Septuplets in California

Zip Dobyns

Since our readers are scattered through the U.S. and even a few in other countries, I thought you might like to have the birth data for our recent septuplets. The mother (a high school English teacher) had been taking Perganol, a fertility drug, for three months in the fall of 1984, prior to the conception. The delivery team included 38 medical personnel. The births were caesarean section, the babies being taken early when the doctors became alarmed about their condition. The births occurred with the mother, Patti Frustaci, only two days into the twenty- ninth week of pregnancy. A full term pregnancy lasts for forty weeks. As is usually the case, the premature infants suffered from hyaline membrane disease and had to be put on respirators to assist their breathing.

The surgery began at 8:17 A.M., Pacific Daylight Time on May 21, 1985 in Orange, CA. The first baby was born at 8:19, a female weighing 1 lb 11 oz. Two boys and a girl were removed from the womb in the next minute, 8:20, and weighed in at 1 lb 8 oz, 1 lb 13 oz, and 1 lb 12 oz. Two more boys were born at 8:21 weighing 1 lb 13 oz. and 1 lb 1 oz. The seventh child, another girl, was stillborn at 8:22. The total process took only five minutes.

The sixth born and smallest baby was nicknamed “Peanut”, and lived less than three days, dying at 0:34 A.M. on May 24. Two more of the babies have since died, in order of their birth, the second on June 6 at 11:04 A.M. and the fifth on June 9 at 12:25 P.M. We are including the charts for the first born and the last (still)born infants. In the three minute interval, the house cusps move less than one degree. The three remaining babies are said to be doing well and their odds for survival are improving.

We can note in the charts that one of our new asteroids, “Urania”, which seems much like Uranus, was conjunct Jupiter in the eighth house square the true nodes of the Moon, and that the Arabic Part of Death (using Placidus cusps) remained conjunct Jupiter through the brief birth process.

The asteroid “California” was conjunct the second house, and the babies were (and continue to be) enormously expensive but at the same time a source of revenue to their parents through selling their story to the media.

The Antivertex, interpreted as an auxiliary Ascendant and therefore one of the keys to health, was opposite Saturn. “Anubis”, an asteroid named for the Egyptian god of the underworld of death, was trioctile Saturn and therefore connected to the Antivertex-Vertex axis.

“America” conjunct Chiron in Gemini could be read as another key to the media attention, with numerous stories published about the parents and the event. Several Mercury midpoints had stress aspects; three were in a yod (double quincunx) to Neptune and Pluto, while one was opposite Saturn and another one was conjunct the Sun. Remember that Mercury is associated with breathing, and breathing problems are the primary challenge to premature infants and the source of the death of the four who didn’t make it.

There were many other aspects which could be cited, but perhaps the most interesting outcome was the fact that in two cases, babies born literally in the same minute included one who lived and one or more who died. The case therefore offers a good example of the open-endedness of astrology. I have emphasized for years that it would be possible for two souls to come in at the same moment and do very different things with the potentials in their shared horoscope. The septuplets demonstrate this reality. The charts show the potential for life or for death. We do not know what details the soul will manifest from the potentials symbolized in the chart until we look at the life, until we see what they do.

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