Repeated Themes in Your Horoscope (Natal Analysis)

Maritha Pottenger

continued from previous issue

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Themes of thinking, communicating, dexterity, relatives, and curiosity are emphasized.

You may be quite articulate, with a flair for languages. Reading, speaking, writing, or other forms of communication could be quite important to you. Using your mind, learning more, and collecting and disseminating information are likely to appeal. You are probably quick-witted, with a good sense of humor. You know how to take things lightly. Relatives or people right around you (in the vicinity or neighborhood) might play vital roles in your life. Or, you could be very involved with transportation, the media (newspapers, TV, etc.). You might be agile, dexterous, or flexible (physically and mentally). You could be skilled with your hands (and/or tongue, or mind). Because you tend to get bored easily, you may scatter. You might be interested in many, many different areas, and have trouble setting down or settling in. Variety and mental stimulation are essential to you. Excited by people, ideas and opportunities to compare and contrast, you need a life full of learning and new experiences. Quite curious, you may dip into anything and everything. Probably a skilled observer, you can be quite objective and would be a natural as a reporter. Perceptive and alert, you can process knowledge rapidly.


This combination ties together consciousness/ communication/ people near at hand/ dexterity and memory/ home/ roots/ emotional security needs.

You have a blend of objectivity and subjectivity. This can indicate a good use of logic and intuition to support one another, or it might indicate that feelings overwhelm logical thinking and problem-solving or that rationalizations and intellectualization keep you from entering into emotional depths. A blending of intuition and reason can be very useful, with your intellect an important source of emotional security. Lots of people interactions, information collection, intellectual curiosity, or “busyness” is suggested for your home. Family background may be important to your thinking and perceptions; relatives could be role models (positive or negative) for your mind and communicative capacities. Alternately, siblings (or other relatives) could be a significant source of emotional support (giving or getting). It is possible that you nurtured siblings (or other relatives) or another relative filled in a parental role for you. Conversations and discussions may center around domestic matters. You are likely to fill your home with books, conversation, handicrafts which you create, or many different projects and interests which you pick up and drop. You probably nurture people intellectually, encouraging them to communicate. You can discuss touchy emotional issues, blending compassion and objectivity.


This combination joins lightheartedness/ language/ thinking/ curiosity to joy/ drama/ ego expansion/ risk-taking.

This suggests that your self-esteem is very connected to your mental capacities. You probably want to shine through your mind—for your thinking, verbal skills, writing ability, dexterity, or flexibility. Intellectual admiration matters. You may be somewhat ego-vulnerable if you fear people think you are stupid or do not appreciate your writing or the way you talk. If you’re feeling secure, you can be quite a vibrant, magnetic, entertaining conversationalist and bon vivant. You may have a childlike freshness to your thinking, with an instinct for dramatic communication which stirs people’s emotions. Sales and promotional talents are likely. You can also teach with charisma and flair. If you’re not comfortable with your dramatic, persuasive side, others around you may overdo to the point of exaggeration or arrogance. Children and lovers are connected to the mind, so you may enjoy sharing ideas, playing games or verbally stimulating one another. If you are out of touch with your intellectual, detached side, you might attract lovers or children who overdo lighthearted curiosity or casual detachment. You need to shine through your mind, gaining positive recognition for your thinking or communication skills. Gifted with a keen sense of humor, one of your contributions can be helping other people to laugh.


This combination suggests a need to integrate versatility/ lightheartedness/ curiosity/ verbal communication with focused attention/ efficiency/ tangible results/ written communication.

You may experience an inner conflict between quantity versus quality. Wanting to know a little about everything must be balanced with the desire for a thorough, exacting knowledge of each subject. Wide-ranging curiosity about everything must be integrated with your need to do things well and thoroughly. Because your mind can go in so many different directions, you may be overly critical of yourself at times. You can focus and concentrate as well as being versatile and adaptable. The emphasis here is strongly mental, and working with the mind and/or hands is suggested. (Relatives, dexterity, media, paperwork, or transportation could potentially be a part of your job.) Flexibility and a need for variety are emphasized for your work. You are likely to do more than one job in a lifetime, and could even do two at once. You probably have a talent for details, yet a breadth of interests can lead you to scattering and becoming overextended. Decide what to do well and what to only dip into because you are curious. Interest in efficiency, health, productivity, analysis, and anything which applies to your job is probably strong. You are likely to be multitalented, so your challenge is to establish priorities and make choices from among your many options.


This combination blends consciousness/ relatives/ communication/ learning with balance/ partners/ arbitration/ visual beauty.

This blend suggests you are sociable, oriented towards people and ideas, and naturally drawn toward communication and intellectual interactions. You are likely to be logical, rational, and curious about people, but a natural mixer. An equalitarian emphasis is highlighted; you have the capacity to relate easily with almost anyone, meeting them on their own level. Openness is highlighted. Relatives may form important partnerships with you, or an early relative might be a role model (positive or negative) for a partner. You may be able to create beauty with your mind, hands (painting, sketching, sewing, handicrafts, photography, etc.), or tongue (poetry, diplomatic language). If you deny your inner skill for thinking and communicating, you might attract other people who overdo talking, rationalization or the detached, mental focus. You thrive in relationships featuring an equal exchange of ideas and mental stimulation. Curious about human beings, you may learn and study psychology or principles of human relationships. Your partnership(s) could be an important focus of thinking and talking with others. You deal best with a partner who is bright, eager to discuss issues, logical, and oriented toward taking turns and being equals. You constantly learn from the people around you.


This combination seeks to mix flippancy/ reason/ communication/ relatives with intensity/ passion/ secrecy/ mates.

Although intensely curious and drawn to investigate a multitude of areas, you also seek a depth understanding of each subject, so you might experience an inner conflict between skimming the surface and probing deeply. A satirical sense of humor is possible and your willingness to examine psychological drives and layers can bring great insights. You could have a mind like a detective, naturally ferreting out secrets, hidden information, researching and investigating. You are probably skilled at understanding both the content (logic and words) of messages and the process (nonverbal cues and innuendoes). Communication is likely to be an important issue in sexual and intimate matters, and you may feel torn between openness and secrecy. You can be serious, dedicated and profound as well as lighthearted and casual. If you deny one side totally, you might experience it (in an excessive form) through relatives or mates. They might overdo either the intense, passionate focus, or the casual flippancy and detachment. You can manage the best of both! You need a mate who is intellectually stimulating, open, and willing to communicate. You are likely to be deeply curious about hidden matters: occult studies, mysteries, history, the past, psychology, or anything that is beneath the surface.


This combination points to a natural polarity and the need to blend pure curiosity/ people near at hand/ flexibility/ relatives with quest for truth/ faraway places/ ethics/ urge for something more.

This combination usually shows intense curiosity, a mind constantly on the go. Constant travel—either physical, mental or both—is likely. Learning tends to be life-long, and you may teach others, sharing information, data and ideas. Mental agility is likely as is a keen sense of humor. Restlessness may be high; variety tends to appeal. Short-range goals and views may seem to compete with long-range goals and ideas. You may have to make choices or find compromises between them. People near at hand and immediate concerns must be balanced with your future hopes and plans. Much interest in and communication about philosophy, religion, values, ethics, education or truth and the meaning of life is likely. An early relative could have had a strong impact on your beliefs and values. Ideals and expectations tend to be high for the mind (and perhaps for relatives as well). Logic and reason may be one of your highest values. Honesty and openness tend to be accentuated. Excessive bluntness is possible, especially if you turn “the truth” into an ultimate value. You could use your mind and tongue to sell big dreams and schemes to others. This can be a teacher/preacher combination. No matter how much you learn and understand, you are likely to continue seeking and searching for more answers, more data, more information.


This combination seeks to mix versatility/ curiosity/ communication/ people near at hand with limits/ duties/ profession/ power.

You have the potential for both mental quickness and perseverance, but may feel an inner conflict between a light-hearted approach and a more serious attitude; between being flippant versus being committed. This could lead to being a somewhat casual and accepting authority figure (or flippant toward authorities), but following rules, roles and regulations in informal social interactions. Or, you may vacillate between off-handedness and strict attention to structure. You could easily work with the intellect (or with your hands, communication skills, the media, paperwork, etc.). However, this pragmatic focus might be overdone into criticism (of thoughts or speech—yours or other people’s), limitation, or inhibition of your mental assets. Doubting your own intellectual skills is possible—especially when younger. You may have had to “prove” to yourself your intellectual abilities. Actually, the likelihood is of a very grounded, disciplined, thorough mind. Rationality is a probable style for your thinking and communicating—a logical fact-finding and summing-up of information. Your mind (or dexterity or relatives or transportation) may be an important part of your profession.


This combination blends communication/ curiosity/ relatives/ flexibility with the innovative/ humanitarian instincts/ friends/ the future.

You are likely to need a great deal of mental stimulation. You probably seek variety, have to keep your mind active, need constant challenges, and detest being bored. You may be able to talk to just about anyone concerning just about anything. You are a natural networker; sharing ideas and exchanging information with friends and in organizations is important to you. You are likely to select friends on the basis of mental or communicative qualities, and your interests may be particularly drawn toward the future, technology, astrology, new age concepts, or anything on the cutting edge of change. You could “hang out” with people who are unusual, very open, independent, and innovative. Casual and carefree about your individuality, you probably have an excellent and original mind, but do not get overly serious about it. Objectivity comes easily to you; at times, that might seem too cool, aloof, or rational. If you push away your intellectual, tolerant, detached side, the people around you might overdo being logical rather than emotional. Naturally equalitarian, you probably believe in taking turns and opportunities for all. You may skip steps in your thinking (intuitive leaps) and tend to question traditional answers. You can break new ground mentally (sometimes interrupting, upsetting or shocking others). Innovative and inventive, you see many different possibilities in life.


This combination suggests the need to integrate logic/ contrasts/ people near at hand/ communication with compassion/ union/ the Universe/ infinite ideals.

A strong creative imagination is likely, and you may be talented in writing, fantasy, flowing language or making lovely objects. You could create beauty with your hands or tongue. Mental/ communication skills are probable and you may have a flair for languages or a real gift for mimicry (including picking up accents). You could easily try to absorb all the knowledge in the universe, leading to being scattered, confused or overloaded in your thinking. Rose-colored glasses or your imagination may sometimes block logic and rationality. (Conversely, too much intellectual focus can interfere with your intuitive flow.) You can’t talk to the people right around you on the same channel that you talk to God. You need to bring together reason and intuition for the best of both worlds. A relative may have offered a role model (positive or negative) for your search for infinite love and beauty. This can range from the inspired artist, the martyred helper, the burned-out or disillusioned victim, to the constructive healer, etc. You are likely to have a wide array of interests and could overextend, so keep clear standards about what is essential for you to learn, and what can be ignored.

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