The 1983 Intensives

Maritha Pottenger

We wish to remind our readers that we will be offering our regular 16-day Intensive in early 1983 as well as the new 9 day Advanced Intensive. The 16-day seminar will begin January 28, 1983 and end February 13, 1983. We have had participants ranging from complete beginners to advanced professional astrologers. We offer a unique combination of modern psychotherapies and counseling techniques as well as the latest in new tools and techniques in astrology.

The complete program, including room and board for the 16 days is available for a suggested donation of $550.00. Local people can, of course, commute or provide their own meals and pay only for the instruction.

The Advanced Intensive will run from February 18 to 27, 1983. It is open to any alumni from Intensives in Los Angeles, Buffalo, Detroit, Houston, Montana, Ottawa, and Vancouver (Canada).

Our household now owns five computers (not counting pocket computers, bridge computers, etc.): the Northstar; the Osborne; two Apples, and a new CompuPro. We can run charts and a number of extra calculations (e.g. parans, aspects, midpoints, composites, harmonics, etc.) in a matter of minutes. The machines will be available for those who want to run charts, or want to do some programming, or just enjoy video games.

Anyone who is interested, please feel free to write to us at 838 Fifth Avenue; Los Angeles, CA 90005. We can mail brochures to anyone who desires. Or, call us at (213)487-1000 for further information. We hope to see some of you here!

Meanwhile, the entire staff takes this opportunity to wish all our friends and readers the happiest of holidays and a most joyous New Year!!

Copyright © 1982 Los Angeles Community Church of Religious Science, Inc.

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