Scallion’s Revised Horoscope

Zip Dobyns

The Gemini 1995 issue of The Mutable Dilemma had an article on Gordon Michael Scallion, one of the psychics predicting huge geological upheavals during the last few years of this decade. I used the birth data given in his own monthly publication for the article, but a long time friend and co-author, Bill Wrobel, attended a lecture by Scallion at a conference in Virginia Beach, and was told by Scallion that his published birth time was one hour off. Apparently, an astrologer took off the hour added by war time, but neglected to mention that the time had been converted to standard time. So when we used that printed birth time, another hour was taken off for war time. Scallion told Bill that his accurate time was 22:01 EWT which is 21:01 EST.

This changes his Ascendant from 28 Taurus to 15 Gemini and adds half a sign to the MC. Though much of what was written in the previous article will still be right, including the sign placements of the planets and the aspects between them, several planets do change houses. Pallas moves from the 10th house to the 9th. Uranus and Saturn move from the first house to the 12th. Jupiter shifts from the 3rd to the 2nd, Pluto from the 4th to the 3rd, the north node and Venus move from the 5th to the 4th house; and Mercury moves from the 6th to the 5th house. Obviously, any comments on angles in the previous article would be wrong.

The new (and we hope accurate) angles have several interesting aspects in the natal chart. The MC in 20 Aquarius forms a close yod (double quincunx) to Venus and Jupiter. The yod points to the potential for constant change in those areas of the life. With Venus in Virgo, a key to the details of one’s job, Jupiter in the second house which indicates how we handle money, possessions, appetites etc., and the MC picturing our role in the society, our career in the larger sense, the yod points to many changes in the handling of the material world. The MC is also closely square Juno in Scorpio, the sign of joint resources, including royalties or other funds coming from others or from past efforts. The East Point in Taurus and Chiron in Leo complete a fixed grand cross with the MC and Juno. The fixed cross shows issues involving money, possessions, and power. Mars in 6 Libra is octile/trioctile the four corners of the fixed cross to add to the likelihood of power struggles in the life. Of course, the person may engage in personal struggles, or he may project it and attract others who are competitive. In Scallion’s case, I think he has projected his internal struggle into natural forces which he envisions producing huge geological catastrophes. As I have written before, I think a number of psychics who are making these predictions in imitation of Edgar Cayce have jointly created the scenarios on the astral level and they can’t tell the difference between their astral drama and the future of the material world.

Additional fixed conflict aspects in Scallion’s “new” chart include Pallas square the Antivertex and the Moon and opposite Pluto in fixed signs, and Jupiter square Mercury in fixed houses. P Pluto has maintained a square to Gaea (earth) in 6 Scorpio through all of Scallion’s life, tying Gaea into a second grand cross in fixed signs and encouraging the projection of the tension into the earth.

Since the mutables represent our capacity to learn and communicate, to understand the world around us with letters three and six and to formulate our beliefs, values, and goals with letters nine and twelve, they are important in evaluating the reliability of one’s beliefs. Scallion has Ceres in Pisces opposite the midpoint of Venus and Neptune in Virgo, and it is quincunx Chiron (Sagittarius equivalent) and Mercury (ruler of Gemini) to form another yod. It is also octile Pallas in the Sagittarius house and the Antivertex in the Pisces house. Ceres also forms a grand trine to Jupiter (Sagittarius) and to Juno (in the Virgo house). Mercury is also square Vesta (Virgo equivalent) in the Sagittarius house and Jupiter (Sagittarius equivalent). The combination shows major issues between the beliefs and ideals versus the capacity to stay grounded and realistic about the world we are living in. Whether the tensions are shown by the mutable planets, or signs, or houses, individuals may just stay discontented with their dreams always unattainable in the physical world, or they may think that their dream world is the “real” world.

Scallion’s “new” local Ascendant for his current residence where he is having his visions is in 17 Gemini 8. This puts it square four asteroids in 17 Virgo: Columbia (which could relate to our capital), America, Karma, and Pythia (the title of the priestess at Delphi who gave psychic answers). Squares show conflict, but of course the details can vary enormously. Since I think Scallion’s scenario is not going to happen, I would interpret the squares to factors in an earth sign in the 4th house which relates to the earth, homes, and the public, as personal communication (Gemini Ascendant) in conflict with physical reality for America and its people. P America is currently on Mars, octile Juno, and sextile Pluto, and Scallion’s lectures and newsletters are bringing him a good income from his fellow citizens. But his P Karma is also there, on his name asteroid (Michel, the French version of Michael) and octile Juno. Some people have actually left jobs, homes, and families, to move away from the coastal areas which are predicted to sink under the ocean. I have no idea what financial and emotional costs have resulted from Scallion’s predictions, but I’m afraid he is building considerable karma for himself. Since most of the catastrophes are supposed to be over by 1998, and all of them by 2002, there is not much time left.

With the two major lessons factors in Pisces, the south lunar node in the sign and Saturn in the house, and the south node in the Saturn house which adds to the message that it is a lesson, Scallion’s chart shows a need to integrate his psychic fantasy and the physical world. P Uranus stays square the nodes for years from the 12th house. By 1998 when the peak of the catastrophes is supposed to occur, P Sun and P Venus will square the P nodes, and by the supposed beginning of the golden age of “happily ever after” in 2002, P Sun and P Venus will oppose P Uranus and square the natal nodes. By that time, there will be a lot of disillusioned followers facing a world where human inhumanity remains the problem, not geological disasters. Our regular readers will remember that I watch the midpoints of Saturn and the lunar nodes as important keys to lessons. Scallion’s Saturn/north node is 23 Cancer 15. His Saturn/south node is 22 Aries 33. (The north node is the “true” one and the south is the “mean” or average one, but both “work”.) The asteroid named for Swedenborg, a famous psychic who was also a scientist, is in 23 Libra 25, and Aletheia (truth) is in 23 Capricorn 12. P Saturn is moving back to form octiles/trioctiles to that cardinal grand cross. Consequences are coming.

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