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Zip Dobyns

We have had a cool spring without much rain in the San Diego area, thanks to La Niña. It was much wetter up the coast. A new group in Hawaii hosted me in January, and they are hoping that other astrologers will be interested in visiting Honolulu and doing a lecture for them. The Council Grove Conference was stimulating, as usual. The theme in 1999 focused on earth as a school, so I have started saying “Earth is a school and the class schedule is in the sky.”

We are building more storerooms at Dodona, as well as at the house in San Diego, to hold the huge number of books accumulated in Los Angeles so we can sell the L.A. house – hopefully, in 2000. One of the projects involved boxing the ISAR library, books and back issues of Kosmos, to send to a new home in Florida. With 29 boxes filled and ready for pickup by the freight company, I just received an e-mail that the prospective home for the library is no longer available. So I will be seeing a few clients in a room mostly filled with 29 large boxes. Life can get complicated.

We do plan to start design work on our Web Page for the Astrology-Psychology Division of CCRS by mid-June, when this issue of The Mutable Dilemma is finished. As I wrote before, by the end of 1999, we plan to have all back issues of The Mutable Dilemma and Asteroid-World on the Web in an archive available to everyone who is connected. Sara and Craig, her husband, will be producing the Web Page.

Sara and I are still looking for data to add to our research with work-related accidents. If any of our readers have access to such data, we are eager to get it from additional regions. We started with over 1,000 from two clinics in California, and were able to get well over 2,000 from Sweden. The results were quite different, though significant in both areas, so we need data from other areas. So far, the results strongly support the theory that the psychological principles of astrology are handled differently in different cultures. To replicate the work, we need the birth date and accident date of individuals who had work-related accidents which kept them off the job for three months or more. The data should include ALL cases that meet the preceding criteria, (three months out of work following an accident), from a single source (clinic, hospital, insurance company, etc), over a period of time, (months or years). To get statistical results, we need at least 100 cases, and preferably 1,000 or more. If the sex of the injured worker is available, we would like to have it, but it is not necessary. There is no identification of the individuals, so no invasion of privacy.

Maritha and I are looking forward to speaking for the Eclipse Conference in Plymouth, England in early August. I just had a great weekend with a delightful group in Laguna Beach, CA. Dozens of new asteroids have been named. Life continues to be busy and exciting.

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