Chelsea Clinton—The First Daughter

Zip Dobyns

According to a 1993 biography of Hillary Clinton by Judith Warner, Hillary went into labor on February 27, 1980 at 7:45 P.M. After nearly four painful hours, her doctors decided to perform a caesarean section. Since Chelsea was born on February 27, her time must be very close to midnight. One possible time for her chart is 23:45 CST in Little Rock, Arkansas. This gives strong aspects to the progressed “personal action” angles—P Ascendant crossing her local Ascendant and square P Mars while P L Ascendant trines the Moon, P L East Point sextile-trines the nodes, P Antivertex conjuncts P Moon and P L Antivertex trines her tenth house Saturn and her Sun/Moon midpoint. But, with this time, her P MC is not very strong in either Little Rock or Washington, DC. It is possible that P Mars and the north lunar node on the MC and P Vesta on the Descendant may make up for the weak progressed aspects of the MC accompanying the dramatic life changes when her father became President of the U.S. We can do more work on the chart when we get more events in her life.

[Note: the chart shown is for the time in the AstroDatabank, not the original speculative time.]

Like her mother, Chelsea has Uranus rising but its water sign tends to be more reserved than Hillary’s Gemini. Sun, Pallas and Mercury in Pisces in the fourth house add to the water in the chart, showing a sensitive, empathic nature. Neptune, the primary ruler of Pisces, is just inside the second house, though if the birth was a little later, it could be in the first house. Juno in Cancer in its “own” Scorpio house adds another water note.

Chelsea also has strong fire and earth. Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn are all in Virgo in the Capricorn house; two fire planets and one earth one. Another fire earth combination is included with Chiron (like Jupiter) and Vesta (like Virgo) in Taurus in the Virgo house. Fire-earth combinations can be steam-rollers if they are not blocked by the water instinct for security—whether the goal is personal safety or the well-being of others. Though conflict is possible between the fire and the earth or the fire and the water, having the elements of the signs the same as the elements of the houses they occupy (except for Ascendant-Uranus) can indicate greater ease of integration. The fire potential for creativity and enthusiasm is further strengthened by factors in all three fire signs and houses.

The weakest element is air, the ability to detach and take things lightly. The south lunar node, a lesson, is one of the air factors and its placement in Aquarius combined with the other air factor in the house of Aquarius suggests that Chelsea will be “growing” in the direction of increased air. I think that letter eleven represents future aspirations so it becomes stronger as we mature. The emphasis on Virgo and Sagittarius, both the signs and the houses, shows ample intelligence, but in time, Chelsea may choose to ease up on some of her emotional intensity. Despite her sensitivity and shyness, Chelsea Clinton looks like a future leader.

A few relevant asteroids include P Washingtonia opposite Neptune, P Williams square P Jupiter, and P America square Pallas.

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