A Speculative Chart on John Paul II

Zipporah Dobyns

Since there appears to be no recorded birth time for the new Pope, a number of astrologers have suggested speculative times, and we are joining the game. My own tentative offering puts the major Taurus stellium into the 9th house for his religious devotion, while Saturn in Virgo is in the 12th house for the religious career. The Virgo rising with Pisces on the 7th cusp is appropriate for someone who is “married to the church”, while Pisces also falls in the 6th house, repeating the theme of the spiritual vocation.

Virgo rising and Vesta in the 4th house indicate someone who learns to work early in life. The 4th house Vesta is common in cases where there was an ill parent, or one who was a hard worker with ascetic tendencies. The Gemini Moon, as well as the 9th house emphasis, fit the skill with many languages, the prolific writing, and the reported ability to do two things simultaneously; i.e. to read and sign letters during a lengthy conference and then summarize what was said at the end of the talks. The tentative time (around 1 P.M. in zone -1 or 2 P.M. in zone -2) gives him a progressed New Moon at the time he was elected Pope, and the progressed Sun and Moon were on the Rome MC when the white smoke from the Vatican announced that a choice had been made. More in our next issue, due to lack of space now.

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