Asteroid-World Fall 1994

Zip Dobyns

The murder trial of O.J. Simpson is still underway though it is no longer front page news every day. Thanks to Lois Rodden, we now have additional data for individuals connected to the case, and I decided to devote most of this issue of Asteroid-World to it. We have already discussed some of the relevant charts, but we are providing them again so that all of the currently available material will be collected in one issue. The full page charts in the Asteroid-World are also easier to work with than the small ones in The Mutable Dilemma. They provide space for readers to write in their favorite extra tools such as midpoints, planetary nodes, asteroids, transits, etc.

My first article on the murders was in the Gemini 1994 issue of The Mutable Dilemma. We had accurate (birth certificate) birth data for O.J. from the beginning, but I just did speculative birth times for Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman, the two murder victims. Before the Gemini issue went to the printer, I received word that Nicole had given her birth time to an actor who was interested in astrology and asked her for it. The reported time was just four minutes from the speculative time I had been working with.

I did a follow-up article in the Virgo 1994 issue of The Mutable Dilemma which discussed the chart of one of O.J.’s back-up lawyers, Alan Dershowitz, and the new asteroids which I had acquired: Simpson, Nicole, Brown, Shapiro, and Kathleen. The last was for the judge who determined that there was sufficient evidence to warrant O.J. having to stand trial. Shapiro is O.J.’s principle lawyer. I was especially impressed to find that the birth time which supposedly came from Nicole put her first name on the MC at her birthplace and her last name on the MC where she died.

However, I have now received information that Nicole was not born at that time. No one seems to know where the 4:44 P.M. time came from, but it might have been a local astrologer’s attempt at rectification. I work with speculative charts quite often when I have not been able to get a birth time, but it is not good karma to not inform astrologers when we publicize such speculative charts. But what is most incredible is that whoever produced that chart managed to pick the birth time which put Nicole’s two names on the MCs of her places of birth and death.

I have written more about this phenomenon in the article on Oliver North in the Sagittarius The Mutable Dilemma since the same thing may have happened in his case. A time given for him from a family friend put Oliver on his MC at birth. But North is currently in limbo. The Sagittarius The Mutable Dilemma just went to the printer with an article on North using a birth time from him which he said he got from his mother. According to Lois Rodden, that 10:14 A.M. time was a rectification by a Texas astrologer named Hank Middleraad! The irony of this is that Lois says that I told her about Middleraad, and I have no memory of that. I just remember writing about North using the time near midnight, which supposedly came from the family friend. What a joy it would be if we could get reliable birth times for all public figures! At this point, we can only chalk up another probable lie for Ollie North. I suspect that someone told him about the chart produced by the Texan and he was told that it was a favorable chart with Jupiter on the MC, so he decided to tell people he was born then. All we can say for sure at this point is that North’s data is DIRTY DATA. The chart in the Sagittarius 1994 The Mutable Dilemma may just be another example of more than one birth time producing a chart with some useful information, but I suggest a large grain of salt in dealing with it.

The basic point I want to make is that if Nicole’s and North’s charts were rectified by astrologers, they did it without knowing the positions of those personal name asteroids. I am reasonably certain that my son, Mark Pottenger, was the first to make these asteroids available to astrologers and they were only calculated after the events which put their namesakes in the headlines. Is the universe playing games with us?

Nicole was actually born at 2 A.M. in Frankfort, Germany, according to Marion March who got her birth certificate from Germany and passed the information on to Lois Rodden. The chart for her accurate birth time does work very well. Instead of Libra rising, which did fit Nicole’s beauty, she had Pisces rising which is also often a clue to physical beauty. Her stellium in the sign of Libra was also in the house of Libra, emphasizing the importance of marriage in her life, and both Jupiter and Neptune, co-rulers of her Ascendant sign, were in Scorpio in the eighth house—a double statement of the potential of feeling vulnerable to other people. As I have written often, we can react to such placements of first house rulers in the seventh or eighth houses by giving in, fighting or running away. Or we can share the power (provided the partner is also willing to compromise), can have healthy (game-playing) competition, and can help people to reassure ourselves that we have our share of the power.

Nicole was reported as having mostly given in until she ran away. News stories after her death claimed that she had been planning to move to New York, that she had hired a local interior design expert to find a guarded apartment and decorate it for her. O.J. was devoted to his children, and the prospect of having them across the country in an apartment where he would not have ready access to them must have been profoundly disturbing to him.

In addition to the importance of relationships, Nicole’s accurate chart also emphasizes her love of expensive possessions with her factors in the signs of Taurus and Scorpio placed in their natural houses. In addition to the conflict aspects to factors in her seventh and eighth houses, Nicole’s 2 A.M. chart put Vesta exactly on her local MC in Brentwood, CA. A prominent Vesta can show the potential for relationship problems in light of Vesta as a key to intense focus that may lead to lack of awareness of how our actions are affecting the people around us. Still other keys in Nicole’s chart which point to power issues are the exact Sun-Jupiter-Chiron T-square in fixed signs and Mars trioctile her natal Ascendant. Mars and the Ascendant symbolize the same principle—“letter one” of our alphabet of astrology. When two keys to “letter one,” our “right and power to protect and assert ourselves,” are in conflict aspect to each other, it often manifests as some type of self-doubt and self-blocking or even self-destruction. Neptune exactly on Nicole’s local Ascendant with both octile her natal MC repeats the theme of power issues with peers. Scorpio symbolizes peers, the Ascendant is a key to personal power, and the MC shows power which is at least partly outside our personal control.

Though Nicole’s accurate chart moved her name asteroids away from her natal and local MCs, she still has her maiden name of Brown on an angle, on her first house Antivertex. Asteroid Nicole is on her sixth house cusp (work and health), and Libitina, one of the “death” asteroids, is on her twelfth house cusp and quincunx her Pluto and her Part of death in Brentwood to form a yod. As readers will remember, I only mention asteroid aspects which are exact within one degree. Asteroid Simpson is at 20 Aries trine her MC, and her husband did provide many of her desires for some years—fame, money, and children. But P Simpson had moved into squares to Nicole’s natal Vesta and local MC and P Nicole had reached a conjunction with Uranus and a square to her natal James. Nicole’s P Mars had been moving over Vesta and Uranus for years as she and O.J. battled over his infidelity and her extravagance. At her murder, it was still on P Uranus with both planets square her natal James. Her P James was conjunct P Nemesis, octile natal Mars and P Mercury, and square Nicole’s Ascendant. The personal name asteroids certainly spelled out major tensions between Nicole and James.

As our readers know, the Arabic Part called the Part of Death can be a key to endings, not limited to but including one’s physical death. The formula adds the Ascendant and the eighth house cusp and subtracts the Moon. Nicole’s natal Part of Death (PD) was 0 Aries 28 and her local one in Brentwood was 1 Cancer 40. Her P Sun at her death was conjunct the Brentwood PD and square the birthplace PD. Her P Moon was just over one degree past Libitina with a quincunx to Pluto and an octile to her P 8th house cusp. The figures given here for the 8th cusp and the Parts of Death were calculated using the Placidus house system. Nicole’s P MC in Brentwood was opposite P Hel, another asteroid representing death. The water principle in astrology is the element of closure, of finishing chapters and letting go, so the cusps of the water houses, 4, 8, and 12, can be keys to endings. Nicole’s Quotidian Ascendant, a form of progressed angle which moves about one degree a day, was on Nicole’s natal IC on the day of her death, and so were two of the asteroids named for mythical figures who were dismembered—natal Orpheus and P Dionysus. The combination is a gruesome reminder that Nicole’s head was nearly severed from her body. Her natal Sun, which was closely opposite Jupiter, was also conjunct Algol within a couple of degrees. Algol was one of the most feared stars in the ancient world, associated with “death by the throat.” In light of all the precise aspects to natal and progressed angles, Nicole’s recorded birth time looks quite accurate.

The timed birth chart of Alan Dershowitz, a back-up lawyer for O.J., was discussed in the Virgo 1994 The Mutable Dilemma, so I will not repeat what was presented there but will include the chart to let readers who are following the case have a single source for all of the currently available horoscopes. Astrology shows psychological principles, the timing of important turning points in the life and the issues involved, but detailed events depend on personal choices. There are always a variety of potential details, and I suspect that astrologers who predict accurate details are drawing on psychic ability in addition to astrological principles. Still, the more charts we have of people involved in a given situation, the more we should be able to make educated guesses on outcomes. So, for astrology students who can spend time on them, we are now presenting birth certificate times for three of O.J.’s lawyers, for Marcia Clark, the prosecuting attorney, and for the two children of O.J. and Nicole. The children, Sydney and Justin, are staying with Nicole’s parents and they do not know that their father is in jail charged with murdering their mother.

All of the preceding birth data is thanks to Lois Rodden. Her monthly Data News is a treasure house for astrologers. Anyone interested in subscribing can write to Data News, 11736 3rd. St., Yucaipa, CA 92399.

We now have a birth time for Robert Shapiro, O.J.’s principal lawyer, who was briefly mentioned in the Virgo 1994 The Mutable Dilemma. I guessed that he might have Capricorn rising because of his usual low-key manner, but instead it was Virgo. Shapiro was born on September 2, 1942 in Plainfield, NJ at 7:47 A.M. He has an incredible Virgo-Pisces emphasis with the Sun, Mars, the north lunar node, the Antivertex, and the East Point all in Virgo in the twelfth house and Neptune in Virgo rising, just two degrees from his Ascendant. Most of his occupied signs are in their opposition houses: three factors in Leo in the Aquarius house, three in Gemini in the Sagittarius house, etc. This type of sign-house combination calls for integrating the opposition principle—basically, for being able to cooperate and compromise when that is appropriate and to handle “healthy” competition when that is appropriate. To be healthy, competition needs to be seen as a “game.” We need to be able to win some and lose some and not turn it into a life/death struggle. Since the practice of law is intensely competitive, that field of work is usually a good choice for people with many oppositions. The cooperative potential of the opposition is exercised when lawyers counsel their clients, and the competition is played out with their opponents.

Shapiro’s Pisces/Virgo emphasis should indicate an individual with considerable empathy, and the TV presentations of the trial have shown Shapiro putting his hand on O.J.’s shoulder in a comforting way. As the choosing of the jury has progressed, Shapiro has shown a bit more of his dramatic potential, which is certainly there in the chart in the Leo factors and is also encouraged by his residence on the west coast where he has Leo rising. Shapiro’s local MC is 11 Taurus 56—interesting since Nicole had James at 12 Taurus 31 and P Simpson at 9 Taurus 16 when she was murdered. O.J. has Saturn at 9 Leo and Pluto at 12 Leo. Shapiro has his hands full with this case. He is obviously very bright and very competent with his mutable emphasis which includes the mutable planet, Mercury, rising in early Libra. Both his P local Ascendant and P local East Point are conjunct that natal Mercury through 1994, and the local Ascendant will continue to hold the aspect through 1995, highlighting his mental action, learning and communicating. P Mercury is trine his natal Saturn in the ninth house of law courts and P Saturn holds a long trine to Pallas which I have found prominent in many types of consultants, including lawyers. (P Saturn was square natal asteroid Shapiro for years, but it has moved out of orb.)

According to astrologer Dorothy Oja, the O.J. trial opened in Los Angeles on September 26, 1994 at 1:15 P.M. PDT. At that time, the Sun was in 3 Libra 30 conjunct Shapiro’s natal Mercury, and Mercury was in 29 Libra coming to Shapiro’s P Sun in 0 Scorpio. The trial Moon in 20 Gemini was just coming to Shapiro’s natal MC and the trial Ascendant was in 24 Sagittarius on Shapiro’s natal IC. As this is being written in early December, the process of choosing alternate jurors has just ended, but Judge Ito has said that some of the original jurors may be challenged and not complete the trial, and the information on DNA testing is not going to be available until January 1995. It looks like a long road still ahead, yet an important development is likely in the spring of 1995, when Shapiro’s P Moon will cross his local MC with a square to Pallas but a semisextile to Saturn and a sextile to his name asteroid—Shapiro. It is unlikely that the trial could last until 1996, but that summer the trial’s P MC reaches Shapiro’s local Ascendant and his P Moon forms a grand trine in earth signs to Neptune and Vesta. His P Sun holds a sextile/trine to his lunar nodes through this time though P Juno also squares them. Of course, when legal appeals are considered, and the potential for a hung jury, cases can take many years.

The trial chart also has interesting asteroids. Simpson in the ninth house is sextile James in the eleventh house and both of them are quincunx Nicole in the fourth house—a yod pattern which is characteristic of separations and moving in new directions. That kind of specificity with the personal name asteroids still blows my mind. I never get used to it. If this date and time are accurate, Heliocentric Nicole was exactly on the IC when the trial opened. We have two asteroids with minor variations on Shapiro’s first name; Roberts and Roberta. In the trial chart, Roberts was in the eighth house square James and Fama (fame), which were conjunct in the eleventh house. Roberta was conjunct Vesta in the seventh house for Shapiro’s job as consultant. Asteroid Shapiro was in the ninth house quincunx the IC and octile Mars. The aspects mirror the challenge in the case. An intriguing midpoint is Saturn/south lunar node exactly on the IC—a lesson at the end.

I have not worked much with this type of chart and am not really sure how to read it. I would assume that the tenth house represents the legal authorities who are conducting the trial and the seventh might be the defendant who is being “attacked” by the law. There is a grand trine in water signs including Saturn, Vesta and Juno which connects seventh and tenth house planets and Saturn, which is a natural key to the tenth and rules a sign in the first house. I’m not really sure which side this pattern might favor. We can keep an eye on the chart as the trial progresses and learn from it. That is how astrology has grown and changed over the centuries, by pragmatic observation of the patterns in the sky and the events on earth.

I do not have the birth time of Johnny Cochran, another local lawyer who is assisting in the O.J. case. He was born on October 2, 1937 in Shrevesport, LA. Nor do I have the full data for Judge Ito, who will preside over the trial. His birth date is August 2, 1950. I do have the full data for F. Lee Bailey, who, like Dershowitz, is a back-up consultant. Bailey was born on June 10, 1933, in Waltham, MA at 2 A.M. EST. His mother gave the birth data to Ruth Hale Oliver and emphasized that the time she gave was standard although daylight time was in effect on his birth date. Like Shapiro’s, Bailey’s chart is loaded with mutables: four factors in Virgo, two in Pisces, two in Gemini, four in the Pisces house, three in the Gemini house and one each in the Virgo and Sagittarius houses. Mental ability is obviously necessary to be a successful lawyer, and all of the mutables deal with the mind in different ways. Bailey also has strong security needs, with four factors in Cancer and his Moon in Capricorn. His problems with alcohol may be partly due to frustrated idealism. The Aries stellium and Taurus Ascendant commonly show someone who thinks he has a right to what he wants while the placement of the Aries in the Pisces house suggests that the personal desires could be limitless. Pisces wants it all and all of it should be perfect.

Bailey has asteroids Nicole and Maria, the closest name we have to Marcia, the name of the prosecuting attorney, conjunct in 27 Taurus, and the progressed true lunar nodes are square them. P Nicole was conjunct Bailey’s natal Sun when the trial started, as well as quincunx his MC. The combination patterns suggest the competition which is part of the case, the personal prominence coming to Bailey from it, and the possibility that it will mark a new stage in his career. Bailey’s P Ascendant was sextile P Simpson, implying that he might help the defendant, and Bailey’s P East Point in Los Angeles, the locale of the trial, was trine his P James in his ninth house, offering a similar message. P James is retrograding in 19 Capricorn, applying to a trine to P Neptune, and P local East Point and P Ascendant are moving into a trine and a sextile respectively to Jupiter while P Simpson will eventually conjunct Bailey’s natal Jupiter. The angle aspects to Jupiter are two or more years away, so again the implication is that the case may drag on for quite a while. The extended time would presumably be due to appeals, which are where Dershowitz and Bailey are likely to have roles.

There are enough conflict aspects to warn against guaranteeing across-the-board success for Bailey, though the aspects might relate to other cases. Unlike Shapiro, Bailey’s current career certainly involves other clients and cases. Bailey’s P Mars is square his MC and will move into a square to Pluto in time. P Ceres holds a long square to Pluto, so when Mars reaches the Pluto square it will also oppose Ceres. However, P Mars is also conjunct Juno, which can highlight partnership activity, and the P East Point trines both of them for potential success through teamwork. P Pallas on the north lunar node and trine Venus are also usually indications of success. P Venus will trine the Moon in a few months and hold the aspect for nearly two years, another pattern for work success, but P Ascendant in a few months starts a quincunx to P Saturn in the tenth house, a challenging aspect. In summary, in light of the mixed patterns, we would expect Bailey to win some cases and to lose some. Working with the personal name asteroids is still quite exploratory, but they seem like our best bet if we hope to pinpoint the timing and the outcome of a specific case. Bailey’s P Moon will form trines to P James and then P Simpson in the summer of 1996. We will see then whether they are reliable factors in astrology when we see whether they correlate with O.J.’s fate.

The prosecuting attorney in the O.J. case is Marcia Clark, who was born on August 31, 1953 in Oakland, CA at 12:35 P.M. PDT. Like Shapiro and Dershowitz, Clark has a Virgo Sun, but with her Scorpio Ascendant and Leo stellium in the Sagittarian house, which provide a fire-water emphasis, she is more visibly intense and driven. Uranus and two asteroids in Cancer in the Scorpio house add to the emotional intensity of the chart. However, she also has strong air, including her Moon and Jupiter in Gemini, and the latter is in a grand air trine to a Neptune-Saturn conjunction in Libra and Vesta in Aquarius. She is definitely a very bright lady. After being criticized for her abrasive bluntness, she visibly softened her confrontative style in the courtroom. Regardless of the strength of the evidence, the prosecuting attorney has to keep the jury’s respect. It only takes one alienated person to hang a jury.

Clark has some interesting asteroids, including Mary and Maria in 24 Scorpio exactly on her Descendant in Los Angeles. Those two personal name asteroids are the closest analogues we have to her first name, Marcia. Her natal Simpson is in 24 Leo in her ninth house of law courts. It squares her local Ascendant axis and the name asteroids that may “work” for her. P Pluto stays conjunct natal Simpson for years. P Simpson at 12 Virgo has just started an octile to Clark’s P Saturn as the two lawyers confront each other over O.J. Simpson’s fate. P Simpson will be octile Clark’s P south lunar node in her ninth house by the summer of 1995, and will hold the aspect for years. But does the conflict aspect mean that she will have trouble in winning the case or that her career will mean bad news for O.J.? P Shapiro in 19 Aquarius is square Clark’s natal Ascendant for the battle between the two lawyers. On the other hand, her P Sun has just started a trine to P Shapiro and her P Ascendant sextiles it. The harmony aspects may be telling us that regardless of how the case turns out, the interaction will enhance the positions of one or both in the world.

Clark’s P Nicole in Virgo trines her natal Sun, which fits the effort of Clark’s work to produce justice for Nicole. Clark’s P East Point completes a grand earth trine with her Sun and P Nicole and it will soon trine P Ceres in the tenth house. Clark also has her P America on Brown as her fellow citizens watch her try to convict the former husband of Nicole Brown Simpson. Apollo, a sun god for fame, is also conjunct natal Brown, and P Maria trines Brown. P Themis, divine justice, is on Clark’s P Saturn and sextile her natal MC—a promising combination for winning, but Saturn and Themis also square Clark’s P lunar nodes, so it won’t be easy. Her P local MC is conjunct natal Themis to repeat the message. Her P Justitia, another asteroid named for “justice”, is on the natal Ascendant of her opponent, Robert Shapiro. Clark’s natal Justitia is closely conjunct Fama (fame) and James (O.J.’s middle name), all in 7 Virgo in her tenth house. She has clearly become famous dealing with the law, justice and James.

Some of Clark’s future aspects are less encouraging. Her Los Angeles P MC starts a two year square to Chiron in the fall of 1995. Chiron has been prominent in most of the charts involved in this case and I think can be interpreted in its Sagittarian association with the law and judgment. Clark’s birthplace P MC trines her Moon, squares her Los Angeles Antivertex, and is quincunx Nicole by the winter of 1996-7, but that looks later than the timing in the charts of O.J.’s lawyers. Guessing details is pretty speculative. Clark might be replaced by another prosecutor if O.J.’s lawyers are appealing an earlier decision, or the aspects might mean a shift in the outcome of the case due to appeals. Clark’s P MC continues its present octiles and trioctiles to her fixed cross through 1995, so the intense power struggle is certainly pictured in her chart. The cross in 24 to 25 degrees of the fixed signs includes her local Ascendant in Scorpio, Simpson and Pluto in Leo, Mary and Maria in Taurus, and Bellona (a war goddess) in Aquarius. Clark’s P Moon will square her natal Sun and form octiles to her Neptune-Saturn in the spring of 1995 when Shapiro’s chart shows an important development. In the summer of 1996, her P Moon will be trine Pluto, sextile Neptune-Saturn, semisextile her local Ascendant, sextile Shapiro and Bellona, opposite Jupiter, and quincunx Mary, Maria, and Uranus. She has a lot of factors ranging from 22 to 25 degrees in different signs!

The latest data I have received from Lois Rodden was for Sydney and Justin Simpson. Sydney was born on October 17, 1985 at 10:45 P.M. PDT. Justin was born on August 6, 1988 at 11:46 P.M. PDT. Both children were born in Santa Monica, CA.

The horoscopes of children impacted by events which are outside of their control are the most convincing evidence for character being destiny. Only when we are old enough to change our habits can we begin to change our destiny. Up to that point, our life is pretty fated. Sydney was born with Libitina, the Roman goddess of death, exactly on her MC and opposite Mars on her IC. It would be hard to portray more graphically the potential of a parent dying violently, including the possibility of one parent causing the death of the other. Moreover, Sydney’s P Libitina was exactly conjunct her father’s natal Libitina. Winchester, the planet of guns, was also on her IC with Mars, and her natal Moon squared all of them within three degrees. Saturn, usually a key to father, was closely square Ceres, usually a key to mother, in the signs of Scorpio and Leo, which are often involved in power struggles. P Ceres and P Saturn have remained square each other for all of Sydney’s life, fitting the constant tension between her parents. Natal Saturn was also on the Vertex, opposite the Antivertex to suggest Sydney’s separation from her father. The sheer emphasis of five factors in Scorpio can often indicate a person who will face death early in life. Part of the Scorpio lesson is often learning to let go.

Sydney’s progressed chart at her mother’s death was also graphically appropriate. For starters, the classic indication of problems between parents is a conflict aspect between Moon and Saturn. Sydney’s P Moon was trioctile her P Saturn and opposite her P Venus in the fourth house. She also had her P MC opposite Venus in the fourth house for the separation between her parents, and P East Point was square them. P Antivertex was quincunx Neptune. Since Sydney’s natal MC and Sun were quincunx within one degree and I progress the MC at the same speed as the Sun, that aspect is a lifetime one. P Sun had reached Pluto and Juno which is like Pluto, including its potential of contact with death. For years, the P lunar nodes stay octile/trioctile Mars and the MC-IC axis, pointing to tension in relationships.

The personal name asteroids are stunning! P Nicole opposed Sydney’s Ascendant when her mother was killed and her grandmother took over her mother’s role. The first and seventh houses symbolize the grandparents as they are the fourth and tenth from the fourth and tenth—the parents of the parents. P Simpson was on Sydney’s Uranus when the lives of all the Simpsons changed drastically. P James was on Sydney’s P Vesta, which carries that danger of alienation. P south lunar node was on the south node of Mars and Siva, the Hindu god of destruction. P Juno had moved to oppose Fama. P eighth house cusp was conjunct P Jupiter and both were square the P lunar nodes. Jupiter is almost always involved in death experiences, our own or others. We can think of death as a trip to another country and as a test of our faith. Both natal and P Hel, the Norse goddess of death, were in 1 Pisces quincunx Venus, square P Antivertex, and trioctile P Ascendant. P Chiron holds a quincunx to natal Brown for many years. It would be hard to invent a more appropriate set of patterns.

Justin Simpson’s chart, like his sister’s, has a Ceres-Saturn square showing potential tension between his parents. He also has the Moon opposite Saturn if you allow an orb of 11 degrees, and his fourth house Sun and tenth house Pallas are both square his Ascendant and octile/trioctile the Saturn-Uranus conjunction in the eighth house. The chart certainly repeats the likelihood of having parents who have problems with each other, and the emphasis on fixed signs and the eighth (fixed) house hints at a possible impasse or stalemate. The opposition of Justin’s Ascendant to Pluto in its own sign is sometimes a clue to an individual who will face death early in life, though the Ascendant axis is more often an indication of being separated from a grandparent. But Justin was born with asteroid James exactly on his Descendant and P James was still within a one-degree orb opposition to the Ascendant when he was separated from his father and his grandparents took over the parent role. At the same time, the midpoint of Justin’s Ascendant/P Ascendant was quincunx natal Simpson in 16 Libra, repeating the potential of Justin being separated from a Simpson.

Another clear pointer to Justin’s separation from his mother was P Mars quincunx Nicole. Other relevant aspects included P Moon quincunx the MC, though it was also trine Saturn. P Mercury, one of the first house rulers, was quincunx Ceres, a key to mother, and P Ceres was trioctile natal Sun. In Justin’s chart, I assume that the fourth house is a key to mother and the tenth house represents father since Cancer is on the IC and the MC is in Capricorn. This makes the Sun one of the keys to mother while Mercury symbolizes both mother from its position in the fourth house and Justin since it rules the Gemini in the first house. P Jupiter, the ruler of the eighth house, was square P Brown in 3 Virgo. The death goddess P Hel was natally in the fourth house in 20 Leo. It had progressed to 23 Leo to form a trioctile to Mars. P Moon was square Libitina, another death goddess, and P Saturn holds a long square to Damocles at 26 Pisces. P Themis, divine justice, had retrograded from 4 back to 3 Aquarius and P MC reached a conjunction with it in March 1994, just under three months before Justin’s mother was murdered. P Themis was also in a double quincunx (yod) to P Brown (Justin’s mother) and Chiron, a key to lawyers and truth among other letter nine meanings. P Mercury was conjunct natal Brown at the death, but it is moving rapidly and by the second half of 1995 it will join the yod forming a conjunction to P Brown, quincunxes to P MC and P Themis, and a sextile to Chiron. P Moon crossed P Mercury and joined the yod during the fall of 1994 while the jurors were being selected. It will conjunct natal Nicole by early summer 1995.

I have not had the time to study the coming aspects in all of these charts in any depth, so this Asteroid-World is being provided to let our readers do their own exploring. It might be interesting to print some brief forecasts by readers, so if you want to send us a paragraph or two on how and when you think the trial will work out, I will include some contributions from readers in a later issue of either The Mutable Dilemma or the Asteroid-World. Meanwhile, we can keep all of the Simpsons in our prayers as they try to carry on their disrupted lives.

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