Asteroid-World Winter 1997

Zip Dobyns

As our regular readers will remember, I had been working with the wrong birth data for Bob Dole, and based my early guess on the 1996 presidential winner mostly on the chart for the inauguration on January 20, 1997. The oath of office is supposed to be completed at noon, and the chart for noon put the Ascendant exactly trine Venus (its ruler) which was conjunct Roberta. Well, Venus may show Robert Dole’s relief to have the struggle ended, but he was obviously not the winner. Doc Cottle, one of my helpful Internet informants, was watching the clock and the oath of office was not completed until 12:06:07 P.M. EST. The Ascendant was still trine Venus since we can allow a wider orb for the traditional planets, but it was over 3 degrees past the trine to Roberta. When we work with hundreds of new factors, we do have to limit our orbs to one degree. Instead of the asteroid named for one variation of “Robert” being trine the Ascendant, the other form, Roberts, was in 24 Aquarius 58, octile the midpoint of the two first house rulers, Mercury and Venus. Predicting details with astrology remains an educated guess, even when we add hundreds of asteroids. In this case, it proved especially risky to assume that a future event would occur on time.

The chart for the actual time of the oath puts Neptune on the MC within 2 minutes of longitude, and Ceres is there within one degree. The general picture remains the same as the noon chart—issues involving faith/ethics/morality, the secrecy of the elite, power and human needs, etc. Pallas and Mercury are exactly on the 9th house cusp to repeat the message, with possible details including lawyers, politics, law courts, and social justice for Pallas and general information and the media for Mercury. Saturn exactly on the south lunar node in Aries and Mars and the north node in Libra complete a T-square. The cardinal signs describe the power struggle potential between self-will and sharing power. The mutable houses bring in the ethical issues with the ninth and twelfth houses and the question of effectiveness with the sixth house. Will the “reform” of welfare actually solve the budget deficit or just expand the suffering of the poor to include small businesses such as those who once sold them food or rented to them? It will be a challenging four years as we watch increased numbers of hungry and homeless people, the majority more stressed with less health care to handle the resulting illnesses, and the probability of more violence in a “society” told that more competition will solve all our problems.

I have seen very little in the major newspapers and magazines about the birth of a son to Michael Jackson, but the tabloids have covered the event. The general consensus is that on February 12, labor was induced in a Los Angeles hospital for Debbie, Michael’s wife since a hasty marriage in Australia in November 1996. Debbie Rowe was the nurse of Michael’s dermatologist, Arnold Klein. Rowe’s friend, Tanya Boyd, says that Michael and Debbie knew each other for 12 years through his regular visits for treatment, and that she had a crush on him. She was willing to do for him what his wife, Lisa Marie, refused to do—to have his baby. Debbie was said to have become pregnant while Michael was still married to Lisa Marie, but she lost the baby. Their second attempt was successful. Several media sources all report that the baby was born early on February 13. One of the tabloids, The Star, specifies 1:17 A.M. Although this must remain tentative, in light of the dubious reputation for accuracy of some of the tabloids, the time is at least close. Other sources just say soon after 1 A.M.

I have conflicting information on the name of the new baby. One paper says he will be named Michael Jr. for his father, and another source says he was named Joseph for Michael’s father. For the moment, we will call him Joseph to be able to distinguish the baby from his father. I suspect that most of our readers know more about Jackson than I do, since I do not follow either the Hollywood scene or popular music. We can briefly summarize Michael’s recent past as a world-famous singer and performer who was repeatedly rumored to have indulged in sexual misconduct with young boys. One boy’s father took him to court and received a settlement reported to be in the millions. The tabloids describe Michael as ecstatic over the birth of his son, but totally uncaring in his attitude toward Debbie. Both The Star and The National Enquirer say that Michael, Debbie, and the baby left the hospital less than 8 hours after the birth, and that Michael took the baby to his home near Santa Barbara while Debbie went home (?) alone. One story said that Debbie went to Arizona and is drawing her own milk and sending it to Michael and her baby.

We have discussed several possible charts for Michael Jackson in past issues of The Mutable Dilemma, but his birth time remains a mystery. The birth data is August 29, 1958 in Gary, IN. He has fewer suggested birth times than former president Reagan, but from various sources I have seen 1:30 A.M., 7:54 A.M., 9 P.M., and 11:45 P.M. I also experimented a bit with speculative times of 12:54 P.M. and 7:03 P.M., and liked the last the best. A late afternoon birth time near 6 P.M. would put Michael’s Pisces Moon on Joseph’s IC, fitting his having reportedly taken over the mother role for his son. If I have time, I will check out these different charts for the birth of Michael’s son. So far, I have just looked at the 7:03 P.M. chart and it does have appropriate aspects for becoming a parent. I will include the chart in case readers want to test it, but at the moment, we will concentrate on Joseph, whose birth time is at least fairly close to accurate.

Assuming an accurate time, Joseph has early Sagittarius rising with Pluto just below the Ascendant connected to an amazing array of planets around 4 to 6 degrees in several signs, including an incredible stellium in Aquarius. The stellium overlaps the second and third houses and three factors in Capricorn are also in the second house. The combination suggests an outstanding mind and the potential for remarkable artistic talent if Joseph does not direct the drives into appetite indulgence or the acquisition of money or possessions. Certainly the ability to achieve success in the material world is present with a close grand trine in earth signs and houses composed of the MC, Pallas in Capricorn, and the Moon in Taurus. The Venus potential for beauty is present since Pallas is a Libra asteroid and the sign and house of Taurus are involved. Virgo can indicate craftsmanship, and it is also reinforced by a corner of the grand trine in the house of Virgo, plus the sign in the tenth house of career.

The potential for an intellect approaching genius is even stronger with the three planets associated with the conscious mind, Mercury, Uranus, and Jupiter, all conjunct within one degree in the sign of Uranus. Ceres is also there within two minutes of longitude of Mercury, and that implies some of the Virgo skill with detail. The asteroid Shakespeare is also there in 6 Aquarius 1, so Joseph may choose writing as one artistic outlet. As an additional emphasis on the artistic potential, the dramatic conjunction in 5 to 6 Aquarius is on the midpoint of Neptune and Venus, the two main keys to beauty, and the south node of Neptune is conjunct Venus within one degree.

The Moon’s square to Venus does not deny potential talent but does suggest that Joseph might have problems with his mother or with money, sensuality, love, etc. Venus also is quincunx the MC, which could mean tension between the “rules” of the society and the Aquarian urge to resist any limits. A “garden-variety” way of manifesting a quincunx to the MC is to keep changing one’s career or to choose one which includes constant variety. Either option would fit the strong fire and air emphasis in this chart. There is plenty of earth to show the ability to be practical, but Joseph is likely to experience conflict between his intense desire for personal freedom, his urge to go “beyond the rules,” and the fact that there are limits if we want to survive in a physical world. However, in light of the father he came to and the power of his second house, Joseph may well be able to buy his way out of many of the limits which society enforces on less wealthy citizens.

These interpretations are supported by Vesta conjunct the Sun, a combination of the super-Virgo asteroid with the tremendous creativity of the Sun in Aquarius, with an exact semisextile of Vesta to the Capricorn Antivertex (an auxiliary Ascendant) and a wider sextile to the East Point, our other auxiliary Ascendant. I suspect that Joseph’s conflict will be very little within himself but mostly with any person or system which tries to limit him. His Mars in the tenth house and Saturn in Aries repeat that potential for feeling that “my will is or should be the law.” It is appropriate to have his chart reaching readers with the current issue of The Mutable Dilemma, whose main article in on individuals with “one-ten” combinations in their charts. The Antivertex in Capricorn and the conjunction of rulers of the first and tenth houses (Jupiter and Mercury) give us additional statements of the same message. The sextiles and trines of the Ascendant and the rising Pluto to Mars, Saturn, the lunar nodes, and the massive Aquarian conjunction are an additional statement that Joseph is likely to know what he wants and to get most of it. The conjunction of the south node with Saturn and their opposition to Mars suggests that his self-will is a major lesson for this lifetime. Remember, harmonious aspects invite excesses.

The primary conflict patterns in the chart are the Moon’s square to Venus and a T-square of the Aquarius group to the Chiron-Juno opposition. The fixed signs of all factors and the fixed houses for the T-square point to tension involving money, sensuality, and/or power. The involvement of Venus, Moon, and Juno points to challenges in close relationships with females, though inner tension is possible between appetite indulgence and appetite mastery. Chiron and Jupiter bring in ethical questions.

The extra asteroids add their weight to the picture. There are three asteroids within one degree of the Ascendant if this birth time is accurate: Starr fits Joseph’s role even before he was born. Geisha, named for the Japanese women whose role in life is to please men, makes one wonder about Joseph’s future as his father’s possession and how he will relate to females. Hestia is the Greek name for Vesta, the ultimate Virgo asteroid which can be superlatively skillful with a job but have major problems with love relationships and sex. Circe, who turned men into pigs, is on Joseph’s Antivertex, while the Vertex (an auxiliary Descendant) is on the north nodes of Pluto and Saturn. I usually find Pluto or Saturn nodes conjunct planets or angles in people playing major power roles in the world. When working with “extra” factors such as midpoints, Arabic Parts, planetary nodes, and the new asteroids, I limit aspect orbs to one degree.

In addition to the geocentric planetary nodes, I used to work with a number of Arabic Parts before I started acquiring so many asteroids. One group of such Parts is derived by adding the Ascendant to a planet and subtracting the Sun. I interpret the resultant points as keys to personal action (the Ascendant) expressing the nature of the planet prior to the growth sought by the Sun. I call the resultant points the “Part” of whatever planet was used. Adding the Ascendant to Venus and subtracting the Sun produces the Part of Venus, which is in 19 Scorpio conjunct the asteroid Jackson in 18 Scorpio. The asteroid Michel, the French version of Michael, is in 18 Aries on the north node of Mars. Connecting Michael’s two names with alternative forms of Mars and Venus seems pretty appropriate. Mars and Venus are traditional rulers of the two signs of pure self-will and personal pleasure (Aries and Taurus), but also of our ability to respect the rights of close peer relationships and to share pleasure (Libra and Scorpio). Parents are role models.

There is always much more that could be said. Those who are interested in someone who seems destined for fame as a creative artist may want to write in additional asteroids which add to the tremendous network of factors in 4 to 6 degrees of different signs. Filling in a grand air trine with Mars and the Aquarian conjunction are Rockefellia and Columbia in 4 Gemini 41 and 4 Gemini 42. Joseph’s mind and/or his ability to charm other people is likely to bring wealth and connect him to the elite in the power center of our country, the District of Columbia. Quincunx the Aquarian conjunction, Joseph has America in 4 Virgo 32 and Nemesis in 4 Virgo 53, both retrograde. This combination repeats the likelihood that his Aquarian resistance to limits, which is, after all, the potential for true creativity, will challenge the conventional morality of many traditional Americans. A mutable grand cross is produced since Pluto squares America and Nemesis, opposes Rockefellia and Columbia, and it also squares Africa in 5 Pisces. Africa reminds us of Michael’s race and the intolerance which still hangs heavy over America. Joseph may be a key figure in helping the U.S. deal with our ambivalence about race, combining the talent of his famous father, great charm, but hopefully with the intelligence to handle his bizarre father and his soap opera beginning.

The extra asteroids also fill in a grand cross in fixed signs and houses starting with Juno, which is in orb of a square to America, and followed quickly by Ethiopia in 3 Taurus, Ate in 4 Taurus, and Gaea in 6 Taurus. Ethiopia is an African country noted for its high civilization and the pride of its rulers in the ancient world, but torn by wars in this century, both against foreign powers and internal civil strife. Ate was a Greek goddess characterized as almost totally evil. Gaea, the earth, repeats the likelihood that Joseph’s life will cast a long shadow in the world. 13 asteroids range from 4 to 7 Scorpio, including Tristan, who died for love in the Arthurian saga, Lucifer, who is alternately seen as a devil in traditional Christianity or a key to wisdom and light associated with the Kundalini, Wodan, a Norse Jupiter, Nicole, an uneasy reminder of O.J. and the racial issue, Vinifera, named for the grapes which produce wine, Anacostia, another reference to our capital as a seat of power, and Helio, a sun god for fame, power, etc. Gallia (France) in 5 Leo 58 fills in the cross in fixed signs and forms a fire grand trine with Pluto and Saturn.

Bathsheba and Brasilia are in 4 Capricorn, so out of the twelve signs, only Cancer is missed for a potentially relevant asteroid. Bathsheba was the woman coveted by King David of ancient Israel. He sent her husband to war where he was killed, and Bathsheba bore David’s son, Solomon, who became king in his turn. Brasilia is the capital of Brazil, a country which has been more successful than the U.S. in racial integration. Obviously, even with this many factors, we see issues, not details. The repeated issues involve love and sensuality, power and the elite, and tolerance or the lack of it. It will be fascinating to see what Joseph does with the issues. He may spend considerable time in Europe with Europa on his Vesta, Gallia trine his Pluto, and Brita (named for Britain) on his IC for a possible home there. I will close by noting that Midas is on Joseph’s Sun. Midas is the man whose wish was granted that what he touched turned into gold, but he found he could not eat gold. The Sun is the astrological key to gold which may be won through creativity, love, or power. Choices.

Thanks to Lois Rodden, we have the birth data for Ennis Cosby from his birth certificate, and two possible birth times for his famous father, Bill Cosby. We also have an approximate time for the death of Ennis, who was shot while changing a flat tire on January 16, 1997 just south of Sherman Oaks, CA at about 1:20 A.M. PST. I used the L & L of Sherman Oaks since there is minimal change on the angles for small distances north or south. Ennis was born in Los Angeles on April 15, 1969 at 0:28 PST. Bill Cosby was born in Philadelphia, PA, on July 13, 1937. His biography lists his birth time as 3 A.M. According to an astrologer who asked him in person, Bill said he was born at 0:30 A.M. Both possible birth times have appropriate aspects for the death of his son, but the early time has more dramatic aspects and will be discussed here. Students who wish to can calculate and study the 3 A.M. chart and draw their own conclusions.

Ennis was the only son of Bill Cosby, and his violent death was a shattering experience for both of his parents. I do not follow the entertainment world, or read or watch fiction, so most of our readers undoubtedly know more about the Cosbys than I do. From what I have read in the news media, Ennis had initial problems in school, but after he was diagnosed as dyslexic and given special training, he was able to do better. He was working on a graduate degree in college when he was killed. He was described as good-natured, generous, and kind, setting an example for others with his efforts to help young people with similar learning disabilities.

As this is written in early March, the police remain baffled, unsure whether it was a random act of violence in the course of a robbery or a premeditated attack which might have actually been aimed more to hurt Bill Cosby, who is said to have made enemies through sharp business dealings. Stephanie Crane was with Ennis but still sitting in her car, having been notified on his car phone of the flat tire and having driven to the site. She says that when a man pointed a gun at her and threatened to kill her, she drove away, and returned around 1:30 A.M. to find Ennis dead of a gunshot to the head. Crane is a five-times divorced writer with a long history of psychological problems. Earlier in the evening, Ennis had been in a health club, laughing and joking with two other men according to witnesses. A possible witness near the crime scene says there were two other people in Ennis’ car. Another mystery is why Ennis turned left where he did to change his tire. If he was on his way to Crane’s home, as is theorized, he should have turned right when he came off Interstate 405 at Mulholland Drive. Some experts think that Ennis knew his killer because the shot was at close range and there was no evidence of a struggle.

Our first impression in looking at Ennis’ chart is of the major emphasis on the mind, the ability to learn and communicate. The stellium in Aries in the third house includes Chiron (like Jupiter), the Moon, Venus, the Sun, and Saturn, with Mercury, the natural ruler of the house, also there in early Taurus. The air/fire mixture for the house and the sign with the nature of Chiron supporting the fire and of Mercury supporting the air, fits a child likely to be enormously restless in his early life. He would need to move—physically and mentally, and could easily have trouble staying focused for long periods. He could be intellectually brilliant and creative, but have problems concentrating on a task which required sustained attention. He could also rebel against authority figures or almost any kind of limitation with that Aries stellium. When personally motivated, he could unleash his real potential. Saturn in the third house as well as conjunct Mercury is often a sign of lessons involving learning and communicating in the early life, but as the individual learns to handle whatever the challenge is, a career involving the mind is often chosen and can be very successful. When we learn to handle the “rules of the game,” life in this physical world, Saturn becomes a key to our choice of career, role, or status in the world.

Relationships were also very important to Ennis. The third house emphasis can be associated with his sisters or with other relatives (not including parents or grandparents) as well as neighbors. Aries in the third house plus Saturn as a first house ruler signify such relatives as role models, and both parents are also indicated as personal models with Capricorn rising and Saturn in Aries pointing to father and Ceres in the first house pointing to mother. Vesta in the fourth house connects the Virgo principle to the home and one of the parents. Many details are possible, as usual. Parents may be workaholics or highly skilled or at least possessed of a strong work ethic. If the parents are expressing the other end of the principle, they may be ill or otherwise ineffective. With hindsight, we know that Bill Cosby and his wife fit the first description, but for astrology to be helpful, we need to emphasize its principles. Every principle offers choices which can be helpful if clients have been manifesting an unsatisfying alternative. Usually, subjects with Capricorn and/or Virgo factors in the first or fourth houses will learn to work early in life, whether they are consciously personally motivated or forced to do this by life circumstances when that part of the character is subconscious.

One-four connections with six-ten may be shown by having the signs (Virgo or Capricorn) or their planetary rulers (Vesta or Saturn) in the first house and/or in the fourth house. Alternately, the rulers of the first or fourth houses may be in the 6th or 10th signs or houses or conjunct Vesta or Saturn, etc. The larger the number of such mixtures in the chart, the greater the emphasis of the theme in the character and life of the subject. The addition of three factors in Virgo reinforces the emphasis on the “Puritan work ethic” for Ennis. The combination of the six-ten emphasis with the dramatic freedom drives of the Aries stellium and first house Aquarius fits intense inner conflict in early life. Letter ten is a natural square to letter one but a semisextile to letter eleven. Two of these drives are transpersonal, so they share concerns with larger, social issues, and all three drives are concerned with power. These life desires can be integrated by internalizing a conscience which accepts the necessary rules voluntarily. Letter six is a natural quincunx to both letters eleven and one, a yod, dealing with all three major life areas: personal needs, interpersonal relationships, and transpersonal issues. Integration calls for a compromise between the desire for total personal freedom versus the humble service, practicality, persistence, patience, and precision with details of letter six.

If such conflicts are not integrated by some kind of compromise which makes room for both personal freedom and effective work, there is always the danger of some type of breakdown or crisis. If the major frustrations involve letter six, the subconscious may “take over” for individuals in a state of impasse, and they “escape” through illness or death. If letter ten is the greater challenge, especially if letter eight is centrally involved, some form of power struggle is more common. After a difficult childhood, Ennis had developed his Virgo potential and was successfully handling work and school. Letter eight was important in his chart, with four factors in the eighth house, including Uranus, one of the keys to identity as a ruler of Aquarius in the first house, Pluto, the natural ruler of the house, and the south lunar node, which I think is always a lesson. Also, Neptune, the most elevated planet in the chart, was in Scorpio, and Pallas and Juno, the asteroids of Libra and Scorpio, were closely conjunct the Ascendant. To repeat in spades the message that peer relationships were a challenge area demanding attention and growth, the midpoint of Saturn/south lunar node was on the Descendant within one degree. To hammer it in again, the Arabic Part of Death in 29 Taurus 28 was octile/trioctile the Ascendant and the Saturn/node midpoint, and Mars was quincunx the Descendant. By the time of his tragic, early death, P Mars had retrograded to hold a one degree quincunx to the Descendant and a trioctile to the West Point, an auxiliary Descendant.

Letters seven and eight show our capacity to handle lasting, close relationships with adult peers. The placement of any form of letter one in that area can feel threatening, as if others might have power over us. We can react by giving in and trying to please others, by trying to keep all the power, or by retreating. The constructive ways to handle the issue include compromise and cooperation, healthy (game-playing) competition, and helping others. According to the news reports, Ennis was emphasizing the last option and he was also quite cooperative. But he had conflict aspects in his chart showing that he also needed an outlet for the competitive side of his nature. Any part of us which is denied will become a problem. If we want to fight for our own rights but hold back for whatever reason, one possible consequence is the projection of our power and having it used against us. The failure to understand this psychological principle leaves many “spiritual” people baffled when tragedies happen to truly good people. They may describe the events as the inscrutability of God’s will instead of working to change subconscious habits from the past.

Progressed aspects when Ennis was shot included the goddesses of death, Libitina, Hela, and Hel, as well as the asteroid Winchester, which is associated with guns. As usual, only one degree orbs are mentioned. P Winchester in 22 Gemini was square Pluto and trioctile both N Karma in 6 Aquarius and N Hel in 8 Aquarius. P Icarus in 22 Aries was octile N Winchester in 7 Gemini. P Hel was conjunct P Ascendant and they were octile/trioctile the lunar nodes and Uranus. Positive aspects in a chart are not a guarantee of positive events in a life. There are always mixtures in astrology of both stress and harmony aspects. Among the positive aspects were sextiles of P Hel and P Ascendant to P Mars on one side and to Venus, P Moon, and the Saturn/north node midpoint on the other side. P Hela in 14 Scorpio was also connected to the configuration, but had conflict aspects square P Hel in Aquarius and P Circe in 15 Leo and quincunx Venus and P Moon. P Sun opposed N Hela and was on the midpoint of N Libitina and P Winchester. P Libitina was part of a major conjunction of N Mercury, P Saturn, P Hephaistos (who made weapons) and P Hybris (hubris). P MC was quincunx that stellium in early Taurus and octile P Juno, which seems to have all the potentials of Pluto. P Phaethon (over-confidence leading to a crash) was conjunct the IC, just over a degree beyond the Taurus group. We could read the mixed aspects as unwarranted trust leading to a fast exit without prolonged suffering.

It is hard to know when to stop since there are so many appropriate aspects in the charts of individuals whose events impact many people. For a death by violence, we would expect aspects to the nodes of Mars, and Ennis had P Winchester opposed to N south Mars and P south Mars in 14 Scorpio joining the configuration described above. The asteroid Atlantis is often aspected when there is abuse of power, and Vesta is typically involved in cases of alienation of relationships. For Ennis, his P East Point was square N Atlantis and N Vesta in 26 Taurus, and P Atlantis was on P Mercury. Both of the latter were in 11 Gemini, but Mercury was still in orb of an octile to N Sun and Atlantis had reached a quincunx to Pallas, one of the asteroids of peer relationships. The P Part of Death in 29 Cancer was trioctile P Mars, conjunct the West Point, an auxiliary Descendant, and quincunx N Siva, the Hindu god of destruction. We do not have a personal name asteroid for Ennis, but Williams for his father was natally in 4 Aquarius on Ceres and progressed to 16 Aquarius where it was still in orb of a trioctile to Uranus. The aspects fit Bill Cosby as a nurturing parent and the trauma of the sudden death of his son.

I will not spend much time on the chart for the shooting, but if the estimated time is accurate, Winchester was just rising and it was also conjunct Karma and Aten for fate and fame. The Moon in 3 Taurus was square Uranus, opposite Chiron, and quincunx Mars and Pluto to form a yod. Mercury and Pallas were trine the Moon but in a T-square to Mars, Saturn, and the lunar nodes. Conflict aspects involving cardinal and fixed factors are typical of power-struggle situations. California in 3 Pisces formed a second yod with Mars and the Moon. Two other sun gods were involved for fame and power; Helio in 3 Scorpio opposite the Moon, as well as Apollo, which was just over one degree past the Moon. Icarus squared the Moon from 3 Aquarius, and Belisana, a war goddess, was in 18 Pisces octile both Icarus and the Moon. If the 1:20 A.M. time is accurate, the south node of Mars was on the Part of Death, square the Sun/Moon midpoint but trine the MC and Hel. Libitina was octile the East Point and conjunct Amnestia, which was square Fama, and the latter were both trioctile Hela in 22 Leo.

These goddesses of death were also dramatic as transits in Ennis’ chart, with Hela on his Antivertex, Hel on his P and N Venus square N Ascendant and Juno, and Libitina square P Chiron, octile N Hela and trioctile P south Mars.

As previously stated, the 0:30 A.M. time for Bill Cosby has more aspects which fit the tragic loss of his son, but the time must still be considered tentative. I was especially struck by the P nodes of Ceres, the parental asteroid. If this birth time is accurate, Bill had P north Ceres on his N IC and P south Ceres on his Los Angeles MC. The MC-IC axis is a major key to parents or to being a parent, so the aspects highlight that area of his life. They also offer support for this birth time, which puts Bill’s P Ascendant on P Chiron and P north Mars, with all of them quincunx his local MC and P south Ceres and opposite P Icarus. I see Chiron as similar to Jupiter, so it often points to issues involving faith. Other appropriate aspects which are dependent on the birth time included P local MC opposite Pluto and trioctile P Vesta, the south lunar node, and the north node of Mars. The P Part of Death squared the P lunar nodes. P Moon was conjunct P Hel, opposite Uranus, square P Venus, and quincunx the N East Point. P local East Point was on P Winchester in early Taurus, so they were on the massive conjunction in the chart of Ennis including his P Saturn. Bill’s P local Ascendant was on N and P Uranus, N Williams, and N Photographica, and square P Hela. In addition to its square to Williams and P Uranus, P Hela opposed Bill’s local Ascendant, which is 15 Aquarius 0 if this birth time is accurate. Other aspects to angles, which, of course, depend on the birth time, are P Antivertex on P Hephaistos opposite N Mars and N Themis (divine justice). P Libitina in 10 Libra was on N Atlantis and square the N MC. P local Antivertex was on the N Ascendant opposite N Hel on the Descendant.

P Sun formed a grand cross in mutable signs conjunct Neptune, square N Starr and P Mars in Sagittarius and N Circe in Gemini, opposite Siva and P Aletheia (goddess of truth), while P Winchester was octile/trioctile the cross. P Sun had just started a trine to P Jupiter, but natally they opposed each other. Progressed aspects show the timing when we face issues in our character, but the nature of the situation is shown by the natal aspects unless we have changed our basic character (habits). Bill’s natal T-square of Ascendant to Jupiter-Pallas and Sun-Mercury fits his successful and competitive career, but also warns of lessons involving his family and power.

Many more aspects could be listed, but we will end with a long-term square of P Jupiter to N Winchester in 17 Aries and P Juno (which is like Pluto) opposite the N Ascendant. At last report, the police were still frustrated. We can wish them well in their search for a brutal murderer.

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