More Abductions?

Zip Dobyns

I am still hoping to acquire data on a larger number of people who believe they have been abducted by aliens. A few cases have trickled in, including an adopted boy and the woman who adopted him. To protect their privacy, we will call the mother M and the son S. S had already experienced multiple abductions when he was adopted by M, and he was very afraid of the experiences. M asked him whether he would feel better if she went with him at such times, and he said ‘yes.’ After this, she also started having the experiences. On May 26, 1995, she experienced having an implant put in her head.

S was born on January 10, 1986 at 20:42 MST in El Paso, TX. M was born on December 12, 1952 at 21:54 CST in Chicago, IL. Unfortunately, I have no other dates for the abduction experiences, so both charts have been progressed to May 26, 1995.

As I have written previously, I suspect that these experiences are primarily psychic rather than physical even when there are physical marks on the body afterwards. If the subconscious mind can produce a blister on the arm when an individual is told under hypnosis that he is being touched with a hot poker while an ice cube is actually held briefly against the arm, the subconscious is also capable of producing other physical reactions when the person is in a state of altered consciousness.

However, I am not ruling out the possibility that some of the UFO phenomena involve physical vehicles and beings. Whether the latter are from other worlds or from earth remains an open question. We certainly do not know enough to reach any final conclusions in this complex mystery of UFOs and aliens. A speaker at the Whole Life Expo in L.A. in early November 1996 repeated claims I had heard and read elsewhere that the U.S. government has been cooperating with some of the aliens and with their help has developed craft which can make the incredible maneuvers seen in the sky for the last 50 years. This speaker, a well-known psychic named Shaun David Morton, also said that Germans who developed advanced technology under Hitler but were not far enough along to mobilize it to win World War II had escaped to Brazil when Germany fell. There, deep in the jungles, they are said to have continued their work which produced some of the advanced craft being called “flying saucers.”

A book by the French scientist Jacques Vallee which was published in 1990 makes me more inclined to take such a claim seriously. Vallee is one of the most credible of the writers on UFOs. He is also one of the first to suggest that some of the UFO phenomena might be “multi-dimensional,” meaning psychic levels of reality beyond the physical. In his 1990 book Confrontations, Vallee started by summarizing some of the objections he had previously raised against the theory that the UFO inhabitants came to earth from other physical worlds and he gave some of the reasons he thinks that paranormal explanations must be considered. Many of the reported abduction experiences seem to Vallee to be absurd, even grotesque, sounding more like the sadistic sexual manipulations reminiscent of medieval tales of encounters with demons. Scientists in general continue to ignore the whole subject, despite a current catalogue of between 5,000 and 10,000 close encounter cases and the likelihood that only one witness in ten actually reports such experiences.

In Confrontations, Vallee mentions that he has accumulated evidence about cults, about cattle mutilations, and about possible government involvement, but that he would not deal with those areas in the current book even though they might be relevant to the phenomena. His focus in this book is personally gathered data about strange experiences from the witnesses themselves in several countries. I was especially impressed by the experiences of people living in the jungles of Brazil who were largely uneducated and unfamiliar with the media stories available to city dwellers. I will not attempt to give details of Vallee’s cases. Those interested in this area should read his book, which is pretty scary! He describes injuries and deaths resulting from mysterious radiations from UFOs which seemed to be senseless attacks on innocent bystanders. Some victims died of mysterious burns, some bodies had the blood sucked out of them, reminding us of the bizarre “animal” described in Fate magazine articles which I mentioned in a previous issue of The Mutable Dilemma. One man became very cold and had dark blue spots on his skin and died a week later. Vallee writes that whatever else they may be, some UFOs represent a technology capable of harmful actions. He says that the world should be investigating with better resources and a sense of urgency.

In previous work with the charts of psychics, people who had out-of-body experiences, and abductees, I found that many of them had water planets or Uranus conjunct their chart angles at birth. If we accept that Juno is similar to Pluto and Scorpio, the chart of S fits that pattern with Juno on the IC within one degree. Additional water emphasis comes from three factors in Scorpio including Pluto on the south lunar node, the Antivertex in a water sign and the East Point in a water house, plus four factors in the fourth house. The water planet Neptune conjunct the air planet Mercury shows some ability to become conscious of the contents of the subconscious, and the placement of the water Pluto and the node in a water sign in an air house adds to that potential. The general emphasis on water and earth in the chart of S shows a tendency toward introversion and a generally serious attitude which could slip into anxiety or depression. The identification with Virgo (which is rising) and Capricorn (with the Ascendant’s ruler, Mercury, in Capricorn) indicate the danger of self-doubt and self-criticism. Individuals with these patterns need to be productive, to learn early that they can cope with the material world in order to accept and like themselves. The close Vesta conjunction with the Sun adds to the need for S to develop a sense of accomplishment in order to gain a sense of self-esteem.

Obviously, something happened to the parents of S since he was adopted, and the oppositions across the fourth and tenth houses are typical keys to separations between the parents or from the parents and early home. Once he is old enough to gain a sense of personal power, the fire-earth emphasis shows the capacity for S to be a powerful person, but as a child, it is normal to feel that the world has the power. The experience of being abducted by aliens is hardly a typical form of projecting one’s power into the world, but if the numbers cited by Vallee are accurate, it may be more common than we think. The rising Ceres in the chart of S indicates a strong tie with a mother figure and the fact that his adopted mother was willing to share his experience should help S to deal with it. If his abduction experiences are actually due to psychic sensitivity, it will be interesting to see whether they continue into the adult life of S. Water is the most psychic element, and earth is the least, with its tendency to be skeptical of anything non-physical that can’t be proved. Jupiter and Chiron in earth houses and an earth sign in the ninth house could be a sign of increasing skepticism in S’s later life. More often than not, children become less psychic once they start school and have to focus on the earth tasks as well as learn to relate to peers. Earth and air demand attention.

Turning to the chart of M, we can see her connections to S which could lead to adopting him. Their Ascendants are conjunct, her Pluto is on his East Point, her Uranus is on his Antivertex, and her Mercury is on his IC and Juno. Conjunctions with angles are among the strongest contacts possible between two charts. Also highly important is M’s Moon on S’s south lunar node. The fact that most of these connections involve water in some way, whether planets, signs, or houses, suggests possible past-life associations, since water especially symbolizes the habits we bring from the past in the subconscious mind.

M’s chart shows the identification with idealism and motherhood which could lead her to adopt a child. Mercury, her Ascendant ruler, is in Sagittarius in the fourth house of home and family along with Vesta, a key to our work, and the Sun, our capacity to procreate among other forms of creativity. Ceres, the nurturing asteroid, is in the tenth house, repeating the possibility that motherhood could become a major part of her work in the world, and Capricorn in the fifth house also shows the potential for a career involving children. Cancer and Leo, the signs of procreation and caring for a family, are in transpersonal houses where the individual may enlarge her protective instincts to care for society, including the children of others. The mixture of interpersonal signs in transpersonal houses and vice versa is typical for helping professionals, but can also be manifested through adoption.

M’s chart is less obviously psychic than S’s, but she does have occupied fourth and twelfth houses as well as the Antivertex and Uranus in Cancer, the Moon in Scorpio, Pallas in Pisces, and Pluto conjunct the East Point in a water house and sextile Neptune. The strongest form of emphasis in an element is close aspects between the planets of that element and/or the planets and the chart angles. M’s strong air shows an intelligent mind, and her air-water mixtures show the capacity to be consciously open to the subconscious. She has an interesting theme in her chart connecting the planetary keys to faith, Jupiter, Neptune, and Chiron, in earth signs or conjunct Saturn, our major earth planet. Vesta in Sagittarius repeats the theme. Since astrology shows issues, not details, this mix of earth and faith in something beyond the physical world could mean skepticism and a need to develop faith in something higher. Or it could mean a need to be more grounded in her beliefs; a danger of being too gullible. Or it could mean she would choose a spiritual career, as her way of coping with the material world. Astrology shows potentials, but individuals determine the details of the life.

One of the fun parts of exploring the new asteroids is deciding in advance which ones should be emphasized by being in aspect to the traditional planets to fit the personality and life of the individual. For someone presumably involved with non-traditional beings, if they are aliens from other solar systems we would look for Mr. Spock, the character in Star Trek, for Spacewatch, for Interkosmos, which was named for an organization working toward space exploration, for Soyuz-Apollo, which was named for an American-Russian cooperative space effort, for Astronomia (astronomy), for Starr, and perhaps for Sagan, a famous astronomer who wrote about the potential for life in other areas of the universe but who discounted UFO and abduction stories. If the abduction experiences are psychic, we would expect to find Dionysus and Bacchus, the Greek and Roman names for a god associated with altered states of consciousness, Pythia, the title of the female prophet at Delphi, and possibly Psyche, Fantasia, Merlin, the wizard of the Arthurian Round Table, and Swedenborg, a famous scientist and psychic from Sweden. Since the experiences were more traumatic than pleasurable, we might find the war goddesses Bellona and Belisana, or Nemesis, or Medusa, who was associated with fear. The mortals who flew and fell might be there, Icarus and Phaethon, and Daedalus, the father of Icarus who flew more successfully with the wings of feathers and wax he had made. Vibilia, the asteroid for journeys, should be featured in some way.

Looking first at the chart of S, at the time that his adopted mother experienced the implant, which was presumably traumatic to both if it happened on a joint abduction, his P Ascendant was on P Vibilia for a journey and opposite Urania, a female Uranus for new knowledge and experiences. P Vibilia in S’s first house was retrograde at birth and still within one degree of its natal position. They were also trioctile N Moon and Karma and P Vesta, connecting his mother and “fate” to his journey. As readers know, I think that our destiny or fate is created by our character, our habits. P Moon trine this late Capricorn group would fit some emotional support from his adopted mother. S’s P MC was moving into a square to P Vibilia, but at the time of this incident it opposed Fantasia in 10 Sagittarius and was sextile P Starr retrograding in 10 Leo. P Bacchus was conjunct N Sagan, retrograding in 25 Sagittarius, opposite Pallas and trioctile P Starr. Bacchus is one of the asteroids which comes inside the orbit of earth, so, like Mercury and Venus, it can be retrograde when it is close to the Sun. These aspects suggest tension which is reinforced by an especially strong T-square in mutable signs but cardinal houses, thus pointing to events (cardinals) involving the mind and faith (mutables). S’s P East Point was square P Saturn in Virgo and P Daedalus and P Psyche in 7 Gemini. It was also trine N Mercury, sextile Pluto, and trioctile P Mercury which was on P Astronomia. Though harmonious aspects are included in this network of conflict aspects, they may simply point to the mental openness symbolized by air and water planets which could contribute to such experiences. Since asteroids from both of our theoretical groups are featured, this example does not help us choose between a physical versus a psychic experience. The mental state could attract physical events or cooperate in some way with psychic entities to produce psychic events.

Other meaningful aspects include N Belisana and N Merlin in 3 Taurus so the P mean lunar nodes hold a conjunction and opposition to them for years with P Neptune holding a trine to them. For much of S’s life, P Juno held a quincunx to the early Taurus asteroids. This aspect between factors in the sign and house of Sagittarius can symbolize the potential for travel at any time, whether it is physical or mental travel. It can also point to a challenge to and/or changes in faith. P Merlin was slowly moving over the north lunar node, opposite the south node and Pluto and quincunx Saturn. The P Nodes held a long square to Pythia on the twelfth house cusp, which fits a psychic source of the experiences. Overlapping orbs connected P Sun and P Venus in 0 Aquarius to N and P Ceres in Virgo, P Fantasia in 14 Sagittarius, and the late Capricorn factors which had been joined by P Child and P Apollo. This network connected keys to mother and child with creativity and imagination. The challenge involving faith which was symbolized by conflict aspects to factors in Sagittarius was repeated by P Mars (personal power) square Jupiter (faith in a higher power). Many other asteroids could be listed, but they mostly repeat the message.

M’s progressed chart on the same day had a dramatic emphasis on her role as mother. Her P Moon was within one minute of longitude of P Ceres and both were within 5 minutes of her local MC. (To protect their identity, I am not including the location where these events occurred.) P Dionysus was more widely conjunct all of them. Ceres and the Moon both symbolize the capacity to care for others and/or to be cared for. The MC-IC axis represents parents and other authority figures or our own responsibility in power roles. M’s identification with being a caring, responsible parent to S was theoretically the reason she was experiencing the abduction and implant, but at the same time, the experiences demonstrated her lack of power in the face of unknown forces. There was also an interesting emphasis on Fantasia. P Sun opposed N Fantasia and P Fantasia was conjunct the Antivertex and square N Saturn. P Neptune was making a station on N Saturn that year, and P Astronomia was conjunct both planets, square the Antivertex and P Fantasia. The Sun symbolizes our capacity to love and procreate. Did M’s love for S draw her into his psychic world? M’s Saturn-Neptune conjunction in her third house shows an issue involving psychic openness to the Whole versus focusing on the physical world, power, and responsibility. P Venus squared N Sun to accentuate her dismay at being unable to protect her son.

The goddess of truth, Aletheia, was natally conjunct Nemesis and opposite N Ceres to repeat M’s issue of parental responsibility versus her own helplessness in the face of a threat symbolized by Nemesis and questions about faith and truth—Aletheia in Sagittarius. P Aletheia was in 25 Sagittarius quincunx the Antivertex and P Fantasia, repeating the questions about how we can personally discover and define truth and reality. M’s potential for mental journeys and for their connection to her faith is shown by N Vibilia conjunct N Mercury within 2 minutes of longitude. For some years during this period of her life, M had P Mason-Dixon on Mercury and Vibilia. Mason-Dixon was associated with the troubled period prior to the U.S. Civil War—one of many controversial attempts at political solutions to the issue of slavery and relationships between the black and white races. It is fascinating to find a symbol of racial problems connected to experiences which many believe involve human interactions with alien races from other worlds. P Vibilia was in 16 Sagittarius sextile Mars in Aquarius for new experiences and technology, quincunx P Uranus and M’s P local MC to repeat the theme, and semisextile P Chiron which opposed P Uranus to say it again. Additional connections to psychic openness were present with the P lunar nodes on the nodes of Neptune and M’s P local Ascendant on P Swedenborg, who was both a scientist and a remarkable psychic. There is more, but eventually I have to make the decision to stop.

So we end without any firm conclusions about the ultimate nature of what happened to M and S. They did meet denizens from other worlds, whether those worlds were physical planets or non-physical dimensions connected to our earth. They journeyed, whether mentally or physically. Their beliefs were profoundly affected, their faith tested, by their experiences. Unfortunately, many people seem unable to deal with an inclusive and complex world. Some ignore major areas of life experience to maintain the belief that only material forces are “real.” Others accept the reality of psychic dimensions but have problems when they think the psychic realities were or will be physical (for example, Atlantis in the past and continents to be submerged in the near future). If any of our readers have additional data on individuals who have had abduction experiences, I would love to have it and the identity of the subjects will be protected. It is helpful to have both full birth data and the geographical location and dates of such experiences.

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