoint of the Ascendant/MC for the actual lift-off. Vibilia was also exactly trine the Sun/Moon midpoint. There were also lots of harmonious aspects with the “normal” astrological factors. The Moon was sextile the MC and just approaching asteroid America. Jupiter was sextile the East Point within two degrees. Ceres and Mercury were opposite each other but formed sextiles and trines to the Moon and the MC with reasonable orbs though more than the one degree I use for the newer asteroids. But Mercury’s opposition to Ceres and its wide squares to the lunar nodes and Juno do fit the current problem in landing the shuttle due to high winds. Mercury is the traditional key to the wind and we might find that Uranus is also related to wind. The Sun in the lift-off chart is square both Uranus and Neptune; exact to their midpoint and to Apollo, one of the gods associated with the Sun. The other Sun-god asteroids were mostly favorably aspected with Amun on the 9th cusp trine the East Point, Helio in Libra trine Vesta and Washington, and Aten in Gemini just two degrees past Vesta. In general, the chart looks like a successful mission which should produce some new knowledge.

Turning to the tragic world of Iraq, the horoscope for the initial military coup which overthrew the monarchy in 1958 seems to still offer a useful picture of the current events. We have probably printed it in the past, but I will include an updated chart for those who want to follow it. Note that the progressed (P) south lunar node will remain for years in a close conjunction to the natal tenth house Mars in Aries. In fact, it is making the exact to-the-minute aspect in this spring of 1991! The chart is screaming that the executive government in Iraq has a lesson in the handling of personal power. On February 28, 1991, the P Moon had just entered Virgo and was forming a conjunction to Pluto and to P Juno, an alternate Pluto, while the P Part of Death in the eighth house was still in an opposition to P Sun. This last aspect was present precisely during the active part of the war from mid-January 1991 into early March. P Moon remains on P Pluto into early May and continues a square to the Antivertex into early June. P Juno will stay on P Pluto for some years.

Saddam invaded Kuwait with a close conjunction in the country’s chart between the P Sun and P Moon, a progressed New Moon which started a new 30-year period for the country. The aspects are a dramatic example of the need to go back to the natal chart for the nature of the relationship between the different planetary principles while the progressed chart shows the timing when the entity faces the natal issues. The new moon aspects were mostly “favorable,” including recent or applying sextiles to Venus and Jupiter, a trine to Saturn and a more questionable opposition to Chiron. Oppositions can manifest as partnerships and/or contests and separations. But the natal Sun was quincunx Chiron and Saturn in a yod which confirmed the major change produced by the military coup and which also pointed to major changes any time the P Sun passed through the aspected degrees (especially 19 to 22) of any sign. The natal Sun was also square Jupiter and more widely square Mars and the lunar nodes. The P Sun and P Moon were trioctile the natal MC when Kuwait was invaded and P Mercury is currently quincunx the MC as another key to changes in the power structure. P Neptune has continued to hold a quincunx to the natal Antivertex, pointing to tensions which could involve any Neptune correspondences: faith-fear, oil and gas, poisons and infections, saviors and victims, etc. The P East Point is square Neptune and P Ascendant just finished its conjunction with natal and P Uranus. But the most dramatic angle aspect which supports the accuracy of the chart birth-time is the P Ascendant square to P Mars which just reached the permitted one-degree orb at the time of the invasion. P Mars is slowing as the P Sun moves away from it and P Ascendant is slow in Leo, so they are moving at close to the same speed and will hold the square for about eight years, most of the decade of the 1990s. The pattern points to a long period of internal conflict since Mars and the Ascendant are two forms of the same principle so the pattern says “self against self.” The aspects mentioned earlier involving the two auxiliary Ascendants (East Point and Antivertex) repeat the potential for major stress affecting the country. P Pluto is also moving into the exact square to the Antivertex, a further confirmation of the obvious reality that there will be financial and/or power tensions for many years into the future. Tragically, if the country had “good” leaders (is such a thing possible in a world ruled by greed for money and power?), the long sextile of P Pluto to Neptune could have provided security and even wealth for the people from the natural resources of the country that include fertile land, water from the rivers, as well as oil.

As usual, the asteroids are stunning! P Winchester, our asteroid for guns, is at 10 Gemini octile Mars and the south lunar node for years while the P Sun just started a square to natal Winchester (22 Taurus 54) a month after the Kuwait invasion. The P Moon reached the square a few days after the invasion, about the time the U.S. agreed to send troops into Saudi Arabia. P Mars is opposite natal America (14 Scorpio 34), completing a T-square to Mercury, Juno, Apollo and Washington (the latter two in 15 Leo) and Klytaemnestra at 15 Aquarius completes a fixed grand cross. Klytaemnestra was the mother of Iphigenia, the teen-age daughter of Agamemnon who was sacrificed by her father to attain success in the Trojan war. There is a close natal conjunction at 9 Capricorn of Agamemnon, Rockefeller (the first monopolist with oil), and Hybris (an alternate spelling of hubris which warns that over-confidence leads to a downfall). P Iphigenia, the sacrificed child, aspects the whole fixed cross from its position at 29 Gemini. She is octile P Mars and Mercury and trioctile America and her mother, Klytaemnestra. P Medea, who killed her two children to get even with her husband, is also in the fixed cross at 14 Scorpio 21, with a conjunction to America, an opposition to P Mars, and squares to Mercury and Klytaemnestra. Pity the children of Iraq!

Of course, there is much more. Natal Arabia was 25 Aries 58, so the P south node continues to conjunct it along with Mars. P Arabia at 0 Taurus is trine Pluto (they helped to kill a lot of Iraqis) and square Siva at 0 Aquarius. P Pluto is still in a one-degree quincunx to Siva. P “true” lunar node is earlier than the “mean” node so it is holding a long conjunction to Georgia. I have previously referred to Georgia as George since it was named for one of English kings with that name but the astronomers when it was discovered were still adding a final “a” or “ia” to the asteroid names to “feminize” the ones with “ordinary” orbits. This asteroid along with Herbert(a) is working well for George Herbert Bush, but we now also have another asteroid named George (without the “a”) so I will have to be precise to differentiate the two. I don’t know yet how the “new” George will do but expect it to be useful. P Georgia is opposite Neptune and trine P Pluto, and Bush was certainly successful in turning the people and land of Iraq into victims after the Iraqi military victimized Kuwait. Natal Ankara (capital of Turkey) and Herbert are conjunct at 28 Virgo square Vesta. P Columbia and P Part of Death at 28 Aquarius were quincunx Ankara and Herbert at the time of the Kuwait invasion, as well as quincunx Pallas, Dolores, (sorrow) and P Venus to form a yod. P Megaira (one of the furies which one of my references associates with slaughter but others describe as “jealousy”) had reached 28 Virgo to join the network of aspects. The furies are sometimes said to punish deeds against the social order. P Irakli (not named for the country but “working” for it) was at 28 Capricorn opposite Pallas, Dolores, and Pallas. Chaldaea is the asteroid that was actually named for the region which includes Iraq and Kuwait. It is natally at 24 Gemini 4 so P MC will reach an octile to it in the fall of 1991. P Chaldaea and P Vesta are moving together at 11 Cancer conjunct Union, square Dionysius and applying to a quincunx to Orpheus. The latter two gods were dismembered, and the potential for Iraq being split remains a major issue as the world leaders start thinking about more autonomy for the Kurds.

When the U.S. declared their unilateral cease-fire in Iraq, Irakli was conjunct Rockefeller at 13 Aries and Chaldaea was conjunct Nemesis at 19 and 18 Aries but within one degree of each other. Uranus squared Irakli and Rockefeller within one degree, and Atlantis opposed Chaldaea. Arabia was on the 9th house cusp opposite Mars on the 3rd house cusp, as media attention has continued to focus on the near east. Washington was still on Vesta (they have been traveling together for months), fitting the ruthless efficiency with which the U.S. handled the war. Hephaistos, the smith who made the weapons for the gods of Olympus, was conjunct Washington and opposite Medea. Many of the weapons which the Iraq soldiers used to kill their own children in the ensuing civil war were made in the U.S. and sold to Saddam by Washington. The traditional factors in the cease-fire chart show this March-April battle between the people and the executive branch of the government with a quincunx between the Moon and Saturn. The vastly uneven struggle is essentially over as this is written, with masses of refugees along most of the borders between Iraq and its neighbors, dying from lack of water and food and blankets as well as from air attacks. The P Moon is now on the MC of the cease-fire chart calculated for Washington, DC as our leaders discuss whether we should try to prevent the genocide that has been underway. P Moon will go on to oppose Mercury and Sun in the late summer and fall of 1991 and it will square Mars in early 1992. By then, we will know whether this chart is continuing to be a reliable key to post-war Iraq. As usual, when I do a recent chart which I do not plan to progress immediately, I put the heliocentric positions in the outer circle. They usually repeat some of the themes found in the normal geocentric chart.

The beginning of the ground war phase of the war against Iraq is also an interesting chart. It is said to have officially started at 4 A.M. Baghdad time on February 24. Neptune was exactly on the Ascendant, calling attention to the ethical issues, perhaps hinting at the horrifying acts to come in the ensuing civil war which created thousands of victims. Herbert trined the Ascendant and his popularity at home soared after the quick success. Achilles (a brutal warrior in the Trojan War) and Agamemnon (who sacrificed his daughter to win the war) and Bradley (a modern U.S. fighting vehicle) were together on the MC. America was octile the MC, Achilles and Agamemnon. Mars was octile-trioctile the mean lunar nodes, and conjunct Psyche which is often symbolic of feelings of helplessness. The Iraqi forces certainly felt that way. The East Point was just over one degree from Saturn while the Moon was exactly quincunx Saturn and square Venus and Siva, Hindu god of destruction. Washingtonia remained on Vesta. Hiroshima and Dionysius were on the Sun, suggestive of awesome destruction and dismemberment. Jupiter (faith and morals) was square the MC and quincunx the Sun. The cease-fire came 100 hours later as the Moon moved from the Cancer quincunx to Saturn to the same aspect in Virgo, thus forming a yod to Saturn and Venus in the ground war chart.

[Note: the chart printed in the original was Gregorian rather than Julian.]

Thanks to Marc Penfield, we also have a horoscope for the founding of Baghdad as a center of religion and education. According to an Islamic Encyclopedia, it was founded at 10 A.M. on August 2, 762, Julian calendar. We have no asteroids for that early date, but the chart is fascinating, especially to astrology students who use ancient techniques. Diana Rosenberg is convinced that the date and time were chosen astrologically. When precession is taken into account, both the Sun and Moon were on royal stars; Sun on Regulus and Moon on Antares. Jupiter and Mars were exactly opposite each other with the Sun widely trine Jupiter and sextile Mars. Venus was sextile Saturn and Mercury was trine the Moon. Contemporary astrologers would also have lacked the three outer planets, but they proved highly appropriate when added to the chart. Pluto on the Moon in Scorpio fits a search for depth understanding. Uranus on Saturn shows the blend of ancient knowledge and the search for new knowledge. Neptune less than two degrees from the MC certainly fits a spiritual enterprise. The Galactic Center, unknown even to modern astrologers until very recently, was conjunct Jupiter within one degree. The fact that both Pluto and Jupiter were making a station (about to turn direct in motion) adds more emphasis to the chart. The current progressions include a very long quincunx from P Pluto to Uranus and a long opposition of P Saturn to Jupiter. P Mars is just past an opposition to Neptune and P Mercury is approaching the IC which produces an opposition to the MC. On the date of the cease-fire, P Venus was quincunx Saturn, P Sun was square P Jupiter and P Moon was quincunx P Jupiter. The P Moon squared P Neptune when the UN passed the resolution authorizing the war. There were also harmonious aspects in the progressed chart, and considering the possibilities, the city was spared the worst. It could have been reduced to rubble.

Our horoscope for Saddam Hussein must still be considered completely speculative, but it does seem to fit the current events. I will not keep repeating “if we have the right data” in every sentence, but consider that it is included. P Sun started a square to natal Saturn in March 1991. During Desert Storm, P Moon was sextile Jupiter and P Juno, trine Pluto, quincunx P Antivertex and moving into a quincunx to P Sun which it reached in mid March during the civil war. I call the quincunx the “closet-cleaning” aspect, and it tends to be separative, moving in new directions and letting go some of the past. The harmonious sextiles and trines fit the break Saddam got when Bush decided he preferred a military dictator to the risk of giving power to Shiites and Kurds. The square of Sun to Saturn and a trioctile of P Ascendant to Saturn show it is time for Saddam to start reaping some karma (experiencing the consequences of past actions), but he could still survive for some years, continuing his ruthless abuse of power. In the latter part of 1991, his P Moon will go over natal Mars-Moon, trine P Saturn, P East Point and P Vesta, and quincunx the Ascendant. If Saddam survives this period, using it to further consolidate his power, he may continue much longer. A more critical time would come in the winter of 1993-4 when P Moon squares Saturn and P Saturn, is octile P Mars, and opposite P Sun and natal Ascendant. By 1995-6, P Sun will square P Saturn, conjunct the Ascendant, and octile P Mars. P Ascendant will move into a square to P Mars which goes direct in 1996.

Of course, there are plenty of difficult aspects throughout the intervening years. P Vesta starts a square to natal Sun in May 1991 and then to natal and P Uranus, the latter lasting for years. P East Point also will move into a square to the Sun and then to Uranus. P MC stays on natal or P Uranus to December 1995. P Mercury will continue over the P and then the natal south lunar nodes, starting in 1992. These will not be easy years for Saddam, even if he does survive them. If he is still here, 1996 looks like the most crucial time. In addition to the aspects already listed, P MC reaches an octile to Saturn, P Mercury quincunxes P Mars, and P Venus opposes P Mars, so there are five stress aspects to P Mars as it turns direct; from P Ascendant, P Sun, P Saturn which maintains its long trioctile, P Venus and P Mercury. Remember, Mars represents our ability to do what we want so it is a primary clue to the life energy. Saddam’s P Moon enters his eighth house in the winter of 1995-6, crossing Jupiter and opposing Pluto and forming a quincunx to P Chiron and the natal Part of Death, a yod. If Saddam is still there in the spring of 1996, P Moon crosses Pallas, is octile the MC and trioctile Neptune. I will be surprised if Saddam is still here by the end of 1996. 1995-6 is an appropriate time for him to depart, as the entrance of transiting Uranus into its own sign should bring challenges to dictators everywhere. Of course, Saddam might be deposed (most likely assassinated) by one of his generals almost any time with his long term P Saturn square the Ascendant and trioctile P Mars. Transiting Saturn is stationing in a square to his natal Sun during April to June 1991 and it comes back to square Sun and Uranus in January-February 1992 when Saddam’s P Moon squares his P 8th house cusp so P Part of Death will square P Ascendant. If he does “graduate” then, I will wonder as usual about what goes on during periods of strong aspects that occur in an individual’s horoscope after his physical death. Perhaps they still symbolize the psychological states of the person who has moved to the next level of existence.

It is time to leave the tragedy of Iraq but there is at least one hopeful sign that the civil war will have tapered off by mid-June this year. As has been mentioned in previous issues of Asteroid-World or The Mutable Dilemma, Winchester was on the midpoint of the Baghdad and Washington, DC Cancer Ingress charts in June 1990 just before the invasion of Kuwait. It was on the MC in Baghdad for the Libra Ingress in September 1990, on it again for the Capricorn Ingress in December 1990, but it had moved to the Descendant by the Aries Ingress in March 1991. It did not occur to me before it happened, but it is obvious now that the shift from the MC to the Descendant marked the change from a war between governments to a civil war between citizens within the country. Winchester is off the Baghdad angles in the Cancer Ingress in June 1991, but it is on the Descendant in Moscow. Remember that all aspects mentioned are within a one-degree orb. I am really concerned about Russia but will have to wait till the next The Mutable Dilemma for further discussion of the charts. Gorbachev is struggling with P Moon square Mars from mid-March to mid-May 1991 as the strikes escalate and the mood in the country becomes more violent.

I do want to devote a little space to Yugoslavia. In the process of working with the visionaries of Medjugorje, Yugoslavia, and their vision of the Virgin Mary which was discussed in the last The Mutable Dilemma, I also spent a fair amount of time on several possible charts for Yugoslavia. The one which seems most effective is calculated for the proclamation of the newly united country at the end of World War I. Marc Penfield said that the London Times described the event as happening in the evening of December 1, 1918. We did a tentative rectification using later events in the country’s history, and 6:30 P.M. seems to work the best. The P Moon was on the Belgrade natal Ascendant opposite Mars when the police fired on demonstrator in Belgrade on March 9, 1991. Both Slovenia and Croatia want to separate from Serbia which has tended to dominate the union of six republics. The struggle for independence is likely to intensify in early 1992 as the P Sun reaches Uranus and P Moon is quincunx P Uranus, having gone through the quincunx to natal Uranus in the fall of 1991. Either of these periods could mark a decisive change.

The chart for Yugoslavia under a Communist government is set for 11:45 A.M. on November 29, 1945. Marc Penfield was given this time by Hans Taeger, a German astrologer currently living in Ireland. The chart supports the potentials suggested in the 1918 horoscope. P Moon is conjunct natal and P Uranus in early 1992 while P Sun opposes P Mars and natal Saturn. The asteroids Mary and Maria are interesting and I wonder to what degree the visions are connected to the tension in the country. But time and space have run out, as usual, and I want to include another contribution from Seraphita on asteroid names. [Not in the web archives.]

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