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Maritha Pottenger

A couple of our readers have requested that we run a column of astrological quizzes, testing the concepts of the astrological alphabet (“Zip code”) as we see it. Over the years, a number of our theories have been put out in The Mutable Dilemma, and in the Astrology Intensives we teach in Montana, Houston and elsewhere. This column is in the nature of an experiment—to satisfy a stated desire. We would appreciate very much hearing from our readers (pro and con) whether you would like to see more of the same periodically.

If you do like the column, let us know if this issue’s questions are too easy, too hard, about right. If the answers are not sufficiently elaborated, tell us and we can devote more space to some of these issues.


1. The 1-7 polarity shows a focus on


2. One danger of the 1-7 blend is


3. In what way is the 1-7 or 1-8 blend reflected in the chart of Adolf Hitler? In the chart of Jim Jones?

4. What are the three basic negative ways an individual can express the potentials of a 1-7 or 1-8 combination?

5. What are the three basic positive ways an individual can express the potentials of a 1-7 or 1-8 combination?

6. Which of the following does NOT belong in this collection?

a. Mars conjunct Jupiter

b. Sun in Sagittarius

c. Ascendant ruler in the 9th house

d. Ruler of the 9th in the 1st house

e. Jupiter in Aries

7. What are the four transpersonal letters of the astrological alphabet and why? What other planet (belonging to another letter of the astrological alphabet) is often labeled transpersonal by other astrologers and why? How would YOU discriminate? What is YOUR opinion?

8. What planets are associated with love and why? Describe and contrast the different kinds of love symbolized within astrology.

9. What is the planet most associated with money in the horoscope and why?

10. Below is the horoscope of Candice Bergen. What repeated astrological theme(s) are present in regard to her work in the world and what do they suggest in terms of possible careers?

[Note: this chart was run for a different date based on later data.]

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