Dodona Update

Zip Dobyns

I’ve had a great summer—more time to read than in years, once I got home from the ISAR conference in early July. Next year is already shaping up to include a lot of travel, so I am rejoicing in being able to stay home for the rest of this year, other than a short trip to L.A. which is scheduled for early November. For anyone in that area, I will be talking at the New Age Bible Center in Santa Monica on November 3, on the millennial prophecies. Since the current issue of our Asteroid-World is on that topic and has much more material than I can cover in a short lecture, you won’t need to come.

All is well here in our little corner of paradise, though the San Diego region is experiencing drought. A local nursery is predicting rain starting in late September. I hope they are right. A cold winter is also predicted. Maybe one of these days I will test some of the astrological theories on the weather. So far, too many interests and never enough time.

Another new minister joined our ranks on September 1, and one more is tentatively scheduled to be ordained on October 20. Since we have no dogma requirements, we currently include a wide range of interests in our members. The only requirement is a life devoted to service to others, to teaching, counseling, healing, or in some other way making our world a little more loving, a little more ideal. We believe in “Inclusion,” and hope that all of our readers feel included in the CCRS family.

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