Asteroid-World Winter 1996

Zip Dobyns

Republican Contenders for the U.S. Presidency

Recent issues of Asteroid-World have focused on U.S. politics, and this issue continues the topic. I was in the middle of writing this issue when Junior Tuesday produced a major shake-out of the contenders. I had predicted months ago that Dole would get the Republican nomination, and I think the election despite the current high poll numbers for Clinton. With Lamar Alexander, Richard Lugar, and Morry Taylor now officially out of the running, with Phil Gramm also out some weeks ago, and with all four former contenders now throwing their support to Dole, the field has narrowed to three men; Dole, Buchanan, and Forbes. Allen Keyes has not formally given up as this is written, but he has only managed to acquire a single delegate while Lugar, Robert Dornan, and businessman Morry Taylor have not managed even that. Buchanan has admitted that Dole will be the winner, but he still plans to try to push the Republican platform as far to the right as he can during the San Diego convention on August 12-15, 1996. Steve Forbes remains in the race with plenty of his own money for TV ads. Also, he has just picked up an endorsement from Jack Kemp, who encouraged him to run in the first place.

Thanks to Lois Rodden, we now have the data of Steve Forbes from his birth certificate. He was born on July 18, 1947 at 1:35 A.M. EDT in Morristown, NJ, 40 N 47.8, 74 W 28.9. His potential for inherited wealth shows clearly in his chart with a grand trine in water signs including Jupiter in Scorpio, Pallas in Pisces, and a Cancer stellium of Venus, Mercury, Sun, and Moon. His Taurus Ascendant is closely sextile the Sun-Moon conjunction. Jupiter is a ruler of the eighth house and its placement in Scorpio sextile Mercury also fits the receipt of protection from others or from the past, whether from a partner, from return on investment, inheritance, etc. The water principle, planets, houses, and signs, are all related to emotional security and can be manifested through either nurturing others or being nurtured. Forbes also has a sextile from his first house Mars (personal power) to Pluto and Saturn in the fourth (water) house and a trine to Neptune, a water planet. His lunar nodes (water, like the Moon which is their source) are sextile/trine his MC with the north node in the first house again indicating power in Forbes’ own hands.

Forbes’ chart is also loaded with air with four factors in the sign and four in the house of Gemini in addition to factors in the signs and houses of Libra and Aquarius. The major emphasis on air and water plus strong Taurus suggests a person who lives a lot in the head and expects life to be easy. When Forbes was asked to describe stressful episodes in his life, he said that leaving home to go to prep school was very stressful. He has had a sheltered life, to put it mildly. He is apparently devoted to his family, which includes five daughters, but his capacity for empathy and compassion may be mostly limited to close relationships. He reportedly fired a secretary who had worked for his publishing company for about 14 years just a few months before she was due to retire with a pension. She protested, and won a settlement, but Forbes fought her in court and publicly trashed her character rather than settle quietly. He is certainly capable of being verbally articulate and has sufficient emphasis in fixed signs to be persistent. Tenacity is especially likely with his conjunction of Saturn and Pluto, two of the three keys to obsessive-compulsive potentials. The third obsessive factor, Vesta, is in a fixed house and conjunct a fixed planet, Uranus, but their placement in Gemini and the Uranus resistance to any outer limits show that he can also make changes when he chooses.

I consider Saturn and the south lunar node to be the primary keys to lessons in everyone’s chart, and I always look to see whether they have anything in common as a key to a major growth area for the person. With his south node in Scorpio and Saturn conjunct Pluto, Forbes theoretically has something to learn and then something to give to the world either in the area of mastering the appetites or in sharing money, possessions, power etc. From the information reported in the media, especially from his own major political pitch for the flat tax, his lesson appears to be in the area of sharing. He carefully tailored his tax plan to a top limit of 17% of earned income, an amount which he claimed would reduce the taxes of middle-class people. But, at the same time, he called for no tax on money that was inherited, received from dividends, pensions, etc. He also called for no deductions for interest on mortgages, charitable contributions, or other taxes such as state taxes. If such a tax law was passed, it would clobber the middle-class people who are working for their money and would have no deductions while the wealthy would make sure their income was from other sources than salaries. The richest, including Forbes, would pay no tax at all. Many charitable contributions would disappear when they were no longer a tax benefit. And we would have a budget deficit which would put the Reagan debacle in the shade. What comes after trillions? Forbes is putting out the same “voodoo” economics that Reagan did, claiming that lower taxes would expand the economy to make up for reduced government revenue.

We are seeing the result of lower taxes on the rich—a soaring stock market and greater income disparities between the people at the top and most workers. The most recent figures I have seen said that average wages for workers went up 3% last year while the average salaries of CEOs in the U.S. increased 75% and they now average over $4 million annually. Company profits last year went up 22%. Even those figures do not show the plight of the people at the bottom. Minimal wages have not risen at all, while even limited inflation reduces what they will buy. What wage growth does occur is mostly for people higher up the scale, including professionals. Many companies are increasing their productivity by firing employees and forcing the remaining workers to do the work of several. There is one additional consequence which would be likely if the Forbes’ scenario were enacted into law. In addition to higher taxes for workers and a free ride for the rich, Forbes wants most social services cut or eliminated. This is euphemistically called making individuals responsible for themselves, which presumably would include the babies women would be forced to have if the Republicans succeeded in making abortions illegal, the disabled, the people who could not find jobs even though they tried, etc. Crime would skyrocket as it has in Mexico during their financial crisis. The elite could continue to live in guarded enclaves, riding to work in bullet-proof limousines or running their businesses from home offices with modern technology, while most people lived with fear and their increased taxes were spent on more jails.

What are our prospects for the brave new world of Steve Forbes? His P Sun is on P Venus sextile N Venus and P Vesta—his money (Venus) continues to buy a lot of TV ads including expert publicists. His P Moon, for the public, was in 29 Aries and 0 Taurus for Iowa, New Hampshire, and the two states where he came in first, Delaware and Arizona. He has been spending about 4 million per state in ads. But he bombed in the races on Junior Tuesday and in New York. By April, Forbes’ P Moon is coming into a grand cross in fixed signs conjunct Ceres, square the MC axis, and opposite Chiron. The fixed cross fits the political power struggle and its financial cost, and it seems likely that Dole will continue to pull ahead of him in numbers of delegates. When I first checked Forbes’ chart for the election, I saw that his P Moon would be on P Ceres square Saturn and his P MC, so I figured we did not have to worry about a President Forbes. But I am not so sure now. I still think that Dole will be the Republican presidential nominee, but I am uneasy about the potential of Forbes as the contender for the Vice Presidency. Dole certainly has no love for him. Forbes’ negative ads probably cost Dole a first place win in New Hampshire, and he has said he would not consider picking someone who had inherited millions as his running mate. But stranger things have happened. Reagan accepted his rival, Bush, as his V.P. Forbes’ money could help Dole compete with Clinton’s war chest. His more moderate position could help Dole get votes from moderate Republicans while Dole held on to the far right. But, most of all, I was startled to see the prominence of the asteroids named for variations on Steve when I added them to my collection.

By the convention in San Diego, Forbes’ P Moon will be in 6 Taurus sextile P Pallas, our asteroid most connected to politics. It will also be octile his P East point. Aspects to angles represent action potentials. Conflict aspects indicate challenges but do not deny potential success. When I progressed his chart for his San Diego angles, Forbes’ P MC was in 9 Aquarius opposite Saturn and square Ceres, which reassured me again that he was not likely to be the head honcho. This local P MC also trines P Neptune and is octile his local Antivertex and trioctile Uranus. The combination looks like some type of surprising event, but if Forbes goes to San Diego with relatively few delegates compared to Dole, what kind of surprise could occur? Forbes’ P Ascendant in San Diego is on the P mean north lunar node which often brings gifts to one. His birthplace P Antivertex is also there, for additional personal prominence. His San Diego P East Point is square P Pluto but sextile P Mars, and one of the three “Steve” asteroids, Stephania, is conjunct P Mars for personal action and power. Another version of “Steve,” P Stevin, is on the San Diego IC and Vesta, a major key to one’s job. Natal Stephania is also on Vesta and on Uranus. Natal Stevin is on the natal mean north lunar node. The third “Steve,” Stefani, is natally in 2 Pisces trine Chiron and semisextile the natal MC. P Stefani is retrograding in 24 Aquarius trine N Vesta and Uranus, sextile/trine Forbes’ birthplace Vertex axis, semisextile his San Diego Antivertex, square his birthplace Ascendant, and quincunx his Sun.

This collection of angle and other aspects to his “name” asteroids looks like a leading role involving unexpected changes in relation to Forbes’ job. Maybe he will just offer his delegates and his money to Dole in exchange for a cabinet post? Details are always a guess, as far as I am concerned, though they can be an educated guess. But this chart does not picture Forbes sitting quietly in a back row. There are also many other relevant asteroids. P Neptune is on N Karma so the P MC in San Diego trines it. P Karma trines P Stefani and P Uranus to support the grand trine in air signs. P Mercury on the San Diego Descendant fits a vocal presence at the convention and media attention. P Juno was retrograde at birth and has now returned to its natal degree where it squares Forbes’ San Diego Ascendant and P Mercury from the local ninth house. The T-square certainly fits a verbal contest over the Republican platform, and maybe that is all we are seeing in this picture but I suspect that Forbes’ will play a more powerful role than that. P Mercury is also sextile N Jupiter and N Mercury, on their midpoint.

Another asteroid I have started watching recently is Ganesa, the Hindu god with an elephant head. I am testing the possibility that it might be a stand-in for the Republican Party which uses an elephant as its symbol. Forbes has N Ganesa in 24 Aquarius so it is part of his grand air trine. Natal Winchester, the asteroid of guns, is also involved in 23 Aquarius with a conjunction to P Stefani and a trine to P Stevin, N Vesta, and N Uranus. The troubling potential in this combination could be Forbes and Dole winning in November 1996, Dole being assassinated during the term, and Forbes inheriting the presidency. One of our “Robert” asteroids, Roberts, is on Forbes’ West Point in San Diego, in the seventh house of partnership when the chart is calculated for that city. P Roberts is in 14 Libra with the potential for both conflict (square P Mars) and partnership (sextile P Pluto). P Roberts trines P Ganesa in 15 Aquarius and it is octile/trioctile the mean lunar nodes and P Hephaistos (weapons) which is on the north node. Equally dramatically, N Roberta is on Forbes’ N Ascendant along with Midas, the king who got his wish that everything he touched turned to gold. Aletheia, goddess of truth, opposes the Ascendant. Is truth a partner or an enemy to Forbes? Hephaistos (weapons) is just five minutes out of orb of a conjunction with Roberta and Aletheia’s opposition to it provides the overlapping orb which connects the factors. N California and P Rockefellia are also on Forbes’ N Descendant with Aletheia. Would you buy a used car from this man? Washingtonia (for our capital) is in 23 Leo to complete a fixed grand cross when we add in the Aquarius asteroids N Ganesa, N Winchester, and P Stefani. P Roberta, on the other hand, trines Neptune.

As readers know by now, I have a hard time stopping when I am writing about asteroids. At the November election, Forbes will still have P Vesta conjunct Venus and sextile P Sun and P Venus, and P Ascendant will have just reached a conjunction with N Venus. By the inauguration on January 20, 1997, Forbes’ P Moon will trine Venus and P Vesta. Money does buy fame and votes. Even the Quotidian MCs hit Venus. Quotidian angles move about one degree a day, so their aspects only last about two days. On election day, Forbes’ Q MC is on N Venus and his Washington Q MC is on his P Ascendant which is on Venus to connect the four factors. Forbes’ Ascendant in Washington, DC is 19 Taurus, so the midpoint of N and P Jupiter is on his Descendant in our capital. P America is also there, along with P Medea (who killed her children) and P Bellona. The last two square P Hillary while P Ate forms a T-square to the Washington Ascendant and P America. Ate was the Greek goddess who was sometimes described as the incarnation of evil. Forbes’ P MC sextiles his Washington Ascendant and his Washington P MC trines N Jupiter. When you see such a mixture of harmony and stress aspects, you can guess that the individual will either not achieve his goals, or will achieve them and find them very challenging, or will achieve them and create challenges for other people. Clinton had such a mixed picture in November 1992, and the middle scenario seems the best fit for his presidency. He has rarely gotten credit for the positive things he has done and is usually blamed when things go wrong. Forbes has far more positive aspects than Clinton had, He could produce the third scenario. Harmony aspects indicate inner harmony. We know what we want and feel that we have a right to it. But I don’t think we can guess how the individual will treat others until we observe his life.

Unfortunately, our birth time for Robert Dole is less certain than for Steve Forbes. Lois Rodden was told that he was born shortly after midnight when she called his office some years ago. But a recent biography states that when he was born, his father was called in from the fields, which implied a daytime birth. Kansas is not an open state like New Jersey and California. A birth certificate is only released when personally requested by the individual. Dole was born on July 23, 1923 in Russell, KS. I have been using a birth time of 0:10 A.M. CST, and will discuss that chart, but readers should keep in mind that the time is uncertain.

Dole has a strong emphasis in the relationship signs, Cancer, Leo, Libra and Scorpio. If this birth time is accurate, they are also in the relationship houses three to seven. Dole is noted for his sharp wit and biting tongue with Mercury conjunct both the Sun and Mars and Mars widely square Jupiter in Scorpio. If the early Taurus Ascendant is accurate, it forms a grand cross in fixed signs and cardinal houses with Mars in Leo, Jupiter in Scorpio, and Ceres in the tenth house in Aquarius. Dole also has a grand cross in cardinal signs in mutable houses which includes Venus and Pluto in Cancer, Saturn in Libra, Pallas in Capricorn, and his Antivertex in Aries. Conflict aspects with the cardinal and fixed planets, signs, and/or houses show power-struggle habits. These can be manifested positively in competitive sports, games, businesses or fighting for causes. Dole was very good in sports when in school, and also known as a very hard worker. His parents struggled to make ends meet. For some years, they lived in the basement of their home so they could rent the upper floors to survive the depression of the 1930s. Dole was critically injured in World War II, spent months in the hospital, and still has almost no use of his right hand in addition to almost continuous pain which he handles with stoicism. He has demonstrated a mean streak in his political contests, but is reported to be warm and loving with close and trusted relationships. His dominant water emphasis backed by his farm and small town roots and early struggles fits his basic conservatism. If this birth time is close to accurate, his fire is strong but all mixed with water with the occupied fire signs in water houses other than Neptune which is a water planet in a fire sign and house. His Saturn and south lunar node are both connected to air; Saturn in Libra and the south node conjunct Uranus in the Aquarius house. I interpret this as a lesson in learning to be an equal plus how and when to “take things lightly.” He demonstrates a brooding intensity after a stressful life driven by the Leo ambition and the strong work ethic which was an integral part of two workaholic parents. They survived the dust bowl and the depression with hard work.

Dole has tried for the presidency in the past, and at the age of 73 by the next election, this is his last chance. As with Forbes, my initial study of his progressions did not look positive for his chances, but I changed my mind when I looked at the personal name asteroids. As I have written before, we are testing the asteroids and mundane events are good tests. They give us fast feedback. If Dole was born in the early morning, his P Moon squared Saturn during the past winter when Clinton and the Congress were deadlocked over the budget. When the primaries started in February, P Moon was on N Venus, square P Venus, and trine Uranus. Depending on the precise moment of birth, P Moon is about to conjunct P Ascendant and P East Point in Washington, DC. It is also semisextile P Neptune, trine P Jupiter, and square P Chiron, which is like Jupiter. That kind of mixture is what makes it hard to predict the life details. The two planets and Chiron all represent beliefs, values, goals, etc. The mix of stress and harmony probably means he will get what he wants, the Republican nomination, with a struggle, and it will certainly be stressful. By the San Diego convention, P Moon will be on the IC which I have been using, opposite the MC, which fits a change of career and puts a high focus on Dole’s interaction with the public and his effect on his homeland. P Moon will have just finished a square to P Saturn. This struggle aspect could mean that Forbes gets more votes than is now anticipated as this is being written in the first week in March. Or even without their garnering a lot of delegates, Forbes and Buchanan could continue to harry Dole right up to the convention. If they continue to attack him, as seems very likely, and he has to deplete his funds to hold on to his lead, he would also worry about having the funds to compete with Clinton.

By the convention, Dole’s P Venus will be quincunx Uranus and sextile Neptune. P Mercury is on Vesta, trine P Ceres, and sextile N Mercury and N Sun. If this birth time is right, Dole’s San Diego P MC will be on Uranus, trine N Venus, and quincunx P Venus. His P Sun will be near the end of a trine to N Ceres but quincunx P south lunar node. His San Diego P East Point will sextile Neptune but his local P Antivertex will square P Neptune. P Vesta will sextile the San Diego MC but it will also still square Mars and be quincunx Dole’s Washington Ascendant. As usual, the aspects are very mixed with the potential for getting what he wants but no certainty. The quincunx, our “closet-cleaning” aspect, is a key to changes, but they are inevitable. If Dole gets the nomination, he will leave his position as majority leader of the Senate. If he wins the election, he leaves the Senate to become President. At the election, Dole’s P Moon will be in 25 Cancer square his East Point, octile/trioctile his P lunar nodes, and octile the asteroid Washingtonia. That configuration does not look like success. !?

But, as we will see in the inauguration chart, the personal name asteroids seem to favor Dole. Also, his P Moon will trine his N Moon and conjunct his N Sun just in time for the inauguration which looks like personal prominence and power. His asteroids are also impressive. Through most of 1996 and all of 1997, Dole’s P East Point is conjunct P Washingtonia. P America is conjunct Mercury, Dembowska (which is like Saturn as a key to executive power), Ganesa (for the Republicans), and (with over-lapping orbs) Aletheia (truth). P America is also sextile Vesta and P Mercury and opposite P Ceres for a change of job. When we bring in the “Steve” asteroids, Dole’s P Moon is sextile P Stephania in 26 Virgo. His P Stefani in 18 Libra is opposite N Roberts and P Chiron and sextile the midpoint of N and P Neptune. Oppositions can be partners or opponents. P Stefani is also sextile N Stevin and P Fanatica in 18 Sagittarius, so Roberts and Stevin form a grand fire trine with Neptune. P Mars is on N Stephania and P California. Forbes as a running mate might help Dole carry California. P. Roberta is retrograding in 28 Aquarius square Dole’s Moon and opposite N Stephania. As mentioned above, oppositions can signify partners or they can be open enemies. Dole would have to swallow a lot to accept Forbes as a running mate. Could he surmount the water tendency to brood about the past as Reagan did with Bush? I wish we were sure of Dole’s birth time! One of my students has a son interested in politics who is trying to get it, but at the moment we are still in limbo.

Turning to the chart of Dole’s other remaining opponent, Pat Buchanan was reportedly born on November 2, 1938 in Mount Vernon, NY. I am not sure of the source of his data, so hope it is correct. The time I have is 0:20 A.M. EST. To further muddy the waters, there is more than one Mount Vernon. I am using 42 N 45.2 and 78.53.4. The chart fits Pat’s style as a media gadfly. It puts P Uranus and P south lunar node on the MC for much of his life, showing a lesson in handling power and information. Pat’s Sun is in Scorpio widely opposite the MC, and if this time is accurate, he has an exact grand cross in fixed signs and cardinal houses for a power-struggle life. His Leo Ascendant matches his dramatic oratory with Jupiter opposing it on the Descendant, Mercury square from Scorpio, and Ceres square from Taurus. Pluto and the East Point in Leo, Venus and Juno in Sagittarius, and Saturn in Aries add to his fire. There is no doubt about his ability to excite and sway people though he is often a demagogue, preaching a gospel of extremism. In addition to Pat’s three factors in Scorpio, his Moon and Pallas are in Pisces and Chiron and his Antivertex are in Cancer. When the strong water houses are included, his capacity for emotional intensity is obvious. But, he also has enough earth to cope with the physical world. Mars in Libra provides Pat’s only air sign, but much of his water is in the air houses, a good combination for intuition, for the ability to tune in to people and sense how to reach them.

Pat grew up as part of a large Catholic family, and was always a fighter. Yet his work has always been mental, as a speech writer, a talk show host, a commentator, etc. Saturn rules his sixth house, the details of one’s job, and is in the ninth (Sagittarius) house. Venus rules the tenth house (career, role in society, status) and is in Sagittarius. Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, is just inside the sixth house. Uranus, as indicated above, is on the MC. The three primary planets signifying the conscious side of the mind, the ability to learn and to communicate, Mercury, Jupiter, and Uranus are in his fixed T-square and Neptune, a key to the subconscious side of the mind, aspects all of them from Virgo. Chiron, another Jupiter, is closely trine Pallas for Pat’s involvement with politics and it also squares Mars for his verbal confrontational style. Mars in Libra is often associated with a love of debate, with verbal competition. Mars is also square Vesta in Capricorn so cardinal sign squares in fixed houses are added to the fixed sign squares in cardinal house.

If my memory is right, Pat was a speech writer for former President Nixon, and he continued to defend Nixon through the Watergate debacle. It is interesting that like Pat, Nixon had Saturn in the ninth house. That placement can indicate a career involving knowledge; writers, teachers, lawyers, ministers, etc. But it can also indicate a lesson involving one’s beliefs, a need to be realistic. In Pat’s chart, Saturn’s placement in Aries adds the danger of trying to make personal will and power into God and the Law. The Leo Ascendant can be identified with the King, and Capricorn in the Leo house can again put together personal will and the Law. If Pat ever got the power he wants, we would be in trouble. Fortunately, he has no chance to become president.

During Pat’s initial successes in New Hampshire, Alaska, and Louisiana, his P Moon was in 2 Aries closely conjunct one of the versions of his name, the feminine Patricia, and it was trine Pluto. However, P Moon was also square Vesta, its aspect to Pluto ended very soon after New Hampshire, and P Moon continued to form an octile/trioctile to the lunar nodes. By the San Diego conference, Pat’s P Moon will be in 8 Aries where it is quincunx his N Sun, square his P Sun, and connected to his grand fixed cross by octiles/trioctiles. The fur is likely to fly, but I don’t think Pat is going to be very happy. By the November election, Pat’s P Moon will be conjunct P Saturn, joining its opposition to his P Ascendant and its trioctile to P Venus. His Washington, DC P Ascendant is still opposite N Saturn and square his Antivertex. The asteroids P Gaea (earth) and P Bellona (war goddess) fill in the fourth corner to complete a grand cross in cardinal signs.

Other aspects which could be read as discouraging to Pat and encouraging to moderate, thinking people, are P Vesta opposite Pluto and P Jupiter quincunx Pluto. Pluto is in the twelfth house, one of the keys to one’s subconscious values and goals, and it rules the fourth house which can signify one’s home and family and, by extension, one’s homeland and the public. Enough of the public will reject demagoguery to keep Pat from attaining his power goals. This does not mean that he will give up. Individuals with a strong fixed emphasis can keep going when most people would have chosen realism. Pat is likely to try for the presidency again in 2000 when his P Mars will have reached his IC to oppose his MC.

Pat has many other appropriate asteroids, of course. Another key to his overreach is shown by his P Sun on Icarus opposite P Chiron. The combination is activated at the San Diego convention by the P Moon squaring P Sun though it will have just ended the squares to Icarus and P Chiron. The overlapping orbs turn the factors into a T-square which becomes a grand cross when we add N Karma in 9 Libra. In the interval before the election, Pat’s P Moon will square his P Juno and Ate, a goddess of evil, while it continues to oppose Karma. The combination does not look very cooperative! P Antivertex is quincunx N Patricia in 27 Pisces, another hint that Pat will be separated from his desires. P Mercury is quincunx Uranus and his P Washington MC in 15 Cancer and P East Point in 15 Libra form a yod with the local MC in 16 Taurus implying a separation from his desire for executive power. The East Point, like the Ascendant and the Antivertex and Mars, is always a key to personal will and power. Mercury carries the same meaning in Pat’s chart since it rules one of the signs in the first house. Our other possible “name” asteroid for Pat is Patrick Gene. It is natally in 1 Scorpio with Pluto holding a lifetime square to it and P Epimetheus, the brother who looked to the past, currently conjunct it. P Patrick Gene is in 23 Scorpio with one-degree aspects to Pat’s whole fixed cross. Astrology keeps saying the same thing. I can’t resist mentioning three more asteroids. Pat’s primary “enemies” in his attacks on NAFTA and GATT have been Mexico, Japan, and China. Both Hidalgo, named for Mexico, and Fuji, named for Japan’s sacred mountain, were on Pat’s IC at birth. China was on Juno, which can signify partnership or power struggles over money, possessions, etc., and it was quincunx his south lunar node. P Hidalgo is now square Pat’s Ascendant. P Fuji is quincunx his MC. P China squares his Mars. Another asteroid named for China, Juewa, is progressing opposite his Ascendant.

In light of Jack Kemp’s endorsement of Steve Forbes, and since we do have his data from a birth certificate, we might as well add him to our collection. Kemp remains a supply-sider despite the failure of the theories during the Reagan reign. Many thought he might try for the presidency, but when he decided against it, he encouraged Steve Forbes to run instead. Kemp is one of a number of prominent politicians who were born with Saturn on the MC. Though this is a tendency to move into a power position, his Saturn is in Pisces and the balance of Kemp’s chart is not particularly combative. Like Bill Bradley, the retiring Senator from New Jersey, Kemp was a sports star initially, winning his fame in football. He was born on July 13, 1935 at 3:15 A.M. PST in Los Angeles, CA.

At first glance, Kemp’s chart looks more like a teacher or healer than a gridiron star or a politician. He is strongly mutable, with four factors in Gemini including its ruler, Mercury, closely conjunct his Ascendant. Venus and Neptune in Virgo and the Pisces Saturn and Vesta would fit an artistic career. The Moon in Sagittarius in the sixth house added to both Saturn and Vesta in Pisces in the tenth house point to strong idealism about work. Letter nine points to our ultimate beliefs and goals and values, but in the early life, it can be attracted to sports with the fire love of movement and often good coordination. Chiron, as another Jupiter, strengthens this potential for sports with a close conjunction to the East Point and an exact opposition to the Sagittarian Moon. Both Mars and Jupiter are in the fifth house to add to the fire, including the possibility of a life in the limelight. Also, two more asteroids are in fire signs; Juno in Aries and Pallas in Leo. Though I do not usually associate the Virgo-Pisces polarity with competition, they can be manifested as an intense dedication to whatever is chosen as the life focus. The placement of both of the primary workaholics in the tenth house can express as a devotion to duty and Pisces can try to do it perfectly.

Kemp’s Cancer stellium makes a better fit with his political career. With its potential for expansion to signify the homeland and the public, an emphasis on Cancer is common in politicians. Forbes, Dole, Lamar Alexander, and Kemp all have the Sun in Cancer, and Robert Dornan has his Ascendant, Moon, and Pluto conjunct in Cancer. As our regular readers will remember, Perot also has a huge stellium in Cancer, including his Sun. We have not heard the last of Perot, though he is biding his time at present. Despite his intelligence, Kemp does have a grand cross in the mutable signs. In my judgment, his issue is the conflict between idealism and realism, and in the economic realm, the latter lost the battle. I think he means well, that he is sincere in his belief in supply-side economics, but that in spite of all of his earth, including his four factors in the Taurus house and many factors which have now progressed into Virgo, he is seriously out of touch with economic reality.

Kemp has intriguing aspects for the election this fall, including his P Ascendant in Washington, DC on P Ceres, P Stevin, P Patricia, and just starting a conjunction with P America. What kind of impact will Kemp, Steve Forbes, and Pat Buchanan have on our country, including our workers and families which are symbolized by Ceres, the nurturing side of Virgo?. Also, that massive conjunction in 23 to 24 Virgo is aspecting three variations on Kemp’s MC. It is trioctile his P MC, quincunx his natal MC in Washington, DC, the seat of the presidency, and square his P MC in Washington. In fact, when we include overlapping orbs, Kemp has several other angles involved as well as his P Sun in 19 Virgo and P Moon in 18 Pisces. His P L East Point is in 21 Virgo, his L Antivertex in 20 Gemini 57 connecting Uranus into the massive configuration with octiles and trioctiles. Talk about a mutable dilemma!!! Kemp acknowledged his conflict when he endorsed his long time friend, Forbes, for the presidency, but said he was not opposing Dole. The mutable dilemma calls for analyzing beliefs and values, clarifying one’s value hierarchy, but also looking realistically at what is possible in this physical world. Kemp was apparently upset at the attacks on the flat tax which he favors, but his version is less extreme than Forbes, who wants to give a free ride to the wealthy. Dole has promised to “study” the flat tax, and it was already being promoted by Republicans in Congress, so it will probably be part of the Republican platform formulated in San Diego.

Kemp’s P Moon opposite P Sun at the election puts him at the midpoint of a 30-year New Moon cycle. Theoretically, if the person has been handling the cycle properly, the next seven years should be a peak fulfillment time for him. If the first half of the cycle has not laid a solid foundation for accomplishment, the full moon may mark a time to let the past go and make a new start. We will see what happens in Kemp’s political life. One way or another, it is likely to include major changes for him. Natal Vesta is, of course, part of this aspect configuration. Kemp’s P Moon will conjunct it at the presidential inauguration on January 20, 1997, and be opposite P L East Point, square L Antivertex, and octile Uranus. Since at this point in early March Dole has an apparent lock on the nomination, Kemp really does not look like a major player, yet his chart suggests that this year will be a major turning point for him. Many other aspects support this judgment including P Mars quincunx Kemp’s Ascendant, opposite Ganesa (which may signify the Republican Party), octile P Mercury, which repeats the mental struggles of the mutable dilemma, and square Apollo (a sun god for fame and power) and Stevin. The latter two asteroids are conjunct in late Leo. P Mars is also trine P Pluto, so, despite a lot of soul searching and some mental anguish, Kemp is likely to stick with his convictions. Natal Mars and Pluto were square, so the progressed trine does not signal clear sailing but shows the time in the life when the individual will have a chance to integrate the natal conflict. For Kemp, this means a time to work out issues involving power, dependency, compromise, and sharing.

One of the interesting participants in Kemp’s cardinal sign cross in fixed houses is his natal Roberts in 20 Capricorn where it squares Mars and Juno and opposes the Sun, the local East Point, and Washingtonia. That mixture looks like a power struggle with Bob Dole which would fit Kemp’s support of Forbes. But P Roberts is in 14 Capricorn sextile Jupiter and trine P Neptune which is conjunct P San Diego. That looks like support for Dole at the convention. At the same time, P Roberts squares P Mercury and forms a yod to P Ascendant and P Ganesa which is conjunct Chiron. ?? Does this look like a mutable dilemma torn between defending an economic myth and a friend but not wanting to alienate Dole or the Republicans in general? P Roberts is also octile Unitas (unity) and Irene (peace) and trioctile P Gawain (which I am watching as a possible key to Gingerich since it is so prominent in his own chart). I think Kemp will try to play peace-maker at the convention, but also try to keep the Republican platform from tilting too far in Buchanan’s direction.

As readers know by now, it would be possible to write a book about every chart if we actually included all of the relevant asteroids. I will just add that Kemp’s P Stephania is in 2 Sagittarius 45 trining his P East Point and a possible personal name for him—Jakoba—in 3 Aries. P Jakoba is retrograding in 0 Aries sextile natal Mercury and semisextile P Godiva in 0 Pisces. Natal Godiva, noted for her protest against high taxes, is on Kemp’s MC! He has consistently supported the supply-side theory that lower taxes would provide such a boost to the economy that this would make up for the initial reduced revenue and, in the end, everyone would benefit. The problem with the theory, as was demonstrated under Reagan, is that the wealthy benefited enormously and put their gains into the stock market which has multiplied, but the poor got poorer, the number of good-paying jobs dropped, and the middle class got squeezed. My mutable dilemma includes the constant question of where to cut off the asteroids. I know it is impossible to follow text descriptions of their aspects. To really grasp them, you have to write them in to the chart, or at least make diagrams of the aspects at the bottom. One of the partial solutions I have been considering is to include a table of natal and progressions positions for the ones which seem most relevant. Then, if readers want to write them in they will be available in easy format but the text can focus more on interpretations, discussing the psychological principles and doing some guessing on possible outcomes.

One of many puzzles in Kemp’s chart is the prominence of Alexandra if we use this asteroid for Lamar Alexander. Kemp has it natally on his East Point and it is progressing on his Mercury, both keys to personal identity. Since Lamar is now out of the race and supporting Dole, I am not sure why he should be important to Kemp? Could the two men cooperate on peace making at the convention? Could Dole tap Alexander for V.P.? Or are the aspects just “left over” from the early days of the race when Lamar opposed Forbes? We are only at the beginning of working with these little planets, but they are fascinating.

The reason I have been saying for months that I thought Dole might win in November is that the inauguration chart for noon on January 20, 1997 looks like a Republican win and the asteroid Roberta is highly favored. The tenth house is loaded in the inauguration chart, which is set for the traditional noon time of the oath of office by the new president. Three factors are in the tenth house in late Capricorn, including Ceres (fitting the emphasis of Pat Buchanan on workers and families), Neptune, and Jupiter. The Republicans have traditionally been associated with Jupiter as the party of wealth and our general tendency to make money into god. The close conjunction of Neptune and Jupiter highlights the importance of religious and moral beliefs. Their placement in Capricorn fits traditional beliefs and values and the association of the religious right with the Republicans. The Sun is always in 0 Aquarius for the inauguration, but next year it will be conjunct Jupiter within one degree, reinforcing the importance of Jupiter in the new regime but also showing potential tensions between the old and the new. Uranus is conjunct the Sun in its own sign to add support for the new, and Vesta shares in the conjunction to hammer in again the issue of jobs. Vesta is our super-Virgo, so its prominence can also point to the ongoing issue of health care. To add more weight to Jupiter with its potential for wealth, it is exactly on the MC when the chart is calculated for New York, the financial capital of the U.S. I think Wall Street will be happy.

Taurus is rising, as always for this date and time, and its ruler, Venus, is in 13 Capricorn conjunct Roberta (for Bob Dole), Justitia (justice), and the south nodes of both Venus and Jupiter! Also, the whole conjunction is trine the Ascendant so it looks like a happy Dole. The other “Robert” asteroid is less positive. Roberts is in 24 Aquarius 58. It is sextile Gingerich in 24 Gemini but square Dike (a fate asteroid) in 24 Taurus and opposite Atlantis (abuse of power) in 24 Leo. As in the discussion of previous charts, mixed aspects often indicate the attainment of a goal but serious problems after one gets it.

The other relevant personal name asteroids are also featured in this chart. I do not think that Pat Buchanan will quietly disappear. Patricia is in the first house trine the MC and Ceres. Maybe he will be helpful, continuing to remind the new president of the issue of jobs. Or maybe he will be pushing his anti-abortion agenda, trying to save embryos but supporting the killing of adults with capital punishment and no restrictions on gun ownership. Another indication of Pat’s continued prominence is Patrick Gene on the Ascendant/MC midpoint in 20 Pisces where it also octiles Uranus in Aquarius and Armisticia in Taurus. Saturn and the south lunar node are conjunct within one degree, suggesting that this next term of office could be rather crucial. They point to their lesson being tied to the Republicans if Ganesa continues to “work” for the political party. Mars opposes Saturn, and Ganesa is in 3 Cancer on their midpoint axis as well as square Saturn within one degree. If the Republicans do take over the whole government and really push through tax cuts for the wealthy, a balanced budget at the expense of the poor, the ill, and the disabled, and we follow our past history of having depressions when the federal government cut its deficit (see an item in News Notes in the Pisces 1996 issue of The Mutable Dilemma), it will be interesting to see who gets blamed. The elite have been successful in turning the poor into the enemy and in asserting that a balanced budget will help the economy, which is absolutely contrary to the historical evidence. We live in interesting times.

We will take another look at Clinton’s and Gore’s charts in the next issue of Asteroid-World. I am experimenting with new personal name asteroids for both of them. The cardinal ingress charts for the rest of this year are also interesting when you add the personal name asteroids. We will take at least a brief look at them in the Spring 1996 Asteroid-World.


After this issue of Asteroid-World had gone to Mark in Los Angeles, but before it went to the printer, Steve Forbes decided to end his campaign for the presidency and to support Dole. This action would make it easier for Dole to consider him for the Vice Presidency. But another possibility surfaced which seems even more likely. Despite Colin Powell’s rejection of running for any political office at this time, Dole is reportedly still hoping to persuade him to the Vice Presidential candidate. In view of Powell’s popularity, he could be the key to Dole being elected in 1996. I do not have a birth time for Powell, but if he still seems like a possible candidate for V.P., I will discuss a speculative chart for him in the next Asteroid-World. If my tentative rectification is right, he has the potential to start as Vice President and to be elected President in 2000.

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