The Washington, DC Circus-Farce-Greek Tragedy

Zip Dobyns

Depending on personal values, we could call the current drama unfolding in our nation’s capital a disgrace or a guaranteed way to become the laughing stock of the world which regards sexual acts as the personal business of the actor and his/her personal relationships. However we evaluate the show, the horoscopes of the participants should provide some fascinating insights into how astrology portrays human nature.

In past discussions of Hillary Clinton, I have mentioned that the birth time of 8 P.M. given by a family friend was uncertain. Fran McEvoy of the Boston Chapter of NCGR suggested recently that Hillary might have been born at 8 A.M. rather than 8 P.M. Hillary’s mother said that she went into the hospital the night before and that Hillary was born the next morning. I think Fran might be right, though I have added 2 minutes to the 8 A.M. time to put the MC within one degree of the asteroid Hillary. The rest of her data is October 26, 1947 in Chicago, IL. After watching Hillary function in the international spotlight for some six years, the morning chart provides a much better fit for her life than the evening time. I have not done a thorough check of the chart against her life events, but it fits her rise to national prominence and her ongoing struggles as well as what we have seen of her basic character.

Even her enemies have not questioned Hillary’s intellectual brilliance, and this morning chart puts Mercury exactly on her Ascendant along with the P south lunar node. The Moon is closely trine the Ascendant, Mercury, and the south node, while Saturn squares all of them. The long quincunx of P Uranus in the 8th house to the rising node fits her philandering husband. Vesta completes a wide grand trine to the Moon and the group in Scorpio to reinforce Hillary’s thoroughness and skill with detail. Mars and Pluto, co-rulers of the Ascendant, in Leo in the 9th house repeat the idealism of a rising Jupiter in Sagittarius, and her Sagittarius East Point and Juno repeat the message. Saturn in the house of Sagittarius fits both her law career and also her ongoing personal battles to defend herself against legal charges. If this birth time is close to accurate, P Vesta remains on her 9th house cusp throughout her 8 years as First Lady as it slowly retrogrades back into the 8th house while also maintaining a quincunx to Pallas, a Libra asteroid associated with partnership, consultants, litigation, and politics. It certainly looks as if the legal hassles will dog her throughout this period in her life.

Calculating the chart for Washington, DC puts 16 Virgo 29 on the MC and 2 Sagittarius 2 on the Ascendant. Hillary’s name asteroid was about to end a progressed conjunction with her local MC when her husband was inaugurated as President in 1993 and she became our First Lady. The pattern suggests that her birth time might be just a little later, but for the moment, I will leave it at 8:02 A.M. Naturally, any interpretations must be considered tentative until we get an authentic birth record.

Hillary’s strong 12th house reinforces the idealism of her 9th house, and the placement of rulers of the 7th and 8th houses, Venus and Mercury, in the 12th depicts some sort of Neptunian partner, fitting Bill with his Neptune-Mars-Ascendant conjunction. There are always many possible life details with such patterns. We can idolize a mate or relationships in general, which usually leads to disillusionment. We can pick a perfectionistic or idealistic partner to “save” us, or a victim we hope to “save.” We can pick a partner who thinks he is “god” with the right to have and do anything he wants. We can avoid close relationships since we never find a perfect person, or marry repeatedly, each time looking for someone better, or stay in the marriage in a state of frustration. The only reasonable solution is to pick a partner who shares our ideals so both can move toward them together without either expecting the other to provide “heaven on earth.” Hillary and Bill seem to have tried hard to do the last, though his womanizing has certainly not helped. Hillary is too intelligent, and too intuitive with the water emphasis in her chart, to be easily deceived, though in public she resolutely defends Bill. In private, the couple reportedly scream and throw things at each other, scandalizing their official Secret Service guardians.

Hillary’s chart is dominated by fire and water, the emotional elements, showing a warm, caring person, though a person with Scorpio rising can often conceal the deep feelings. Such fire-water mixtures are often explosive or subject to intense mood swings. Though the earth and air are less prominent in Hillary’s chart, the factors in those elements are mostly harmonious with each other. If this birth time is accurate, Hillary’s Antivertex in Capricorn forms a grand trine with her MC and Ceres in earth signs and houses, picturing her ability to cope with the physical world. Pallas, our consultant asteroid, is in an air sign and house trine Uranus, an air planet in an air sign, and Neptune is in an air sign and house to support the verbal fluency which is also strongly shown by the Sagittarian emphasis and the rising Mercury. The chart certainly suggests a highly competent and ambitious person who is likely to be an achiever in life.

I progressed Hillary’s chart to January 21, 1998 when the Monica Lewinsky affair hit the major media. Bill’s chart showed the relationship challenge very strongly with his P Moon crossing his Descendant (partnership) opposite Ascendant, Neptune, Mars, square P Icarus which is approaching his IC with P Pallas, and square the MC as well as octile N Moon. His grand cross in cardinal signs, houses, and partly planets (Moon and Mars) could have marked a major change in Bill’s life. He also has his P MC conjunct his N Sun in Leo for prominence, fame or infamy, along with power or legal issues. So far, his approval rating is still astonishingly high. Despite the puritan elements in our country, a majority of the U.S. citizens seem able to differentiate between job skills and personal life activity. A common reaction is that Bill’s sex life is Hillary’s business, not the public’s. Bill’s chart has been included more than once in past issues, but for new readers, we will include it again.

When we change a chart 12 hours, as I have done in switching Hillary’s chart from P.M. to A.M., the MC and IC just trade places. However, the Ascendant can be quite different since it is affected by the latitude of birth, and the Moon will be shifted at least 6 degrees, depending on its daily motion. If the morning time is accurate for Hillary, her P Moon was in 29 Capricorn in January, semisextile N Juno, the marriage asteroid, and opposite P Vesta, one of her keys to partnership since it was in the 8th house natally. An opposition can be expressed in compromise and cooperation, or in competition, or by separation between the partners. I suspect that Hillary will continue to publicly support Bill for the duration of his term of office, and that they are likely to separate afterwards. The placement of P Moon and P Vesta on the cusps of the 3rd and 9th houses fits the media uproar focused on this event. Hillary’s tentative P Ascendant has been trioctile her Mars and Pluto for about three years, and if this birth time is accurate, a little less than a year ago it started an octile to Venus. Also, depending on her precise birth time, P Mars reached her MC a few months ago. Mars on the MC is similar to a Mars-Saturn conjunction, a confrontation between personal power and the limits of personal power. P Mars is also opposite P Pallas to show the legal and partnership tensions. One of the coming aspects which supports this birth time for Hillary is her P Moon crossing the IC, conjunct P Pallas and opposite P Mars when Bill is scheduled to leave office on January 20, 2001.

As always, there are many additional aspects which amplify the picture and several of them support this birth time. Hillary’s P MC squares her Vesta, repeating the tension involving her partner and also her work. As a water house, the 8th is related to the past as well as to joint resources of all types, so aspects to Vesta can lead to digging up her past activity involving work, debts, return on investments, and any other Scorpio associations. As the “ultimate” Virgo asteroid, Vesta is often a warning sign when placed in signs or houses of close relationships. Either or both individuals may be so focused on work that the relationship is neglected. Or the critical attitude which belongs in the work may be displaced into emotional relationships. When Vesta is connected to the sexual signs or houses, Leo or 5th house or Scorpio or 8th house, there are often problems in that area which can range from impotence to promiscuity. P Vesta’s long quincunx to P Pallas shows the potential for separation from others, which could be physical, emotional, intellectual, or spiritual, and P Mercury recently reached a trioctile to P Vesta while P Jupiter is holding a long trioctile to N Vesta. Hillary’s local P MC is trioctile her N Moon, and in another year, if this birth time is accurate, it will start a nearly three year trioctile to Uranus. In late March 1998, P Sun starts an opposition to P Uranus which will be followed by an opposition to N Uranus that will last to the end of 2001. P East Point starts a quincunx to P Uranus is January 1999, so the follow-up aspect to N Uranus lasts to late 2002. All of these Uranus aspects suggest problems in maintaining a lasting marriage. A simplistic interpretation of Uranus in the marriage houses anticipates divorce and multiple marriages, but its basic meaning is simply a resistance to any limits. Obviously, if carried to an extreme, one or both partners may reject any commitment in the relationship. The current strain is also shown by Hillary’s local P Ascendant, which is quincunx Mars and Pluto, having just ended a three-year square to N and P Neptune, while her P Juno is octile her N local Ascendant.

Despite the obvious stress in her chart, Hillary seems to be coping well. Her P Sun maintains a trine to P Saturn into the summer of 1998. Her P MC trine to Uranus lasts another year if this birth time is accurate. P Mercury is about to start trines to Mars and Pluto, and P Jupiter holds a long sextile to Neptune while her P Antivertex trines Neptune and sextiles P Jupiter. Harmony aspects show harmony between different drives/desires: areas where desires are reinforcing each other so we can act with strength and conviction. On the conflict side, Hillary’s P local East Point in 2 Aquarius forms a T-square to N Sun and Ceres, showing her concern over her mother role and how the current publicity is affecting Chelsea, though it also sextiles her N local Ascendant as she copes with the turmoil. P Venus is sextile P Chiron as she also copes with her legal problems. As an alternative Jupiter, I continue to find Chiron connected to the legal potential of Jupiter. In 1999, P Venus starts a quincunx to Saturn, so there is no end in sight for the legal hassles, though the aspects could simply represent her change of status when Bill’s term of office ends.

Of course, we can’t leave Hillary’s chart without looking at the extra asteroids, especially since I have now added Starr, Monica, Paula (along with its variants, Paul and Paulina), Jones, LindaSusan which might work for Linda Tripp and/or for Susan Webber Wright, the Little Rock judge presiding over the Paula Jones suit, Wright for the judge though another participant is Betsy Wright, Clinton’s chief of staff when he was governor in Arkansas, Bennett, Roberta, and Roberts for Bill’s main lawyer, Kathleen for Kathleen Willey, Jennifer for Gennifer Flowers, etc. Of course, we have Williams for Bill Clinton, complicated by the fact that Monica’s lawyer is William Ginsburg, and Albertina for Al Gore. Personal name asteroids seem to “work” for individuals with the names even when there are small variations, but it becomes more challenging when the same asteroid may refer to more than one person. There is really no end to the number of possible names since we could consider Brucia for Bruce Lindsay, Bill’s lawyer friend who has been less public than Bennett, and several variations for Luciann Goldberg, the NY book agent who encouraged Linda Tripp to tape record Monica. Since we have limited time and space in The Mutable Dilemma, we may stick to the names of principal players in the drama, but there are lots of other potentially relevant asteroids like Asmodeus, the demon of lust, the alternate Venus goddesses Aphrodite and Artemis, plus Eros and Amor. I have also recently discovered an asteroid named Lust and a Mesopotamian Venus named Ishtar. Then there are the overreach ones including Icarus, Phaethon, and Hybris, the war goddesses Bellona and Belisana, etc. The problem with asteroids is making the decision of when to stop.

Where to start can also be a problem. Let’s start with Williams. In Hillary’s A.M. chart, the asteroid is in 22 Cancer in the 8th house conjunct Cupido and Fanatica. Is that appropriate for choosing a husband named William who is a fanatic cupid? All three Cancer asteroids are now retrograde with Williams still conjunct N Cupido as well as quincunx N Aletheia, the goddess of truth. P Fanatica is still conjunct N Williams and P Cupido is connected by being within one degree of P Fanatica. They also square N Artemis in 22 Libra.

Anacostia, the river running through Washington, DC which is the location of the FBI headquarters, is on Mercury and Hillary’s A.M. Ascendant. Bennett is on her south lunar node. Those who have been following the drama will remember that Linda Tripp said that Bennett threatened her and that reinforced her decision to tape record Monica for her own protection. P Chiron holds a long lasting square to Monica in 19 Aquarius and opposes P LindaSusan which is retrograding in 19 Taurus. Both the latter and P Chiron are within one degree orbs of Aphrodite in 18 Leo to complete a grand cross. P Artemis and P Circe (who turned men into pigs) are in 21 Scorpio on Mercury, Ascendant, and P south lunar node as well as square Saturn. N Paula opposes N Neptune and P Paula (now direct) opposes P Neptune and is quincunx Chiron. Paula’s placement in Aries in the 5th house also seems appropriate. Fixed signs and/or fixed houses are featured in everything listed so far, bringing in issues of sensuality, pleasure, and power. P Paula is also square Hillary’s Sun/Moon midpoint, N Starr, and her local P Ascendant in Capricorn, while P Aletheia in 11 Capricorn squares N Neptune and Themis (divine justice), and it opposes P Jones, producing another grand cross; this one in cardinal signs but fixed houses. P Monica in 1 Pisces trines Hillary’s N Sun and Jennifer, but squares her local Ascendant and is octile her P Juno and N local Antivertex. Gennifer Flowers felt vindicated when Bill Clinton admitted he had sex with her (after previously denying it) when he was questioned about Monica.

P Nemesis, who punished people who had flouted divine law, is on N Venus. The tentative birth time I am using puts Hillary’s local P Ascendant opposite N Jones and it would have been conjunct N Starr for the past two years. P Starr is on her P Antivertex in 11 Aquarius square Chiron, trine Neptune, and trioctile Uranus.

N Siva, the Hindu god of destruction, is in 0 Capricorn conjunct N Juno, the marriage asteroid, and P Ascendant is past Juno but still conjunct Siva if this A.M. birth time is right. The Antivertex for this birth time is on Gaea, the earth, for a personal impact on the world. Three natal asteroids, Union, Libitina, and Damocles, oppose N Hillary in 6 Pisces, and P Damocles has returned to its natal position. Libitina is a death goddess and Damocles had a sword hanging over his head by a thread. The combination implies a death threat hanging over Hillary’s union. Six progressed asteroids are lined up in 2 Libra where they square N Jennifer (for Gennifer) in 1 Cancer and P America in 2 Capricorn and oppose three progressed asteroids in 1 to 3 Aries. The Libra asteroids include Washingtonia (for our capital), Jeffers (a possible match for Bill’s middle name, Jefferson), Minerva and Sapientia (for wisdom or a need for it), Apollo (a sun god for love and fame), and Ate (a goddess considered the epitome of evil by the ancient Greeks). The Aries asteroids include Nephthys (wife of the evil Set), Lilith (the first woman who preceded Eve but was too independent to obey Adam), and Coventry (associated with Godiva who had an abusive husband). P Jennifer opposes N Aletheia (truth) as Bill Clinton finally admits there is some truth in Gennifer’s claims of a sexual relationship with him.

The newest sensation as this is written is Kathleen Willey, who did a stellar show for 60 Minutes, but was partially discredited the next week. Asteroid Kathleen is on the A.M. MC being explored for Hillary, and P Kathleen is moving within one degree of P Hillary for years. N Goldberger, a potential key to Luciann Goldberg, is on Hillary’s N Sun and P Goldberger is on her local Ascendant in her A.M. chart and square P Monica. P Bellona, a war goddess, opposes P Uranus, and P Sun will conjunct it through 1999 into 2001. P Mercury has caught up with P Bennett as this is written in mid-March. P Amor has been slowly crossing Saturn for years, and P Aphrodite has been square Hillary’s lunar nodes for even longer, with both asteroids in Leo, the sign of love, ego, sex, children, etc. The mythical Ariadne helped her lover escape the labyrinth in Crete and was then abandoned by him. P Ariadne is conjunct N Mars and Pluto to reinforce the Leo issues along with the ethics associated with the 9th house. As expected, when I checked my latest additions to my standard asteroid list of about 600, they reinforced the message already given in the chart. N Lust turned up in 25 Sagittarius closely opposite Uranus. Hillary’s P Sun will conjunct it for two years starting in late April 1999, supporting the separation potentials already mentioned. P Lust is in 11 Capricorn joining the cardinal sign cross conjunct P Aletheia, square Paula and Neptune and opposite Jones. N Ishtar is in 22 Libra on Artemis, putting two alternative Venus asteroids together with P East Point and P Fanatica forming a T-square to them. P Ishtar is on P Chiron and P Demeter.

Turning to the chart of Bill Clinton (Hope, AR; August 19, 1946; 8:51 A.M.; from his mother), as noted above, he had dramatic progressed aspects when Monica hit the front pages, but he is riding the monster wave successfully so far. In fact, this article is being continued after a short trip and other urgent work demands, and the news just announced that Judge Wright in Little Rock threw out the Paula Jones lawsuit. Ken Starr is still in the running, but the Clinton camp is breathing a sigh of relief that Bill will not have to testify in a trial in May. Even if the lawyers for Jones appeal the decision, the case would not come to trial until after Clinton leaves the Presidency. The Clinton Teflon is still working with his P Moon opposite P Neptune and trine Mercury and P Saturn. From mid-April into June, 1998, P Moon will oppose P America and P Starr, which are traveling together in 9 Libra. The two asteroids are also conjunct Bill’s N midpoint of Saturn/south lunar node, a point which I think indicates a major lesson in the individual’s life. Saturn/north lunar node in Cancer and N Icarus in 9 Capricorn complete a cardinal cross, so this is a time for serious attention, not triumph which could lead to more overreach.

In previous articles about Bill Clinton, I have listed some of his asteroids, so we can focus on some of the newly added ones, though we will want to check Wright after the surprise verdict of Judge Wright in Little Rock. Bill’s N Wright could not be in a more appropriate place. It is conjunct his N Pluto within 2 minutes of longitude! His P Wright in 14 Virgo is within a degree of P Karma; again, a dramatically appropriate position. They are square his P lunar nodes but semisextile P Pluto and P Eros, which are conjunct in 13 Leo. They are also quincunx N Jones in 13 Aries and N Ishtar in 14 Aquarius as the claim of Jones that she was sexually harassed was thrown out. Judge Wright said that even if the actions happened as Jones claimed, they did not damage her job situation and comments to friends at the time of the encounter with Clinton indicated that she was not upset then. Her claim of emotional trauma was only made after her lawsuit was underway.

I suspect that the same can be said of Kathleen Willey; that she was flattered by Clinton’s “pass” at the time and only upset when he failed to provide her with a good job. Bill’s N Kathleen in 14 Gemini is on his P mean north lunar node as part of the T-square with P Karma and P Wright. His P local East Point in 14 Sagittarius conjunct P south node emphasizes a time for lessons in relationships (nodes) and morals (Sagittarius) while the media make hay (3rd. house). P Kathleen in 22 Gemini trines Bill’s Jupiter as he successfully countered her claims. Of course, he is not out of the woods, despite his high public opinion poll numbers. Monica and her mother are still being relentlessly pursued by Ken Starr, though it would seem that all she has to do is say that her testimony under oath was true and she was lying when she was taped by Linda Tripp. No one may believe her, but unless Starr can get an independent witness to testify to seeing Bill and Monica in action together, they can support each other. Bill’s N Monica is in 29 Scorpio 1 conjunct Helio, a sun god for Leo activity. Bill’s local P Ascendant is conjunct it while his birthplace P East Point in 0 Sagittarius is on Asmodeus and Libitina with overlapping orbs connecting them to his N Williams in 2 Sagittarius. P Monica in 11 Sagittarius is sextile N Venus and P Aletheia (truth) with a grand trine in fire signs to Pluto, Wright, Prudentia (in Leo) and P Ariadne (in Aries). Bill’s P Moon joins the grand trine this spring and early summer, and suggests that his Teflon will hold.

When I added my newest asteroids to Clinton’s chart, N Lust turned up in 2 Libra with P Jones retrograding in opposition to it, but N Saturn on one side and N Williams on the other side are sextile. P Lust is in 25 Libra conjunct Juno, Bill’s local East Point, P Chiron, and P Albertina, our tentative asteroid for Al Gore. I am afraid that Al is the one likely to be hurt by Clinton’s womanizing, even though Al is reportedly a devoted husband and father. Clinton has N Ishtar retrograding in 14 Aquarius with P Wright and P Karma quincunx it. P Ishtar in now direct in 6 Aquarius trine Bill’s N Mars and Neptune, sextile his Vesta, and opposite P Saturn. The patterns suggest that he is pretty sociopathic where sexual pleasure is involved, only concerned to avoid being caught. JFK was Clinton’s model, but in his day, even the tabloids were more discrete than today’s major media. LindaSusan fits the role of Linda Tripp in Bill’s life. Natally, it is in 7 Pisces square N Phaethon and N Aphrodite in Gemini, opposite Hybris (hubris), and P Saturn and P Neptune hold a yod to it. P LindaSusan is still retrograde, now in 29 Aquarius opposite N Atlantis, our key to power struggles and the potential abuse of power. In different ways, both Tripp and Clinton have abused power.

As usual, my problem is deciding when to stop. P Asmodeus in on the south lunar node square N Starr in 16 Virgo and octile P Daedalus in 1 Scorpio. Daedalus was the father of Icarus, a wheeler-dealer who escaped though his son crashed to his death. I had wondered whether there would be Icarus conjunctions between some of the players in this drama since they often show the potentiality of what the French call “folie à deux” where two people encourage each others potential for excesses. Prince Charles and Camilla have the contact. I have seen it with intense love and rivalry and lack of common sense. Icarus is probably a burned-out comet since it has a very elongated orbit, spending most of its time in the last four signs of the zodiac and moving extremely quickly through the other eight. Most of our players have both N and P Icarus in Capricorn, but they are in Aquarius for Monica and Gennifer Flowers. The closest conjunctions are between P Icarus in 4 Capricorn for Bill and Paula and in 3 Capricorn for Ken Starr. I do not have the birth data for Judge Wright or for Kathleen Willey and have only the day for Paula Jones, but that troika of Bill, Paula, and Ken seems appropriate for questionable common sense.

N Hillary in Bill’s chart is in 24 Taurus so P Neptune in 8 Libra, P America, and P Starr in 9 Libra and N Icarus in 9 Capricorn are trioctile Hillary. N Paula missed an opposition to Hillary by one minute over my usual one-degree orb, but overlapping aspects to other factors connect it to the network of aspects. The combination certainly fits the situation. P Hillary is slowly retrograding on Bill’s 9th cusp in 3 Gemini as Hillary, the person, fights their joint legal battle. Before Bill leaves office in 2001, his P East Point starts an opposition to P Hillary while the asteroid moves into an opposition to N Williams, foreshadowing their possible separation after the current term ends.

In summary, I think that Bill’s asteroids reinforce the character we see in his basic chart, which is understood by a majority of the public who think he lies about sex but is a competent president. He is a brilliantly articulate charmer, a target of as well as a pursuer of women. Basic astrology cannot tell us whether people are liars, though it can tell us why they might bend the truth. Water conceals for emotional security and earth for practical goals. Air and fire are more often open and expressive, “telling it like it is.” But people with excessive fire (as well as water) may be so emotionally invested in their personal image of themselves and/or the world that they believe their own myths. Though complete objectivity is impossible, an emphasis on air usually indicates someone who is less likely to kid himself that personal feelings are universals. However, such individuals may also have the ability to drown listeners with words without ever saying anything that is personally revealing. Bill Clinton demonstrates this skill in the responses described as “lawyerly,” hair-splitting, or pedantic. Even when we have conflict aspects to the asteroid named for the goddess of truth, Aletheia, we cannot guarantee that an individual is a liar since he or she might need to learn discrimination and might attract others who are liars. But the conflicts involving both N and P Aletheia in Bill’s chart do seem to support the tabloid gossip. In addition to numerous aspects already mentioned, Bill’s P Uranus holds a lifetime square to N Aletheia in 21 Virgo 3 in his 12th house, and a long-term octile to P Saturn. His preponderant air and fire show his verbal facility, but Saturn in its own natural house of Capricorn and Aletheia in Virgo bring in the earth ability to conceal for practical goals, while the water 12th house seeks emotional security and the Leo wants both sex and admiration. Politics is the art of persuading people to accept what is possible, and Bill is a consummate politician.

Our data for Chelsea Clinton is, theoretically, good data from her birth certificate: February 27, 1980 at 23:24 CST in Little Rock, AR. She looks like a very bright, very competent, and very ambitious individual with a loaded 10th house. Those potentials are suggested by her MC and north lunar node in Leo plus a tight Mars-Jupiter conjunction in Virgo and Saturn also in its own house in Virgo. Her Leo Moon in the 9th house and her Sun, Pallas, and Mercury in Pisces show idealism. Her Ascendant, East Point, and Uranus in Scorpio add to the ability to handle details which is shown by her Virgo 10th house factors. But the powerful rising Uranus added to the Leo as well as Venus and Ceres in Aries and Neptune in Sagittarius show creativity and independence. Her Antivertex in Capricorn trines her Chiron in Taurus and her Mars-Jupiter to add to the practicality. Juno in Cancer supports the potential for empathy and compassion of the strong water. Chelsea’s weakest element is air, with Pluto the only planet in an air sign. Since the south lunar node is a lesson, its position in Aquarius calls for growth in that area. Its placement in the natural house of Cancer, when added to the general water and earth emphasis in her chart, supports her tendency to be a natural “father-mother-savior” of the world. The Aquarius can add to the universality of her empathy, experiencing everyone as “family,” but I think she will not find it easy to detach and take things lightly.

The 4th house, like the Moon and Cancer, symbolize our capacity to handle emotional security; our roots; home and family, especially parents. Chelsea is certainly getting a chance to practice, and hopefully to expand, her capacity for detachment in light of the barrage of negative media stories directed at her parents, especially at her father. He is a major role model for her, with Mars and Jupiter, rulers of her first house, in the 10th house. Role models may be positive or negative, teaching us what TO do and/or what NOT to do. Though Chelsea is very different from her father in terms of her much greater practicality, I was especially fascinated to find that they shared a 10th house Saturn and Vesta exactly on the Descendant. Vesta in signs or houses of relationships can be excellent for working with other people, but a challenge in personal, emotional relationships. As previously indicated, the hazard may involve so much focus on one’s accomplishment goals that relationships are neglected, often with a lack of attention to the needs and feelings of the close others. Alternately, the critical attitude which is appropriate in the work may be displaced into relationships. A really prominent Vesta can lead to alienation, as we see clearly with Chelsea’s father. Many people are strongly attracted to him, responding to his Leo-Libra charm, but a sizable number hate him with an amazing intensity. It will be interesting to see how Chelsea handles her Vesta, whether she learns from her father’s example.

Calculating Chelsea’s chart for Washington, DC certainly highlights the lesson posed by her father. Her Ascendant there is 26 Scorpio 54, closely conjunct Uranus, and the asteroid Williams, as a key to her father, is in 27 Taurus 39, precisely on her local Descendant. Her local East Point in 12 Sagittarius 37 conjuncts America, Nemesis, and Hillary, which are in 11 to 12 Sagittarius with overlapping orbs. Chelsea’s N Sun is exactly on her Washington, DC IC, and Chiron trines her local MC. Her life in our capital certainly provided prominence with her highlighted Sun, and an opportunity to learn which is often associated with Chiron. Fidelio, Latin for “faithful, is closely conjunct Chiron, reinforcing the ethical lesson which is being intensified by the Washington spotlight. Chiron can be expressed as either the Pisces or the Sagittarius side of Jupiter. Chelsea could choose a law career like her parents, but a healing profession would also be appropriate for Chiron in the 6th house and Jupiter in the 10th house, along with the Sun and Mercury, rulers of the 10th house signs, in Pisces in the 4th house. Pallas conjunct Mercury could choose to be a consultant or go into politics if she is not too overwhelmed by the treatment her parents have received. Pallas forms an exact grand trine with Juno and Chelsea’s Ascendant. The harmonious water emphasis can manifest as security coming from others, whether through inheritance, a wealthy mate, return on investments, etc., or in a life devoted to helping others.

With impeccable timing, Chelsea left home to attend Stanford University in California in the fall of 1997 when she had a progressed New Moon to mark the beginning of a new 30-year cycle. Her P Moon moved into Aries in early December when Ken Starr began his serious investigation of Monica Lewinsky, though the media did not make it public until January 1998 when Chelsea’s P Moon was trioctile her Ascendant and just coming to a quincunx to P Jupiter. One of her parents (there were conflicting stories about which one) called Chelsea to say that the stories that Bill and Monica had a sexual relationship were lies. Chelsea is too smart to swallow that for long, unless she decides to accept Bill’s position that oral sex is not real sex and is not adultery. The issue of pleasure, love, and ethics is clearly shown in Chelsea’s chart with P Venus on P Chiron and P Eros (love), plus all of them octile her P Sun in its own Leo house. Additional aspects which hammer in her challenge include her P East Point conjunct P Amor (love) and P Nemesis, while her P Washington Ascendant is just coming to her N Hillary, Nemesis, America, and local East Point. P Circe, who turned men into pigs, opposes Chelsea’s N Mars-Jupiter and squares P Williams.

In addition to the aspects to Chiron and Jupiter which can bring in the issue of both truth and ethics, Chelsea’s P Moon in January was quincunx both N and P Aletheia, the goddess of truth, in 1 to 2 Scorpio. The asteroid had been direct, but turned retrograde to cross back over its natal position. P Paula, retrograding in 1 Virgo, forms a yod with P Aletheia and P Moon, suggesting a new direction in Chelsea’s life involving her mother (Moon), father (Paula is in the 10th house) and truth. It is not easy to wonder whether one’s parents are honest. To amplify the issue, Aletheia is squared by P Atlantis for a power struggle, P Artemis as another Venus, and P Jennifer for Bill’s now admittedly lengthy affair in Little Rock with Gennifer Flowers. The three asteroids are in 2 Leo, connecting love-sex-ego to 9th house truth and morality. P Ceres in 2 Taurus completes a T-square, and again brings in Hillary since Ceres is a key to a mother-figure. P Cupido in 4 Aquarius is out-of-orb for a P grand cross, but it opposes the natal positions of the Leo threesome and is quincunx N Mars-Jupiter. P Astarte, another Venus, is retrograding in 26 Leo quincunx Chelsea’s P Sun and square P Asmodeus, the demon of lust which is in 26 Taurus approaching N Williams and connected to it by overlapping orbs. The asteroid Lust is natally in 26 Scorpio on Uranus and Chelsea’s Washington Ascendant opposite P Asmodeus, while progressed Lust in 28 Scorpio is on Chelsea’s East Point, square her P lunar nodes and P Mars, and opposite N Williams. Natal Ishtar, my newest Venus, in 29 Aquarius is conjunct the south lunar node along with P Jones (for Paula), while P Ishtar is on Chelsea’s N Sun in 8 Pisces. Different ancient cultures each had their own name for Venus and asteroids have been named for several of them. All of the “old world” cultures associated Venus with both sex and militancy, with the Libra-7th house potential for partners or open enemies. As far as I know, only the Mayas saw Venus as male and feared him as mostly a war god.

Unless Chelsea has an interesting non-public life at Stanford, her chart is an amazing example of projecting her potentials into her father. That does not mean that she is actually influencing him in any way, just that she was attracted to a father who would act out potentials in her nature. She could end up denying and blocking sex in her own life by doing a Vesta-Virgo choice of devotion to her work. Of course, I think the goal of life is integration, compromise, moderation, rather than extremes which deny other parts of life. And there is more: N Asmodeus is just past N Vesta, closely conjunct Monica, while P Monica squares Chelsea’s MC. P Vesta just ended a square to N Jones in 21 Aquarius and it is quincunx Neptune while P Washingtonia conjuncts N Themis (divine justice) and opposes Neptune. P LindaSusan in 25 Cancer opposes N Cupido and squares N Ceres in Aries and P Starr and P Bathseba in 25 to 26 Libra. For those less familiar with the Bible, Bathseba was the wife of one of King David’s generals. David spotted her in a state of undress, sent her husband to the front lines to be killed, and married her. Their son became King Solomon. P Columbia, for the locale of some of this soap opera in the District of Columbia, is also in 26 Libra, past the square to P Astarte but conjunct N Starr and square N Cupido, while Chelsea’s Washington P Antivertex squares P Starr, so the overlapping orbs just extend the network of aspects in 25 to 27 of the cardinal signs. We still have not finished since P Aphrodite, another Venus, is retrograding in 25 Virgo opposite Chelsea’s P Sun and square P Guillermina, a Spanish version of Bill. P Hestia, the Greek name for Vesta, and P Urania, a female version of Uranus, are in Virgo opposite N Sun. P Icarus on N Jones in 21 Aquarius also seem appropriate in light of Paula’s suit against Bill being thrown out. There is always more, but we will end with N Kathleen in 23 Aries 36 octile Chelsea’s N Sun and P Mercury for the media publicity. P Kathleen is in 29 Aries opposite N Columbia, quincunx N Aphrodite, trine P Mars, sextile/trine the lunar nodes and P Jones, and trioctile P East Point, P Nemesis, and P Amor. P Hillary is conjunct the latter, so it is tied to the network of aspects. Chelsea will either develop some air perspective about her father, learning to see him and accept him as he is, or she will suffer, probably mostly in silence.

Yes, we have Monica’s birth data from her birth certificate, thanks to a San Francisco astrologer and Lois Rodden. Monica Lewinsky was born on July 23, 1973 at 12:21 P.M. PDT in San Francisco, CA. Her local chart in Washington, DC is also dynamite! Her natal chart has the same Ascendant, Sun, and Moon signs as Bill Clinton, plus her N Venus and P Sun are very close to Bill’s N Sun. It is easy to see why they were attracted to each other, but also to see the potential for karmic consequences with Monica’s Sun and Vesta on Bill’s Saturn while his P 8th house cusp, the natural house of Scorpio, is on her N Saturn. Like Chelsea, Monica has a rising conjunction of East Point and Uranus which points to her personal willingness to challenge conventions, but Monica has Uranus and the angle in Libra which is less likely to maintain a committed relationship, especially since they form a T-square to Mercury and her MC in Cancer and Mars and Chiron in Aries. Chiron in the 7th house in addition to Juno conjunct Neptune in Sagittarius show the search for an ideal mate, while the 10th house Sun in Leo can be attracted to a famous or powerful love relationship in addition to wanting personal prominence.

Though she has a little more earth in her chart than Bill Clinton, Monica’s chart also emphasizes the elements of air and fire. She is bright, verbally fluent (which can lead to trouble, as she has learned), enthusiastic, and generally friendly and outgoing. Early friends described her as “bubbly,” an appropriate description of a strongly air-fire individual. At the moment, she is under intense stress, but I think she will come out of it OK, and will hopefully have learned to handle her impulsive emotional tendencies. Both of Monica’s “lesson” factors, Saturn and the south lunar node, are in her 9th house. The lessons might involve morals, ethics, values, goals, or “truth” in general. Once the individual has learned, this placement is appropriate for teachers, writers, lawyers, or other professionals. Monica is currently working in the law office of Ginsburg, to help to defray the cost of his defense of her since her legal expenses have already depleted her father’s savings. Co-workers have said that she is intelligent and competent.

On January 21, 1998 when her name was splashed in headlines across the U.S., Monica’s P Sun was semisextile her N Mercury in Cancer, and P Clintford and P Asmodeus in Virgo, opposite P Aeternitas (immortality) and P Fama (fame), square P LindaSusan in Taurus, quincunx P Kathleen in Pisces, and trioctile P Cupido in Capricorn. She got the immortal fame she wanted, though not in the way she had hoped. P Atlantis was on her N Venus, fitting the power struggle that was underway over love and sex. P Anacostia, the river in Washington where the FBI offices are located, was on Monica’s Washington MC as Starr and the FBI grilled her in a hotel room for nearly a day without benefit of a lawyer.

Monica’s P Moon is quincunx the midpoint of her Washington Ascendant/MC and it had just reached the midpoint of Saturn/north lunar node where it also squared Saturn/south node and P Saturn. It would be hard to imagine a stronger key to a time for consequences relating to basic karmic lessons. Saturn and the south lunar node are in Monica’s 9th house in her birth chart but in her 8th house in Washington, DC, connecting her lessons in beliefs and goals to her ability to share the physical world with others. N William is conjunct Bellona, a war goddess, and P Williams has been slowly moving over Monica’s south node. It is still within one degree of the mean (average) position of the node while three progressed asteroids in 5 Libra square her P south node and P Ariadne: P Starr, P Eros, and P Fides (goddess of faith, oaths, and honesty). Ariadne rescued Theseus from the labyrinth in Crete, after which he abandoned her. As if to drive home the point even more emphatically, the midpoint of N and P Williams is conjunct P Saturn, and Monica’s P Washington MC (remember that the MC is another version of Saturn) is on N Starr, N Fides, and just past P Asmodeus, though the latter is connected since it conjuncts N Starr within one degree. P Clintford is also connected since it is on P Asmodeus. It is another of the personal name asteroids which seems to “work” for Clinton.

Monica’s P Venus is conjunct N Hel, a death goddess, and P Roberts for Clinton’s principle lawyer, Robert Bennett, and it opposes N Kathleen. P Venus is also semisextile N Venus and just coming to a sextile to P Ishtar, but the latter squares N Venus from Scorpio. P Venus was square N Williams, N Bellona, and N Ariadne during the interval when she was sent away from the White House to work in the Pentagon. By early February 1998, P Venus reached the square to N Saturn. P Mars had been quincunx Pluto for about two years, as Bill tried to help her find a different job. P Mars recently ended the square to Monica’s N Sun which it held during their White House relationship, but it remained square her N Vesta while still opposite N Pallas when the story became public. As I have written repeatedly, Vesta often signals problems in personal relationships, especially in sex, though the details can range from impotence or celibacy to promiscuity and prostitution.

On the positive side, Monica’s P Mars is sextile P Saturn and trine her Washington MC, so I think the legal system will not actually put her in jail. It seems logical that if she continues to say that her testimony under oath was the truth and what she said to Linda Tripp was wishful thinking and imagination, it would be hard to prove otherwise. However, we will have to see whether Starr uncovers a witness to a compromising encounter with Bill Clinton, and whether Monica or her mother said compromising things while being grilled by Starr. The crisis aspects to Monica’s Moon also fit the ordeal experienced by her mother in front of a grand jury. Monica’s P Mars is also moving into a quincunx to Ceres as a key to her mother, and into a square to P Jupiter in her natal 4th house of home and parents. She is not out of the woods.

Is Aletheia, our goddess of truth, prominent? It could hardly be more so. P Aletheia is in 13 Leo on N Circe, N Arachne (who was turned into a spider in punishment for her hubris), and P Vesta. P Mercury and P MC will reach this cluster before the end of Clinton’s term of office. I would bet that Monica will still be in the media limelight during the presidential contest in 2000. P Jupiter holds a long opposition to N Aletheia, and a trioctile to Monica’s Sun/Moon midpoint for continuing emphasis on truth, prominence, and emotional security..

In addition to the aspects already listed, Monica’s angles have many more, both for her San Francisco birthplace and for her Washington chart. In San Francisco, N Epimetheus, the brother who looked back to the past, is on her Descendant along with P Sapientia (wisdom). Remember, astrology shows issues, so wisdom might mean she (or partners or enemies) are or need to be wise. N Urania (similar to Uranus) is on her SF Ascendant along with P Ate, the Greek goddess considered evil. N America is on her SF IC while N Phaethon (overreach and a fall) and N Eunomia (one of the Hours who presided over the weather) and P Aphrodite (a Venus goddess) are on her SF MC. In Washington, DC, Monica has N Pandora (who opened a box and let out a lot of trouble) on her Descendant as well as P Themis (divine justice). Her birthplace Ascendant/MC midpoint and her Sun/Pluto midpoint are on her Washington MC. P Paul (a variation for Paula) and P Roberta for Robert Bennett are on her Washington Ascendant while its P position in 9 Sagittarius aspects Monica’s T-square of P Mercury square N Moon opposite N Jupiter. There is always more, but we need to move on to Monica’s nemesis, Ken Starr.

According to Starr’s birth certificate via Lois Rodden, he was born on July 21, 1946 at 18:45 CST in Vernon, TX. Note that this is less than a month before Bill Clinton’s birth! Except for Saturn, their outer planets (including Chiron) are in the same signs and even close to the same degrees. Even their Moons, Mercury, Juno, and Ceres are in the same signs while their Vestas are conjunct within a fraction of a degree. In contrast with Bill, Starr has Venus and Mars in Virgo rather than in Libra, Pallas in early Capricorn rather than late Sagittarius, and he has an incredibly close conjunction between his Sun and Saturn in late Cancer. The added earth, including the powerful Saturn and a Capricorn Ascendant, shows considerably more practicality than Clinton. Starr has enough fire and air, like Clinton strengthened by having air signs in fire houses and vice versa, so that he demonstrates his own brand of over-confidence at times. Icarus closely conjunct Starr’s N East Point is another pointer to possible excesses in self-will. But he seems to be handling the natural conflict between fire and earth by mostly doing the earth, proceeding cautiously but deliberately with the tenacity of a bulldog. The fire and air can be seen in his willingness to take on new areas of investigation and the over-extension of continuing part-time with his previous business despite what should be a full-time job as Special Prosecutor. Of course, the earth-water desire for achievement and material security could also be a contributing factor to his work over-drive.

So Ken and Bill are worthy opponents; both intelligent, ambitious, power-driven men and both sharing the power-struggle potential of having a key to personal identity in a house of close relationships. For Bill Clinton, it is the sign of Aries in the 7th house. For Ken Starr, it is Saturn as ruler of his Ascendant in the 7th house as well as Mars, the natural key to identity, in the 8th house. Planets are far more important than signs, so Starr’s patterns are immensely stronger in showing a potential for paranoia about potential threats from others, thus adding to Starr’s caution. Virgo and Capricorn are the workers of the zodiac, but not noted for charm or magnetism. Obviously, Clinton has these talents in spades, which leaves Starr looking like the grinch who stole Christmas except to the people who passionately hate Clinton. Still, Starr has both air and fire trines and he may yet be vindicated in his determined effort to find Bill guilty of something more serious than sexual impropriety.

As I have written repeatedly, when they are aspected, the house cusps for one’s current residence can be just as important and as meaningful as the birthplace cusps. Starr’s Washington, DC MC is 25 Scorpio 43 and his Washington Ascendant is 4 Aquarius 51. That puts his P Saturn exactly on his local Descendant for years though it is past the square to his birthplace MC. P Venus was just about to end a conjunction to his N MC when Monica hit the media, but P Venus remains square Starr’s local Ascendant and P Saturn. The aspects fit the reduced approval for Starr which is being seen in public polls. P Juno, an alternate Pluto, will reach his natal MC in the spring of 1998, and it remains square N Nemesis and P Moira (fate) in 1 Leo with the latter asteroids also squaring N Moon. P Washingtonia (for the locale of our circus) and P Amnestia (amnesty) are also in early Leo square P Juno and Starr’s N MC They will reach P Saturn and oppose Starr’s local Ascendant before the end of Clinton’s term of office. I expect continued media hype throughout the presidential election in 2000.

Starr’s local MC is even more dramatic! In one of those mind-blowing “coincidences” it is conjunct N Williams and N Monica within my standard one-degree orb. N Asmodeus is also connected by being within one degree of Monica, while Helio, (a sun god for Leo associations), is on Asmodeus. N Bathseba and N Hestia (the Greek Vesta) oppose Williams and Monica. P Wright (the Little Rock judge who dismissed the Jones’ lawsuit) and P Fidelio (faithful) in 25 Leo produce a T-square. What are the odds of such a collection when the Government in Washington gives Starr the job of investigating William, Starr discovers Monica along with stories of lust that make her famous, and Starr gets a partial setback from Judge Wright? N Wright in 24 Cancer 55 is trine the Scorpio cluster in contrast to its progressed square. The aspects point out the difficulty in guessing details, since the natal trine fits Wright’s action helping William Clinton while the current square fits the potential setback to Starr’s career (his local 10th house).

P Williams in 11 Sagittarius is trine Pluto, square N LindaSusan in Pisces and N Aletheia in Virgo, opposite P Bathseba, and moving into an octile to P Jupiter. P Monica in 3 Sagittarius is square P LindaSusan in 3 Pisces and P Karma and P Hela just under 3 Virgo, octile N Juno, and moving into an octile to N Jupiter and an opposition to N Phaethon (overreach). Overlapping orbs connect N Starr in 4 Virgo 55 to the grand cross in mutable signs and fixed houses. P Starr is in 26 Virgo octile Pluto while P Pluto holds a lifetime square to N Hillary in 13 Taurus. Starr’s local P MC in 15 Capricorn is trioctile P Hillary and N Aphrodite in 0 Gemini. Starr’s local P 8th house cusp in 0 Sagittarius and N Amor in 16 Aries are also connected, along with P Gingerich for Newt which is in 0 Gemini with P Hillary. ??? Newt is currently barnstorming his new book in preparation for a run for the presidency. Obviously, the outcome of Starr’s investigation will have a crucial effect on his public image. As Speaker of the House of Representatives, Newt would have to lead any attempt to impeach Clinton. Such an attempt is highly unlikely, but whatever Starr uncovers will be a hot potato for Newt as he faces his continuing low popularity in contrast to Clinton’s high numbers in the polls. Starr’s P MC quincunx and P Nemesis square to N Gingerich are not encouraging signs for Newt.

Obviously, the standard planets are also strongly aspected. In January 1998, Starr’s P Ascendant and P Moon opposed his N Mars and P Sun with P Kathleen in 19 Gemini on Uranus and the north lunar node and the south node completing a second mutable cross. P Mars is on P Chiron for Starr’s personally stated goal of finding the “truth.,” and they form a grand trine with his Antivertex and local East Point in Aquarius and his P Uranus in Gemini. The air signs in fire houses certainly fit Starr’s ability to bring out and publicize new knowledge. P Mars and P Chiron are also square P Themis (divine justice) in Cancer and octile P Aten (a sun god) and P Atlantis (power issues) in Virgo. Clinton’s win over Jones is suggested by P Williams trine P Jones and N Bacchus in 10 to11 Aries. Bacchus was the Roman Dionysus, associated with emotional-religious excesses. Jones’ lawsuit has been funded by right-wing, religious “conservatives.” P Jones is also quincunx the cluster of N Venus, N America, and N Aletheia in 9 to 10 Virgo. Many commentators think that Starr’s legal case against Clinton is weakened by the dismissal of Paula’s lawsuit. After all, is lying about it as serious if the suit has no legal foundation? But Starr is not swayed by the argument and his aspects fit the fact that Paula Jones did lead him to Monica. His P Ascendant and P Moon trine and N Mars and P Sun sextile N Paula in 19 Scorpio, while P Paula in 29 Scorpio sextiles Starr’s N East Point in 29 Capricorn and P America and P Aletheia in late Virgo and early Libra.

Unfortunately, I think the fallout from Starr’s investigation is going to damage Al Gore’s future more than Clinton’s. Starr’s P Antivertex is opposite N Albertina, and his P East Point and then P Ascendant will be moving into oppositions in the coming years. P Albertina is in 13 Libra square Starr’s N Ascendant and octile P Paula. It will move into a square to natal Washingtonia before the election in 2000. Clinton and Starr may end up unable to defeat each other, in a continuing media war even if the Congress backs off from taking legal action, and the Republicans are almost certainly going to continue hammering on the issue of morality. Some commentators suspect that Clinton’s high popularity is more a vote against the media saturation about the scandals than it is a vote for Clinton. The 1998 congressional elections will be very interesting.

Gennifer Flowers is an entertainer in Little Rock born on January 24, 1950 at 17:45 CST in Oklahoma City, OK. Publicity about her long-term affair with Bill Clinton rocked his 1992 campaign for the presidency, but Clinton at the time denied that they had a sexual relationship. In his more recent testimony, which was under oath and thus subject to perjury laws, Clinton acknowledged that he and Flowers had a sexual relationship for some years when his marriage was in trouble. Though Flowers is still in Little Rock, I have also calculated her chart for Washington, DC since her statements can affect government officials and voters for them.

At first glance, we can see an emphasis on fire and air which is similar to Bill Clinton and Monica, but without their ambition for power. Flowers has two grand trines in fire signs and houses in addition to an air grand trine with multiple factors at two corners, in Libra and Aquarius. She has Leo rising and its ruler, the Sun, exactly on the Descendant, emphasizing her potential for showmanship and her need for approval or applause from others. She has one more planet in earth than Bill does, Saturn, our lesson in handling physical reality, and Mercury in the sign of Saturn.. Saturn’s position in Virgo in the house of Taurus connects her lesson to all three sides of handling the material world, but it is closely trine Mercury which suggests that Flowers is not really lacking in practicality; she just enjoys doing fire and air a lot more. After all, they are the “fun” elements when we feel we have the right and the power to do what we please and we just do it. Water is also relatively weak, with Uranus and the East Point in Cancer and Pallas in Scorpio, but having two water planets, Neptune and the Moon, close to her major angles, the MC and IC, is an indication of more sensitivity than would otherwise have been expected. Aspects between the water planets also strengthen the element, so Pluto’s close sextile to Neptune and a wider trine to the Moon support Flowers’ capacity for empathy and compassion.

I am using the asteroid Jennifer for Gennifer. It sounds the same with the substitution of a ‘j’ for a “g,” and it is clearly “working” in Gennifer’s chart. Her N Jennifer is in 6 Pisces 23 and when Monica hit the headlines in January 1998, reviving the stories about Gennifer, P Williams was in 6 Pisces 26. Natal Williams is in 4 Aquarius, precisely on Gennifer’s N Sun and Descendant. N Icarus is just 2 degrees farther in a long-term octile from P Chiron. P Jennifer is in 9 Aries conjunct the north lunar node and opposite N Mars across the houses of the mind, the media, and the search for truth. P Icarus in 2 Pisces is trioctile Neptune as the past which is symbolized by water is opened to the air of the conscious intellect. The trine of P Icarus to Uranus, an air planet in a water sign in an air house are repeating the message. Flowers has her N Hillary in 17 Aquarius 19, opposite her Pluto within one minute of longitude, square N Artemis (a Venus goddess) in 17 Taurus, in a grand trine to her Antivertex and Neptune. P Dionysus has returned to its natal position on her Antivertex, so it is also part of Flowers’ grand trine in air signs and houses. Dionysus suggests a love of fun with friends that could go well beyond conventional games. P Saturn moved into a quincunx to N Hillary and held the aspect for some years when it would also have been square the Antivertex and Chiron. P Hillary is now in 15 Pisces on P Pandora and opposite N Atlantis and P Saturn. Flowers’ P Ascendant reached an opposition to P Hillary and a conjunction with P Saturn soon after the Monica revelations both opened up her past and also vindicated her. N Monica is conjunct N Saturn and P Monica has retrograded to 11 Virgo where it is opposing P Mercury as the media dig and pontificate. Flowers’ P East Point will conjunct P Monica by late May or June this year, around the time Ken Starr is to give his report to Congress.

We have still hardly started with the relevant asteroids, including aspects to Flowers’ natal and local angles. Albertina for Al Gore was on Flowers’ IC at birth, and after turning retrograde, it is back in the same 24 Libra now. N Astarte, a Venus goddess, is on the N MC, along with P Columbia for the District of Columbia. Flowers’ P Sun is quincunx her local Ascendant in 22 Leo, but I was especially startled to find that in Washington, she has the same tight Vesta on the Descendant which we found for Bill and Chelsea Clinton. N Venus is square Flowers’ local MC of 15 Taurus 24 as well as N Karma which is also in 15 Taurus, and P Jones is currently on N Venus sharing the squares. N Cupido in 23 Capricorn 55 is on N Jones and square Flowers’ birthplace MC. N Paula in 26 Sagittarius is octile N Jupiter and P Venus and trioctile Flowers’ local East Point in 10 Leo. Obviously, that puts P Venus on Flowers local West Point, which is like an auxiliary Descendant, providing another angle to highlight the theme of pleasure. P Venus is also square P Astarte in 10 Taurus. Flowers’ P north lunar node continues to hold a long-term conjunction with N Lust while P Lust is on her N Moon. N Ishtar in 14 Aries is sextile N Venus and P Jones and trine Flowers’ P Antivertex in Leo. P Ishtar in 25 Taurus is octile/trioctile the mean lunar nodes, N Bathseba, and Flowers’ local Antivertex. A cluster of 4 asteroids in 28 or 29 Aries includes P Nemesis, P Eros, P Bacchus, and P Aten. Three of them are within one-degree oppositions to P Starr which is retrograding in 0 Scorpio 1. P Bathseba squares N Starr and N Fortuna in 26 Libra.

By now, readers’ eyes may be glazing over, so we had better move on to Vernon Jordan, for whom we also have a birth certificate chart, thanks to Lois Rodden. But before leaving Gennifer, we can take a quick look at her contacts with the chart of Bill Clinton. An obvious initial warning is seen with Bill’s Saturn on Gennifer’s Sun and Descendant. If they had been fellow workers, or one had been playing a responsible parent-role for the other, the relationship could have been constructive. Under the circumstances of one of the two being married to someone else, plus the strong game-playing tendencies of both, Saturn was a red flag. It symbolizes the “rules of the game,” and marks the timing for consequences when we learn how we are doing in handling the rules. The mutual attraction between Bill and Gennifer is certainly suggested with numerous conjunctions between the two charts, especially in the signs of Libra and Leo. Bill’s lunar nodes on Gennifer’s Antivertex axis and Gennifer’s nodes on Bill’s Ascendant-Descendant axis are additional keys to a strong attraction. Gennifer’s Moon is on Bill’s Vertex for another angle contact. Conjunctions of the different sets of angles and/or the nodal axes seem to tie people together though they are no guarantee of happiness. Sometimes, they signify mutual lessons.

Vernon Jordan was born on August 15, 1935 at 23:57 CDT in Atlanta, GA. He is one of the few blacks who are truly influential among the wheelers and dealers of Washington, DC and New York. He serves on the boards of many large companies, has been a confidant of many leaders, and is a close friend of Bill Clinton with whom he shares a love of golf and sexy jokes. Bill turned to him to help Monica find a job after she was sent away from the White House by others who were worried about her closeness to the president. Jordan denies trying to persuade Monica to keep quiet or to lie about her relationship with Bill, and he seems unworried by the fact that he is one of Starr’s targets.

Jordan has his share of fire in his chart, but the fire signs are mostly in water houses and the fire planets Mars and Jupiter are in a water sign in an earth house. When we add in an earth Ascendant, 3 factors in Virgo and 3 in Pisces plus 2 in Cancer and 3 factors in the 12th house, we can see that, though he is certainly ambitious, Jordan is also likely to be highly careful and discrete. Like Bill Clinton, Jordan has a 10th house Saturn and its trine to Mars in the 6th house shows a strong potential for career success. Jupiter is also in the 6th house with trines to Jordan’s 11th house Moon-Vesta conjunction and a sextile to his Neptune in Virgo to repeat the message. Jupiter is also closely conjunct Jordan’s West Point, which carries the same meaning as having Jupiter on the Descendant. Such individuals may attract partners with shared values and goals. In Scorpio, the values can include return on investments and can sometimes lead to considerable wealth. Venus in Virgo is sextile/trine the lunar nodes in Capricorn/Cancer and sextile Pluto to add to the theme of success in the material world.

As happens periodically, the latest list of new asteroid names included an immediately useful one—Vernon, for Jordan’s first name. I also checked an earlier one called Jordaens as a possible stand-in for his last name. The latter could well be a winner since it turned up in 7 Pisces closely conjunct Jordan’s N Saturn. P Jordaens has retrograded back to 28 Aquarius where it opposes N Mercury and is quincunx P Pluto in the natural house of Mercury, fitting Jordan’s current media prominence. P Jordaens is also opposite N Williams which is in 27 Leo 27, so not quite within my one-degree orb to conjunct N Mercury. N Vernon turned up in 29 Cancer with a sextile to Jordan’s Ascendant, a semisextile to N Mercury, an octile to Neptune, and squares to N Antivertex and Juno in Aries and N Monica in Libra. Potomac, a river in Washington, DC, and Icarus in 29 Capricorn complete a grand cross in cardinal signs and mutable houses. P Artemis is now on N Vernon and P Jennifer and P Cupido square it. The combination shows some discomfort or challenges involving our capital, actions with Plutonian females (Juno), especially one named Monica, if Vernon overreaches. P Vernon is in 4 Virgo opposite P Saturn to time the challenge, but it was also sextile Jordan’s P Moon and trine Uranus when the Monica flap erupted in January, so I think he will cope.

There are also other harmonious aspects which suggest that Jordan is not seriously threatened. His P Mars trines his N Pallas and Sun though it also squares N Venus for the hassles over his attempt to help a friend. P Williams in 23 Virgo is conjunct N Venus and P Pallas, and they are square P Pandora in 23 Sagittarius and N Asmodeus in 23 Gemini. If Starr’s investigation continued for several years, P Mars would move into the T-square. It seems more likely that the Republicans will keep the fire lit as a way to defeat the Democrats in 2000. I am watching Ganesa, the Hindu elephant-headed god, as a possible key to the Republicans, and Lincoln might also be relevant having been named for a Republican president soon after the founding of the political Party. Jordan is that relatively rare creature, a wealthy Democrat. He has N Ganesa in 7 Gemini square his N Saturn. His P Antivertex and P Mason-Dixon are currently conjunct N Ganesa, while P Ganesa is on his local P Antivertex in 17 Gemini square the midpoint of Moon/Vesta. Mason-Dixon was named for an agreement prior to the Civil War which involved a temporary division between free states and those permitting slavery. The asteroid can be a key to situations with racial issues.

Other relevant personal name asteroids include P Jones square N Ganesa, opposite N Saturn, and octile Jordan’s P Sun. P Paula is on N Mars. P Albertina is within one degree of both P Sun and P Mercury while Jordan’s P Ascendant squares the trio, but it is also trines his P Jupiter for personal faith and the skill to achieve his goals. For years, Jordan’s P south lunar node has been conjunct N Hillary, N Starr, and N Bacchus. I’m not sure which one or more is supposed to be learning something: Hillary, Ken, or Vernon. Jordan’s local P East Point, P Fama, and P Asmodeus have joined the group in 16-17 Cancer. His P Moon will cross the cluster in late 1998. We will see what is happening at the time, which will include the mid-term elections and their aftermath. Every time I think it is time to stop, I notice more relevant asteroids. N Bennett, for Bill’s principle lawyer, is in 7 Leo and P America in 7 Libra is forming a yod with Bennett and Saturn. Despite the tension shown by some of these aspects, I still think Jordan will cope successfully.

One of the fascinating non-asteroid features in Jordan’s chart is the location of his Saturn/node midpoints. As readers know by now, I consider these midpoints to be valuable clues to major lesson areas. Jordan’s P Saturn/north node has been conjunct his N MC for years, while his P Saturn/south node squares the MC from Taurus. Though his chart shows skill and discretion, I think Jordan is still learning something important about the use of power. I know he has power but I do not know enough about his personal life to know whether he has used it wisely to help others who need help but may have less to give in return than his friends in high places. N Jackson is on Jordan’s IC along with Don Quixote and N Jones. The latter is connected with overlapping orbs. Jackson could relate to the founder of the Democratic Party and/or to Jesse Jackson, who is one of the black leaders currently helping Clinton hold on to the minority vote. Don Quixote is the well-known fictional tilter at windmills. Jesse Jackson has done some tilting at times, and Jones’ lawsuit had some of that kind of flavor in terms of impracticality. From the limited amount that I have read about Jordan, he has mostly been circumspect and his current situation has him farther out on a limb than is usual for him. Current asteroids conjunct his IC include P Hillary, P Starr, and P Guillermina (a variation of William). The IC symbolizes our need for emotional security, while the opposition to the MC points to issues involving power and the rules of the game. I just never get used to the way the asteroids point to the issues with the names of the individuals dealing with them.

At this point, we have looked at the major players in the drama for whom I have complete birth data. Linda Tripp’s birth certificate is in the mail, on the way to Lois Rodden, so we will be able to look at her in the next Mutable Dilemma. I have nothing on Kathleen Willey, and only a birth date for Paula Jones, but we can take a quick glance at her chart set for noon in Little Rock, AR. Paula was born on September 17, 1966, and her chart emphasizes a Virgo-Pisces polarity with additional factors in Cancer and Scorpio. Her Moon would be in Scorpio unless she was born soon after 0 A.M., and she has a close conjunction of Neptune with the south lunar node trine Juno in Cancer. Her only fire signs are Pallas in Aries and Mars in Leo. Mercury in Libra is her only air sign. Of course, her house positions could shift this earth-water emphasis, but lacking a birth time, we have only part of our data. Dealing only with the zodiac signs and planetary aspects, we can see that Paula could be quite ambivalent about sex. Her Sun-Uranus conjunction could be pretty free-wheeling but the oppositions to Chiron and Saturn in Pisces suggests inner conflict. Venus and Pluto are normally strongly sexual, but putting Vesta in the middle between them, plus the placement of all of them in Virgo, suggests deep ambivalence. Mars in Leo can be highly sexed, as can the Scorpio, but Mars squares the Scorpio nodes and Neptune for a power-struggle potential, and it is octile Ceres and Mercury which are in signs of relationship and are square each other.

The reports that I have seen quote friends of Paula who describe a change of mind between the episode in a Little Rock hotel and her much later lawsuit. Friends described her as rather thrilled by the “pass” made by Clinton even though she rejected it. (Kathleen Willey seems to have had a similar reaction.) Later, when a conservative foundation offered to pick up the costs of a lawsuit, offering Paula both fame and the possibility of big money, she decided that she was harassed in her job and suffered great emotional stress. Her lawyers were unable to prove any job problem since she received normal promotions and raises until she quit voluntarily, and Judge Susan Wright dismissed the case.

As usual, Paula’s asteroids are phenomenal. N Wright is in 18 Leo square the lunar nodes with P Mercury in 18 Scorpio setting off the T-square. P Wright in 7 Virgo squares N Phaethon in 7 Gemini and P Asmodeus in 7 Sagittarius. It also forms octiles and trioctiles to a collection of factors in 22 to 23 of the cardinal signs. These include N Bennett, Clinton’s lawyer who made the motion to dismiss the lawsuit. Bennett is in 23 Cancer along with P Ishtar (a Venus goddess). A cluster in 23 Libra includes N Monica, N Tristan, and N Isolda. The latter two are fictional lovers who died for love. P Paula is in 24 Libra and P Sun is in 25 Libra, but without a birth time, we don’t know their exact minutes to see whether aspects with overlapping orbs might connect them to the factors in 23 degrees of the cardinal signs. Regardless of birth time, P Paula is quincunx N Chiron and P Saturn, a really appropriate aspect for Paula’s changed life due to an authority figure (Saturn) interpreting the law (Chiron). P Sun is trine N Lust and sextile N Bacchus which oppose each other across Gemini and Sagittarius, but they are square Paula’s N Sun in Virgo and P Lust opposes P Sun. P Monica is octile N Neptune while P Neptune moved to conjunct an appropriate trio of asteroids in 21 Scorpio: Urania, Jones, and Nemesis. The combination suggests a fated upset for Jones for breaking divine law in some way. .P Karma conjunct N Jupiter repeats the message. P Neptune is also in orb of octiles or trioctiles to P Ceres, P Pallas, and P Fortuna in Capricorn. As one more indication of her personal overreach, P Mars trines a conjunction of P Icarus and P LindaSusan in 4 Capricorn.

Another interesting collection of natal asteroids is grouped in 1 Leo: Hillary, Dionysus, Ganesa, and Lincoln. As indicated above, the latter two might be clues to the Republicans. Though not officially affiliated with the Republicans, it was a right-wing foundation that paid for Paula’s lawsuit, which fits the association with the religious extremism of Dionysus. Though the suit was directed at Bill Clinton, Hillary was obviously deeply involved. N Lust in 1 Taurus is square the Leo group, while P Juno and P Jupiter conjunct some of the factors and P Nemesis and P Fama trine them and are quincunx N Lust The outcome of the case was certainly headline news. Another interesting set of aspects involves P Starr in 12 Libra quincunx P Williams in 12 and N Albertina in 13 Taurus while P Albertina in 10 Taurus is quincunx N Paula in 10 Libra. As regular readers know, I call the quincunx of 150 degrees the “closet-cleaning” aspect. It is usually manifested by changing either the details of the life or going in a whole new direction, letting go the past. The end of Paula’s lawsuit certainly set the stage for its participants to move in new directions. P Albertina also squares P Ganesa in 10 Leo, while P Hillary is either square P Albertina or P Williams, depending on Paula’s precise birth time. Though her case was dismissed without coming to trial, it certainly imposed an enormous strain on Hillary, Bill, and Al, and their futures at this point remain clouded.

If more complete data becomes available, we may take another look at Paula Jones in a future issue of The Mutable Dilemma. For the moment, we will continue to watch the ongoing Washington circus-farce-Greek tragedy.

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