Asteroid-World Spring 1993

Zip Dobyns

Wouldn’t you think a grandmother would know when her grandson was born? The grandmother of David Koresh didn’t. Several people have called Lois Rodden (who got the data from an astrologer in Texas who talked to the grandmother) to report that David was born on August 17, not September 15 as reported in our last Asteroid-World. Presumably the year, 1959, and the place, Houston, TX, are right, though a radio interview with two of his followers said he came from Tyler, TX.

The chart presented here must still be considered speculative since the time is based on the recent debacle. It fits the approximate time given by the grandmother, but that may be as unreliable as the date she gave. The time which best fits the events includes the same aspect that I chose for the September date—progressed (P) Mars conjunct the Ascendant. The aspect is appropriate for both the fiery ending of the cult and the report that Koresh was one of the 22 cult members who were actually killed by gun shots to the head. I have not heard any details about how many are thought to have been suicides and how many might have been murdered, especially some of the children who were shot.

If this birth time is accurate, David’s local Ascendant near Waco (which is just a little earlier than the Houston one) had P Mars slowly moving over it and squaring the local MC during the years that he was collecting the massive stock of weapons. This birth time also puts P Mars square his birthplace MC for his final, fatal battle with the establishment. The natal Sun is at the midpoint of the Ascendant and MC, octile both, so P Mars was octile the natal Sun as well as the midpoint of the angles. This birth time also puts P MC opposite the natal Moon, P Antivertex conjunct the natal Part of Death, and P Saturn on the midpoint of P local and natal Antivertex.

I am still amazed at how well the September 15 chart worked, including relevant asteroids! Experiences like that offer intriguing evidence for the power of mind, when erroneous data gives accurate information about a situation. What led the grandmother to pick that date? Even when an astrologer has the freedom to pick any birth time, you can’t make “any old date” fit. Prior to getting the accurate birth date for David, I was misinformed that he was born on August 15, but I could not find a chart which “worked” for that date—regardless of how I “jiggered” the birth time. The extra asteroids as well as the midpoints and nodes and Arabic Parts do give us a lot of extra tools. They “work” for the August 17 date but did not fit August 15.

As an example of the preceding “fit,” transiting David for the initial ATF attack was on natal David in the September 15 chart. The August 17 chart put T David on natal David for the final attack, fire and deaths. The aspect was not exact for anyone born on August 15! P David (on the August 17 chart) was on P East Point, while P Ascendant was on natal and T David. P 8th house cusp was quincunx natal David and P Ascendant. Focusing on the aspects for the fire, many other asteroids support both the August 17 date and the 9:20 A.M. birth time, including P Washingtonia conjunct David’s local Ascendant and square the L MC. P Mercury was conjunct natal Washingtonia and Dembowska. The latter seems very like another Saturn in a chart. P Venus was on natal Winchester, our asteroid for guns, and Iphigenia, the teenager sacrificed to win the Trojan War. P Winchester was quincunx natal Moon.

One of my newest asteroids, Libitina, was used as a synonym for death by Roman poets. David had P Libitina conjunct his natal Sun, square Jupiter, and opposite P Chiron. Natal Hephaistos who made weapons for the gods of Olympus, and P Attila (the conquering Hun), and Carrera (a Latin American fighter for freedom against Spain) were grouped in Taurus to finish a grand cross in fixed signs and houses. Remember, I am only using one degree orbs. Natal Libitina was on Mercury and Recha, another one of my “new” asteroids. I am testing Recha to see if it is related to tolerance, especially religious tolerance. The asteroid was named for a character in a German drama whose author was a strong advocate of religious tolerance. So far, Recha seems to “work.” Of course like the rest of astrology, it will call attention to the “issue” which may mean the presence of or the need for tolerance. Guernica, associated with the deaths of innocent civilians, was conjunct Recha within one degree so it was connected to Libitina and Mercury. P Recha and Guernica were on P Uranus and P Atlantis was on natal Uranus.

Literally pages more might be written just listing relevant asteroids. Clearly, David’s brief life and violent death are going to have an impact far beyond that of most people. When he died, P Roma and P Vaticana were both on his MC if this birth time is accurate, symbolizing his claim to spiritual power. Also on the MC within one degree were P Medusa (who turned men to stone and was eventually killed) and P Teutonia, perhaps a reminder of the totalitarian tendencies still disturbing the current democracy in Germany. P Saturn held a lifetime opposition to Nemesis, the god that punished you when you transgressed the Law (Saturn). Saturn also held a lifetime conjunction with Harmonia who brought music and song to Greece, a reminder that David originally wanted to be a rock star. P Lucifer (devil or light-bearer, depending on one’s interpretation) was opposite David’s local Antivertex and T Sun was on it when the fire brought the end. The progressed south node of Mars was also on that local Antivertex opposite Lucifer and the transiting Sun. P Bacchus (the Roman version of Dionysus) was on Jupiter, adding to the fixed cross, and P Orpheus, another god who ended by being torn apart, was on natal David along with P Pallas who is often a key to fights over social causes. Natal Dionysus, (whose followers tore him apart in drunken, drugged religious rites), was on David’s local MC and P Dionysus was octile Winchester and P Venus. David’s head was blown apart by a bullet and no gun was found near him. The latest news I have heard states that Steve Schneider shot David and then himself. I assume they were able to match the bullets which killed both men to the gun found with Schneider. Did David lack the courage to kill himself and ask his closest aide and frequent spokesperson to do it for him? Maybe we will eventually get birth data for Schneider.

I could do another whole page on asteroids, such as a cluster of O’Higgins (another Latin American fighter for freedom), Icarus (who over-reached and crashed) and Urania (similar to Uranus) all opposite P America; P Jupiter opposite natal America; P Gaea conjunct both local and natal Ascendants within one degree as the earth watched the tragedy on TV, P Hephaistos and P Moon on the local 8th house cusp quincunx Neptune, etc. etc. We can also look at the start of the fatal fire which gives us the transits to David’s chart in addition to its own message as a chart of a fatal disaster. Instead of the Aries stellium (Ceres, Venus, Moon, and Mercury) opposing David’s natal Mars as they did in the September chart, they are opposite his P Vesta in the August chart. The Aries group remains conjunct the slow-moving south lunar node for both dates.

Our Plutonian Juno is on the Ascendant in the chart for the start of the fire, allowing a wider orb for the “first four” of the asteroids, and the fire East Point is on David’s local MC. The Sun was exactly on the MC when the fire chart is calculated for Washington, DC, and Mars is exactly on David’s natal MC when his chart is calculated for Washington, DC. I simply could not get any of these precise aspects when I tried to work with August 15. Everything was “off” a little. The fire chart also puts Jupiter on the IC which is precisely on David’s P Washingtonia, as well as his Waco and birthplace Ascendants. We could characterize this death as due to unrealistic religious beliefs and/or bad judgment. These aspects are all one degree orbs! The Sun had just passed Libitina but the latter was still opposite David’s local Antivertex.

We can close this overview with a summary of David’s chart that just concentrates on our traditional astrological factors though I do include the first four asteroids and Chiron. The Leo Sun does fit better than the Sun in Virgo in the original September chart. David certainly wanted to be a star and when he didn’t make it with music, he did it with religion. Mercury in Leo in the tenth house repeats the drive for a career in the limelight using the mind and voice, whether in singing or speaking. Uranus in a wide conjunction with the Sun with both in the natural house of Uranus fits David’s rebellion against the establishment.

Venus, ruler of the Libra Ascendant, and Mars, the natural ruler of letter one, our key to identity, are both in the Pisces house while Neptune is in the first house. They show the identification with the Absolute, with infinite love and beauty. We may become an artist or a savior or a victim with that identification. David tried them all, in the process pulling in many other vulnerable “true believers.” Venus and Mars are in the sign of Virgo with close conjunctions to Vesta, the super- Virgo asteroid. Pluto, another first house ruler since there was Scorpio in the first house, was also in Virgo. Identification with the Virgo-Pisces polarity can encourage unrealistic personal expectations—“I should be perfect but look at my flaws.” Such feelings can lead to intense self-criticism or to grandiosity or to alternating between the two extremes; “I ought to be perfect, to be God, so I’m never good enough,” or “I AM GOD and have a right to have and do anything I want.” Of course the safer and saner compromise says “I will be God tomorrow. Today it is OK to be human, on the way to perfection and enjoying the journey.”

David also had a strong focus in the signs of Libra and Scorpio, so he was very identified with close, continuing relationships. Most of the sign emphasis in his chart is in the interpersonal area, dealing with face-to-face interaction with other people, but he also had strong Aquarius, a transpersonal side of life which prefers the freedom to have more casual relationships with many people. One way to handle this “freedom- closeness” dilemma is to have many “affairs” which David defined as multiple “marriages.”

I see David’s combination of interpersonal signs in personal and transpersonal houses in many individuals who work in service professions. They have a series of temporary relationships in their work as they seek to help people and, if they are successfully integrated, they can also maintain a committed relationship with a spouse and their own children. David’s “solution” was to meet his own needs (first house-second house) in a socially unacceptable way (the rebel side of Aquarius when the individual has not internalized the “necessary” rules of Capricorn as a personal conscience).

The “necessary” rules include the “laws” of nature like the need for air, food and rest if we want to go on living in a physical world, and the social “laws” which theoretically protect the rest of society from predators who are only interested in personal desires and lack empathy for others. Societies in which many members fail to develop the personal conscience (internalized Saturn) tend to end with widespread parasitism and crime. (Don’t just think of welfare bums and labeled criminals. Many very wealthy people are both parasites and criminals who have not been caught). Until it is internalized, the Saturn- Capricorn-tenth house principle works as an external power, enforced by authority figures and the consequences of personal attitudes and actions which occultists call “Karma.” But in general, letter ten is a very painful and not very effective way to enforce the “laws” which seek to protect the rights of others.

Once humans have experienced the connectedness of all of life and have developed empathy, they no longer need external or internal “laws” or limits. All the water sides of life have the potential for empathy though letters four and eight tend to experience it through close, interpersonal relationships. Empathy, feeling with others, is theoretically universalized in letter twelve. Despite his strong Pisces identification, David obviously never reached the inclusive potential of Pisces when hurting others is experienced as hurting oneself. Jesus taught and demonstrated the principles of Pisces. David worshiped a very limited god who planned to save only a limited number of people and to send the rest to hell. It is pretty obvious that he worshiped his own, very self-centered inclinations.

We have certainly not heard the last of the Branch Davidians. Some are suing the government for the wrongful death of relatives in the compound. Congress is investigating. Janet Reno seems to have come through the ordeal successfully. Her chart is also speculative on birth time since we have only her birth date and place. Even though we have no birth time, she is obviously going to play a high profile role in the government so we can watch her signs and aspects over the next few years. The time I have picked fits her independence (Aquarius in the first house), her idealism (Jupiter in Pisces in the first house), her unconventional mother (Moon and Ceres closely conjunct Uranus), her devotion to her work and concern with using it to help kids (the Cancer group in the sixth house), and her postponement of marriage (Neptune and Virgo in the seventh house looking for an ideal and aware of the flaws).

This birth time also puts P Washingtonia on the natal MC for Janet’s move to Washington, DC while P America is conjunct Mercury, square the MC and opposite P Jupiter. She has been a country-wide media star as she tried to explain her goals and ideals. P Williams (for Bill Clinton) is conjunct natal Karma and P Winchester with, if this speculative birth time is accurate, all of them square her local MC in Washington. P Ceres is on the local IC. Her new job has proved stressful, to put it mildly.

P Helio (a sun god) is on this speculative Descendant as she has moved into both increased fame and power. P Karma is on Neptune, ruler of the Pisces in her first house, as she faces the challenge of implementing her ideals in a world where massive power and greed hold most of the cards. Janet’s P Sun is still conjunct P Neptune in Virgo and her job will certainly call forth all of her growth potential. The hint that her identity (Mars) her growth (Sun) and her ability to share power and deal with power struggles (Pluto) could involve the U.S. is shown by natal America conjunct her natal Cancer stellium. If this birth time is accurate, Janet’s local Ascendant in Washington, DC is conjunct the midpoints of north node/Saturn, MC/Saturn, and Vesta/Saturn. Talk about an emphasis on WORK!

And talk about more “dirty data.” Lois Rodden’s latest Data News has a clipping from a Little Rock newspaper reporting that Chelsea Clinton was born on February 26, 1980 at 11:24 P.M. The time fits our previous information that Chelsea was born shortly before midnight, but the date is one day earlier than the one reported to the country last February when Chelsea’s birthday was celebrated shortly after her move to the White House. Since it seems unlikely that Chelsea’s parents would not know her birthday (even if David Koresh’s grandmother didn’t know his), I am including a chart calculated for February 27 at 11:24 P.M. Unfortunately, we still have to consider the chart tentative until the date and time are confirmed. For the moment, I am guessing that the newspaper had a typo.

Readers will remember that I was not satisfied with the previous progressed angles for Chelsea’s move to Washington when her father became president, but the information we had received implied a birth close to midnight. The angles for 11:24 P.M. are a few degrees different from the other chart, but on the whole the picture is quite similar. This date and time put Uranus in high focus, close to the natal East Point and exactly conjunct the local Ascendant in Washington, DC. The emphasis on water and earth shows a serious, sensitive person though there is enough fire to reinforce the independence of the rising Uranus with a Leo Moon in the Sagittarius house, a Leo MC and north node, plus Neptune in Sagittarius, and Venus and Ceres in Aries. Also, the exact conjunction of two fire planets, Mars and Jupiter, adds to the fire though they are in Virgo in the Capricorn house. The combination points to fire for both parents. Saturn in the tenth house points to that as father where Chelsea has Leo plus Mars and Jupiter. Bill Clinton’s natal Sun is on the midpoint of her MC/node if this data is accurate. Both Moon and Ceres are in fire signs for mother, and Uranus, ruling the IC, is in the Aries house. The fourth house Pisces fits Hillary’s strong water though she has it in Scorpio, Chelsea’s rising sign.

Chelsea has enough fire and earth added to Scorpio to show a steam roller potential like her parents, though her Pisces is likely to soften it. Still, I think she will be a power herself before she is done despite also feeling the struggle between home and family (fourth and fifth house emphasis) versus career (sixth and tenth house emphasis). Chelsea’s grand trine in fire signs in earth houses indicates a potential winner while her grand trine in water signs and mostly water houses suggests empathy and compassion for others. She is a nurturing person.

Chelsea’s weakest element is air, though the ruler of the Ascendant is in an air sign and house: Pluto in Libra in the Aquarian house. But the eleventh house seems to be a part of one’s character which is developed more in later years, and the other air factor, the south lunar node in Aquarius, is typically a lesson; a part of the nature where we first learn something and then have something to give. So Chelsea’s air throws some doubt on her ability to “take things lightly.” She presents an astrological conundrum since the first and fourth houses are normally keys to tendencies which are truly instinctive at birth and expressed very early in life. Thus, an air planet rising plus an air sign in the fourth house and a ruler of the Ascendant in an air sign and house would normally be read as a person who is very identified with the air element in addition to being born into a home and family who are also very “airy.”

But in Chelsea’s case, we see parents who are extremely intelligent and articulate (air talents) but who are also extremely emotionally intense. They are totally involved in life, not detached—movers, shakers, doers. They both have air signs rising and Hillary also has Uranus on the Ascendant in an air sign. They are both mentally brilliant and verbally fluent. But they are also emotionally highly volatile. Asteroid-World readers will probably have heard of the marital battles being reported by CIA guards in the White House. I think Chelsea will be similar; brilliant, emotional, driven, successful, with a strong water need to retreat periodically to work inside. She was born where she fits.

Chelsea also has some appropriate asteroids. If her reported birth time is accurate, her East Point in Washington, DC is conjunct America while Gaea (earth) is on her local West Point. Photographica is on her natal Mercury for her media exposure. Fama is on her natal Venus and P Fama had moved to conjunct Ceres when her father became President. P Amun, a sun god, is crossing Chelsea’s Descendant if this birth date and time are accurate, while P Hestia (the Greek name for Vesta) and P Urania are retrograding over her local MC and opposing P Mercury. The combination fits Chelsea’s change of home and status in the world. P Sun and Pallas are both on natal Mercury quincunx Pluto, semisextile Venus, and P Sun is also opposite the local P MC. Since I progress the MC at the same speed as the P Sun, the latter is a lifetime aspect. If Chelsea’s data is accurate (that is still an “if”), her natal Sun is on her local IC within one degree. P Venus had just finished trines to natal Mars and Jupiter when her father was sworn in as President, but her P MC was trine P Venus. P Mars is retrograding over the north lunar node which puts it opposite the south node, repeating the potential for a change of home and status and/or changes involving her parents.

Chelsea’s chart has its share of stress aspects which fit the challenges taken on by her parents. P Williams will hold squares to P Jupiter and then to natal Mars and Jupiter for several years. P Washingtonia squares her P local MC and is moving into a square to P and then natal Saturn. P America moved into a square to Pallas and a quincunx to Vesta and it has remained opposite P Gaea all her life to date. P Ascendant started an opposition to natal Williams about two months after her father’s inauguration. Bill Clinton is working overtime as well as traveling so Hillary is playing both parents some of the time in addition to heading up the task force studying health reform. Both parents are role models for Chelsea with Uranus ruling the fourth house and in the first house and Jupiter ruling the first house and in the tenth house. I expect her to follow in their footsteps to some degree, though probably with a softer touch.

Some time back, we offered two possible birth times for Slobodan Milosevic, the leader of Serbia. Both times came from Yugoslavia, and the chart for 2:30 A.M. seemed to fit better, but it must still be considered questionable. Milosevic is the primary force behind the original battle of the Serbs in Croatia and Bosnia against their neighbors. He promoted the drive to conquer any territory which was partly occupied by ethnic Serbs and to kill or expel non-Serb people; Croatians or Moslems. The Yugoslav army was mostly made up of Serbs and when the fighting was quite chaotic in the early stages of the civil war, Milosevic sent a top general of the Serbian army to take charge. This general has been very successful in organizing the Bosnian Serbs who have also received constant supplies from the original republic of Serbia.

When the western allies tightened the embargo on Serbia and Clinton started talking about air strikes, Milosevic began to back pedal on his demagogy, to urge the Bosnian Serbs to accept the Vance-Owen peace plan which would force the Serbs to give up some of the territory they have conquered. But the general in charge of the Bosnian Serb fighters is now defying his former “boss,” rejecting any talk of giving up territory or even of stopping the fighting. I do not have any data or even the name of the general, but am including an updated chart on Milosevic with the usual caveat about dubious data.

The chart does fit the circumstances just described. If this time is right, Milosevic has had P East Point conjunct Mars and semisextile the Ascendant and P Chiron for his successful belligerence in the past. P Mars is also continuing a sextile to P Pluto and a trine to P MC. But P Moon earlier this year opposed natal Sun, about the time Milosevic was having a change of heart due to the possibility of losing his power. Currently, P Moon is opposite P East Point in Belgrade and moving into oppositions to natal Mars and P East Point. P Moon then goes into Pisces and by fall it will be square P MC and quincunx P Mars and Pluto, a yod. I hope that this means a major change in the support for the Bosnian Serb atrocities though it may just mean continuing loss of power for Milosevic.

Among the interesting asteroids is P Williams retrograding over the MC for several years as Bill Clinton and Milosevic confront each other. For years, P Winchester has moved slowly opposite P and then natal Jupiter and Saturn. P Mercury starts oppositions to the same planets in a few months. P Slavia is on the north lunar node and will reach Milosevic’s Belgrade IC in mid June if his birth time is accurate. Russia and Ukraine are both Slavic nations, and individual soldiers from those countries are fighting in Bosnia though the officials of both countries would like to find a peaceful solution. P Guernica holds a long opposition to Mars, a quincunx to the Ascendant and P Chiron, and a square to Icarus. P Moon conjuncts P Guernica this summer. P Srbija (Serbia) started an opposition to the Antivertex a few months ago. P Libitina and P Icarus at 20 Sagittarius are square the Moon and octile a natal stellium in 5 Scorpio which includes Megaira (an avenger of misdeeds), Union, Bacchus (the Roman Dionysus associated with drunken or crazy behavior), Recha (religious tolerance or its lack), Winchester, and Starr. P America has several aspects including conjunctions with Siva (god of destruction) and Pax (peace or the lack of it). Remember, asteroids, like all of astrology, symbolize principles which can be present or missing; issues which have to be handled.

When Milosevic’s chart is calculated for Washington, DC, his P Mars is square the MC, opposite the East Point, and moving to oppose the Ascendant. P Pluto holds a long quincunx to the MC. He may have changed his stance for reasons of expediency but I doubt that he will be very helpful in undoing the damage he has helped to instigate. As a final note, P Karma is moving to oppose Milosevic’s Belgrade Ascendant.

As I may have written in the past, Bill Clinton’s chart calculated for Belgrade has P Jupiter on the MC square natal Saturn in the seventh house. He wants to save the Bosnian Moslems but cannot do it alone. Currently, Clinton has a triple conjunction of P Icarus, P Srbija, and P Pallas which are headed into a conjunction with his Belgrade Ascendant. They are already on his Ascendant in Sarajevo! Locality charts can be dramatic and informative. Clinton’s MC in Baghdad is square his natal Sun. His P Ascendant in Teheran, Iran was opposite P Jupiter when he was inaugurated and it started a square to Saturn within a few days afterwards—in time for the World Trade Center bombing which may have been financed from Teheran. Clinton’s Tokyo houses put his nodal axis exactly on the Ascendant- Descendant and his Sun within two degrees of the IC which could mean loss of face, but he does also have some trines in air signs to the Tokyo angles. In Peking, China he has quincunxes to his local Ascendant and his local MC opposes the midpoint of Saturn/P Saturn with P Jupiter moving into a square. Each country presents its own challenges and the way they are mirrored in the sky is almost as amazing as the new asteroids.

I have written repeatedly about the Earth-Mars conjunction chart which foretold the dreadful situation in the former Yugoslavia. There were developments in the war when T Mars crossed the Moon and later Mars-MC in the chart. The next major aspect will be P Moon crossing Mars-MC and simultaneously opposing Sun-Uranus-Neptune and quincunxing Saturn and Winchester. That network of aspects is present during most of the summer of 1993, and I suspect that it may mark increased U.S. involvement in the tragedy. I hope it will bring our support of “safe zones” for the Moslems as the French suggest rather than full scale war with the Serbians. The French have more UN troops on the ground in Bosnia than any other country, and they are willing to send still more if the effort remains under UN control. They are not members of NATO, so do not want the effort under NATO control as the U.S. has suggested.

One of my recent enterprises was to calculate the cardinal ingresses for 1993 to spring 1995 for several capitals including Belgrade, Serbia and Sarajevo, Bosnia. I kept hoping that I would find a chart that pointed to peace, but in a limited examination, all of the charts set for former Yugoslavia had stress aspects to the angles, especially including Mars, Pluto, Saturn, etc. They also had angle aspects involving relevant asteroids for the countries and their capitals (America, Serbia, Washingtonia, Beograd, etc.) and for violence.

For example, the Aries 1993 Ingress has Srbija and Dresden on the MC in Sarajevo. The symbolism clearly points to the Serbs’ ongoing killing of noncombatant civilians in Sarajevo. Mars is octile the Sarajevo MC and Bruxelles (Brussels—center of the European Community) squares it. Tacitus, named for a Roman general, is on the Sarajevo Ascendant and Winchester trines it. Maybe the western powers will decide to provide weapons for the Moslems to defend themselves. The U.S. is urging this, but the European are afraid that it will only widen and escalate the destruction. Slavia (Slavs) is quincunx the Sarajevo Ascendant. The Sarajevo East Point is opposite Saturn and square Pluto. The Moon squares the Belgrade MC. Starr is on the Belgrade Ascendant and Beograd is quincunx it as well as opposite the Antivertex, so maybe there will be a change of direction. I will only list aspects which are exact within one degree, even for the “traditional” planets, and the aspects listed above do look like the horror we have been seeing in Bosnia.

The Cancer 1993 Ingress puts a conjunction of Vesta and Pallas on the Descendant in Belgrade which could mean continued alienation from others over issues around social justice. The Neptune-Uranus conjunction is trioctile the two MCs, with Neptune exact to Sarajevo and Uranus exact to Belgrade. Tacitus is on the Belgrade Ascendant along with heliocentric (H) Yugoslavia and Sphinx. Does the latter refer to mystery, perhaps related to stalling tactics such as the recent referendum on the Vance-Owen plan or to Serbs in Serbia continuing to secretly supply arms to their fellows in Bosnia? The citation describing the source of the asteroid name is more sinister, referring to the Greek myth in which the sphinx was a monster who killed anyone who could not answer its riddle. The lunar nodes square the Belgrade Ascendant within my one-degree orb as well as Pallas and Vesta. Hephaistos, who made weapons for the Gods, is conjunct the true south lunar node.

On the other hand, Jupiter trine the Sarajevo MC may be a hopeful sign of improvement in the Bosnian situation this summer. At least the aspects are less one-sidedly against Bosnia. Slavia does trine the Belgrade Ascendant, suggesting help from fellow Slavs which they are getting from private citizens in Russia and Ukraine. America conjuncts both the Belgrade Antivertex and Guernica, implying that we will still be involved in some way. Karma conjuncts Osiris (another dismembered god), opposes Venus (one of the rulers of the first house), and squares the Belgrade Antivertex, America, and Guernica.

Beograd is on Lucifer, California, and Saturn. Will Belgrade see the light or continue to play devil in the eyes of most of the world and pull in Marines from California? Or does the presence of California on Saturn at the Ingress just mean continued homegrown problems in the state? Unfortunately, the Saturn grouping is opposite the Sarajevo East Point and the midpoint of Mars/Belgrade East Point. Also, Beograd (as well as California) are within a one degree trioctile to the Moon. The Saturn group is also trine the Sun but quincunx H Mars. At least the picture is more mixed than the spring chart. Washingtonia is quincunx Ceres for a possible change of action and it has hopeful sextiles to Mercury and Pluto. Mercury, ruler of both the MCs and the Ascendants, is on the midpoint of the angles in Belgrade so we can expect to see continued media attention. Involvement, as shown by asteroids symbolizing the U.S., does not prove that we will be at war in the area. We might be still discussing the crisis with Europe and sending food aid to the Moslems in Bosnia.

We will save the rest of the Ingress charts for another Asteroid-World. I’m off to our annual Montana seminar, then to the ARC conference in MI, then a weekend lecture and workshop in San Diego, and a small seminar in Dodona scheduled for mid-July. If any of our readers are interested in a seminar here, or have friends who are interested, please let me know.

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