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Zip Dobyns

As our readers know by now, a variety of charts can be used for countries since they develop via many steps. I had worked with several possible charts for the Soviet Union including the overthrowing of the Czar (offering a chart of a new Russia), the beginning of the Bolshevik power, the constitutions (1918 and 1937), etc. The chart offered here came from Jim Eshelman. Jim says that the revolutionary meeting which began on Nov. 7 (and is the source of the Soviet chart given in Moon Moore’s book of world horoscopes) continued almost non-stop through day and night until participants “burst from the conference room and announced the formation of the new government at 5:15 A.M. on Nov. 9, 1917.” Leningrad time was two hours later than Greenwich, so the U.T. would be 3:15. According to the report, the consensus was reached just before the announcement, and Jim favors a time just one to two degrees before the 3:15 A.M. Four minutes earlier (3:11 U.T.) seems to give appropriate angles in the charts I have run so far, so that is the horoscope presented here. A variety of charts may show the nature and evolving potential of the country, but this one seems especially useful.

I was particularly impressed by the fact that the first new moon (new lunation cycle) after the inception of the chart occurred in the spring of 1922, right after the time when Lenin (the primary leader of the revolution) had been incapacitated by a series of strokes and Stalin was able to consolidate his power. The next new moon came when Stalin died (after 30 years of total dictatorial power). The third new moon occurred just before Brezhnev’s death, when Andropov was already starting his move into power, apparently seeing the coming potential. Andropov resigned his position as head ofthe KGB (secret police) in late May and became a Communist Party Secretary in early June, 1982: a position which made him eligible to replace Brezhnev. So far, I have only Andropov’s birth date (June 15, 1914) and Volga region of central Russia as place (too large an area to do much). Once we get a more precise birthplace and more events in his life, we can try a rectification. I’m “playing” with a chart with 9 Capricorn rising and 24 Scorpio MC if anyone else wants to join the game.

In the meantime, both the new chart for the U.S.S.R. and one for the actual death of Brezhnev (at 8:30 a.m. on Nov 10, 1982 according to our newspaper) offer hints of the issues facing Russia. The Nov. 9, 1917 chart has Neptune very near the natal MC (appropriate for a country conceived in idealism even though it was badly dented in its implementation) while Saturn is exactly on the Moscow MC, the location of the permanent capital, a highly fitting picture of the ruthless power of the government, especially with Saturn in Leo blending king and executive. Mars is also in the tenth house, though in Virgo, for further emphasis on dictatorship. The Scorpio Sun is just at the edge of the second house, connecting the first and second; personal power, money and possessions, and joint resources (Scorpio) as an area of intense ego drive. Jupiter in the eighth house shows the faith in joint possession of resources, an ideal that proved impossible to implement, at least in a general way. The result was just a shifting of possessions and privileges from the inheriting nobility to the members of the Communist Party. The Moon in Virgo in the eleventh house repeats the ideal of the public as workers and all equal, but the square to Jupiter shows the problem in carrying it out. The ideals still receive lip service and are farther than ever from happening in real life.

Other interesting items in the horoscope include the south node of the Moon (a basic lesson) conjunct Pluto in Cancer (shared resources with the public) in the ninth house (ideals, moral principles, goals, etc.). Again, we have the same message: a goal of equalitarian sharing seen to be a lesson and so far, obviously not learned. Another interesting combination is Chiron conjunct Vesta in Pisces in the fifth house. Here we have the combination of ultimate value (Chiron and Pisces) placed on work or workers (Vesta) as an ego goal (fifth house). Unfortunately, the power drive of the ego may have become the ultimate value instead of the humble service of Vesta. The central importance of joint resources (according to the theory, after the workers took control of the means of production, the state was supposed to wither away but the theorists forgot about human nature) is further shown by other factors in Scorpio: Pallas, East Point, Ceres, Mercury and Antivertex, the latter two in the second (Taurus) house. If the positive potential of Scorpio, self-knowledge and self-mastery, are ever developed, the U.S.S.R. could make a real contribution to the world. In the meantime, the negative potential, power over others to assure personal security or for personal gratification, has been the actual manifestation.

The new asteroids add their own intriguing notes. I was fascinated to find Psyche rising. In many ways, the Soviets illustrate the negative side of Psyche: absorption in personal needs to the extent that the feelings of others are ignored; emotional reactions based on personal insecurity. Certainly, there is no lack of competence. Soviet space accomplishments are major and impressive. We note in the chart that Uranus is in its own sign, Aquarius, conjunct Galilea, opposite Saturn and Diana, and square Sun-Ceres-Mercury-Antivertex. Galilea is one of the newest asteroids, acquired from Neil Michelsen at Astro Computing. I asked for it under the mistaken notion that it might represent the geographical area in Israel, but then decided it was named for the astronomer Galileo. If there are no accidents, it has some other potential value, and I was not surprised to find it prominent in my own chart and in this U.S.S.R. horoscope. Galileo is best known for his struggle over science and religion. My own life has certainly had a major focus on an attempt to integrate these seemingly disparate fields. Communist U.S.S.R. chose atheistic science and fought religion though the people of Russia have deep mystical inclinations. The conjunction of Galilea in Aquarius with Uranus would fit the space emphasis in modern Soviet science, while the asteroid “Russia” in Pisces in the fourth house of the chart has remained quincunx MC, Neptune, Saturn and opposite Moon for much of the history of modern Russia, symbolizing the struggle between faith and atheism.

“Russia” and “Galilea” are two of eight new asteroids I have obtained, thanks to Neil Michelsen. Another is “America”, which has proved equally enthralling in my mundane charts. Would you believe that this chart for communist U.S.S.R. has it rising? And that it is on the MC in the chart for the death of Brezhnev? The implication is that the geographic area, America, is centrally important in the personal action and handling of power of the country symbolized by these horoscopes, the modern U.S.S.R. For around ten years, the asteroid “America” was progressing conjunct the natal Sun in the Soviet chart, (and Ceres and the Moscow East Point which are close to the Sun), but it is now out of orb and headed for Mercury. Do you suppose we might actually be able to talk to them in a few years? At least we can hope. Other current aspects that offer hope include progressed Mercury retrograding toward natal Venus in the third house (though they are in Capricorn) and progressed Venus in Aquarius trine the Moscow Ascendant in late Libra, while progressed Mars in early Libra has started a trine to progressed Jupiter in early Gemini. Air always offers the hope of understanding, communication, and acceptance. Unfortunately, natal Mars is square Jupiter, so the trine may operate more like a square. Progressions show the timing of facing issues, but the natal chart shows the actual manifestation unless the subject has changed.

Other aspects show the current challenges for the Soviets. If the time of this chart is accurate, the progressed Sun squares the Ascendant-Descendant axis. Friction with others, including neighbors (Poland, Afghanistan, China, etc.) is certainly central in the situation. Emphasis on the one-seven polarity calls for integration of personal will and the rights of others. The Mars-Jupiter aspect could lead to increased armaments, especially in a country committed to atheism, with no faith in God. Of course, our present administration is not demonstrating any faith in God despite their talk about religious convictions. Reagan’s south node-Jupiter conjunction is close to the Soviet natal Sun. His unlearned lesson in faith is challenging their insecure ego. It will be interesting to see what Andropov does in the situation. His chart (ignoring houses for the moment) shows conscious atheism (Saturn conjunct Sun in Gemini trine Jupiter in Aquarius, with Uranus earlier in Aquarius) but unconscious deep faith (Moon in Pisces trine Mercury-Venus-Neptune in Cancer). The two are in conflict (the Gemini square the Pisces and the Aquarius quincunx the Cancer). He is described as intelligent, relatively urbane, verbal; generally in air terms. But his helpful intuition (the water) has certainly contributed to his ability to stay alive through the years of internecine warfare, and to keep moving toward the supreme power.

I have not had time to run the new Soviet chart for more than a few of the major turning points in their history, but at the moment, I like it better than any of the others I have worked with, and I hope that some of our readers will try it out. The new moon in 1982 suggests that they have embarked on a major new phase of their history; more important than the preceding changes of leader from Bulganon to Kruschev to Brezhnev, etc. The chart for the actual death of Brezhnev, with Uranus on the Ascendant, also supports a more radical, new start for the period ahead. Only time will tell whether they will finally move toward their Aquarian potential of equality and brotherhood, or will continue to set life up as a power struggle. With the progressed Ascendant in early Sagittarius opposite Jupiter (if the time is accurate), they face a time of re-evaluation, a possible crisis in faith, and the possibility of a change in values, goals, and directions. We can try to see them in the light, and in the meantime work on stopping our own government from its crazy arms race, especially from the nuclear emphasis. Our government seems willing to save the lives of unwanted embryos, but to risk the life of the whole planet. We live in interesting times!

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