Challenge Corner: Answers to last issue

Zip Dobyns

First Pair

The first born twin is the “average” one—normal height, health, and grades in school. The one born three minutes later is the very bright dwarf with brittle bones. One major clue is the Sun exactly opposite the MC in the second one. The Sun is a key to extra attention, the limelight, center stage. The change of dwad on the Ascendant is less helpful, since the Sagittarius dwad for the second could either suggest intellectual brilliance or physical height. The other angles did not change dwads.

Another possible clue comes from the additional aspects to angles which are multiples of 18 degrees. The earlier twin has 6 of these aspects which are exact within one degree, while the later twin has 10 such exact aspects. Nelson’s work suggests some sort of intensity which is potentially destructive in connection to these aspects, since he always finds at least two or more with major solar storm.

Neptune falls on the 6th house cusp for both twins, but is slightly into the 5th house for the unusual one—again suggesting being a focus of attention.

The later twin also has more exact aspects of the planetary nodes to the angles. She has five such aspects which the first twin lacks, including a semi-square or octile of the north node of Mars to the Antivertex and a quincunx of the south node of Vesta to the East Point. I read the Antivertex and East Point as auxiliary Ascendants which may therefore indicate level of functioning, physical or mental. Mars, as a natural key to our capacity to do what we want, and Vesta as a key to efficient functioning in either work or one’s body, are appropriate for a health challenge. I had expected Saturn to be more helpful in distinguishing the twins, since it theoretically rules bones, but only found an exact sesquisquare or trioctile of East Point to the midpoint of Sun/Saturn in the second, which was not exact in the first twin. It would not be enough by itself, but it does further support the right choice.

Second Pair

The first born twin is the independent one, with the Aquarius dwad rising providing a major clue to the contact with the flying tigers in the Second World War, the delay of marriage, and the refusal to ask for help in conquering excessive drinking. The second twin with the Pisces dwad rising went into an early marriage and turned to Alcoholics Anonymous for help in controlling her drinking. There was also a dwad change for the MC with the first-born having an air dwad and the second a water dwad, indicating more dependency. The two auxiliary Ascendants, the Antivertex and East Point, fell in the Virgo dwad for the first born and the Libra dwad for the second, fitting the first twin’s delay of marriage to work while the second felt the strong need for a lasting, close relationship, and continued to emphasize close friendships in her life in addition to marriage.

The twin involved with flying also had Uranus in exact aspect to the Ascendant (one of the extra aspects used by John Nelson—multiples of 7 1/2, 11 1/4 and 18 degrees) while the later twin lacked such an aspect. The second twin, more involved with home and family, also had the natal Moon exactly on the Vertex, and any placement of a planet on an angle puts it into high focus as an important key to character. In contrast, the first twin has the south node of Pluto exactly conjunct her Antivertex, emphasizing the drive for self-mastery through her own efforts.

There are undoubtedly other clues in the charts. We hope readers will send their choices and reasons for them. In future issues, we may print some excerpts sent in by readers. Jim Eshelman of Los Angeles selected the correct twin in the first pair by using aspects which are multiples of 10 degrees, pointing out the closer aspects of the Ascendant and especially the MC to Moon, Neptune, and Saturn. In light of his suggestion, we have added these aspects to our computer program.

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