Wyatt Gore Schiff

Zip Dobyns

Their first grandchild was born to Al and Tipper Gore on July 4, 1999 at 10:05 A.M. EDT in New York. The data is from the AFA Bulletin, from published news sources or CNN. Wyatt looks like a worker with Vesta rising in Virgo, and Pallas conjunct the MC in the 10th house would fit his following his family into politics. He has the combination often found in individuals working in service professions: the emotionally warm signs of Cancer and Leo in the transpersonal 11th and 12th houses. His Pisces Moon in the 7th house also fits a sensitive nature able to nurture others, and factors in Libra and Scorpio plus planets in the 4th and 5th houses, and Venus conjunct the East Point, reinforce an emphasis on personal relationships. Chiron in Scorpio closely conjunct Juno adds to the Piscean 7th house tendency to idealize the mate. Air signs, including Uranus in its own sign, in the houses of work, and Saturn in the 9th house show the likelihood of a mental profession. Overall, Wyatt looks like a winner with the ability to be successful and helpful to the world.

Though he will be less than two years old, and the progressed planets will not have moved very far at the time of the next U.S. presidential inauguration, I decided to progress Wyatt’s chart to January 20, 2001. The 1st and 7th houses are keys to one’s grandparents, since they are the 4th and 10th houses from the 4th and 10th which signify the parents. I wondered whether Wyatt’s chart would throw any light on the fate of his grandfather, Al Gore. Predicting details can be risky in astrology, but Wyatt’s chart pictures a fascinating potential.

For starters, there are three asteroids connected to good fortune. Wyatt has Fortuna within one degree of his Ascendant and the P Ascendant will remain on P Fortuna for the inauguration. P Vesta will have moved within one degree of the N Ascendant and Wyatt’s local P Ascendant in Washington, DC will have reached N Vesta. Vesta fits a change of his grandfather’s work, which is bound to happen as Al leaves the vice presidency, whether of not he becomes president, but the presence of Fortuna is intriguing. The Etruscan goddess of fortune, Nortia, is in 2 Aries, trine Wyatt’s Antivertex in 2 Leo. The Roman goddess of fortune, Nehalennia, is in 6 Leo sextile Pallas and conjunct Mercury, ruler of Wyatt’s MC and Ascendant. Victoria is in 6 Libra, conjunct Washingtonia in 7 Libra, with both sextile Mercury and trine Pallas, our most political asteroid. Wyatt’s P local East Point will reach N Venus, P MC will trine Neptune, and his P Sun will sextile Saturn.

The preceding aspects sound like good luck for grandfather Al, but there are always some conflict aspects in every chart, making it difficult to predict life details. P Venus will square Juno and P East Point will square Chiron. P Saturn will square the mean lunar nodes, and P America will square Mercury. Oppositions and quincunxes suggest changes, often separations, which can be either desired or unwelcome. P Mars opposite Jupiter and quincunx Wyatt’s local P MC, P Neptune opposite the Antivertex (conjunct the Vertex, which is like another Descendant), and P Sun quincunx the south lunar node, could fit changes in the family situation, whether or not they are desired. At the election in November 2000, Wyatt's P Moon will be opposite Victoria and Washingtonia, sextile P Pallas and trine P Mercury; mostly positive aspects. But at the inauguration, P Moon will reach 9 Aries, where is will be trioctile Venus.

Does anyone want to guess whether Wyatt’s grandfather will be the next U.S. president? Perhaps the most mind-blowing asteroids are the presence in Wyatt’s chart of an opposition between the personal name asteroids of the two likely contenders for the office. Albertina (for Al) in 19 Taurus opposes George in 19 Scorpio! Georgia (named for George Washington) in 26 Taurus squares Wyatt’s P Venus and N East Point. When I saw the amazing harmony in the chart of George W Bush, I thought he was probably a guaranteed winner in the 2000 election, but harmony aspects show a person who believes he has a right to what he wants, and it can lead to over-confidence. G.W.’s local Ascendant in Washington is on his P Saturn, and Saturn can signal either gaining an executive power position, or it can lead to a fall when we over-reach. Looking at Wyatt’s chart, I was reminded of the contest between Truman and Dewey in 1948. Dewey was expected to win. In fact, the morning after the election, the Chicago Tribune proclaimed him the winner in the newspaper headline before getting the final vote count. Could 2000 produce a similar upset? We will be looking at the charts of the main contenders in more depth in future issues of The Mutable Dilemma.

In the meantime, we need to remember that harmony aspects do not guarantee getting what we want, or enjoying it if we do get it. The traditional jinx of the U.S. presidential elections in years with a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in earth signs could signal the attempted assassination of the next president. We might get what we want, but regret it, or not get it and be thankful afterwards. Time will tell.

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