More Planetary Mandalas

Mark Pottenger

I am presenting a few mandalas here as a tie-in with the preceding Kollerstrom article. See the article in the Sagittarius issue for more details about mandalas.

The first two mandalas here are two forms of the Venus-Earth “rose” Kollerstrom mentions. The more open figure is a “view from” mandala (the motion of one planet as viewed from another); the more filled-in figure is a “connect the planets” mandala (a heliocentric map of two planets’ motions over time with a line connecting their positions at each moment of measurement). The third mandala shown here is the first of the five hearts making up the full figure.

I must slightly disagree with Kollerstrom’s assertion that no astronomer ever noticed these patterns. The original inspiration for planetary mandalas for both Neil and myself was an educational film called Infinite Design which we first saw at an ISAR conference in the early 1970s. (It just took me a lot more years to get around to the programming to produce them.)

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