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Zip Dobyns

I haven't received any new twin data lately, and we are near our space capacity, so we'll just take a quick look at some of the factors that differentiated the twins in the Gemini issue. The data included the answer for the Canada twins; the first born was normal; the second defective due to a drug injected by the doctor who was unaware that a second baby was present. The Pisces Sun is intercepted for the second twin using Placidus or Regiomontanus houses. Koch houses have the Sun intercepted for both twins; neither is intercepted in Campanus. This is one of the few cases I have seen in which the intercepted planet seemed to fit the classic idea of limitations or blocks or delays.

Planetary nodes were also interesting. South Mars, South Saturn, and South Chiron were in good aspect to the MC for twin one while North Ceres was in good aspect to the Ascendant. The patterns suggest protection from authority figures. Twin two had North Ceres square the MC and lacked the harmonious aspects within the one degree orb. He did have North Jupiter trine his MC to symbolize the financial settlement won in a lawsuit against the doctor.

The twins from India were one of our easier cases. Twin one has the identity problems and has dropped out of school, with his Ascendant in the one degree square to Neptune in the ninth house. He also has the Part of Destiny (MC added to Sun minus Moon, which I interpret as a key to a career or status goal) and his Part of Venus (Ascendant added to Moon minus Sun which I interpret as another Venus, capacity to enjoy and handle the material world) in opposition to Mercury. His Part of Jupiter is quincunx his Moon, as another indication of the mutable dilemma, a challenge in clarifying goals and values, and using the mind effectively. Twin two has the Part of Jupiter quincunx Mercury, but in general, Mercury-Jupiter aspects seem easier to integrate than aspects with water planets involving unconscious urges or blocks. Twin two also has the Part of Mars sextile Vesta for integration of personal action and confidence with effective work in the world. All these minor forms of the alphabet (Arabic parts, nodes, etc.) simply offer the basic message of the chart in many ways. Orbs should be limited to one degree. Of course with twins, our differences lie in aspects to the angles or involving factors that are calculated from the angles, such as the Arabic parts. We hope to have another set of twins for you by the next issue.

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