Please Note Our Addresses!

Zip Dobyns

As you will read elsewhere in this issue, the move from 5951-5953 W 86th Pl has finally happened. Those addresses were listed on the contents pages of The Mutable Dilemma for many years. Starting with the Gemini 1990 issue, we started listing the 838 5th Ave address, which is still valid for Mutable Dilemma business or for Mark Pottenger or for Zipporah Dobyns about one week each month. Please remove the 5951 and 5953 addresses for LA-CCRS from any rolodexes, mailing lists or databases you maintain. The Post Office does not keep change of address notices very long, so changing your records now will avoid the chance of lost mail later. If you want to write directly to Zipporah Dobyns or James Pottenger, write to 2036 Honey Springs Rd; Jamul, CA 91935.

Copyright © 1991 Los Angeles Community Church of Religious Science, Inc.

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