Cousteau Correction

Zip Dobyns

After writing about Jacques Cousteau in the last issue of The Mutable Dilemma, I found out that his birth time which had been sent to me from France was accurate, but the type of time was not. [Archive note: the previous article was in Kosmos, not in The Mutable Dilemma. This glitch was not noticed in the original printed issue.] His data was from the Gauquelin collection, and according to their records, at the time and place of his birth, the locality was still using time which was calculated for the longitude of Paris. The difference is only about 2 degrees on the major angles and a little over 4 degrees on the Antivertex.

One of the asteroids I had noticed in the erroneous chart which had seemed especially appropriate was Atlantis on the Ascendant and Jupiter. The accurate chart still has Atlantis on Jupiter, of course, but now it is on both the East Point and the local Ascendant in Paris where Cousteau died. He was clearly identified with exploring for mysteries under the ocean, but for scientific knowledge rather than a mythical civilization. Another appropriate aspect involving an angle which is still present in this chart is the opposition of P Ascendant to Jacqueline, a variant of Cousteau’s first name, when he departed from his physical body on June 24, 1997. In the other chart, the aspect was nearly over. In this presumably accurate chart, the aspect had just started when Cousteau died in Paris. New and very appropriate aspects were added by the accurate positions of the P Antivertex in both Paris and Cousteau’s birthplace. They had moved to within a degree of each other and were quincunx his natal Sun and Part of Death. His local P East Point is in the degree of the other chart’s birthplace East Point, which was opposite Gaea when he separated from the earth, and his birthplace P East Point was opposite P Pluto, another very appropriate aspect for death. The two Ascendants were also closer than they were at birth and both of them were octile P Uranus and trioctile Vesta. Aspects between planets and asteroids were not changed by the zone change, so those aspects which were listed in the previous discussion of Cousteau’s chart were OK. We will end with two of the most appropriate angle aspects—P MC square P Pluto, and the P Moon conjunct P Jupiter at the midpoint of P local MC and P local East Point, with octiles to both angles. Jupiter is typically involved when we leave the physical world to travel to the next level of life.

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