Inching Nearer the Election

Zip Dobyns

Now that Mondale has presumably captured the Democratic nomination, it may be a dead issue, but the astrological community is still trying to get a firm chart on Gary Hart. Marion March was able to reach his aunt in Lees Summit, MO, by phone. According to Marion, the aunt acknowledged that she was his aunt, that she was present at his birth, said firmly that she had nothing more to say, and hung up. A member of Hart’s staff insists that his birth certificate lists 2:25 P.M. as his birth time, but no one has been able to get a copy of the document. As a compensation, his wife’s data was offered, and is presented here.

Lee Hart was also born in Ottawa, KS, on Feb. 20, 1936 at 5:37 P.M. Her nodes of the Moon would fall on Gary’s MC axis if the 2:25 time is accurate, and the nodes of one person on the angles of another is a common contact in close relationships. By progression, Lee’s mean north node would be exactly on Gary’s MC. Gary’s local angles for Washington, DC would also have conjunctions to Lee’s planets: her Juno on his Ascendant and her Pluto on his IC. Since I read both Juno and Pluto as concern with partnership, the combination would show the importance of a residence in Washington to their marriage. The strain of a public life can make or break a relationship. Theirs has had its problems, but they both claim to want to save it and to work at it.

Marriage is clearly a challenge and a growth area for Lee, with Sun and Saturn in the seventh house and Mars and Vesta in the eighth house. None of these placements imply an easy time, but all show the importance of this part of life to Lee. With Sun, we are ego- vulnerable to the mate, while with Mars, there is the danger of giving away one’s personal power, trying to keep it all, or retreating from the threat. We solve the issue by learning to share the power, having a place for healthy competition, and helping others, so we are reassured of our own strength.

Saturn and Vesta both show the risk of the individual or the partner being so involved in the work that the relationship is neglected. Or the work attitude (critical) may damage the relationship. Saturn brings in the power issue again, and we have to learn to take turns being father.

Lee also has a freedom-closeness dilemma with Moon in Aquarius square Uranus and Pallas. She needs to work, though home and mate are very important to her. She has a full (though wide) mutable cross in cardinal houses, so she is working on the cardinal issue integrating personal desires, home, mate, and career (or freedom, dependency, equality, and power). The most common form of the mutable dilemma is the conflict between high ideals (for herself—Neptune in the first house, for mate—Pisces in the seventh house, and for home and family—Jupiter in the fourth house and ruling the fifth house) versus the reality of what is possible in life (earth in general).

Lee’s progressed Moon was trioctile natal Mars at the elections in early June when Mondale picked up enough delegates to claim the nomination. It will sextile Neptune during the July convention, and will oppose the MC during the interval between election and inauguration. At election, it is quincunx progressed Sun in the ninth house, a suggestion of change and letting go of something in the life. The tensions with Gary which have led to temporary separations a couple of times have been suggested by a grouping of Mars, Uranus and Vesta, but Mars will have moved out of orb by the time of the election.

There have also been favorable aspects, for both work and relationships, including progressed Venus conjunct natal Mars, sextile natal Venus and trine progressed Ceres. Progressed Antivertex conjunct progressed Pallas can relate to either a focus on the mate or on other joint activity including politics. Both Antivertex and Pallas also square Pluto, further emphasizing something to work out with close relationships. Progressed East Point quincunx Saturn might be read the same way, or as a possible change in status or job. Progressed MC conjunct the mean south node of the Moon shows a lesson involving power and relationships. She has been discovering her strength and if Gary can be comfortable with that, they have the potential for continuing to work together in a mutually supportive way.

There are still a variety of techniques I want to run on the candidates before the election, but we have one more issue of The Mutable Dilemma to deal with that.

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