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In June, Maritha and I completed another fine seminar at the Feathered Pipe Ranch near Helena, MT. Maritha went on to teach in Minneapolis while I did an advanced seminar in MT. Maritha is now headed for the AFA conference in Chicago while I am about to retreat back to Dodona for July and August. I’m looking forward to a chance to swim and read with a couple of short camping trips in the middle. I’ll be doing one lecture on the evening of July 9 for Laura Des Jardins’ group near Mission Viejo. Please call her for directions if you live in the area and want to attend. I don’t even know where the lecture is.

I’ll be heading for Russia on September 1, and only come back to the U.S. in time for a conference in Cleveland, OH on the weekend of October 23-4. Then briefly back to L.A. or Dodona before a week in Hawaii on the island of Kauai on November 7-14. After that?? Maybe I’ll stay in Dodona for the winter.

We are ready for small seminars in Dodona if any three to five friends want to plan one for three to five days. They can be at any level from beginning to advanced, or just a few days spent on charts of family and friends. We’re asking $100 a day per person for everything—bed, board and instruction including an extra night and meals so you can come the day before and leave the day after the days of instruction, only paying for the latter. We can swim every day in a heated pool for adults only, go sailing on the nearby lake, climb the hills, see the stars at night, or just relax when we’re not doing our favorite pastime—astrology. Call (619) 468-9338, or (619) 468-3021, or (213) 487-1000 in the evening, or Maritha Pottenger at ACS for more information.

The new 1992 release of Mark’s CCRS astrology program is available. As usual, there are lots of new features, including the mandalas you have been seeing in The Mutable Dilemma. They are produced by drawing lines between a pair of planets at selected intervals. With the CCRS program, you can pick any pair of planets and use any interval covering any time period to create your own designs. Another new feature is a nice, single ring wheel. For more information, write or call (213) 487-1000 after 7:30 P.M. Pacific time.

Hasta la vista

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