In The Lone Star State

Maritha Pottenger

There is a relatively new astrological organization in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. It is known as S.H.A.R.E.: Society for Humanistic Astrological Research and Enlightenment. S.H.A.R.E. held its first conference the week-end of May 6 and 7, and I was able to attend as one of the featured speakers.

The conference was very well organized. Scheduling ran smoothly. People were where and when they were supposed to be there. Registration was painless. And action was prompt when the air conditioning was too high.

Although primarily an astrological conference, S.H.A.R.E. also featured discussions on palmistry, gemology, handwriting analysis, tarot, acupressure, nutrition, and the philosophy of metaphysics. I attended only astrological events, so cannot comment on the quality of the others speakers, although I heard good feedback murmured in the hallways about everyone.

Rob Hand was flown in specially for the conference, and was—as usual—a joy to listen to. I attended all his sessions, and thoroughly enjoyed each one, as well as learning. I cannot resist sharing with you Rob’s description of Vesta as: “The lesser Cosmic kill-joy.” Of course Vesta, like everything else in astrology, has her appropriate time and place, but if misused or used inappropriately, she can indeed be a minor Killjoy.

Rob’s topics were “Transits” and “Astrology in Relationships.” In the former, Rob discussed the course of a transit cycle: from conjunction to waxing square to opposition to waning square and back again to conjunction. He suggested one begins a new cycle at the conjunction, but may be unaware of this. That is, one is building a foundation, but often is not conscious until the first square for what purpose one is building. I found his discussion cogent and persuasive and will of course test his ideas against my experience.

Rob Hand and I have some differences in respect to relationships, but his second presentation was fully as excellent, entertaining and educational as the first. Naturally, I am never in total agreement with anyone, but I found both his presentations thoughtful and thought-provoking, insightful and interesting. He is a very witty, stimulating speaker and I adore his lectures.

This was my first contact face-to-face with Robert Jansky, and I found him a charming man: very comfortable, easy to chat with, no arrogance or spiritual pride here. I am tempted to use the old-fashioned adjective: homey. He talked on Medical Astrology and on Eclipses. Both lectures were well-received.

Robert Jansky indicated that eclipses are important in everyone’s chart: whether or not they aspect anything. His reasoning is that it is a material, physical event which affects the whole Earth and we ought all to notice. He suggests that an eclipse is “in effect” from actual date it occurs until the next one occurs (about six months later for a solar). He looks primarily to the house occupied by the eclipse to read the area of life that will be a strong focus of energy for that period. (He does NOT blend houses: says the eclipse is always in one house or another.) I’m going to play with it and I offer the idea to anyone else who wants to check it out.

I gave a Pre-Conference Workshop (Friday, May 5th) on Encounter Astrology: an experiential way to learn the basics of astrology. The group was very receptive and a joy to work with: my thanks to both Bettys, Candy, Connie, David, Gloria, Karen, Phil, Rosemary, and Vernon. You were all marvelous in your sharing and openness.

I also gave a lecture on Counseling Techniques for Astrologers which was well attended. I am gratified by the interest in the psychological side of astrological counseling, because I personally feel it is vital. Several people told me they are continuing their education in the area of psychology/social work, etc. I was exceedingly pleased to see the high level of psychological awareness among both speakers and attenders of this conference. In that respect, it was among the best conferences I have attended so far.

The attendance of S.H.A.R.E.’s conference was on the small side but of very high quality as I mentioned. Most people were from the Dallas-Fort Worth area. But Jeanne Long and others represented Houston. Barb Nowak and Judith Gardner came in from Sam Antonio, and Gloria Nancarrow—an old alumnus of the Montana Intensive for those who were there—represented Stevenville. S.H.A.R.E. is planning another conference in October—I believe the dates are the 21st and 22nd. I hope lots more people will plan to attend this next one. (S.H.A.R.E. can be reached at 3206 Fairmount; Dallas, TX 75201; 651-0364.) Judging from this one, the next one can only be superb!

Hope to see you there!

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