Challenge Corner

Zip Dobyns

For a change of pace from twins (there will be lots more later), in this issue we have four charts of unrelated individuals who share a common theme: POWER. Note that all have an emphasis on Capricorn and Scorpio, including 8th and 10th house activity. Other fixed signs and houses reinforce the theme, in addition to 1st house emphasis with Capricorn rising. All but one also have a twelfth house focus, in one case just the Sun on the cusp. The combination shows great concern with the issue of control, power vs. helplessness, dominance vs. dependency. The challenge is that two of them have unusual power and two of them lack it. The charts include:

A mongoloid unable to handle abstracts such as reading;

A gifted individual with IQ above 125;

A person unable to control the bowels, told it was psychological almost to high school age when doctors discovered a defect in the nervous system which left the person helpless;

A person able to duplicate some of Uri Geller’s feats in bending metal with the power of the mind.

Sorry that to protect the anonymity of the subjects, we can’t give full birth data, but all conditions and/or talents existed from birth. Have fun. If space permits, we will publish some of the most succinct comments from readers in the next issue of the Mutable Dilemma. If enough answers are sent in, we will also print a tabulation of how many were accurate, without identification of who guessed wrong, of course. It is quite possible that some of the challenges we offer in this column are not possible to solve with our present state of knowledge about astrology. Or will they ever be? Maybe there is a range of possibilities depending on the level of the incarnating soul?

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