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This issue of The Mutable Dilemma is late, thanks to a very busy June and the first half of July. Maritha and I taught our annual seminar in Montana to the smallest group ever. Next year, we are cutting the program by one day by eliminating almost all the open time, trying to cram as much material into seven days as we have been covering in eight. Holistic Life Seminars also plans to reduce the cost. In light of the persisting recession, we will see whether this helps. The 1994 Intensive will start on June 2 again.

Following Montana this year I attended the ARC conference in Lansing, MI and had a good time. Then in early July I did a lecture and workshop for the San Diego Astrological Society, and I just finished another small seminar in Dodona which included much fun playing with asteroids. In light of the doom and gloom in the world, it is somehow comforting to see that these tiny bits of “cosmic gravel” as one astrologer calls them are resolutely demonstrating that the cosmos is still orderly and meaningful.

The Church meetings conducted by our founder, my brother Dr. James Pottenger, have now been moved to Dodona except for an annual December board meeting in Los Angeles. Also, I have cut my trips to L.A. to once every three months when I help with Kosmos, the journal of the International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR) and usually do the final work on The Mutable Dilemma.

We continue to improve the facilities here at Dodona. An air conditioner is about to be installed in the mobile home which is my residence until we can afford to build a guest house. I haven’t needed it but Jim thought our seminar guests might on occasion. I visited the Oregon Yurt company in Eugene on my way home from Montana and was delighted to find they are now operating in California and will be able to build what I want when we are ready. I also now have a large antenna and can get good reception from several local TV stations. Since I rarely watch anything except news, this is a minor matter but I was pleased to be able to see a recent interview of Dr. Chopra. I’ve had some tomatoes, peppers, and green onions from my small garden which was watered by my brother during my six weeks absence. Our orchard has an automatic system of drip irrigation, and we hope that some of the new trees will start producing soon. The two mature peach trees had a good crop, which were small but delicious. The rabbits, humming birds and squirrels have multiplied. James feeds them all, and occasionally sees a possum. Unfortunately, the mice are also still here. The moth balls in my drawers did not work. I’m thinking of borrowing his two cats from my son, Rique.

We hope that some of our subscribers will want to organize a seminar here for themselves and a couple of friends. The weather is mostly delightful with mild temperatures, blue sky, sunshine, and clean air. Our daily swim in a big heated pool is the only exercise I know that is both invigorating and relaxing. If you are going to be in the area, phone to get directions and come visit us.

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