ISAR Research Conference - March 1984

Zip Dobyns

March 9 to 15, a small group of astrologers will be working on projects on earthquakes, alcoholics, medical, and possibly other areas.

March 16 to 18, ISAR holds its 16th annual conference with notable speakers, probably including Robert Hand, Francoise Gauquelin, Batya Stark, Ann Parker, Carolyn Britton, Ingrid Naiman, Eileen Nauman.

March 19 to 21, working professional astrologers will be meeting to discuss issues, problems, and possible solutions.

March 22 to 24 will be devoted to instruction and practice in personal counseling techniques for astrologers. Space is limited and cost is minimal to cover food. Let us know if you would like to join us in Los Angeles, Ca.

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