Repeated Themes in Your Horoscope (Natal Analysis)

Maritha Pottenger

continued from previous issue

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Efficient functioning is the core theme: in your body and on the job. Productivity, competence, analysis, discrimination, and careful attention to detail may be significant.

A concern with doing things right is likely. You may have considerable skills of analysis, flaw-finding, and ability to be the efficiency expert. You could be quite a dedicated worker, with a willingness to serve, to work hard, in order to maintain your standards of excellence—wanting to do everything as well as possible. Craftsmanship is likely. Focus and concentration could be quite good. If your work is not sufficiently satisfying, a focus on health is possible. This could be a strong interest in diet, nutrition, good health habits, and other constructive measures, or it could be a problem with health challenges. Either way, you naturally attend to bodily well being. Improvement (of yourself, your health, your work) is a likely goal. You are seeking ways to find flaws, fix them, and make everything better. Talent at repairs of all kinds is possible. Criticism (in order to identify what is wrong and improve it) could be overdone—toward yourself or others. Your strengths are discipline, thoroughness, dedication, and technical skills at handling details and pinpointing methods to improve efficiency. Tangible results are probably important to you. Whatever you learn, you want to apply to the “real world”—to make it useful.


This combination ties together analysis/ practicality/ competence/ common sense and relationships/ harmony/ justice/ aesthetics.

Since work and relationship themes are blended, you might work with people (counseling, consulting, personnel work, etc.), meet a partner through your job, share a career with a partner, turn marriage into a career, pick a partner who is totally focused on the vocation, or make relationships into a job with practical (and perhaps judgmental/ critical) attitudes about people or partner who finds fault with you or overdoes the theme of hard-headed common sense. Sharing tasks with a partner is one way to direct flaw-finding, nit-picking attitudes toward the physical world rather than toward dissecting each other’s personalities. You are likely to put more effort than most people into relationships, wanting to improve and enhance them. Another career option is work which involves aesthetics or balance and harmony. You have a good capacity for logic and cool, intellectual assessment, but might sometimes delay as you seek to collect every bit of relevant information in order to make the optimal choice. Balance, timing and a sense of how things function (how they are put together) are potential talents. Your ability to logically and sensibly assess the situation can be an asset in problem-solving.

6-8: FOCUS

This combination joins analysis/ discrimination/ efficiency/ productivity with focus/ concentration/ thoroughness/ self-control.

This combination can be among the most thorough around, with a tremendous ability to focus, concentrate, organize and handle details. Financial acumen and research or investigative abilities are quite possible. Business skills are likely, with a talent for careful, painstaking work. If the focus on the nitty-gritty is carried too far, obsessiveness and compulsivity are possible. Discipline is usually excellent, although self-control can be carried to the extreme of self-denial at times. The thorough and exacting themes are directed toward shared pleasures, passions and finances. You could be very systematic in terms of money, sex and shared resources, but might overdo the critical eye (or find it directed toward you by mates). Too much focus on the flaws can lead to inhibition—sexually, sensually, or in terms of being intimate with another person. Your dedication can be very valuable in the right places, but remember to play and relax and enjoy life when appropriate! You can work well with joint resources, power, probing beneath the surface, or anything emotionally intense and demanding (including crises and life-or-death situations). Your follow-through is excellent.


This combination suggests a need to integrate practicality/ humility/ details/ productivity with idealism/ great faith/ overviews/ conceptualizations.

You may experience an inner push/ pull between the ideal (vision of what life ought to be) versus the real (nitty-gritty aspects of life). There may be tension between aspirations and applications—wanting success faster or to occur more perfectly than is likely, or giving up too soon because you believe your dreams are beyond reach. If you overdo, you could be chronically dissatisfied because your work is never as ideal as you think it could or should be. An active and restless mind is indicated, with potential tension between your capacity for abstractions, theories and visions versus your pragmatic side. Multitalented, you are likely to have a multitude of interests as well. Your productive drive will ensure some accomplishments, but your high standards could result in less output than you would like. Remember to cherish the process (journey) as well as the result (end goal). Your work could involve travel, education, religion, or anything which broadens people’s horizons or inspires them. You need to create tangible results that uplift others. Your philosophy and world view should be practical, grounded, and easily applied to everyday life. You want ideas to “work”—to be useful.


This combination unites competence/ service/ efficiency/ productivity with responsibility/ career/ pragmatism/ structure.

This theme doubles up the focus on work and achievement. A strong sense of responsibility is likely, with a serious, dedicated outlook. Depending on where this centers in your horoscope, you might achieve a great deal, but are in danger of being too hard on yourself or others. The critical, flaw-finding, nit picky focus of this combination might be directed toward you, toward loved ones, etc. Remember to count assets as well as flaws! This combination suggests great dedication, discipline and determination to do things well. You could succumb to doing more your share, pushing too hard, or demanding too much (even to the point of illness). You might also stop yourself from doing some things for fear of not measuring up (“If I can’t do just right, I won’t do it at all.”). Keep moderate and remember to give credit (to yourself and others) as well as looking for ways to improve! Be wary of overdoing (or underdoing) responsibility. Recognize and observe appropriate limits and discipline (including taking care of yourself physically). You can work competently both in the role of the craftsperson (serving humbly from a pure motivation to do your work well) and the role of the executive (who wields power effectively).


This combination tries to mix competence/ tangible results/ analysis/ health and healing with sudden change/ intellectual exploration/ technology/ individualism.

This might manifest as an inner struggle between a need for change, innovation and variety, versus the desire to get all the details right and to be thorough. A finely honed and original mind is quite possible. You may have an inventive streak backed by a talent for analysis and picking things apart. Mechanical skills, finger dexterity and a natural understanding of how things work are possible talents. Your work might involve a free-ranging intellect, new technology, the future, astrology, or anything on the cutting edge of change. Or, you may work nonstandard hours, shifts, part-time, or as a free-lancer. The instincts of a scientist, to test out various hypotheses, come naturally to you, but beware of overdoing the critical eye where friends, social causes and organization are concerned. Networking may be important in your job—or business-oriented groups. Exploration and exactitude can be supportive of each other; they need not conflict. You can be an excellent problem-solver with a bent for logical analysis. You are able to do many different tasks in your work and can change your focus more easily than most people. You could be quite inventive and original in your approach to work and health. You are probably helping to bring the future into being.


This combination points to a natural polarity and the need to blend common sense/ effort/ details/ service with idealism/ submission/ the Whole/ infinite love and beauty.

You are learning to balance the search for a beautiful dream with a pragmatic assessment of the physical world. Inspiration and perspiration pull together for best results. There is the potential of idealization of work. This might indicate searching for the perfect job (ideal hours, pay, etc.), wanting to do your work perfectly, looking for the universe to do the work, wanting your work to make a more perfect (or more beautiful world) or considering doing a good job your highest ideal (really believing in the work ethic). Too high expectations can lead to job-hopping or no accomplishment. Excessive demands can result in chronic dissatisfaction (no matter what you’ve accomplished, it could have been more perfect) or job which seem to dissolve or vocational circumstances involving victimization. Both imaginative and rational, you can combine intuitive and logical thinking for best results. However, you may sometimes feel torn between your desire to fantasize and your need to get tangible results in the world. Keep room for both functionality and beauty in your life. This is a common polarity for artists and craftspeople of all kinds as well as helpers and healers (e.g., doctors, physiotherapists, counselors, social workers, etc.). Practical mysticism can be part of your gift to the world—putting transcendent principles to work in the world.


Motifs of balance, harmony, aesthetics, partnership, polarities, design, compromise, and grace are highlighted.

This theme suggests a strong interest in relationships or beauty—or both. You may learn much through your face-to-face interactions with other people. Partnership could be a major source of growth. Togetherness and being able to be a couple usually matters to you. Balancing between cooperation and competition; knowing when to negotiate and when to stand firm; and finding a middle ground between assertion and accommodation could be quite important. Diplomatic skills, talent for relating to people, grace, and charm are likely. You may have a knack for putting others at ease, figuring out what they want, and seeking win/win solutions. Another potential ability lies in the arts. Visual aesthetics (photography, architecture, design, decorating, modeling, fashion, etc.) are particularly possible, but music and other ventures could easily be involved. You can bring a vision down to earth and share it with others. An orientation toward pleasure is highlighted, which can sometimes go toward passivity or an avoidance of confrontations. Life cannot always be pleasant, but you can do your part to bring more beauty or ease into the world.


This combination ties together partnership/ balance/ aesthetics/ peer relationships and intimacy instincts/ shared resources/ passion/ intense emotions.

The desire for a mate or partner is doubled in this combination. The accent is on meeting another person both in open, face-to-face interactions and on deeper, intense, hidden emotional and psychological levels. The quest is for an equal, a peer, someone to reflect back (like a mirror) some of your own issues for learning and understanding. You are likely to pursue significant insights and transformative issues in your relationships. Sharing money, sensuality, sexuality and power equally may be a particular challenge. Involvement with people is a major theme, so you might work with people—the law, counseling, mediator, facilitator, astrologer, etc. If you define yourself too much through other people, you might be too vulnerable to their actions and options. Be sure to actualize your own personal power (in balance with the rights of others). Competition is possible, although teamwork may be more rewarding. Music or the visual arts could also be an important emotional focus for you. Togetherness is a significant drive. You want and need to share with others. Partnerships (romantic, business, family) of all sorts may play a significant role in your life. Beauty and harmony move you on a deep, emotional level.


This combination joins equality/ harmony/ aesthetics/ interpersonal interaction with optimism/ values/ quest for the truth/ reach for more.

You may exhibit a natural charm and charisma, often quite attractive to other people. Your sense of humor is probably good, and you may be skilled at inspiring people to laugh, play and enjoy life. Social skills are likely, along with a strong sense of justice, so involvement with law courts, politics or social causes is possible. Your instinct for fair play might also express in competitive activities. The best and the brightest probably appeals to you in relationships, as you seek to satisfy your restless need for more knowledge and more understanding, but you may expect more than is possible from yourself, a partner, or relationships in general. Don’t put partners on pedestals, giving their opinions too much weight or seeking the “perfect” partner. Shared dreams work well. Your optimistic sense that “something better is just around the corner” could keep you from making firm commitments. Freedom instincts could also vie with the desire for partnership until you create a relationship that is open, full of adventure, stimulation and growth. If the fun loving, carefree and lively side of your nature is projected, you may meet it in excess through relationships. If integrated, the odds are excellent for having a good time with other people.


This combination suggests a need to integrate equality/ partnership/ harmony/ aesthetics with authority/ career/ effort/ reality.

Love needs and work needs must be balanced. This could feel like a struggle between time/ energy commitments to relationships versus a career, or between equality versus control, sharing versus being an authority. You may have to decide when to be part of the team and when to take over and be the executive. Responsibilities need to be clearly defined. You may choose to make people your career, work with a partner, start a relationship on the job, or see relationships as something requiring hard work and effort. Critical/ judgmental attitudes need to be channeled toward the job, not toward the partner (or toward you from a partner). Working together on tasks can help make the blending more comfortable. Stability, safety, responsibility and strength could emerge as themes in your relationships. The challenge is to share the power, neither of you trying to dominate (“play parent”) to the other. Unfinished business with a father or father figure could affect partnerships, until integrated. If carried too far, you could experience anxiety and insecurity in relationships, fearing domination, control, or limited love. With balance, both you and your partner contribute to a solid sharing. You can work well with beauty or people. Your career might involve aesthetics, balance, harmony, pleasure, or relationships. With care, you can come to love your work and work successfully at love!


This combination unites arbitration/ cooperation/ harmony/ peer associations with friends/ groups/ networking/ individualism.

The mind and intellectual detachment are emphasized in this combination. Communication skills are likely and objectivity can be one of your assets. You probably have a talent for dealing with people and ideas, and might be blessed with a strong, innate sense of fair play. You may thrive on interactions with others, seeking relationships which are mentally stimulating, unusual and open-ended. You are probably attracted to people who are different in some way, who bring stimulation, surprises, and something new into your life. You need to be friends with partners and partners with friends. Romantic involvements might begin as friendships and you may be able to maintain a friendly connection even if no longer partners. If freedom needs are not integrated, some instability in relationships is possible, as either you or the other person expresses the need for space. Build some separation (take trips or separate vacations periodically; have sets of friends you don’t share; indulge in different recreational activities on occasion, etc.) into your major commit relationship to help make it last. Logical and rational, you can be an excellent rationalizer, intellectualizer or simply a skilled theoretician. Grasping abstract concepts comes easily to you. Group facilitation flows naturally.


This combination seeks to mix partnership/ visual beauty/ justice/ balance with imagination/ ideals/ compassion/ infinite beauty.

With the two of the three “beauty letters” present, strong feelings for beauty are likely and you may express through aesthetic channels. You could create many beautiful images and inspired visions. Art or grace in almost any form is possible. By itself, this combination tends toward passivity and seeking the easy way, so may dream more than do. (Look for other more active, result-oriented combinations for balance.) Diplomacy is a likely skill; you prefer grace and harmony in relationships, perhaps sometimes to the point of “little white lies” or rose-colored glasses rather than facing reality. Keeping up appearances (“looking good”) might be overvalued. Relationships could be idealized. The quest for a “perfect” relationships might lead to never being satisfied (bypassing relationships or having repeated relationships in the search for the one); to picking Prince/ Princess Charming and being disillusioned later (a pretty package with no substance or being in “love with love” and not seeing clearly); attracting someone who thinks s/he is perfect; getting involved in savior/ victim roles with other people (e.g., alcoholics, chronic invalids, people not living up to their potentials, etc.); or sharing spiritual ideals or artistic involvement with a partner. Partners who incorporate shared beauty, mysticism, idealism, compassion, or imagination into their association can “make beautiful music” together. Your ability to “tune into” others can aid in healing, inspiration, forgiveness, and helping people reach transcendence.

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