Dodona Update

Zip Dobyns

The country is green and gorgeous! Southern California did not have the devastating floods of the central and northern regions though some vehicles were carried off when they tried to drive across flooded roads and some beaches were temporarily closed due to sewage contamination. Our seasonal stream is running merrily and I’m enjoying the sound. It reaches us from the mountain tops and is only contaminated with mud. I only missed two days of swimming when it was raining hard and the temperature of the pool is usually kept in the mid-80s. Several of my new fruit trees have bloomed and I hope that means fruit later in the year. I hope to stay home more this year, though I will be gone most of April and part of August and September.

For our readers in other areas, I will be speaking at the New Age Bible Center in Santa Monica on Palm Sunday, then at the big UAC conference in Monterey on Easter weekend, and at Council Grove the week after Easter. The Feathered Pipe Intensive in Montana is scheduled for August 26 through the first week of September. If any readers are interested or know someone who is, please write for a brochure. Write to the ranch at Box 1682, Helena, MT 59624. Phone: (406) 442-8196.

After considerable debate, I have finally connected to the Internet so readers can send me E-mail addressed to I have been somewhat ambivalent since I know that being on-line can eat up a lot of time and I treasure having the time to swim and read and play with the asteroids. But friends from the west coast to the east coast have been telling me what fun they are having, and I finally made the commitment. Ed Perone and NCGR are now offering astrology lessons on Genie, the General Electric provider. Michael Erlewine of Matrix has been asked to manage a New Age Forum for Microsoft when the latter becomes a provider later this year. The new version of Windows which is due out in the summer of 1995 is to include a program which offers access to the Internet to anyone who wants it who gets that upgrade. Astrology will be one of the subjects included in the New Age Forum, and ISAR will be handling the research sub-area in astrology. I have resigned from the ISAR board to let some new blood take on the responsibility, but I expect to participate in the New Age Forum. So, rather than wait till Microsoft starts their system, I’m now “on the Net” with a local provider. My initial experience produced a problem which may be due to a scanner interfering with the port used by the modem. It sometimes takes several efforts to get connected, but I manage eventually. They say it takes considerable time to develop proficiency in “surfing” the Net, but here I come, ready or not.

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