Challenge Corner

Zip Dobyns

We haven’t had a challenge corner for several issues but we have a dramatic one for you which involves triplets. They were all female, born on July 1, 1937 in Culver City, CA. They were natural births (not cesarean) at 5:18, 6:29, and 6:40 A.M. PST. Later medical experts said that all three might have been OK if they had been delivered by cesarean section. Two of the triplets were identical twins and the third baby was a fraternal sibling, but I doubt that one could ever judge that from astrology. They were two months premature and the biggest one weighed 3 pounds and 12 ounces. Their father had been a two-pound baby and he previously had one premature son who died. Two other sons were OK.

One of the triplets was healthy at birth and has had a normal life, including marriage, at least one child, and a successful business career.

One triplet’s chest was crushed in the delivery process and she died within a half hour.

One triplet had cerebral palsy and was mentally retarded. She never walked and had to be strapped in a chair to sit up but she had some use of her left hand. She talked but could only be understood by people who were familiar with her idiosyncrasies. She could not read or write. She died in December 1989.

The answers are in this issue, but try your own skills before you look.

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